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Name Size Rev Age Last Change
ant-tasks 23242 10 years sjm84: A few minor updates to the uninstaller
binaries 23940 10 years ak19: Adding the GNU win32 port of linux which command so that GS3's build.xml …
gli 24109 9 years ak19: Still on changes for OAIserver: oailastmodified date is now used instead …
greenstone2 24148 9 years ak19: Yitzchak Schaffer and Prof Witten noticed that when XML item files (but …
greenstone3 24149 9 years sjm84: Adding authenication to the oran skin (and some other tidying)
gs2-core 22832 10 years mdewsnip: Lots of improvements, particularly to Windows makefiles.
gs2build 23877 10 years davidb: Added check for mingw as well as cygwin
gs2runtime 21488 11 years davidb: Missing external folders added in
release-kits 24146 9 years sjm84: Upgraded this release kit to the new way of expressing versions …
search4j 22960 10 years ak19: Added in DEBUG flags to LDFLAGS where missing
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