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Revision 22166, 457 bytes (checked in by anna, 10 years ago)

oai's default metadata set has been changed to dc. tutorial has been changed but not for sample files, changed format files to be consistent.

1<center><table width=_pagewidth_ border=1>
2  <tr><td colspan=2 align=center>
3    <a href=[dc.OrigURL]>[screenicon]</a></td></tr>
4  <tr><td>Caption:</td><td> <i>[dc.Description]</i> <br>
5    (<a href=[dc.OrigURL]>original [ImageWidth]x[ImageHeight] [ImageType] available</a>)
6    </td></tr>
7  <tr><td>Subject:</td><td> [dc.Subject]</td></tr>
8  <tr><td>Publisher:</td><td> [dc.Publisher]</td></tr>
9  <tr><td>Rights:<td> [dc.Rights]</td></tr>
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