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Moving from using the solr jetty server to solr using the GS3 tomcat server. Now localhost:8383/solr hosts the solr server RESTful pages. Changes: 1. Minor changes to GS3 build.xml. 2. GLI no longer does the temporary stopping of the GS3 server, launching jetty server for building a solr collection, stopping jetty, restarting GS3 tomcat server. GLI leaves the GS3 server running. 3. The main changes are to ext/solr. The ext/solr/ sets the new SOLR_PORT and SOLR_HOST variables read from the GS3, as the jetty port and host variables are no longer used. ext/solr/build.xml now puts the solr war file into tomcat's webapps, as well as helper libraries necessary (xalan related); a solr.xml context file is created from a template file and placed into tomcat's conf/Catalina/localhost; additional solr jar files are copied into tomcat/lib, as well as the slf4j bridge being copied into GS3/web/WEB-INF/lib; the solr perl code has been changed to use the new RESTful URLs and particularly to work with solr running off the GS3 tomcat server, or stop and start it as required, rather than working with (or stopping and starting) the solr jetty server. A new executable script runs the tomcat server rather than the jetty server; major changes to the Java Solr code to no longer work with the EmbeddedSolrServer? (which caused a conflict when the index is accessed by solr jetty server upon rebuild of solr collections), our solr Java code now uses HttpSolrServer? to contact the solr servlet running off tomcat. 5. Still a bug: when search results go over a page after rebuilding a solr collection in GLI against a running GS3 server, the 2nd page of search results aren't present and things break. But if the server is not running, solr collections rebuild fine, so the changes do everything that GS3.06 did and more.

1<Context docBase="@tomcathome@/webapps/solr.war"
2     debug="0"
3     crossContext="true"
4     privileged="true">
5  <Environment name="solr/home" type="java.lang.String" value="@gsdl3home@/ext/solr" override="true" />
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