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[2635]2Note: more up-to-date notes may be available on our website, at
[17957]5The following instructions assume the top level Greenstone folder is called
[19177]6Greenstone (which is the standard name used for Greenstone 2 releases).
[26971]7If you have got Greenstone from SVN, the top level directory will be greenstone2.
9The Greenstone Librarian Interface (GLI) code will be in the gli folder inside
[19177]10the Greenstone folder. If you are using SVN and you want to use the GLI to
[17957]11build collections, you'll need to check it out by running
[26971]12 svn checkout
[19177]13in the Greenstone folder.
[2403]15-- Compiling and installing on Unix --
[19177]17cd to the top level Greenstone directory (i.e. the directory
[17957]18where this file lives) and perform the following three steps.
[26971]201. ./configure --enable-apache-httpd
[2403]212. make
223. make install
[19177]24This will install the library.cgi and oaiserver.cgi executables to
[17957]26If you want to run Greenstone from a system
27cgi-bin directory you'll need to move the library executable and
[26971]28gsdlsite.cfg from Greenstone/cgi-bin/linux to your system cgi-bin.
30Note that the Greenstone directory structure is important to the operation
31of the software. Therefore the --prefix, --bindir etc. options to configure
32make no sense and will have no effect. If you want Greenstone to be
33installed somewhere specific (say /usr/local) you'll need to move the
[19177]34entire Greenstone directory there.
[26971]36Greenstone will install Apache into apache-httpd/linux. You can disable this
37by running ./configure without the -enable-apache-httpd option. In that case
38you'll need to set up your own apache to serve Greenstone. See   See
40for more details. 
42To compile the GLI, cd to the gli directory and run
[2403]44-- Compiling on Windows --
46Greenstone has been successfully compiled using Microsoft Visual C++
[11392]47versions 4.2, 6.0 and 2005. If anyone succeeds in compiling Greenstone with
48another compiler (or another version of VC++) we'd appreciate hearing about
[17957]49it at
[26971]51If you have got Greenstone from svn, you'll also need to download some Windows binaries.
521. cd to top-level greenstone2 folder.
532. cd bin
543. svn co windows
[26971]57There is a batch script you can run to set up and compile Greenstone.
59If you want Greenstone to try and guess your Visual Studio setup, edit the
60makegs2.bat file and set SET_GS_ENV to true. Otherwise you'll need to set up
61your Visual Studio environment before running the make script.
62For example, run
63C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio\vc\vcvarsall.bat
65To compile greenstone:
[26971]66For 64 bit machines, run
[26974]67   * makegs2x64.bat
[26971]68For 32 bit machines, run
69   * makegs2.bat
73For more information about compiling Greenstone, or for manual compling
74instructions, see
[26974]77These scripts will unpack necessary zip files, set up paths etc, then compile
78Greenstone. They will install library.cgi and oaiserver.cgi to the
[19177]80directory and server.exe to the top level Greenstone directory.
[26974]82To run the web library you'll need to set up a web server to serve Greenstone.
83Then you'll need to edit Greenstone\cgi-bin\gsdlsite.cfg. See
85for more details about using Apache, or
87for more details about using IIS.
89To compile the GLI, cd to the gli directory and run makegli.bat.
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