root/gs3-extensions @ 32707

Name Size Rev Age Last Change
android-ndk 26878 8 years davidb: To cross-compile sed
android-war 26712 8 years davidb: Chris's fix for the fact that the WAR file needs to be called …
atlas-src 23934 10 years sjm84: Extensive improvements to the ATLAS code
audioDB 30440 5 years davidb: for reference
ekit 22218 10 years sjm84: This should now also work for Windows
fedora 26435 8 years ak19: Added notes to the README on how to manually index a doc into GSearch.
gate 21050 11 years oranfry: restructuring the repository
gs3build 21051 11 years oranfry: restructuring the repository
gs-icecite 32054 3 years ak19: Windows friendly zip file version of the tar.gz
gsdl-as 21052 11 years oranfry: restructuring the repository
hathitrust-downloadfrom 26443 8 years davidb: Getting the ball rolling with a clone of the module
html-to-expeditee 26767 8 years davidb: Work done on linking collection browsing frames as well as linking to …
hugin 26876 8 years davidb: Patch that tweaks one file in ilmbase to help compilation on a 32-bit …
i-greenstone-server 26713 8 years davidb: Latest APK version of Greenstone branded i-jetty. Includes the fix for …
iiif-servlet 32707 22 months davidb: Files needed for GS3-Cantaloupe bridge result from second round of testing
jetty 25713 8 years davidb: Example of how to get Greenstone3 going with Jetty
jquery-ui-extra 28386 7 years davidb:
mat 32100 3 years kjdon: just tried this and this target failed as it couldn't find servlets.xml. …
meandre 28597 7 years davidb: CGI script for loading and savimg image-data from a chromagram
openCV 29132 6 years jmt12: Ignoring expanded packages
overlay-notes 26826 8 years davidb: Javascript and CSS files that provide overlay/photo notes. Originally …
pharos-imageis 21660 11 years kjdon: changed a couple of comments
pharos-videois 21600 11 years davidb: index each keyframe for each section
seaweed-debug 25160 9 years sjm84: Initial cut at a version of seaweed for debugging purposes. Check it out …
solr 32636 2 years ak19:
testing 32705 22 months ak19: 1. Implemented (and testing as I implement) more of the GSGUITestingUtil …
vishnu 21054 11 years oranfry: restructuring the repository
web-audio 28548 7 years davidb: Changes after developing the demo for the SMAM-2013 keynote talk
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