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Major bug fix after Dr Bainbridge debugged the server code which was causing the server to crash upon Enter Library: the line where it failed was simply where a local-scope text_t object was being naturally destructed. The real error was a memory corruption which the use of the new heapchk function helped to locate: collectset's inherited method configure() ought to have been specified as virtual, since it was declared virtual in the superclass configurable. A couple of destructors (in collectset and oaiservr's oaiconfig) have been made virtual as well since the superclass configurable has virtual methods which requires all related destructors to be virtual.

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1#ifndef _OAICONFIG_H_
2#define _OAICONFIG_H_
4#include "cnfgable.h"
6#include <map>
8// TODO: sort out the members of oaicollectconfig as private/public and add
9//       corresponding set/get functions
11class oaicollectconfig {
12 public:
13  oaicollectconfig(const text_t &collectname) { this->collection = collectname; }
14  text_t    collection;
15  text_t    maintainer;
16  text_t    repositoryName;
17  text_t    baseURL; // URL of oaiserver.cgi
18  text_t    baseDocRoot; // Base URL for gsdl directory
19  text_tmap fieldMap;    // maps from OAI name to GSDL name
22typedef map<text_t, oaicollectconfig *, lttext_t> oaicollectmap;
24class oaiconfig : configurable {
25 public:
26  oaiconfig();
27  oaiconfig(text_t &gsdlhome, text_t &gsdlcollect);
28  virtual ~oaiconfig();
29  virtual void  configure(const text_t &key, const text_tarray &cfgline);
30  text_t        getCollectionConfig(const text_t &collection, const text_t &field);
31  text_tarray & getCollectionsList() { return this->collectList; }
32  text_tset & getMetadataSet() { return this->metadataSet; }
33  text_t        getMapping(const text_t &collection, const text_t &collectfield);
34  text_t        getMapping(const text_t &collection, const text_t &collectfield, const text_t &format);
35  text_tmap   * getInformation() { return &this->infoMap; }
36  text_t        getSetName(const text_t &setSpec);
37  text_t        getSetDescription(const text_t &setSpec);
38  int           getOAIVersion();
39  int           resumeAfter();
40 private:
41  bool configureCollection(const text_t &gsdlhome, const text_t &collection);
43  text_tarray collectList;  // The list of collections to be taken in hand
44  text_tset metadataSet; // The list of metadata sets to be supported
45  text_tmap infoMap;        // Holds the information to be given in the case
46                            // of an OAI identify request
47  text_tmap setNameMap;     // Holds user-defined names for the sets
48  text_tmap setDescriptionMap;  // Holds user-defined descriptions for the sets
49  oaicollectmap collectMap; // The configuration of collections
50  text_t collection;        // Used to track which collection is being configured
51  text_t oaiVersion;        // The version of OAI running
52  int    resumptionSize;    // The number of items to produce before spitting out a
53                            // resumptionToken
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