root/main/tags/2.84rc1 @ 25422

Name Size Rev Age Last Change
ant-tasks 23242 9 years sjm84: A few minor updates to the uninstaller
binaries 23049 9 years sjm84: Updated the getpw.exe binary
gli 23455 9 years ak19: Dr Bainbridge fixed the problem with the metadata data getting mixed up at …
greenstone2 23502 9 years davidb: Still further tweaking to get it right for IE
greenstone3 23489 9 years sjb48: Working on saving a format statement to the config file. This looks like …
gs2-core 22832 9 years mdewsnip: Lots of improvements, particularly to Windows makefiles.
gs2build 21984 10 years ak19: Removed some unnecessary comments in previous commit. Previous commit: All …
gs2runtime 21488 10 years davidb: Missing external folders added in
release-kits 23493 9 years sjm84: Split the version property into a version propery (e.g. 2.84) and …
search4j 22960 9 years ak19: Added in DEBUG flags to LDFLAGS where missing
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