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Name Size Rev Age Last Change
admin 22064 10 years sjm84: Changed #!/bin/sh to #!/bin/bash
bin 18231 12 years oranfry: some ignores for greenstone3 to make svn st easier to read and to prevent …
docs 22200 10 years ak19: Browse type messages also have structural info params.
ext 23582 10 years sjm84: Updating the admin program to check out extensions from the correct place …
lib 23910 9 years davidb: Tidy up of what jni libraries should be 'hard-wired' into the SVN …
resources 23854 9 years xiao: Changed from trying to pass location of Perl through environment variables …
src 23968 9 years sjm84: Several improvements including fixing realistic books and fixing the …
web 23989 9 years sjm84: More updates to the Oran skin
winutil 20231 11 years oranfry: giving greenstone3 the grep utility 3.4 KB 23849 9 years davidb: Addition of perl.path to help control where Perl is found.
build.xml 90.6 KB 23986 9 years xiao: edited flax target configure-flax-wsdl: copy a fresh file of …
Client-side Overview.txt 0.7 KB 23788 9 years davidb: Summary of client-side XSLT work completed by Steven McTainsh?, Summer …
gs3-server.bat 0.7 KB 18720 11 years ak19: Invokes Server3 instead of the Server class it replaced. 1.3 KB 20188 11 years kjdon: removed the test around sourcing so that it always gets run
gs3-setup.bat 6.0 KB 22339 10 years ak19: Now GLI works again for GS3, by remembering to export GSDLHOME and GSDLOS … 9.0 KB 23894 9 years sjm84: Added gsopt_noexts to to optionally prevent the sourcing of … 483 bytes 22975 10 years davidb: Running this file moves MG, MGPP and GDBM related files to one side. In …
LICENSE.txt 19.1 KB 6428 17 years kjdon: a license file
README-SVN.txt 3.5 KB 20090 11 years kjdon: changed ant version
README.txt 13.7 KB 23762 9 years sjm84: Fixed the README file's instructions on how to enable debug output 483 bytes 23851 9 years davidb: Renamed script
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