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173giiiiO31494 LUFGATIORI Cgsference with the Prise Minister ager) et dellington, let July, 1942. Te Pose Herons/. Mrs. Milli Thomson, Mr. Te it i KatiA, Revd. Rgapaka kr. Rowe Edwards, Mr. Hozi Atka,  Mr. P. Jos, Mr. Te nare ne Hotu, Mr. Rotorua PoiPol. Mr. FBASFAI Prinesaa To Puss and Chiefs of the Waikato peoples I weloors you, weloose you twice and thrice to this office, the office of the Prins Minister, New and's Mares. My good friends and Chiefs of the 'Iaikato people, I have to speak to you of very laportant and very serious setters ? setters that affect everybody in Rev Zealand, Maori and P8bha alike. First of all, I would like Primes, Te Puy and the Waikato Chiefs to convey nj sincere rugards and best wishes to King Koroki, who has been such a strong supporter of the Clovernt during the present serious war period. Nothing Could be of ovater ben, fit to the Waikato district and to the Governt of the country than for us to feel that we are all working together; and I would like to feel always that I as working in conjunction with bins; Koreki. I would not like my good friends to think for a solvent that because I as going to ask for even greater support in our war effort that I do not appreciate what has been done by the Waikato people.  They have dens magnificently. There are five hundred nen from the Weikste - sou of then abroad, others engaged on lam defence. Many of the have taken part in the fighting, the historic and courageous fighting, in Greece and in Crete and in Libya. Soso
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180    <Metadata name="Image">3A04-05-002.png</Metadata>
181    <Metadata name="Source">3A04-05-002.tif</Metadata>
182    <Metadata name="SourceFile">3A04-05-002.tif</Metadata>
183    <Metadata name="FileSize">248304</Metadata>
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186    <Metadata name="ImageHeight">2702</Metadata>
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203  <Content>&lt;pre&gt;
2042. of them are stemming the mord rush of the German hordes under General Ramon in Egypt today. The Maori Battalion, including the Waikato Mb and boys, have made imperishable history, and the names of 01ympoll, learatgnaine et Crete and the sands of Libya will always A resound with their glory. Been an I as sleeking. Mewl and Fairish.  New Zealanders - are endeavouring to save the Middle East fee the cause of the British Commonwtalth, for the oases of Humanity, for the oanse Of Maori and bbe in New Zeeland. We mourn tholes who have left vo. I know semethIng of the tribal spirit, belonging to a elan myself, and I know be. the hearts of the people. the fathers and slathers, and the members of the talk', have been gonna and mast still be pierced in this fight for world freedom, Because ve mourn the dead, Wasn't we deplore the lees of young lives which have been saorificed for our freedom, it Is novessary, if that freedom is not to be lost, that WO should bursaee ear efforts. If not, all that we enjoy at present, and the future, which I hope will be a lot brighter then the pest fir the Maori people, will be lost to us also. In addition to the brave men you have sent to fight for New Zealand and for the British Empire, there are two hundred of the Waikato men working in the wising industry in the Waikato sines - a greet war effort. Then there have been the donations - the very generous and didesprecd donations - of vegetables to the clomps. We appreciate that very mush indeed. Then there is the asking of the camouflage nets, which the delicate people have done. Whet the wementolk of the Waikato people, rrinoess Te Puca't people, here done in that direction la very groat indeed and the sets frog the natural flax which yes are now lapreet are about the best kind a nets. There are many other things I sight mention, but this is the last I as going to refer to, with gratitude, and that is the osntributien from the waikato people to the Bed Cross Funds. That has been magnificent; over C1400 has boon eomtributed by the Dori people of the Waikato to Red Cross Funds. Far all that I have mentioned, free the boys She have gone overate. ant: the men oho are serving in Now Zealand, to the work of the women folk, I extend, because I feel a debt of gratitude, the sincere thank,
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211    <Metadata name="Image">3A04-05-003.png</Metadata>
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213    <Metadata name="SourceFile">3A04-05-003.tif</Metadata>
214    <Metadata name="FileSize">253518</Metadata>
215    <Metadata name="ImageType">PNG</Metadata>
216    <Metadata name="ImageWidth">1783</Metadata>
217    <Metadata name="ImageHeight">2712</Metadata>
218    <Metadata name="ImageSize">254KB</Metadata>
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2353. of thee Government mid people of Jew Zealand. I wish to thank you, Pr/noose To Puma and Chiefs, for aooepting my invitation as Prim Minister of the Omission to come hers so that me could open ow hearts to eaoh other, so that I could tell you of the needs of Mew Zealand, so that you could speak to me without any hesitation end quite frankly, and eo that we could web of us in our different capacities be strengthened in our work for our beloved country. Before the our broke out, I had great hopes of a great deal being great achieved. Jr. Savage, my great predeoessor, also aherished/hoPewe When he passed away it was in the aidst of var. and I Wan pot able to take up a pout Cat I would have liked to take up, and that roe very dear to me - that of native li\_lobeter. 1 had looked forward, and still look forward, to a period et Government work that would result in better state of society for both Pakeha and Maori, end to a country where there would be security and where the Maori people would get a full opportunity of establishing themselves on their land. ee, with ow than Mpebers, have been privileged to do some amount of good is housing, in schools. in health and in land settlement. Sot the war has ocos, end sitters have had to be slowed or,fee the SUM being, unfortunately. Iverything is in deafer now. I as still very hopeful that, if the war goes successfully for us, the &quot;Saari people, their representatives in Parliament end the Government of which I am head will work oat plane that will mate Cu, Maori people feel that their birthright has been restored to them and protected for the, we Gannet right all 'renege. speak as one of the Highland people of the North of bootlano, who suffered similarly to the t5aori people, and I understand their feelings and the feeliels of my Maori brothers and sisters else` is carnet put right or erediost4 ell that has been done in the past, but we ass give opportunities in the um world with the new modern means at our disposal. The land settlement sohem which Princess Te Puea has organised and pushed on is en example of hew modern methods can be adopted to restore and give opportunities. We are fighting today for a better Nero for everybody, and few full opportunity fee every men, women and ohild in this oountry. Maori and Praha alike. Fate has placed us here; we moot make the beet of war osuntry for the benefit of ell. I will ge
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242    <Metadata name="Image">3A04-05-004.png</Metadata>
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266further and nay that bed in Hie plane has placed us here so that we an work together for the benefit of all. Because there is a danger and a very serious danger to thin country cf being attacked en our own shores, hostute there is a danger end a serious danger of ow Forces and our British end Indian and South African comrades being defeated in Egypt (I pray (1s4 that will not happen, but there is a possibility) ?because of all that, and bcoatute we love this oountry ami the people of this oountry (there are ne floor people anywhere than the aeori people. I say that bottoms' I know so ear of then. and know they are ladies and gentlemen natural born) i feel we should iloreng1117 understand the danger and do all in our power to ooluiteract it and to fight it. It would be better for all of me to be dead thee t be subjeirmted by Japanese, dormers at Italians. Me havesnly to read of the horrible, bestial thism dent at Hongkong and in Sslaya, that have been going on in Cersheelevakia and Poland and ether countries, where the wet brutal tyranny and cruelty is practised, to kali whet oar fate would be here. It matters net, Just as it matters net in good deed, whether our skins be brown or white or black (taking our African friends, the negro people, into ,as well). The heart is what Natters. In the same way, it natters not what The victim&quot; are 01 ontelty and /MVOS. In) they are victims just the saes as the poor Korean were in front of theJapanese bayonets, as the poor Chinese were anu are in front of the Japanese bullets. be knew froa litat the dleiketa people have none for the war effort that they will online, to strain every nerve end ever,. sinew in helping still further. The Wu Cabinet, after discomelng setters with the /marl Members (The Hen. Mr. Paikea, Sir Apirana agate. Mr. titans, Mr. Tirikatene and Mr. tangi tiewhete), decided t reorganise the Baer/ recruiting war effort. The Mien limbers are to tale charge of the r erulting. A highly placed officals is to be ui minted as a liaison officer, and Maori officer&quot; fro the various peoples are to be seleoted to visit the various districts. I have sated you here as leaders and Chiefs of the Waikato people to ask you to give us your full help, your full enthusiasm, your full support, to release the Maori affluent and the liaison efficient andthe gaol bent of
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2975. Parliament to your Manses, and to help then to get the rum son of your people to link op for the defence of the ocuntry, for the future that we will mks sure total Wort people in thin land. Ot want you to do that, end i h no doubt yot will, banns, I know the history of the iaikato p444. I z,;,?, the history pf,thr Peat To iiIER0 VIVO. I know something of twee, friendship fete the great pro-osnaul, Sir Georg, Grey. I know that it Sir OvorgO Grob with his ideas of liberty and freedom and fair play had beenAin this coun,ry thwre would never have boon differenoes between the people of the Waikato and the You have a great tradition and a great history. Jliat as your forefathers stood for their rights es bravely, you yourselves in the last war,con your sena and grandsons today A are standing for the cause of liberty and freedom and democracy, which is the only prinoiple that /Ill give human Wing' a ?home to live as they ought to live, eons and daughters of God. Onoe acre, than: you very much for coning, I am pleased to hove you hale tay guests and the guests of the Government. It is an honour to me that you have a000ptod mi invitation, and although the journey was long I know that your reopens. will he snort and hearty end enthumbetio. I do not want to hasten your snorer, and will wait until tomorrow for it. when I shall Ds ploaeod to see you ap)in.
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328fitirseWaifil gesifesenes WM the Mae ttlaieter at Velliaghes. lot ftly. reMaNfts We Pees Iterengi. ars NM Ihenlitit. We ee Itri Zetrik64 Seed. dosen e Mr loom mat en, ar Mari Pal, Mr PatOtome. lir fe there er Patera., Mee,Memo marten Puma tad Chiefs 0 the valkate yea. valises tele. umd stye to this straired erase se the fries, 0ev teelend's weft It MS Motto dadaists et the talkato people. I home to /peak te rem of ter, ineorteat sad very ~love stetaem. nettere that attest everytak IAN', Sealend, Newt end Paulo alibs. rivet of all, I 'veld the 2rtameem Tv fes eat the Aate Chief to seamy au etagere regards NM beet ewes de :naererti. Mho bee been wash a strong tsa of the nevernesat d, V greeset serious ear ported. Nothing weld to of Wants, t too the Waikato dimtriet nod to the doverassa er the swatter then fee um to feel that we ere all eerelag ta11 1111011 mad I Mule like to feel elvers that I en vosalac In0011111d mitts= Sorsa!. I mould sot like o Wad Mania da lidai far a that besmear I en going to ask for even greater Import to ear am effort that I do set appreeiete shat See been demo lit the 'saute people. They' here duo etagnifieently. Mere ere flee hundred sea from the Immts. seer of them abroad, othelari; Gabon, defense. Many of then have teams pert in the the hielorie :le outregeor till in ogees sad in and Wore. lone Neural Rommeil te t teeny. Ito Magri B,tanlime talbaUse the wathate man sad boys, node ingeriehable history, mod the news of02jmne, Magathe\_Therstpyiase. amid the noon mine of Crete sod the of Lam Well elver mound vita their easy. PM se I an epeettleg. Maar end Peke, .Mr, Zealanders- eve endeovvoring to save the Middle Beet for the cameo at nemenitf. ref the same of Maori end finite in nee :Aland. Iv moan those she hot, loft es. I knew smeepthing of the tribal spirit, belonging to also my ar. sod I here how the hearts of the people, the tether end mothers, and members of the tribe, here been pierced sad met still be agreed togOle fight for world heeds m, 'Eames we moss the deed, bosun, vs the loon el' young lives 'bleb hem been eserifised ter sur-it le neeessery, it that hoodoo to not to be lest, tact we head increase our efforts. If net, ell that we enjoy at moment. end the future, blots pe viii be lot brighter than the poet far she soft people, ill to lest la tie else. ten addition to the breve mon you have seat to t fee Mov 7ealand eat ter the aritleair, there ore lee at the walkete sunesoking in the indoetry in the 'What mines - s greet ear Wert. There have bean o-her donations the very genevene end videepreed donations . ot vegetables to the mope. re approeiete the very tealsIndeed. Then there 111::6'
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359asking or eaneariegs nets, Lela 12,A ,olkate peaNichome oats, Sat Thu notiroralk or talkato, Princes To Pass's awe dims La that direettero to very great indeed, sod sae tem the natural flan ala are now behwenge oust about the beet kind of nets. These ore neap other things I might rattle bet this is the Inet I en eo/eg to refer toed,e tit de end that is the 0111101&quot;4&quot;411 frea iMe waiBmie Pealjo the Iva Cremothabh Thnt hee been nQatiewats ear Ain boo been searibelled by the Uart people le the R. Comes rants. 10e ail that I hove contioned, tray the bore low have gem eloonveas sad the man Oho are oftraine alms Seeismdt to as vote of the womintelk, I sawed, amass real a debt tcriao. Vusinew Oaks of the arevement aump1t eta.: g 1 wlda As them yem4 Prams, IV Peet mod'adsto, tor etorPtial my InVidaidanago Psi elaleter or the Dada= le onabeve se Vat that we mold epos oar harlot to cosh other, se that I amid tell you xi the weds or new Taloa, a that era arid speak le me anybsoltation sad quits utter, and so that eat of as in ear OMMorsia espaeltiabe assorgthoned in oar weft for ear beloved aintri. Berea she ear bake out , I had great hops. or a greet deal being achlowed. Nemo, my great predectessec also etterished great hope. -be ho pane ed WV it wen in me of warp ad I vas na able to take e, a peet,that I landAbwes liked to latc up. used gnat nee wry dear to as tout otiativgeter. I hed looked toward, ark still look tamed, to a period at Newsiest wort that said reenit in a be :tom sale of assists for =has ad beat, age se a craemeteue them toad be ty there the tart Pavel anent Mot a till etillirasse Siastallaing theaeolves ea their land. to eith ear hems ass privalaged to do sour want of reed to basintie shale. Subsoil ma in lead sett/etoat. Da as ear has some  maws hem bed to he slimed awn tor the tins beingosofertaa- NU. lararriaing lejillT; nee. se wall very apart that, it the war or term, the nand their in raltateek end the OeveraneorrVa I am all yak eat pleas that till mho Op feel that their bir hes been raterat So that end :so rated feriae. es sonnet rl t all vraege. Z spook so ens of the tigpm41 people if 5 north et Noticed, Who saffesed itelliarls to as memPi papa. and 1 torieretend their feeling, sad the Vaasa stay Neal bathers also. a sweet pet right or Inadtoaae ell thetas Mss dens la the pest, but vs eau give oppertuatios in 'the sow avid will the Row radars maw at seer MAeal. The lied norttleant eshees 1 modern methods wombs tee to metope end give lies. Primate To :ewe has or end pushed au to ea of how so are 'libidos War for a beam tame tot end for tall emeeinalp for overlay aeon ana 4414 in this Maori end Paths alike. Pate bas placed vs hares ve east malmbrikt best of our emery for the beset 01, an. I all so tertherand sear the Osd la his plans bee pl d us hers so that we an week together ter the benefit at alL Damao there is a eager add a very eposewasgate serious danger to Vitocountry of being attested ea our sot shwa. become thews is a anger sad a Vosf arises auger et ear Perms sod our British end Indian sad Matta osnrodos bolas ateated in rapt(Z nee, (10 Shall will not happen, tonro is a pessibility)-? beavers of all tat. mod boseus Bs love this amnia oat the pee of thin MOW. end there are ne finer pale wawa than the Mari people. I say that beesese I knot, e, may of Una, and knee they eve ladles and galleesalwar Z feel vs amid thoraN004'nivienttend the dawn. sad a all in ear power to seasterest it mod to tight it. It warldbe better for all et vie te be dead than it be sobjegstedW itrgeatee, Oesoros or Itailsa. es have only to reed of Vie borri Metal thine. creogiallo r sod in Valera, and that hove lasespia OR ta ei Poised end other mantras, where the most bate/ tiretvoy and malty is precasts. a know that oar torte ,ttetta be hers.
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390It natters not. Suet aft it natter, not Vs good deeds. whether our eking he brown or White or bleak (taking on tele= rriehAto the longro 7seple, into ttw 'iceman an Thn heart to ghat matter in Mee ernesuit matter not ghat the victim st emelts am! see mistime jeot tho seem M epee terrorgorosgr=gilr the /span's. beransts. as tbn pee. Chime mere omd us in front of the gepowees ballaba re tom teem What the rasiboste people hero dans for the mow 'sr etre, lhetlher sill uttee otrmia weer mseersmad wear miaow 1121 &quot;Norther. Ihe wordiesot. after di : o :=4411th &quot;he Newt WoMbero (she. Von. Mr PulloutFir= pita, Mr. stoma, Ch. Timamtem mod Mr. Mem teweerommtse Iho &quot;oft sweet mar etftert. :teenIllabeoe eve te isho Ohm's ef the beet tiola A hidalp placed stamp la te be appoints so Wilms offitor. end Maori Moore tweellithe valemmeektee see to be oeleeted to 'tail, tho vuotomm airfloero roe bore se loaders end Chief, re Vas Solltats pewits to elds ygn to gin ue year foil help. your far. modlumerse, Wer toil help fell teaLrt, towelcome the nevi dirge and lb liaison and Me. owl Meoberg at Parliament to pour Memo, mad to help them te oat eft emu of your oeca to lirfe up for the defines at the oounw fortare Moro that ge will nabs gore le the Maori 2. in m inert. 'As moat you to dw that. and 1 bags no dAstbt you yin. Itrusmoee t know the hAntor? cf the Waikato I know the biology at the groat te wherootioro. T of ha. frisaiship '4th fits wen not teromeul. &quot;iv near. Ofelh. haw that if 62t deowle amp. with hi. lames of and freedom and fair plorhad been mainmasts in hie there mould mover hove lima dittermee booms the people of ftejtqlo end Vhc koha dogorsgreste. You here a groom tradition and a cnball history. Inlet ac pour forefathers steed fur their rlifist eo beassly nose of you youraelms in Whe last war. your mom and nre tending for Mee amr of liberty mod troNdom est le the oar mia4ple that will give boson belay, a 'Marne to se the' sushi to live none gad dessehtscre Drawl. OMOS nomt thank rem veer ow lire I an te he's rth hove so 00 gmogtm and rte poste et lee 'ow Sher WI honour te me &quot;het yam home sessited #blettmaideo roe leas I Maw eat sew ismoome mill 'a nharli sad gat mstttilsaete I de 54 wont te Maim 7war game OMMISNy ant ill wait Heldtee it, atom I shell be pate! to get YON aledne
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421dooleseose d Mho Poise 'Moister ferdeleittheigeguiegos. oat 801r. 1000 3111d1OPTI Is Pees Mereedd. wive Ilia psi, MM 111,4 Keilraut Deb. Kg Sr eereVtads. to WiRwi POL. VIP Pamitur Or10 Where Or totem. Musses Ito Pees sea Chiefs et the Waikato Pankyon. velem tales end thrive to this ettienrel ernes et the Prime Sew Sesissa's Verses Ky tier iends end Chiefs et Ins Waikato people. I here to ePenk to Yen of TRW important end very seldom nation that street everreedy lesiend. Georg emd Pasha sillies newt et sil. weld libe Prineres To Pees end the wellold Chief to NNW by sinews regeres old beet vi de :Brie Who hes been sash a steemg sepperter et the Gevenement d, the present series. ow periled. nothing mould be et greeter t to the Melo diatrist rod to the Government et Ow orsaler thee ter us t OWL that as se+ ell working together; sod I Meld soles M feel immes that I la Puling in 1 snit via= boreal. I sound test Ilk. WI good Trieste to thimk far a that home, I se dotal past for eves i~wr oopert its ear nor !!!rIthat I 411 tot dOsheeiatte vest bee been dole br the Welke Thu runlarleuhtr, There we five Modred sot tseesu some of then'breed. ethers meirli; ea hone QOM NOW et them have tibia pert la the flip olga' lot oseseeesse tip, i in Omen slin Crete end Lira. Rate aa.eri tec 00Merul teen 4l In t UMW. Me Mori Battelle. issindime the teikste men end boys, lode immortottable di the moms of OlpspeessOrmyTheseepylee, end the mountain. et Creep meld the wade of Libre till always reamed with their gliarys memo es I se speaking. Maori end Pebehe 114t- 74osluitteru ere emeserromring to save the Middle nest for the some et amenity. for the ammo of Good wed Paths in New zeeland. we mourn those he have lett Ism I hem sumeltIng of the tribal spirit, bob so4ug to a stem myself, est I brow how the hearts of the people. the tethers end se Meuse sad members of the the. how bees piers. and meet still be Agreed in this tight ter rid freedoms bossism se seams the deed teems ve the less 0 young Uwe dash here boot eamitieed for ear it is neemissu- it that heeds. le Imes to be loot. that we should inersese our efforts. ft not. all that ve enjoy at peomento sod lbr fatal. which I soy till be a lot brighter Mara the past Ter the Maori people, 411 be lest it um also. la addible to the trove sea yea have sent te tight ter Www lftelend sled ter the British there ere ten Modred et ,tee telltale hen warble( in the do nlbeaPP in ern 1013att Mina  e great des teltot. There have been ether donations Os 'WV gremosee end eldeepreel donations et washable to the peps. me eppomeiste laze verb adk Weeds Tim Ogee l=111.'
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452eskimg of sanwaflage note, Wash the 4111tsto people hams dans, that the evommtelk et walks's. Mammas Te Puma's people, have dome in that direction la very great Indeed. end the nets free the natural floe whim are now esteemed, are about the beet kind at nets. Thor. ems saneoother thin. I minht =Mice, bet this is the last I as eking to refer eolith gratitude, and that is the calleibistias from MeWalkate people: the med Giese Ifeelia. That bee bees sent' ever 010 has been esedribaled br the Maori people le Wes Red Gress ends. Per al/ that I hews mentioned. ran the ereemd, She have gene ~sees NM sum Who are serving in Sew deal the goes of the vementelk. I extend. bemuse I tool aebt Caltude, the einem man et the eemernment end people eine I deb to think yea. Prin eem fe Pon andOblate. fee. me epidna rote invitation es Tries Minister et the Dominion to eons hors se that that we solid spas our hearts to seek other. that I salt tell yaw A' the mesa, or Wow iseleed se that you sonld speak to sm vilhe-t smi hesitation and cnite , end so Viet ea of is in our difteremb sepesittes be streoglhened in our loft fey or beloved amt p. before Ih war broke out I had great bores at a great toil a. the sompfsp, sy greet proiseoseer, ales eherished poet epee. nu, h mowed agar it vas in the side of var. mad I vas altable to Ube up a peetnthat I meld /mere liked to take up, sad that wee rear dear to me that of INOtteelaaaadmie I had leaked tamed and still look formed, to a pasted of Government week tot weld reedit in a better stall et emei tr fair both fists and Maori, and to a eoentry there there mould be seemniVennkbeee the toil people weld get a fells =loyme et establidlOUpg themselves en their land. lee, with ear born Vim privappod to 4e ear ansent of geed la Ulatdati la wheels. in /health sod in Lad setilmmana. nut the wen bee gene. modesties' here bed to be lesed deem for Ste time beingomfertne etelp. inenpthing I. in droop mak I en still 'err MINIM that, if the vier pee ruseseefelly forge, the Maori peep/0f their repressa in Parliament mg the of wits li I amp hosatii,rok out pleas that will woke the feel that their fir bas been teetered to them end rine theft voit sonnet ri all Immo. I speak se sem of as Itig people of time lierth et Semildmil. eh? open eleillarly to the seen peec44, mot I maderstemt their feeling, end the feelings of my Milmot brollies&quot; als Os semnet pod Keit or seediest, all bathes Mee dens in the Peet. hat 110 and glee opportunities in the new weft tee lhe new modern seems at our disposal. The last settlement aeons lab Prineess Os Pees bee doe and pushed en is an onolo other seders methods atop ted to restore amid give opportunities. we are Sighting Way for a better future for ~MN end ter fall epportesilr for every oma. moan and child in this Maori and Pekeha allke. Pate bee plseed us heves inst=trlie best of our country for the benefit of ell. I will go farther mind sow that Sod Uhl plans hie ao here ea that we emn veek together fee Woe benefit of asessee there Le a ammo, mad a lam apeaa4aaiaa serious danger le this mmuntry at being attained en our own shores. beeaves 'here le a and a wars senses hanger et sup Parsee and oar British mod sad month Atriums comrades being detested in iggptt/ prey Onl that all/ mot bobbin. itt there is a po sibill10. homes of all Volt, end bagasse ve love this sounley rind trio people of this oonntrp. end there are me timer pools serthere than the SWOOPS people. I say that below I know fik:) meny et thee, and lame they are ladles end iponlassis bank,. I foil we Should thoroughly understand the damper ma de all la Oar power to seenterest it mod to flaht its It meld be bettor for all of me is be dead than to be subtagatei alpomme. Gemini sr Italians. ws have only to reed of the , bestial things rkeewmta=ig end ln Malaya. end that here boo OW man tdMead end obis&quot; eauntstes. shore the meet brutal /radar end emelt, is privatise. te knew that ear fate mid be hers.
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483It natters not. 'oat se it salters not in good doses. ubether oar skies be brows or dale or leek (taking or Abloom rgibbigo Mae negro Dsoplee into the pletare an oell. The boort le atm, matte's. In the sane Iwo it natters ant What Ike Addeo roe et erselly mod ides lbw awe yields Sets Ake sees es SIM. ftresmis wage 3a trout of ads Sopeesta hetanbig es 0 Pew ?Meese ewe eel ass in treat of Moe Soommoostollott be knew teem ghat Ike SIgkele people tuffs dose ter themes, vais r : jeratelf till eard to Tells olrovjamo ant wee, eta selga&quot;;111iii; segt NeMbeve Mils. Thubt Nr. 240011114 flrikateme awl Sr. Ism. lelbele). Ike View. reseed our legarrel fleibsse Zelatost set bobtirsfitsegellit= sareetsr Defuses see le be eeleseed to visit the valises itartrloto. I base aakel yes Mee es leedege skit Shift of ere talked yowls lb gater fit ye year full hogozhertda missySur os lielaeel Oki(:: sod thelleabege stregollemmtS Noma end to help Ittes So got the, ma or lour people le little up toe. tho dotesee et lb muster. for tubers that vs MU asksaro So the Maori people in this Load. 1,4) want you to do bbat. Na l hob no doubt yea silt. booms I brow the history or the Adele I burg tho his et She peal Te Ithemposessm I begs et his kith pest prsessi. /1, 42=107. Wow that if Ole noes. Ore,. kith his ideas of II end trombot sad tall, play hog bees easSinaosaly in this sea nurse base bees dittossetess bole. pooplowaIono Waikato sod the Pakaha 00,0VOMPOIM. Yon home d great treoilles and a meet biology. Oust de year toretstbsys stood tor their rights so brawl, same of you rwaresemse in the last seer. roar sans sal are standing for the 'awe of liberty sad treaded sad lo tee ear ortal4i. Mot mill glue hems balms a abates to es 07 seal to live o ogee and daseftlers of God. lbselt yea leer Meek for 11106n011iall be to iortz roar 411111110 MIMI! 0 Asa t to otormot to tog Pa  to
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514==,1 Comforense with the Prime Violator clighte?ify-at zllinglon, let ably, 1942. 41 1. PnnnBilf. To Poe isorengi, ire. mini Thomson. tar. riri rattle. mod. novas rUkatai, tar. loom :Awards, Mr. Bari :skl, mr. Jones, Ur. Te 7hars Hglot Mr. Rotorua PWbo. 1U..bp MSS's, To Page end chiefs of the milks. people yuo4 velem you twice and thrift to this 'Vries, the lorries of the Prise mialeter, hew zellanre tams. ;pr good Monde and Chiefs of the ',7sikelo poopla, I hems to speak to yea of eery important and rem serious matters ? ,atters that off it searybaky in Mew saland, soft and PAWN' alike. Piret of ell. I would like Princess To ass ant the allts10 Chiefs to waver my Rinser regards end best wishes to King Ural. oho has been soft a etvomepperter of the ClorernmmA diming the present serious war period nothing sould be of pester benefit to Via ',MUM) district end to the oeverummot et the matey Ilan for us to heel that we sr all working ingather; and I would like to feel slimy, that I am wafting in aonjoMmtimi with nagtemehl. I would net lilyMt good Mende to think for a moment that moss I am going to wok for swan peeler support in our oar effort that I do not appreciate whet hes been dons by the aiSsts people. Thin, have dome magnifieently. There ars firs bemire mos teem the Skate ? mime of Om' abroad., others engsfee oo hem dereeees many of them hews taken pert in the fighting, the histerio sad souregeous fiAting, in ores, and in Crest and in Libya. demo of betel aro slaloming the ownerd rush of the corm= berth =OW Coneral nommen An Wpt. The Maori Pettallan, loading the Waikato men and bens, haws madeimperishable history, and the smogs of amps, VarathoWevellgelae end the mOestaina of Crete and the sands 0 Libya always resound with their glory. ivetc as I me meshing. moor]. and Psksha ? new implanters are soft to says the ltddiS East for the souse of the British commonweal far Mho ammo of Humanity, tor the same of semi and Pakeha is New maimed. Ne mourn Moe who here left us. I know something of the lethal spirit telaaglog to a lea myeolf, and I know how the hearts et the people, ths fathers aniOnefters, and the members of the tells, haw been pierced and mast still be pier'sd in this fight ter world voodoo. Bessuse se nouns the deed, /moose we deplore the less et young lives which haws been sestrilleed for our troodam, it is neseasszv if that freedom isnot to be lost, that ,a should increase our If nat, all that's end present, mod tics future, whit I hope will be a let ats&quot; than the pest for the Maori ;moll,. will b  lost to ma 110. In addition to the. breve men you hate pent to fight for New lesion and for as British SOAP. thaws are two bemired of the Waikato mon terkieg in the industry in the 4elkato mines  greet war effort. Then there hews been the donations the very generals and widespread donaticem ? of vegshibles to the amps. 's appreciate that wry Noah indeed. Iber there is the coking 41f the emetwflaft nets, which the Waikato people hews done. that the womenfolk of the malkato people, Print Te :tea's people haw done in that dirsetioa is very groat indeed, and the nets from the natural flax which are now being mete are about the best kind of nets.
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545Q Thous ars many ether thing. I might seation. but this la the lest I es golag to roger to. with gratitude. and that is the eantrtbutiat frog is 'What? peels to the Red cross Fulda. That has hem sme-llomniti veer g00 haste= contrtirated by the Maori people Of the vaikato to Red oross roads. For all that I have senticsad. Drum vas boys who Wee some over- sees and the um who ere serving in New Zealand. to the work of the wommfblit. I sittonii. bemuse I feel a debt of ppdatitade. the liteemm Monks of lb. nowernment sod people of NOW I wish to thank you. All, atees Ts nee and Chiefs. for aseepting my lawitstion se Prise Minister of the :minion to opens here so that we mold even oar hearts to malt Giber- se that I esid toll you of the implode of Zealand. so that you eould spe0k to ms without any hesitation and Quito finknitly. and so that we mould sash of us in oar different capacities be strengthened in our work for owe beloved soetter  l'altme the war broke out. I had peat hopes of a greet deal being achieved. Mr. swam or post proftwesaor. aloe aerial's Viotti! whom ha Dammed war it was in Ohs midst of war. ,and I was ableto take up a Oat that would have liked to leas up- and stop very deer ter me that of native minister. I Mil logted ferserd. sad still lark leeward. to period of Oettuttsvat work that would mesalt Ma abetter state of society Serbs POs sad mcgi sad to a oomalvy Whom there would be soettritr ant where the west get a full opportunity of swftellami thme  to ine, with our Maori members. have tom to de sameamount of good la Musing. is wheals. in tglth and in land stlitament. hut the war hawk oams, sad natters have had to he slimed dawn for the ties being. tertythetttlY Everything la in danger now. I so atillo= that. if the war goes wasessedully far us. this Maori reprseantattras iu Parlainent end the nowernmeat of shierril; heed will work ewe plass that will mho the Maori ossols fool that their birthright has been restored to tNr1 mad proteelol thus. ' emus right all wrongs. 1 speak ter so one of the Highly Emmrim of thm movie resat Jesad 'oho se :Mersa steMmar to the Maori pandit, and I ondarstaal their feelings eked the feelings Or stI MeOri brother sot simeem slat ibj cannot put right sr =Ms ell that lilt= VierNo s la ' sedorn moans at ear disposal. The land eettlmat oohs= whist Primates TO Ylent has and radioed oa is an orbs, wawa seeds toanb. to rester and give ties. Ps are fighting today for abetter tubers far ad far full opportunity for every' umn4 woman end etilid la this emoatel ori sad Pikeba alike. Pats hos plased us hero' jaws mast make ;he boot of our sountry far the benefit of all. I will gs further aed my that God la its plops Ass \_plaesd as here se that wo eon work together irr the tooMt of ell. /Moons there is a demiee mot very serious dower to this monetary of being att shad on ear oast shores. Memos them is a danger sad a sorious delder of end oar British and radian end multi Atsiean vooredge being in 4,0 (I prey God that will not happww4 but there is a stiallitgio, bosoms at ell that. and Misuse wa lore Thais witoto, sad The =Ile et ale emsto, (there are no liner people mimeses ems rite m people. I air that bemuse I knew so mom of theft meta know they are ladies andarmi nateral born) fool to Mod tharisiaf ushorstend the r mud de ell in our power to goanterest it end is fight it. It be better far ell of us to be deed than to he rCttera.,1&quot;=1.'&quot;Vr V71=&quot;:1 that haws teen going on is Ovelhoslovskis mad Waal and other ocnatires. where the most brutal rem/ met mieilti- is Milottolikr to Mow ghat our fats would be hers. It ostlers not, just esitmattore net la gime deeds, thethor our akimbo brown sr stilts widow (Liking mar African friends. the Negro peoAmo, tato the plettont es vial). The heart is that matUrs. a VW some web it matters net what the viethes arm of ornelty end Aggression; the/ are mitten Pet the ems se the peer Rersans were in front of the Jageneen=les to tabs poor Ohioan were and are in front of the Soponoto
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576ve tag, fret that the weikete people have dons for the war Wort that they will motions to strain every nerve and every sinew in helping still further. The er cobinet, after dismaying matters with the :oori mdibers (the Ben. Mr. Polkas. sir Apts.= nests. Mr. stem. ;4. 'Art/atom and Ur. avast hete). desiesil to roorot,lise the Moor reeruiting war effort. The sort nearere are to tabs dorm of the roorniting. A highly placed ?Moor is to to cogitated as a liaison officer. and Maori offieers rims Ito various Acedare to be to visit the various (astride. I here asked you here as end Chiefs of the titres people to ask yam to give us your fail help, your full enthusiasm. your full supsort, to welsome the Saari Mom col the Willson officers rod the Maori SoMbers otlerlimmekt to yoarearesa. end to help Vow le get ter ass Of peer people to link up Par the defense of lbs souniefil sips firs More fiat wo will nobs eure to toe seri people in this land. imp want you to do thane ant I hsve no dobet yam will. betimes I knee the hied a! the walk to paved. I know MN, history 0 the great To entatO IMO. I know ocemelitine of hi falmataht, with tats groat apv-aeasa34 striker's Arm. I now bet ir ir ?ram Or y with his ideas at liberty mod these= and fair ploy had bees eontincously in this wintry there would roves lows been diffarmmsee totem the people Of the Waikato and the PaUtha cloerneset. you have a groat tradition sad a great history. ;not es your fere. fathers stood for their rights so bravely, some of you yeareetwes, la the lest weur eons and grandeons today are standing for the moss of Ube lryy and freedom end deacmimv. nhich le tbe oar prtmoiple NA will give boon beings a Ohm's to live as tier aaght to llvs. eons act daughters ef ded. Ores more. thank 'memory mudh farwiling. I ma pleased to hove you hors as Mr roosts and ths guests of the Governmeat. It is an honour to me that you have cesepted ny invitation. sal althoadh the iou was long I know that your response will be short end Marry and enthusiastic. I do not went to hasten snorer. end cr111 wait until tomorrow fur it, Than I shell be eased to see you again.
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607coeferewee with the Prime Minister t wellington. let 'else 1942. Mahn T. Tip ;lea Twomey Mrs. Uhl Thomas. cr. -0 Y,Lri std. Amok Nr. Berl AAAAOfte Mr. Berl ski.  MO. 3COO11. hr. tv -Jesse Helm. tar. atoms VOANAAA POIOSONI Te Ana end Caere of the valets papal reams you twine and tale to this friar. the Wise of Trims ai,leter. aelaa's arm. 4 mood Eames and Chief ef the velkato papa. I hew lo 'peak to yea ef very important waver, serious matters :ettera t attra everybody la :Vga salamis ,eori ad yeah. alias. Plat of al. I would Ube Princess To ea ing 1M altete Chief. to socoovior Snare regards end test wallas to tleg)oral. who ha been ash a strong eopperteref the deveremla goring lbe trjarises ear pato 301bleg walla of /realer bement ent-allutto diehe end to lee devanmett of the emater for a to Abut that we are all working together) aril I laid lobe to feel slays tat I am realer in soefekaalaa witR XIMS atwalli4 I would net Do mr good friends to thick for a esseeet lhat teems I ma going to Wafer even greeter apart in oar eta effort that 1 do not appreelete whet bee been dam to the eitaftLpeople. They bees vas magnificently. lam are five Modred men from the aisle wee of thee abroad. others 'maga wa hose daraaas. LAMY of thee have liken pert in the flitting. the hieterie sal of them ere she award ma of the heaven horde' WMt eourageema ling. in orange and in Crest and in Litge4 teas ?mural nammall in Vogt. Its Mari Bettallat. Wadies the rotate own and hope. have amdm imilidaU history. end the ammo of claps. Maratha Theceeepla end lhe Wane of Crete end the sena of Libya will stays resound with their glory. :ven a I au speaking. Maori sad POONA NAM zealanisee ore endeavouring to emve the Addle mat for the tame of the Patio cammeallth. for ea awe of nemenity. for tee mum of Mari and Peak, la Am zealous we IMMern throes who awe left es. I know something of the tribal spirit trAUre ealemothore. ad the ambers of the tillotelmen to a den eyeelf. and I know how the hearts et la papa. parsed end meet still be parsed in this right fur world freedom. lieamme we mare the laeaaad4. beam a deplore the lose or young lives which have teen eadel for ow freedom. it le nalsaarlf if Vial beam isnot to be loot. eat -ve Oboo14 increase ear If net. all Weave enjoy a' present end the future. which hope will ea laditailider than the poet far the Mewl people, will be lea to a else. In addition to the brews mare have eat to risks for nee Ihilkete rasaeakimg in the taloa and fa the relatehm=etatere are two heaved of the ev in the lack to mina e Sant qtr ld'r at tare have teen the donation the very gemereme and adeepread damatime of ageteblee to the was. Al 'Waist. that very ma label. Then there is the males se the eamseriage 'high the Ilia, people have done. valet the womenfolk of the walla? papa. Printer se ,ape's people have dole in that direetiou le very great Indeed. end the nets from the natural flew ebloh are nor being made are aoot la beet kid or 'isle.
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638s 1 Thome arm moor Ober things I miyhtmention. but this is the lest I so ohm to rehar le, with watihode, end that is the sentribution from the LW'S? pimple to the Red orose nada. Mat hoe been hedhlfilenti ever tot has been oontribatei by the Maori people of hie Noikate to hod come women. roc all that I hero mentioned. frau the boys oho here omit woes sees end the men oh, ere serving in new zeslood, to the work of the wassifelk. I intend. basso I feel a Alibi of Weft. lb stows, 'onks of Ilse Government sod people of :Iew I wish to thee Int4 ri 48116 To vow need oblate, nor emoting my invitation 88 7arias monister Of the minion to come hers eo that we meld open ear bowls to each other, so that I amid toll 715 of the needs of OW zesland, so that you toad speak to me without any bseltation and quite frankly,. and so that us could soon of as in our difforent capacities be strenrnhoted in our war?: for our beloved som-imy. 'Wore the war braise out. I hadoreat hopes oC a great deal 1:sonfored. Mr. wogs. my great prodsoeseor. aloe odisrialood 1 hopes. post he plumed nosy it was in the niAst of weft and I woo not able to tabs up a pest that 7 would have liked to tabs up, and that w vary deer to me last of zotive sinister. I bed looked formard. and atilt lam forward, to a period at Government work that would result in abetter state of souls fir left Mahe and my&quot; to s onentry there there wouhl lot smart sod kers Moe Oh meld get a fdll tooh/ of 08 thaw. an =sit too, with est smashers, hove hem to de Immo amount at good is hosting, in wheals. in tin call in land oettlement. nut toe war has acme end mattess have boil to be slimed down for the thee beta eeferteltellelr sverything le in damper now. I ea stillzmhotrg het. if the vet goes eaesseerallr for see the newt reprosentetives is ,erlahmaat anti the Oovernmont of this Ian howl will work old else Viet will mOhe the Moor! people tool that their birlbriOhl bee been restored to bhp, protested for them. o east400 all 'grange. I speak es one of VieBlOblen people of the north at Jo/timed. who sutilored similarly to the uoori people, an I undoreInsA their feelings sod Vie feelings of mg mewl brothers amts sisters sloe. -0 cannot pat oh' or moodiest, ell ghat 'spa been lase La the peat. WS we eon oho opportuaillse in the new world ellb the now modimv, moans at our disposal. Ito land sett Pent same uhimb Prineess To imita tors orownleed end robed cat is en sonnode\_of hoe romodern methods ambit adopts reotore end sive otlite. e ono fighting today for abettor fubm's far overybed, rad Ter fell opportunity Our every man. women and algid in thi oommtr SMattri mod Pilo alike. 7,04 hoe platted us hem we meet mobs lho toot of our wintry tor the /smelt of all. I will go Strew ant soy that Ood in A!: plame hos\_goesd us hero so that we ems mark 'soother Apr the miMI of all. Beeson there is a dompor and a very serious danger to this somotry orbiting attacks' am our own shores, Immune there is a danger sod a serious danger if ow Parses end our British sod Indian and oath Albion morels, being dodbated in Arpli (I preyGod het will not hoppst. but there le pousibillb6s manse at ell 00, and biomass? we lore Ibis Amster amd ii 7M et this esdoloy (there are no floor people eneehere am the people. IOW that teems I kayo too many or them, ami knew IOW unOerstand the r and do oil in our power is emntereet IS sad to ere ladies snit spmeen natural born). I feel we should thoreeottly a 2ght 'two be better few all of us to be deed than to be oarettra..1.1rtdan4&quot;&quot;&quot; 2-71=12Ihsrtg that best boon wino on in GeoMmelovekla sod 440 and Ohm knew that our fats would /ow hero. It natters not, tie it mat oomatiatte. obese Ills most brutal UMW end areal la lifeetbeello net in coma dosAao ethos. our Akins be brown or to or bleak (taking oar 'Memo friends. the Negro people, into the se well). The heart is Obeli matters. In the some Li soften net shot the violins are of ereillty and 71Weellten4 their are elethoe &quot;et the same es Os peer Weans were in front of the gopanseoutmets. ea the poor Chimes were and ars in front of the Swenson
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669Flo Mee fret whet the velhaio people hare does Per the war effort that they will outlines to strain every nem and every einem in helping eAL11 further. The or cohin,t, e'er disooreing matters with the Aided bonbons (The ago. Mr. Pelham, fir Apirena lgata, M4 oboe, Tirlhateno end or. Roost hewheto), doshiel 10 scares iee tho Maori recruitintt war effort. The or! onsiore are to tehe chard of the reurilting. A highly 'lamed officer is to be apPoluled es a liaison officer, and sort Wiser. gran lbe various pimple, are lobe eelosted to visit the various districts. I have esead you hero se leaders eta chief of the ,tkete people to sat yea to gave at mu. gall help, yaw fill enthusiarey tS11 import, to release the Seer! Moore end the lieiaon O'rm sae Ile Awl Ohara efrerlialsht to your glances , end to help then to get the CMS of yelger to link Up tar tae Weep of ire tountny, Laeow two will ass. Bare to Ihe Neel peeployvet la this 11 wen to do that, ant no ll, broom I I Ito i I f the walk to peepi he I knowwhet 'he historvi y of tho groat To nnTe0 w0N90. I mow emethint of his friatlehip with the Sent pa-omiiia. air (loom neer. I know that if ir nom. Om, with hie Wee of liberty wad freedom and lair plan had bean eontineouely in this lunar, there would 3WVOI. have boon airfares.. between the people of the welhato end tea papaOovorment. You here a greet tradition and groat Meteor. Joe ea Per fswr- fathers isteod for their rights ee bravely, as of yen yearee/weo, in the last war, eons end grandsons today are steldist for Ste mese of fi end freedom end 4eaectom, enloh is the oar principle that vill rime hewn being, a Chews to live es they aught to live, wane an denehOore of Wing, ogee more, thank you eery nosh nor sowing. I go plowed to have you here Wit ow roasts and the guests the Government. It is an haocar to et that yaw have aosepte4 wj invitation, end although the learner wee long , tncor that your weapons will bo short andand hearty and I do not went to newer, rail wait untenthusiastic. il tomorrow ror it, on I shall hasten short  to gee po IOU
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700fiiel?Aidgeiar Comforeacte via the Prise um tests 11-011ingtna. let Jain 19612. ra.:;:s le 'Inse ?wenel. ale's. Uhl Monson. Ir. ';'0 7Ari &quot;slips. Are 'tepekw to,. :Awards. le. neoel 014 Jaws. ill. iF - hare fir. Rotorua ia-neese ',:. Alma ado thinte or the Aillete peoples indliemme pee trine and thrive to this 'rtes the offlee or Prima Agetor ler DemlaniTe Wee '17 good friends end thinfe of Ilse 4kaio ; hare la, speak to yee et very deponent emit very aestoue ostlers -:attero het street everybody in ow eland. sort ad reams alias. -ire of ell. I would law rrinass 1n sae and las alkalis Chin/ to soma, my eineens regards end beet Weans le Xing noreht. wbo bee been gab a ues importer of the novernmend arias Ilse presen wine ear pealedtr 101111116 eould bit or\_dtmin. botl to thet 'ailtelo distrait end to the nevernsant et Ste Wenger Mtn fer us is Opel Vat we ere ell working tegelheal emil I would libe to feel sleep. Oat i as serkleg in omilterstiam wills Iles Kenai. wield net laseprogo d Mende to think for =meet Vest beams I mm ming to eke even sweater support in otr war obit that I do not appreeiate last bee been done by the elks, people. l-or bone gate seivaifieently. ',tears are five hoodoo nee teem chit aims epee of lbws eatmed. others Ima Des boss lisitesee. iiculy or tam have teams pert in 5 fighting. the Malaria smd sampan., figftelsis, incase'. and in Comet end in geese - of them are clamming 5 anard numb of the asamma hordes eater memorial nommell is Mt. Mewl haaelion. Andidlag the velkele men end have mode age labable history, end the amass of Caltarks. Mar athon end lessmountains or Crete sad the lama et Lege ell always revarmi with +hair glory. :yen ee me peakita. tam ea llow Zealanders ere endeavouring to slmsll ydle t for the sense ot the tritieh Commonwealth. for the awe, ty, for the anew or Atari and Pass is Sew :salami. 114 mourn those sho hove left us. I know 'something or ties Waal spirit beloaling le a elm elpself. and I Imo, nee the hearts et the people, the fathers godmothers, emit the mentors of Elie tale, hove been add meet mail be pleased in Shia fight der amid fiestas. fwaaas 110 antra the dead. TISSOns we deplore the lees et sena lives whisk have been seearitiaei for our feeedgm. it le nileseees, if last /Seed= isnot to be loot, that ishuld hareem our If mot, all thetas enjoy a present. cant the Mare. wheels I hops will be a lot brighter tan pis pee, for the Maori people. 'Ill be loot to no alas. In addition to the leave men pee have pent u flight for New Zeeland andalmsevoterki Ilnseg An the Pritlehmilltetare aro two imeaved et the plieaeto me try in am 1,eltato mines -  Meat vest afford. When Items helve been the donations. the very generous end elaftwasidonatioan - or vegetables to Its omega. appre iele that very neon indeed. Am, there le the maim dit the :rier the valketo people. ropiness 70 uee'e people, have done 4414, toil. the 'Itileslo people have done. 'het the in that direeldom is ystr MOSS indeed. and the nets tror the netirel flax shish ore oar being male are sdhnt the loot kind of nets.
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731It  There ere pony other Wino Imight mention. bull Ude ia Ow loot I am opine to near to, with- gestituds. mid that is the toodelbutioa rpm the 741ksio people Us the Red cross ,t0MMI. That tee teem megnirlemtte over 4100 tees been sestartbeted by the woei people of the relketo toeAd mos a Peale. Vu all that I isnwe nentioned. (. :he boys mho hove coos ever gets and Viso son ett, ere serving in no noelend, S. the seek of the vomenfelh. X ottani. boons 1 feel a debt of ppsaUlm's. fibs incase chiming et the Government sees people or New 7 I 'Soh to thank You. Steepen no mem end (hiefs. fee seeepting W, lawitelekr) se lime 'Sinister ler the eminion to noes here so that es soul open sop hearts to eash other, so that 1 a uld tell you er the needs of ow ussiondo so that you eould epee to me uithout or hellitelloo sod Quite froisly. and so that ue eould soh o1 no in our different oseacitise to strandthened in our war. for cur beloved 401=i1,4 ! efore the ear belle AM, 1 had great bores or a greet deal being mellowed. Mr. weave my great predecomor5 aloe alveriebed sweet Wpm,. 'Awl he permed ever it sea in the ,ldst of car. and 1 wee not able to tars up a peet that : wouLl have tiled to tato dCV end that's. very dear to ma that of sties winister. I had looted foreem see still lost rorearto a period et Gevernment work that would result in a better stet or s000iety Owlet!' teethe altd1::1 mod to 8 osunii/ where there vonld be eesueity and veers the +meld a fell opportunity or selehlidOw thsim es on AWL with our Maori 'webers. him bow to de same meant of good la hosing. is egeolle. ire th tni. in laid settlement. tut the xer hoe cotes. end mottos MVO hod lobe dlemse dont for the thee being. infortammtely. :verythine le Se Glower noe I eat still that. amt. if Um ~goes auceesseelSy for us. the ere repreeentetivee in nAelmret end the ,Wvernment or ver71 heed ell/ ooze auk Blame that will Heim the ;Imovi people feel that their bireirlekt nes been restore to Vim; awl ploteetea rev them Le amnion right all 7:=0X Meet es an Of Ole dighlea people of 0 north or Men aufeered slaiierly to the mewl people. era 1 soOssoloo4 their feelings std the Amillues or my Howl brothers and slaters else. wet rut richt remedies all that has beta Len la the peal. tut se men give opportunities in the Nov worLi with the sowruder, means at ~ disposal. The land eettlemat odors. ehlet modern methods eau be ted to mestere end give Ilea. Prineess Ti 'Imo tea N, and pushed oft is en shoe rit4 ., ere fighting todey ror abetter rebare rep eve endear fall opportmtite for everyman. ennen end ohild in thisF meratep. Lsaori and ?otelha alike. '~ate how plastid ue here; we amigo the beet of our taunter far Vie benefit or all. I viii efe IVA, mod eery that mod in Hie 4,1a hmeiplammol ua here so that as enamel together ter the t or silo boohoo there Se a decor moll a yore various Sae tl this enuntry or being attacked as oar meet shores. bosam. there is n deliver and a eeri,no oteCar of sow Parses end ,ur tritieh end Indian said oelh Atriteen commies being digested boom. of ell alp end boss on ve love Ibis aunts, mid the Ln '.apt 4 prmy Sod Vint will got barTso. but there is a 1111amlw). sr felts emery (there arm no rimer people anywhere then the people. X see that be et I teem so many of them. end know they underateni the r end de ell in our parer to coosteaverir= are iodise anijiiiteema natural toes). feel ve shoal or bestial thSnge Gone at Henpoung and Ls ant alipestell an deco, (mom or tallow . have le geed rieht Us, te better 0 all of us to be deed : that have been gotta on in deseteeloratia end otand and trUne ?onetime. hove the motts Wane/ mid moll, Is Proetts0140: tam abet our fate world be hem. it netters not. jest ea it mat net in geed demobs. ebethre our skins to boon or White or hie (taking our African Monde. the Wm ;earls, into the Dialyse me vii). The hoer! Se efts matriere. In the one weft it mottoes net what 'Seth's are of owl end AMpeemelmet tear gm victims Dept the ewe se the poor nweene ware hi :recut of theZepaseee=le. ea the peer Chinese Breve and ere let rem of tee Capone
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7623 1st NW Pm What die ',abate &quot;AGA&quot; have Come :or the war effort that ? tall omatinmo to strain weer./ nave ad mow stare in bathe st12 further. the z Odbinot. +elan. disouseingirlore vith Acwi agabere (The don-, Mr. Pathos. lr Aptrons giet up. , tans. ',tribalism end eta.: devhvb0). 410,1d 11 00011111,400 S sori z'a0voiiiar Rat' if art. The earl selibera ono to tides dal., or the reerultioga A highly placed ?Moor is to be Notated se a /Laic= Thor. ted leori offleare tram the various monimi ere So be peleeted to visit the various districts. I hove imbed you hem So haler end Chief o the algal propl to so gita, ue 'ear tail help, your till enthaaleau. 'ear fail owx,orto to 'nano,. the Apr: ettleere cal the lied.= Wiese, saa the sort usabswe d Perlimment to ye and to help thee to sot the nen it yew peoplo telirnor the Wong of the country. ter Mare that va rill webs aura to ale :4ort yooylto la this lend. vast to do that. end have no dobut 'aovil'. teeit=e the of the ti to people. ;mow the bistoe&quot; of the To W3M90 I Moon obese- of his criraight, with the grastwo- ,111; isorys Orgy. snow that it ir Oeffrie Oren with is lams of liberty and Maw tan fair DIA, tiro 1000 sontinnoasir in th10 wintry there mould levor have eon dirtevenoss 1,640600k thee poov4o or the walket?, and the vnbehe Chiverarent. Yoe here awes, ceseglin end a growl htstoey. 4,A;tt es year forefathers erred for their rights we bravely. some of pee &quot;eareelroo. La the 2nnt sone and grandsons Ladey aro etemdlag Par the canoe orBrava1phd frevalas end mminee-. ,h;.ali le the -lair principle that rill ive human betas a louse to lime es that ovi to live, one and talsghier0 ear mane nova. thank pee wail imalb for owing. I ale anninbi t  hove you here se nv- ruwata and the guests the clovernawat. It Is wl honour to as that 7,14 hams owow)tod ay livitotion. end sithouoh  )ourner see long '\_-os that ewe maponre viii 19 short s4 hwertir mid eathaatostina 2 do not vent to hswtoa 30r eassor. and  W. trait mmtil tomorrow Air It. lowrn I obeli be to es. You admin.
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