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Name Size Rev Age Last Change
admin 20210 10 years oranfry: svn:ignore the cp.jar files that are created
bin 18231 11 years oranfry: some ignores for greenstone3 to make svn st easier to read and to prevent …
docs 19994 10 years oranfry: don't need the .keepme file in svn, just set to ignore all
ext 18552 11 years cc108: adding new potential questions
lib 20411 10 years ak19: A newer svnant (1.3.x) to work with svn client versions 1.6.x
resources 20930 10 years oranfry: use the system svn client instead of svnant
src 20918 10 years ak19: Changes to previous commits (to handle spaces in filepaths on Windows) so …
web 20631 10 years oranfry: changed xml whitespace for readability
winutil 20231 10 years oranfry: giving greenstone3 the grep utility 2.6 KB 19932 10 years kjdon: added compile.static and rearranged a bit
build.xml 77.6 KB 20930 10 years oranfry: use the system svn client instead of svnant
gs3-server.bat 0.7 KB 18720 11 years ak19: Invokes Server3 instead of the Server class it replaced. 1.3 KB 20188 10 years kjdon: removed the test around sourcing so that it always gets run
gs3-setup.bat 4.5 KB 20824 10 years oranfry: use star dot star instead of nul because nul doesn't work with quotes (on … 8.2 KB 20305 10 years oranfry: made gs3-setup logic for ant a bit flatter
LICENSE.txt 19.1 KB 6428 16 years kjdon: a license file
README-SVN.txt 3.5 KB 20090 10 years kjdon: changed ant version
README.txt 13.6 KB 20091 10 years kjdon: added some notes about tomcat/java
  • Property svn:ignore set to
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