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1. Adding in the files required for xpdf-tools' licence in new folder redistribute. This is copied into the distribution tarball. 2. toplevel' makedist commands creates includes customised content into the distribution tarball: just the pdf bins and the xpdf-tools licensing files (including, as specified in the licence, the xpdf man pages generated during building). 3. Found a newer version of libjpeg src: version 9c from 2018, versus the older version 6b from 2008. This builds without requiring the old patch for 64 bit machines. However, needed further modification: instead of the install-lib make target, the install-lib equivalent now has a longer target name. Version 9c is able to produce both libjpeg.a and We specifically want only the former to be generated, so we now have to tell configure to disable-shared (which was the only mode for the older libjpeg version 6b). We're now also copying certain header files across to the installed area's include subfolder, as speficied in the install.txt for the new and older versions of libjpeg.

  • Property svn:executable set to *
3source devel.bash
5for d in packages ; do
6    echo "Running $d/"
8    (cd $d ; ./ $*)
10    if [ $? != 0 ] ; then
11        echo "Error encountered running $d/"
12        exit 1
13    fi
16# makedist: makes a temporary subdirectory, also called xpdf-tools, puts just the stuff we want in there
17# and then runs the CASCADE-MAKE command to make a distribution (tar.gz) out of our whitelist temporary folder
18# then get rid of that temporary xpdf-tools folder.
19if [ $makedist = "1" ] ; then
20    mkdir -p xpdf-tools
21    cp $GSDLOS/bin/pdf* xpdf-tools/.
22    # See xpdftools' README: licencing files and manpage need to be redistributed with xpdf-tools binaries
23    cp -r $GSDLOS/man xpdf-tools/.
24    cp redistribute/* xpdf-tools/.
25    toplevel_make_dist $GSDLOS xpdf-tools
26    rm -rf xpdf-tools
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