root/gs3-extensions/pharos-imageis/trunk @ 24644

Name Size Rev Age Last Change
bin 21340 10 years kjdon: corrected jpg regex
classes 21252 10 years kjdon: classes dir for compiling into
lib 21263 10 years kjdon: imageis jar without ImageIS class, we compile that up separately
perllib 21601 10 years davidb: section level indexing support
resources 21276 10 years kjdon: tidied up the query template
src 21279 10 years kjdon: class package name change, added hidden attribute to service, remove .jpg …
web 20991 10 years davidb: Don't want .property files in SVN. These get generated by 'ant configure'
build.xml 6.7 KB 21277 10 years kjdon: changed install-into-greenstone to install
ImageIS.jar 135.3 KB 21242 10 years davidb: Elimination of cmdline-api-srcpack folder. Content moved to top level
README.txt 0.9 KB 21659 10 years kjdon: some more instructions
setup.bash 1.2 KB 21660 10 years kjdon: changed a couple of comments
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