root/gs3-extensions @ 26726

Name Size Rev Age Last Change
vishnu 21054 10 years oranfry: restructuring the repository
testing 26117 7 years sjm84: Added a util function that performs a quick search
solr 26510 7 years davidb: Fixed small typo in file
seaweed-debug 25160 7 years sjm84: Initial cut at a version of seaweed for debugging purposes. Check it out …
pharos-videois 21600 10 years davidb: index each keyframe for each section
pharos-imageis 21660 10 years kjdon: changed a couple of comments
openCV 26723 7 years davidb: External reference to cascade-make library
mat 25025 8 years sjm84: Fixing Mat to work with the new UserContext? construct
jquery-ui-extra 26438 7 years davidb: A place for any Greenstone inspired jquery UI extensions. The motivator …
jetty 25713 7 years davidb: Example of how to get Greenstone3 going with Jetty
i-greenstone-server 26713 7 years davidb: Latest APK version of Greenstone branded i-jetty. Includes the fix for …
html-to-expeditee 26726 7 years davidb: Now correctly obtaining font information for text nodes - this required …
hathitrust-downloadfrom 26443 7 years davidb: Getting the ball rolling with a clone of the module
gsdl-as 21052 10 years oranfry: restructuring the repository
gs3build 21051 10 years oranfry: restructuring the repository
gate 21050 10 years oranfry: restructuring the repository
fedora 26435 7 years ak19: Added notes to the README on how to manually index a doc into GSearch.
ekit 22218 9 years sjm84: This should now also work for Windows
audioDB 26292 7 years davidb: Some basic notes on using this extension
atlas-src 23934 8 years sjm84: Extensive improvements to the ATLAS code
android-war 26712 7 years davidb: Chris's fix for the fact that the WAR file needs to be called …
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