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Collection config files and initial programming work for atea collections

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1<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
2<!DOCTYPE MetadataSet SYSTEM "">
3<MetadataSet contact="" creator="New Zealand Digital Libraries Project: Greenstone" family="Development Library Subset" lastchanged="Tue Jun 04 10:35:30 2002 - jmt12 on blackbird" namespace="dls">
4    <Name language="en">Development Library Subset Example Metadata</Name>
5    <Description language="en">A metadata set file for use in The Gatherer, created from original metadata found within the Development Library Subset.</Description>
6    <Element name="Title">
7        <Attribute language="en" name="comment"/>
8        <Attribute language="en" name="definition">The title of this resource.</Attribute>
9        <Attribute language="en" name="identifier">Title</Attribute>
10        <Attribute name="version">1.0</Attribute>
11    </Element>
12    <Element name="Organization">
13        <Attribute language="en" name="comment"/>
14        <Attribute language="en" name="definition">The organization responsible for producing this resource.</Attribute>
15        <Attribute language="en" name="identifier">Organization</Attribute>
16        <Attribute name="version">1.0</Attribute>
17    </Element>
18    <Element name="Subject">
19        <Attribute language="en" name="comment">Currently uses a hierarchy.</Attribute>
20        <Attribute language="en" name="definition">The subject of this resource.</Attribute>
21        <Attribute language="en" name="identifier">Subject And Keywords</Attribute>
22        <Attribute name="version">1.0</Attribute>
23    </Element>
24    <Element name="Keyword">
25        <Attribute language="en" name="comment">Informal.</Attribute>
26        <Attribute language="en" name="definition">A more specific indication of what the resource can be used for.</Attribute>
27        <Attribute language="en" name="identifier">Keyword</Attribute>
28        <Attribute name="version">1.0</Attribute>
29    </Element>
30    <Element name="Language">
31        <Attribute language="en" name="comment"/>
32        <Attribute language="en" name="definition">The language of this resource.</Attribute>
33        <Attribute language="en" name="identifier">Language</Attribute>
34        <Attribute name="version">1.0</Attribute>
35    </Element>
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