| 25 Acrobat 9 Pro PDF Accessibility Repair Workflow
Each highlighted region is numbered and highlighted with gray or colored blocks; the number indicates the
region’s placement in the page’s reading order.l
Figure 17 Result of Selecting the TouchUp Reading Order Tool
TouchUp Reading Order Tool Options
You can select TouchUp Reading Order options from the dialog box, from the pop-up menu that appears
when you right-click a highlighted region, or from the Options menu in the Order tab. The TouchUp
Reading Order tool includes the following options:
• Text . Tags the selection as text.
• Figure . Tags the selection as a figure. Text contained within a figure tag is defined as part
of the image and is not read by screen readers.
• Form Field . Tags the selection as a form field.
• Figure/Caption . Tags a selected figure and caption as a single tag. Any text contained in
the tag is defined as a caption. Useful for tagging photos and captions and preventing
caption text from being incorrectly added to adjacent text blocks. Figures may require
alternate text.
• Heading 1, Heading 2, Heading 3 . Tags the selection as a first, second, or third level
heading tag. You can convert heading tags to bookmarks to help users navigate the
• Table . Tags the selection as a table after the selection is analyzed to determine the location
of headings, columns, and rows.
• Cell . Tags the selection as a table or header cell. Use this option to merge cells that are
incorrectly split.
Making PDF Accessible with Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro