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1. Dr Bainbridge added in virtual destructors and a semi-colon at the end of a function signature was removed in order to remove a compilation error about the virtual table (undefined reference to vtable). 2. The oaiconfig variable in metaformat.h has been set to NULL in the destructor. Hopefully something else is deleting it.

1#include "metaformat.h"
3class qualified_dublin_core : public metaformat
5 protected:
6  virtual void output_metadata_header(ostream &output);
7  virtual void output_metadata_footer(ostream &output);
8 public:
9  qualified_dublin_core() : metaformat(){}
10  virtual const text_t formatName();
11  virtual const text_t formatPrefix();
12  virtual bool output_record(ostream &output, recptproto *protocol, const text_t &collection,
13                 const text_t &record_OID);
14  virtual bool output_formatdata(ostream &output);
15  virtual ~qualified_dublin_core() {}
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