root/main/tags/2.86rc3 @ 32020

Name Size Rev Age Last Change
gs2runtime 21488 10 years davidb: Missing external folders added in
gs2-core 22832 9 years mdewsnip: Lots of improvements, particularly to Windows makefiles.
search4j 26817 7 years davidb: Strip added as separate stage, to help with cross-compilation
model-cols 26891 7 years davidb: Inside S-block panoramas
model-cols-dev 28131 6 years davidb: Better home for this
ant-tasks 28156 6 years davidb: Minor tweak to output message
release-kits 28301 6 years ak19: Release-kit changes for Mac (Mountain) Lion which needs to check out its …
gs2build 28328 6 years ak19: Repeating the changes made to greenstone configure files in gs2build and …
binaries 28354 6 years ak19: This VBScript file is now replacing the old VB files (exe, frm form file …
gli 28363 6 years jlwhisler: Minor update to reuse a variable
greenstone3 28385 6 years davidb: Handy script for removing collectcions (such as the provided demo …
greenstone2 28403 6 years davidb: Support for compiling from Cygwin added
model-sites-dev 28435 6 years davidb: Initial cut at files for a MDL demonstrating linked data capabilities in …
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