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2  <head>
3    <title>Long Border</title>
4    <meta name="longitude" content="175.3033681" />
5    <meta name="latitude"  content="-37.8065417" />
6    <meta name="radius"    content="0.005" />
7  </head>
8  <body>
10    <p>
11The long border is just simply what it says, it's just a big long path with flowers either side; mostly annuals and some perennials and mixed border, as they say. The warm colours are in the middle and the cool colours are at the end. It has the reds and the oranges and the yellows around the middle, and then at the end all the blues and the more pastely, pinky, bluey things. It's actually quite carefully put together.
13  </body>
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