root/main/trunk/greenstone2/runtime-src/src @ 28222

Name Size Rev Age Last Change
colservr 27361 7 years kjdon: new handling of sortfield query param
corba 25232 8 years ak19: Adding a README file for the corba part of runtime-src so that …
java 23546 9 years ak19: Fixed minor bug in phrase browser where clicking on a link in the …
oaiservr 27673 6 years kjdon: need to return the set name\!
protocol 25164 8 years sjm84: Adding in a necessary include directory
recpt 28222 6 years kjdon: changed order to reflect order in advanced form
w32apachectl 22960 9 years ak19: Added in DEBUG flags to LDFLAGS where missing
w32server 27220 7 years kjdon: cross coll search authentication. Need to make the same cgiwrapper mod in …
z3950 25178 8 years sjm84: Fixed two Windows makefiles
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