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Additional text added to describe issue with running on networked drive

  • Property svn:executable set to *
5 -site heritage-nz -library_url http://localhost:8383/greenstone3/hnz-library $* "$col"
9echo "***"
10echo "* operating on a networked drive with a Solr-based Greenstone collection"
11echo "*  is known to have a problem with file locking, with an issue that seems to be"
12echo "*  related to it trying to reference a 'sidx' index, even though there is only a"
13echo "*  'didx' for this collection."
14echo "*"
15echo "* As a result of this, the effective 'mv building index' command goes awry, as"
16echo "*  the index directory hasn't been completely removed, and so we end up with"
17echo "*  'building' inside of 'index'"
18echo "*"
19echo "* The fix is:"
20echo "*   mv index/building ."
21echo "*   mv index index.DUFF"
22echo "*   mv building index"
23echo "*"
24echo "* Then restart the Greenstone3 server, as a user with sudo access:"
25echo "*   sudo systemctl restart greenstone3"
26echo "***"
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