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added is_valid_element to metaformat, which checks elementSet for the element name. metaformat subclass constructors must set up elementSet. Currently they do this in the code. would be good if it could read in from a file eventually, maybe?? When metaformat is outputting the m,etadata, it checks whether the element is valid before outputting. otherwise it will invalidate the response as it won't conform to the schema. also, changed where we lowercased the entire name to lowercasing only the first letter - some qdc fields have an internal upper case letter.

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1#include "metaformat.h"
3class rfc1807 : public metaformat {
4 protected:
5  void output_metadata_header(ostream &output);
6  virtual void output_metadata_footer(ostream &output);
7 public:
8  rfc1807();
9  virtual const text_t formatName();
10  virtual const text_t formatPrefix();
11  virtual bool output_record(ostream &output, recptproto *protocol, const text_t &collection,
12                 const text_t &record_OID);
13  virtual bool output_formatdata(ostream &output);
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