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1<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="no"?>
2<!DOCTYPE Archive SYSTEM "">
5  <Description>
6    <Metadata name="gsdlsourcefilename">import/3A06-01.item</Metadata>
7    <Metadata name="gsdldoctype">indexed_doc</Metadata>
8    <Metadata name="Source">3A06-01.item</Metadata>
9    <Metadata name="SourceFile">3A06-01.item</Metadata>
10    <Metadata name="gsdlthistype">paged</Metadata>
11    <Metadata name="pj.Title">Tainui Maori Trust Board - Minutes of Meetings</Metadata>
12    <Metadata name="pj.Year">1946 - 1949</Metadata>
13    <Metadata name="pj.Location">ADMINISTRATION</Metadata>
14    <Metadata name="pj.Media">Scanned Image</Metadata>
15    <Metadata name="pj.Provenance">Pei Te Hurinui Jones</Metadata>
16    <Metadata name="pj.Notes">Tainui Maori Trust Board - Minutes</Metadata>
17    <Metadata name="NumPages">61</Metadata>
18    <Metadata name="MaxImageWidth">1871</Metadata>
19    <Metadata name="MaxImageHeight">2723</Metadata>
20    <Metadata name="Plugin">PJPlugin</Metadata>
21    <Metadata name="FileFormat">PagedImage</Metadata>
22    <Metadata name="Title">3A06-01</Metadata>
23    <Metadata name="Identifier">3A06-01</Metadata>
24    <Metadata name="lastmodified">1502324688</Metadata>
25    <Metadata name="lastmodifieddate">20170810</Metadata>
26    <Metadata name="oailastmodified">1504483909</Metadata>
27    <Metadata name="oailastmodifieddate">20170904</Metadata>
28    <Metadata name="assocfilepath">3A06-01.dir</Metadata>
29    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-000.png:image/png:</Metadata>
30    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-000.tif:image/tiff:</Metadata>
31    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-000_thumb.png:image/png:</Metadata>
32    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-000_screen.png:image/png:</Metadata>
33    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-001.png:image/png:</Metadata>
34    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-001.tif:image/tiff:</Metadata>
35    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-001_thumb.png:image/png:</Metadata>
36    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-001_screen.png:image/png:</Metadata>
37    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-002.png:image/png:</Metadata>
38    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-002.tif:image/tiff:</Metadata>
39    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-002_thumb.png:image/png:</Metadata>
40    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-002_screen.png:image/png:</Metadata>
41    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-003.png:image/png:</Metadata>
42    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-003.tif:image/tiff:</Metadata>
43    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-003_thumb.png:image/png:</Metadata>
44    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-003_screen.png:image/png:</Metadata>
45    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-004.png:image/png:</Metadata>
46    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-004.tif:image/tiff:</Metadata>
47    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-004_thumb.png:image/png:</Metadata>
48    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-004_screen.png:image/png:</Metadata>
49    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-005.png:image/png:</Metadata>
50    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-005.tif:image/tiff:</Metadata>
51    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-005_thumb.png:image/png:</Metadata>
52    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-005_screen.png:image/png:</Metadata>
53    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-006.png:image/png:</Metadata>
54    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-006.tif:image/tiff:</Metadata>
55    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-006_thumb.png:image/png:</Metadata>
56    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-006_screen.png:image/png:</Metadata>
57    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-007.png:image/png:</Metadata>
58    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-007.tif:image/tiff:</Metadata>
59    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-007_thumb.png:image/png:</Metadata>
60    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-007_screen.png:image/png:</Metadata>
61    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-008.png:image/png:</Metadata>
62    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-008.tif:image/tiff:</Metadata>
63    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-008_thumb.png:image/png:</Metadata>
64    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-008_screen.png:image/png:</Metadata>
65    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-009.png:image/png:</Metadata>
66    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-009.tif:image/tiff:</Metadata>
67    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-009_thumb.png:image/png:</Metadata>
68    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-009_screen.png:image/png:</Metadata>
69    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-010.png:image/png:</Metadata>
70    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-010.tif:image/tiff:</Metadata>
71    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-010_thumb.png:image/png:</Metadata>
72    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-010_screen.png:image/png:</Metadata>
73    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-011.png:image/png:</Metadata>
74    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-011.tif:image/tiff:</Metadata>
75    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-011_thumb.png:image/png:</Metadata>
76    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-011_screen.png:image/png:</Metadata>
77    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-012.png:image/png:</Metadata>
78    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-012.tif:image/tiff:</Metadata>
79    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-012_thumb.png:image/png:</Metadata>
80    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-012_screen.png:image/png:</Metadata>
81    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-013.png:image/png:</Metadata>
82    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-013.tif:image/tiff:</Metadata>
83    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-013_thumb.png:image/png:</Metadata>
84    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-013_screen.png:image/png:</Metadata>
85    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-014.png:image/png:</Metadata>
86    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-014.tif:image/tiff:</Metadata>
87    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-014_thumb.png:image/png:</Metadata>
88    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-014_screen.png:image/png:</Metadata>
89    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-015.png:image/png:</Metadata>
90    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-015.tif:image/tiff:</Metadata>
91    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-015_thumb.png:image/png:</Metadata>
92    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-015_screen.png:image/png:</Metadata>
93    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-016.png:image/png:</Metadata>
94    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-016.tif:image/tiff:</Metadata>
95    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-016_thumb.png:image/png:</Metadata>
96    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-016_screen.png:image/png:</Metadata>
97    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-017.png:image/png:</Metadata>
98    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-017.tif:image/tiff:</Metadata>
99    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-017_thumb.png:image/png:</Metadata>
100    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-017_screen.png:image/png:</Metadata>
101    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-018.png:image/png:</Metadata>
102    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-018.tif:image/tiff:</Metadata>
103    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-018_thumb.png:image/png:</Metadata>
104    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-018_screen.png:image/png:</Metadata>
105    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-019.png:image/png:</Metadata>
106    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-019.tif:image/tiff:</Metadata>
107    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-019_thumb.png:image/png:</Metadata>
108    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-019_screen.png:image/png:</Metadata>
109    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-020.png:image/png:</Metadata>
110    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-020.tif:image/tiff:</Metadata>
111    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-020_thumb.png:image/png:</Metadata>
112    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-020_screen.png:image/png:</Metadata>
113    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-021.png:image/png:</Metadata>
114    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-021.tif:image/tiff:</Metadata>
115    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-021_thumb.png:image/png:</Metadata>
116    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-021_screen.png:image/png:</Metadata>
117    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-022.png:image/png:</Metadata>
118    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-022.tif:image/tiff:</Metadata>
119    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-022_thumb.png:image/png:</Metadata>
120    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-022_screen.png:image/png:</Metadata>
121    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-023.png:image/png:</Metadata>
122    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-023.tif:image/tiff:</Metadata>
123    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-023_thumb.png:image/png:</Metadata>
124    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-023_screen.png:image/png:</Metadata>
125    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-024.png:image/png:</Metadata>
126    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-024.tif:image/tiff:</Metadata>
127    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-024_thumb.png:image/png:</Metadata>
128    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-024_screen.png:image/png:</Metadata>
129    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-025.png:image/png:</Metadata>
130    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-025.tif:image/tiff:</Metadata>
131    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-025_thumb.png:image/png:</Metadata>
132    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-025_screen.png:image/png:</Metadata>
133    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-026.png:image/png:</Metadata>
134    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-026.tif:image/tiff:</Metadata>
135    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-026_thumb.png:image/png:</Metadata>
136    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-026_screen.png:image/png:</Metadata>
137    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-027.png:image/png:</Metadata>
138    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-027.tif:image/tiff:</Metadata>
139    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-027_thumb.png:image/png:</Metadata>
140    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-027_screen.png:image/png:</Metadata>
141    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-028.png:image/png:</Metadata>
142    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-028.tif:image/tiff:</Metadata>
143    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-028_thumb.png:image/png:</Metadata>
144    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-028_screen.png:image/png:</Metadata>
145    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-029.png:image/png:</Metadata>
146    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-029.tif:image/tiff:</Metadata>
147    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-029_thumb.png:image/png:</Metadata>
148    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-029_screen.png:image/png:</Metadata>
149    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-030.png:image/png:</Metadata>
150    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-030.tif:image/tiff:</Metadata>
151    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-030_thumb.png:image/png:</Metadata>
152    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-030_screen.png:image/png:</Metadata>
153    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-031.png:image/png:</Metadata>
154    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-031.tif:image/tiff:</Metadata>
155    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-031_thumb.png:image/png:</Metadata>
156    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-031_screen.png:image/png:</Metadata>
157    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-032.png:image/png:</Metadata>
158    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-032.tif:image/tiff:</Metadata>
159    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-032_thumb.png:image/png:</Metadata>
160    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-032_screen.png:image/png:</Metadata>
161    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-033.png:image/png:</Metadata>
162    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-033.tif:image/tiff:</Metadata>
163    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-033_thumb.png:image/png:</Metadata>
164    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-033_screen.png:image/png:</Metadata>
165    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-034.png:image/png:</Metadata>
166    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-034.tif:image/tiff:</Metadata>
167    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-034_thumb.png:image/png:</Metadata>
168    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-034_screen.png:image/png:</Metadata>
169    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-035.png:image/png:</Metadata>
170    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-035.tif:image/tiff:</Metadata>
171    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-035_thumb.png:image/png:</Metadata>
172    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-035_screen.png:image/png:</Metadata>
173    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-036.png:image/png:</Metadata>
174    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-036.tif:image/tiff:</Metadata>
175    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-036_thumb.png:image/png:</Metadata>
176    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-036_screen.png:image/png:</Metadata>
177    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-037.png:image/png:</Metadata>
178    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-037.tif:image/tiff:</Metadata>
179    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-037_thumb.png:image/png:</Metadata>
180    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-037_screen.png:image/png:</Metadata>
181    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-038.png:image/png:</Metadata>
182    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-038.tif:image/tiff:</Metadata>
183    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-038_thumb.png:image/png:</Metadata>
184    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-038_screen.png:image/png:</Metadata>
185    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-039.png:image/png:</Metadata>
186    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-039.tif:image/tiff:</Metadata>
187    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-039_thumb.png:image/png:</Metadata>
188    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-039_screen.png:image/png:</Metadata>
189    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-040.png:image/png:</Metadata>
190    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-040.tif:image/tiff:</Metadata>
191    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-040_thumb.png:image/png:</Metadata>
192    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-040_screen.png:image/png:</Metadata>
193    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-041.png:image/png:</Metadata>
194    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-041.tif:image/tiff:</Metadata>
195    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-041_thumb.png:image/png:</Metadata>
196    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-041_screen.png:image/png:</Metadata>
197    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-042.png:image/png:</Metadata>
198    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-042.tif:image/tiff:</Metadata>
199    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-042_thumb.png:image/png:</Metadata>
200    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-042_screen.png:image/png:</Metadata>
201    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-043.png:image/png:</Metadata>
202    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-043.tif:image/tiff:</Metadata>
203    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-043_thumb.png:image/png:</Metadata>
204    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-043_screen.png:image/png:</Metadata>
205    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-044.png:image/png:</Metadata>
206    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-044.tif:image/tiff:</Metadata>
207    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-044_thumb.png:image/png:</Metadata>
208    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-044_screen.png:image/png:</Metadata>
209    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-045.png:image/png:</Metadata>
210    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-045.tif:image/tiff:</Metadata>
211    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-045_thumb.png:image/png:</Metadata>
212    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-045_screen.png:image/png:</Metadata>
213    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-046.png:image/png:</Metadata>
214    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-046.tif:image/tiff:</Metadata>
215    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-046_thumb.png:image/png:</Metadata>
216    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-046_screen.png:image/png:</Metadata>
217    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-047.png:image/png:</Metadata>
218    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-047.tif:image/tiff:</Metadata>
219    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-047_thumb.png:image/png:</Metadata>
220    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-047_screen.png:image/png:</Metadata>
221    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-048.png:image/png:</Metadata>
222    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-048.tif:image/tiff:</Metadata>
223    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-048_thumb.png:image/png:</Metadata>
224    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-048_screen.png:image/png:</Metadata>
225    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-049.png:image/png:</Metadata>
226    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-049.tif:image/tiff:</Metadata>
227    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-049_thumb.png:image/png:</Metadata>
228    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-049_screen.png:image/png:</Metadata>
229    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-050.png:image/png:</Metadata>
230    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-050.tif:image/tiff:</Metadata>
231    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-050_thumb.png:image/png:</Metadata>
232    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-050_screen.png:image/png:</Metadata>
233    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-051.png:image/png:</Metadata>
234    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-051.tif:image/tiff:</Metadata>
235    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-051_thumb.png:image/png:</Metadata>
236    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-051_screen.png:image/png:</Metadata>
237    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-052.png:image/png:</Metadata>
238    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-052.tif:image/tiff:</Metadata>
239    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-052_thumb.png:image/png:</Metadata>
240    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-052_screen.png:image/png:</Metadata>
241    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-053.png:image/png:</Metadata>
242    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-053.tif:image/tiff:</Metadata>
243    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-053_thumb.png:image/png:</Metadata>
244    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-053_screen.png:image/png:</Metadata>
245    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-054.png:image/png:</Metadata>
246    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-054.tif:image/tiff:</Metadata>
247    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-054_thumb.png:image/png:</Metadata>
248    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-054_screen.png:image/png:</Metadata>
249    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-055.png:image/png:</Metadata>
250    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-055.tif:image/tiff:</Metadata>
251    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-055_thumb.png:image/png:</Metadata>
252    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-055_screen.png:image/png:</Metadata>
253    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-056.png:image/png:</Metadata>
254    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-056.tif:image/tiff:</Metadata>
255    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-056_thumb.png:image/png:</Metadata>
256    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-056_screen.png:image/png:</Metadata>
257    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-057.png:image/png:</Metadata>
258    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-057.tif:image/tiff:</Metadata>
259    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-057_thumb.png:image/png:</Metadata>
260    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-057_screen.png:image/png:</Metadata>
261    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-058.png:image/png:</Metadata>
262    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-058.tif:image/tiff:</Metadata>
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272    <Metadata name="gsdlassocfile">3A06-01-060_screen.png:image/png:</Metadata>
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302UNIVERSITY OF WAIKATO LIBRARY 3A6/1 CAINUI MAORI TRUST BOARD - MINUTES OF MEETINGS (1946-1949) JANUARY 2001 MICROFILM COMPUTER SCANNING BY: DOCUMENT EM COMPANY ternIENorides txd PO Ben 1204P IA Lake Road Hormic. Now dam! Ph./Pos. 6 7 7 Q78 MaPile 02P3 303,1 Polak donnoncotkloor not nr
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312    <Metadata name="FileSize">94461</Metadata>
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315    <Metadata name="ImageHeight">2700</Metadata>
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318    <Metadata name="srclinkFile">3A06-01-001.png</Metadata>
319    <Metadata name="srcicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[srclinkFile]&quot; width=&quot;[ImageWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ImageHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
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321    <Metadata name="Thumb">3A06-01-001_thumb.png</Metadata>
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333;164 .dee d .1 1 3 4, z 7 .,; 7/3797 '-'17 '7. 47-',/' -i-/-'78' ..-,.6.; 4,-./., / /4. t, ,0/7 47 7 /,/6-/,.7 /.- ?; 4? srL~t'1 '.77:~7 1,-- 74,. //'74-7 7 ,
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340    <Metadata name="Image">3A06-01-002.png</Metadata>
341    <Metadata name="Source">3A06-01-002.tif</Metadata>
342    <Metadata name="SourceFile">3A06-01-002.tif</Metadata>
343    <Metadata name="FileSize">146710</Metadata>
344    <Metadata name="ImageType">PNG</Metadata>
345    <Metadata name="ImageWidth">1728</Metadata>
346    <Metadata name="ImageHeight">2697</Metadata>
347    <Metadata name="ImageSize">147KB</Metadata>
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349    <Metadata name="srclinkFile">3A06-01-002.png</Metadata>
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352    <Metadata name="Thumb">3A06-01-002_thumb.png</Metadata>
353    <Metadata name="thumbicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Thumb]&quot; alt=&quot;[Thumb]&quot; width=&quot;[ThumbWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ThumbHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
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357    <Metadata name="Screen">3A06-01-002_screen.png</Metadata>
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362  </Description>
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364/NUT 0 f 'f 'Ann rrarr,aweewae 10th February, 1949 a 10 ;din? Koroki to rlurinui Jones C7iAIR1LAK liori Paint '(arms Tarnaki To Uira Tuteao :'anihera ':hati 'ita Taal.,ro. Tuleceta Tenare Tuulhalcaraina Bare feta Kakenda Tomonui tiauwhero lfleunr.,eu to Irirangi 7iirerar to ,:guha :ketone 1;CICTARY The /pectin' cue evened with a tort serviee cunducted by the -acv. hgapaka Karel. Kukutai. Following thervier an atirchs rrac cu. le to run ors of the hoard and those people 17i10 re present at the meetlnr. by King' Korok1,- Irootin.;s to you 4111 lreetings to you who have been ooted so new limbers of the Tainui aori Trust :ourd. earnest wish. is thut you con,Lot the business of the bard in harmony during your term 01 of.'ice. Let also decorum exist between tee hoard and the p.:eple throughout its area. Let the members of the 'card be steadfast an: strong in carrying cut their :duties. Paddle tie canoe to the landing place. he falthial :aid ;just ant use uodwill the course of your :duties. -:11-; Yd'; L f'J'1,1U1 J011/0.; Paid his rea,wcts to King Korolci and greeted ,oth old and nee members. TITA TM!? ,;.r: suitably replied and expre.,secl the opinion that the attendance of Kin;-, Korolci at the first of the newly sleeted bard bo circularised throe 7t the of the -' , suitably ropliod end p;reetcr. tho newly elected morars. Fe pointed out that this was the second onousion on which KorOki-' had attended. The first occasion :AL: already Leen advertised in the Foard's :iret annual report.
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393  </Description>
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395(2) a' 1fali.,.16. The following new members suitably replied:- Tukeeata ati &quot;:arati Ihaka Rauwhore bgeunRou to Irirangi Tgapaka Korai Kukutai roFlied on behalf of retiring member, 1. TC,Ebi. Chairman. snare Tuwhakaraina. re Yeta. That Pei to Hurinui Jones be elected chairman of the Board for the ensuing tern. 1.(a) ,EbUTY CNAIRUAN. Karam Tamaki. Tanati. That Tita Taut Vetere be elected Deputy chairman of the Board. ,hare beta. hicks. Pauwnero. That Te lire Tuteao Manihcra he elected Deputy chairman of the Board. lisufihera. o b. Jones. That Honer Tuwhakaruina be elected Deputy chairman of the board. There being more than one nomination a secret ballot was taken which resulted as follows,- To Uira Tut's. Wanihera Tita Taui ,etore 3 Ihmare nosisakaraina Karen. ';aaaki hntt Tamati That To Ulm Tutus. adhere be elected Deputy chairgan of the board for the ensuing term. 2. rari Keremota (Deceased) e A. Jones Pori Paki That the board record Its deep sense of lose on the death of Hari Keremeta. a nomber of the Board. The neetin,&quot;; observed 2 minutes silence in recognition.
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401    <Metadata name="Title">5</Metadata>
402    <Metadata name="Image">3A06-01-004.png</Metadata>
403    <Metadata name="Source">3A06-01-004.tif</Metadata>
404    <Metadata name="SourceFile">3A06-01-004.tif</Metadata>
405    <Metadata name="FileSize">128727</Metadata>
406    <Metadata name="ImageType">PNG</Metadata>
407    <Metadata name="ImageWidth">1757</Metadata>
408    <Metadata name="ImageHeight">2716</Metadata>
409    <Metadata name="ImageSize">129KB</Metadata>
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411    <Metadata name="srclinkFile">3A06-01-004.png</Metadata>
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413    <Metadata name="ThumbType">png</Metadata>
414    <Metadata name="Thumb">3A06-01-004_thumb.png</Metadata>
415    <Metadata name="thumbicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Thumb]&quot; alt=&quot;[Thumb]&quot; width=&quot;[ThumbWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ThumbHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
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419    <Metadata name="Screen">3A06-01-004_screen.png</Metadata>
420    <Metadata name="screenicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Screen]&quot; width=[ScreenWidth] height=[ScreenHeight]&gt;</Metadata>
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424  </Description>
425  <Content>&lt;pre&gt;
426TiVAL 7IVI3IOV 71: :0T) 11. 'she secretary reported the followin7; result c: the Poll taken on the 5 h February, 1948. Soothe andato Raglan &quot;oAkau Lbsontee Total Puke CL, 8 17 25 Tdmy reepa 2 a 23 33 FWZi Ke,00pa 13 13 furs Paekau AC 3 15 36 Absentee votes for Tame Kereopa were cortod by tie sooretary and absentee votes :or luau Paskau worn posted to the loardla by John Gillett, chatrmon, Aramiro Tribal Committee, Arapiro. After a long discussion it vas dectided on th, Notion of There Seta seconded by thati Tamatit- That any :ler. present ,o authorised to speak en this matter. 2F17 4UPA?:Re. I protest on behalf of tee Ilgatahinga against tho result. I nsider that wo were act given sufficient notioe of the eleotion taking place. I also object to the secretary taking absentee votes outside the defined area. Aakencu aui ,ete. That tIe eleotion which took place on the It): lebreary 1949 bu abolished arid that sane be inoonduoteJ on baturday 5th '.'arch. 1949. 5ctoths to be opened at,- 1. Filkaunui, ,a,lan. 2. Karsilos, To Akau. 3. Absentee voting papers to be applied :'or from secretary. F 7FI1IG Aryoumm AT 1 MP LIMP. 31 SC:',1) AT 2 S!!T. The ean, ant Tana rauriohooho. 4. &quot;on i Feld ,eta That the minutes of the meeting on the 10th October 11148 be approved.
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432    <Metadata name="Title">6</Metadata>
433    <Metadata name="Image">3A06-01-005.png</Metadata>
434    <Metadata name="Source">3A06-01-005.tif</Metadata>
435    <Metadata name="SourceFile">3A06-01-005.tif</Metadata>
436    <Metadata name="FileSize">128743</Metadata>
437    <Metadata name="ImageType">PNG</Metadata>
438    <Metadata name="ImageWidth">1758</Metadata>
439    <Metadata name="ImageHeight">2703</Metadata>
440    <Metadata name="ImageSize">129KB</Metadata>
441    <Metadata name="srclink_file">3A06-01-005.png</Metadata>
442    <Metadata name="srclinkFile">3A06-01-005.png</Metadata>
443    <Metadata name="srcicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[srclinkFile]&quot; width=&quot;[ImageWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ImageHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
444    <Metadata name="ThumbType">png</Metadata>
445    <Metadata name="Thumb">3A06-01-005_thumb.png</Metadata>
446    <Metadata name="thumbicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Thumb]&quot; alt=&quot;[Thumb]&quot; width=&quot;[ThumbWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ThumbHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
447    <Metadata name="ThumbWidth">65</Metadata>
448    <Metadata name="ThumbHeight">100</Metadata>
449    <Metadata name="ScreenType">png</Metadata>
450    <Metadata name="Screen">3A06-01-005_screen.png</Metadata>
451    <Metadata name="screenicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Screen]&quot; width=[ScreenWidth] height=[ScreenHeight]&gt;</Metadata>
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455  </Description>
456  <Content>&lt;pre&gt;
457(4) A. Zri,ah. (a) That the followira-, :tomb,s be added to Funk of Neer Zealand Vankin; uthority, 1,hare Iota to substittr. : Niaapaka Ker./ Xu1oatui Samar.-eu to Irirangi Dori to Tore Ihaka Nau4aro Tapatai (b) POST 0,4/CD 8,71Nm, 11. (Current Acoount) Honare Tuwhakaraina to substitute H4apaka. Korai Kukotai Pori hid Tapatai :ruoti (o) PAT dOICF SAVIrIS :1,31E. (rational Savinas) Penare Tuwhakaraina to substitute Naapaka Korei Tukutai Hari Paki Tapatai S'rueti C. TPTRU. A long discussion took place on thc stutoment of acoounts of the cormitt, which ha., not us yet boon presented to '.:110 :oard acoordin4 to retulation. e V. Jones. 'hare Beta. That the board seiduct Solicitor instruoted to advise Tupatsi lrueti that the looks and statement o. ucoounta of the hatawhata Trioal vision Committee be placed in hie hands witJair. 7 days. Failina this the ;Turd,. Solicitor to take proceeiir. 7. 5I51,1 17ISION e V. Jones. Takonau Tononui. ',bat the following Tribal Division Commit-toes be approved:- Rangiriri hatawhatu rauaum 8. ): )16 SCR. 01,hea the ,oard1s ;elicitor attended the meetiw , on request. to oxp(ain to hombors points of law with respect to mortaaaes, and the :a;atai ueti case. rr ;,';hoe advised that when a mortaago woo taken by the board it :mold not have the authority to ao7arn the tenancy by lease of any such p,a7drty.
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463    <Metadata name="Title">7</Metadata>
464    <Metadata name="Image">3A06-01-006.png</Metadata>
465    <Metadata name="Source">3A06-01-006.tif</Metadata>
466    <Metadata name="SourceFile">3A06-01-006.tif</Metadata>
467    <Metadata name="FileSize">132694</Metadata>
468    <Metadata name="ImageType">PNG</Metadata>
469    <Metadata name="ImageWidth">1772</Metadata>
470    <Metadata name="ImageHeight">2713</Metadata>
471    <Metadata name="ImageSize">133KB</Metadata>
472    <Metadata name="srclink_file">3A06-01-006.png</Metadata>
473    <Metadata name="srclinkFile">3A06-01-006.png</Metadata>
474    <Metadata name="srcicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[srclinkFile]&quot; width=&quot;[ImageWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ImageHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
475    <Metadata name="ThumbType">png</Metadata>
476    <Metadata name="Thumb">3A06-01-006_thumb.png</Metadata>
477    <Metadata name="thumbicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Thumb]&quot; alt=&quot;[Thumb]&quot; width=&quot;[ThumbWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ThumbHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
478    <Metadata name="ThumbWidth">65</Metadata>
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480    <Metadata name="ScreenType">png</Metadata>
481    <Metadata name="Screen">3A06-01-006_screen.png</Metadata>
482    <Metadata name="screenicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Screen]&quot; width=[ScreenWidth] height=[ScreenHeight]&gt;</Metadata>
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488&quot;o ised,thu. &quot;:apatai :rtoti case. the Board would Le in orlor to take either polioe or oivil pr0000din.;s. 9. LI. ET :I, lUNT. Kaken,-,a Tononui. Paki. That the Niles Limited socount of (.10. 6d fur hue hire to Turar A irereopa tungi he Jehitea to Tainui Tribal ivision Oolittee. :.:Ju'IMI41) AT 6 Fr, A. 77: 7 10. :.PT1(115 F.)!: The :bard oonsidered the followin4 applications:- ono Tana Land Purchase ? 120. 3 7iolot tiallart Pousin; 300. 0. 0 Pate taka atoto Development 600. 0 did. ,irillano 300. 0. 0 Te e:;1 100. 0. 0 ;.hate dpiti ,'!ousinz: 100. 0. 0 P. Morgan :.arket Chirdeuin,1 200. 0. 0 Kura 1,4nate :mare Land Purchase 100. 3. 0 01)0071093) ;.T 9 BY '. 111ID.'1';. ,1111 11th be'.n-aary. 1949 - at 9 PPAY,:itS 1921 3011TUCTed PT T : DINA 1) 17013 10.(a) TJPA 1111n. Lend lurchase 10,500. 0. 0 (alias UT ,Nu) (11anc,umuka :'lock (1,000 acres Tito Saul ,70tore. : eri vJki. That upplioanto sAply the iaforration, 1. List of nun. of people on whose Lai.: is to be purchased whu ho the Tuinui 7ribus. 2. tinder what provisions of tho :aori land Act oil lard 'oe ninietered. ':,.port to b-s. asked for Iron nepwrtxent of aori Affairs us to land Perot 1' Tr 1brahasio.
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494    <Metadata name="Title">8</Metadata>
495    <Metadata name="Image">3A06-01-007.png</Metadata>
496    <Metadata name="Source">3A06-01-007.tif</Metadata>
497    <Metadata name="SourceFile">3A06-01-007.tif</Metadata>
498    <Metadata name="FileSize">137952</Metadata>
499    <Metadata name="ImageType">PNG</Metadata>
500    <Metadata name="ImageWidth">1769</Metadata>
501    <Metadata name="ImageHeight">2723</Metadata>
502    <Metadata name="ImageSize">138KB</Metadata>
503    <Metadata name="srclink_file">3A06-01-007.png</Metadata>
504    <Metadata name="srclinkFile">3A06-01-007.png</Metadata>
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507    <Metadata name="Thumb">3A06-01-007_thumb.png</Metadata>
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519(?) t ) (c) ,ISHART - Housing E 300. O. 0 Nakon,a Tomonui. Tito raui That tho application of Violet qinhart be approved sutject to the terms and conditions of the Board and their f,olicitor's report. The mort,agor to repay sumo pi not less that per week of the principal plus interest quarterly. 6 years. RINI ARIHADA To Hos. Land Development ? 300. O. 0 Kaken:;a Tomonui. lore Het, That the application of Riki Wirihana Le approved subject to the terms and conditions of the Board and their solicitor. report. T3Rif 6 years PAYYZET OF IrnIY,sTs First 2 year. interest only. Thereafter A- of croam cheque AND BRPAYM OF PRINCIPAL to be assigned to Board. SECURITY. Mortgage of land and Bill of Sole on :Mattel. and Stook. (d) P. 140HIAN. Huntly. Market Gardening E 200. O. 0 Hori Pall. Tit, Taui 1;etere. :hat the application of P. Vorgan bo approved subject to the terms and oonditions of the Board and their Solicitor. report. 6 years PAY11T OF INT,IreZTS First 2 year. interest only. Thereafter :m-inoipal to be AND BAMOUS 01. PRINCIPAL repaid at the rate of E50 The following applications wore deferred,- Krona :one ? 120. 10. 0 Te Ueron;i Tihirahi 500. O. 0 The following, applications wore ,eulinedI. Apiti 100. O. 0 The Board considers that this is a csse where applications should be made to the Department of Maori Affairs. katetaka Ruatoto 500. O. 0 Re board is of the ()Pinion Dplicants should semi assistance iro, the psi,: i.,cr7, for his
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550(7) 11. (u) I41'ROV'VPMT drru. (See page 37 for order) vzu. Kau. Valero, Ilangatiki. ? 300. O. 0 ,ri Hui. \_ :!enure u,-hakmraina. That application vf &quot;'.steno :loty be approved and placed on record as N in order. (b) ',aingaro &quot;cues, lUfingaro. ? 432. 0. 0 Nori Puki. enore T,whakaraina. That application of Matt Maten;a be approved oil placed on rocord as r in order. 12.(a SCALAI,UUS TRAITS. (a) Ngaroto Claim. Tits Taui 7ietere. (aken7a Tomonui. That a further mum of f150 be ;ranted to the Rangiaohia Tribal vision Committee for the oonduot of the Igaroto Claim. (f) Dakuw,aaga Maori School. Tits Taui ,;etere. 'enare Tuwhakaraina. That the sum of 00 co ;ranted to the iakaumanga Maori School Committee to assist them in the purchase of (1) only Film Trojector for ,:ducational rsurpoffes. (c) Hadauru Tribal Division Committee. Ncnare Tuwhakaraina. Kareoa Tamaki. That the sum of f100 be ;ranted to the :iatfaurs Tribal Divisor Committee 'or period endinc; 31/3/49 and that subsequent ;wants be 0 per annum. (a) o application of anakore Norangi Frosemtcd by Morena Tamaki for assist,nce in the Te iwarattu Claim was deferred. '13. te N. Jones. Kakenca Tomonui. That all applications for grants from too 'card be referred to the respective Tribal ')\_vision Committees for their recomendation.
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581( ) 14. ALT-RATICN TO WTNNTE. e 7. Jones. ;ahonma That i,osolutlon N lat. the 17th throb 1947, Ree,ulation ro in Seotion 10 o:' the sot. That 3,anta not exooedin,; Z10 zay be cede a by a Tribal Diviaion ioenittee &quot; se altered to read p- &quot;That 4r,.nts not exceeding,2ank credit of a Tribal fivision Committee, nay bo sad, 15. ,OV,T81,.T Tita Tani 'aster,. rakerula Tomonui. That an application to made to the ,overnment for payment to the,7-eard of the balance of 0,000 out of the Tainui Trust Fund referred to in Section 3, Subwsec of the Wailtato-Vaniapoto Maori :laima Settlement Act, 1946, such moneys to be used exclusively ter the purchaee of lend ltr members of the. Tainui tribes - such lands may be purchased on behalf of members of the sail tribes or in the none of the Board. lE. sash eT,elu31,4 &quot;,Bare Tuwhakaraina. Te fira lute. kallihora. That the purohuse of Lot 11 10536 et. Allotment 161 of the Suburbs of Newcastle North from J.:. Leek be approved. Tuwhakaraina. 'ira Tuteao l'anihora. That the board will transfer to Percy fiuru of N,aruawahia, Lot 11 ',.1 10536 Pt. Allotment 161 of the uburbs of Newcastle North, on payment of the 11 of f194. 0 plan 11/i84 ler Insurance naffing a total of '200. 5. 8d. 7T'77ST - 4 4 years
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61217. 400L455'.Ik. following applications were approved by tie 'Unlhora. Tumonui. a' ick 7avis. Law University f 70. O. 0 Titu Tsui ,etere. hare Rata. Rana Paki 0ormeroial Frain', Ceze E 50. O. 0 runtly snare Tywhakaraina. '.Arena Tamaki. taretana Menin Jones Agrioulture Lincoln 0ollege C 52. O. 0 0toruhanga :its Taut letore. hLti Tamati. (d) Flith Ormsby :Teaching Ardmore Training ? 25. O. 0 Pironzia Colle.;e Tita Tsui ,etoro. ,hare Rota. Teaching Ardmore 'Training T. 25. O. 0 (a) Ngawaina Kohl. torohanga 5011e;0 ':its Taut etere. Kukonga ToLonui. Teaching Ardmore Training ? 2C. O. 0 :;4ahinu Mor4en Utorehanga llege 10. A,.-15' AND CRAFT:, &quot;:-45ungeu to Irirangi. Ihaka Rauwhero. That the followinz applications Ue approved:- Tahuata Hikurou Teachinl Sohool of ? 25. O. 0 R,lson street, ,rtu 100'LA. Vyra Rota Nursing To wuarutu f 25. O. 0 0wairaka, College Ti' A,AMJTU.
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6434 ' t (10) 13. VIISI33. Tits, rsm,i &quot;'lore 'Jets. That the attendance of Kingi Koroki at the first meeting of the new Poard bP circularised through the Paki-Owratariki. Printin,; costs to be borne by the Board. 20. &quot;1TIVATES SOT YEAR ENDIN1 31/3/50. e Panne, Tita Taut 'Inter, That estimates for Year ending 51/3/50 be drawn up by the secretary. THE UHETING CLOBRD AT 5 5,T SERVIC1 WAS CONDUCTED BY TB UIRA TUTU.) VANIFIERA. Mau, utes have been approved. CHAIRIAN.
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649    <Metadata name="Title">13</Metadata>
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67468. AGA UENETI 0 TO HUI POARI KAI-TIAXI ORI 0 TAIMUI. WAAHI, Turangawaewas Whare, Agaruawahla. TE HA, Tekau o Papuan., 1949 - 1 to tekau o nga haora 1 to ata. MGA OEA I REIRA, KIINGI KOROKI. AGA MEXA, Pei to ?!urinal Jones Hari Pakt Karon Tamak1 Te gra Tut. loather. Whati Tanati Tita Taut Waters TukeneAm Tupuld Hamra Iuwhakaraina Whare Feta Lakenga Tomonui Ihaka Ratathoro Hgeungou to Irirangi Wiremu to Nguha Kketone Ha Agapaka Korai Kukutal i whakahaere to Karakia. I rurl o to toot ka to to Kilngi ki to kauhau ki to Poari ne ago tangata 1 rokohanga oat ki to hut. Koinei e what ale net to kauhau a to Kiing1, Ton. koutou katoa: Tana koutou kua whakaturia net he mesa hou o to Poari o Tainui. Ko to tumanako n toku ngakau takoto nga ahuatanga katoa ki runga ki to pal 1 oga tau lit mua i a tatou. Kia takoto hold to aio i waenganui 1 to Poari me nga iwt put. noa ona roh. Kla kaha, kia nanawanul koutou nga mama o to Poartcc to anti 1 nga mall. Hoot to waka net kia u ki to waahi e u at. Wahla nga ucahi i rung. i to tika i to pono me to ranginarie. KIA ORA ANO KOUTO!.! KATOA. PET TE HURINUI JOARS. Ka wnakahua 1 to mild mo to Kiing1 ka mthi ki nga mom. tawhito me nga mama hou. TITA TAUT RETIRE. Ka whakahokl nga,mihi mo nga mama hou, ka whakaatu 1 tom whakaaro mo to taenga mai o KlAng1 Kerala ki to hui tuatahi to Poari hou. Ye whakaatu ma roto i to Paatariki. AFARS HETA. Ka whakahoki 1 nga mihi,ka nilid holt kl nga mesa hou. Ka whakaatu a1a het rua tenet mo nga taengamai 0 to K11ngi ki nga hut to Poarl. To wa tuatahi 1 whakaatungia 1 roto i to Ripest. au to Pearl.
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680    <Metadata name="Title">14</Metadata>
681    <Metadata name="Image">3A06-01-013.png</Metadata>
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693    <Metadata name="Thumb">3A06-01-013_thumb.png</Metadata>
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70569. LIMA HOU: I whakautu nga mesa hou e whai eke nal 1 nga mihi mo ratou, Tukenata Tupuhi hati Tamati Ihaka Rauwhero Ngeungeu to Irirangi. Ti3A :'?]LA TANHITO: Ns Hgapaka Karel. Kukutai 1 whakahokl nga mihi no ratou. APIHA. Tiamana. Henare Tuwhakaraina. hhare sta. Me meinga ko Pei to Hurinui Jones hot tianan no to Poari no t nei tuning o to Poari. b. TIA6ANA AWHIHA. Karel. Tamaki. Whati Tamati. We meinga ko Tita Tsui Waters had tianana-awhina no to Pearl. Share Heil. Ihaka 1,auwhero. Me meinga ko Te Uira Tuteao Vanihera hei tianana mo to Pear/. Manihera. e H. Jones. Me meinga ko Henare Tuwhakaraina hei tianana-awhina no to Pearl. I to mea (3) nga mama 1 whakaingoatia no tenni turanga ka tukua to Pooti, ka put tenet ahua whai ak nail- Te Dirt Tuteao Manihara 6 Tita Taui Waters 3 Henan, Tuwhakaraina 3 Karen Tanaki. Whisti Tanati. Me raising kia whakaturia ko Te 'Ara Tutees Menthes tiannna- whina no to Petri Maori Kaiaki o Talnui. 2. Hari monists (Ke ate) P. to R. Jones. Hort Paki. Me meinga kia whakanaharatia to matenga o Hari menet he nova no to Poari ki rot i ana pukapuka. Y rua menet/ to ana nga mesa o to Poari het whakanaharatanga ma to ratou hoa.
710  <Description>
711    <Metadata name="Title">15</Metadata>
712    <Metadata name="Image">3A06-01-014.png</Metadata>
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714    <Metadata name="SourceFile">3A06-01-014.tif</Metadata>
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721    <Metadata name="srclinkFile">3A06-01-014.png</Metadata>
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724    <Metadata name="Thumb">3A06-01-014_thumb.png</Metadata>
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730    <Metadata name="screenicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Screen]&quot; width=[ScreenWidth] height=[ScreenHeight]&gt;</Metadata>
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734  </Description>
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73670. 3. TAXIvA A-IWI 0 TAINUI. POOTITANIA. I takoto to R1peata a to Hekeretari o to Pooti 1 mhakahaer hla i to 5 e Popuer 1949. Nga whare Pooti Pooti Nga moo 1 whakaingeftla Raglan To Akau Waho. Hulbuinga. Huk. Carr 17 25 Tame Kereopa 2 a 23 33 Naomi Koreopa 13 13 Tuuu Paokau 18 3 16 36 Nga Pooti maho 1 to rohs mo Tame K r opa he mea whakamana na to Hek r tari a ko nga Pooti o waho 1 to rohe mo Tumu Pukau he aea tuku eat ki t Tail a to Pearl na Mono Gillett, tiamana, Arsmiro Tribal Komit1, Aramiro. I muri o ago korero aloha ka takoto to matini a Whore Hata i tuaruatia al What!. Tamatit- U4 what mama r\_ga tangata 1 tatu sal ki t hurt ki to korero mo tone take. HOROYOUA RUPAPERR. E whokah an- ahau no to taha kia Ngati-Tanga ki t taturanga o tempi Pooti. E whak4u ana thou koore i taro to toe kia matou to whakaaturanga to ana taua Pooti. E whakah ono hold ahau kJ. t Reker tarl mo tana tango 1 nga Pooti 1 +mho 1 to robe kua whakataurla. Kakenga Tumonui. Tito Taut Wetore. moinga ko to Pooti i whakahaorshia 1 to 5 o Pepuer 1949, me whakiikahor ko taua Pooti me whakahoor ano a to rahoroi 5 o Saone 1949. lie whakatu nga Whore Pooti hi nga takima e mhai ake nett- 1. Rakaunui, Whaingaroe. 2. Karaka? To Akau. 3. Nga pukapuka inotl mo nga taangata mho ana i mho o to rohe no tom mai ki to Hok r tarl. NO 72 1 0 NSA HAORA I TR AHIANI KA HINT TE HUI 50 TX KAI. I TR 2 0 ACA HAORA KA TU ANL) To HUI. NGA NEMAi Ko aua memo ono se Tana Mauriohooho. 4. Hort Paki. Whore Feta. Se meinga ko nga meneti o to hut o to 10 o Okotepa 1948 no whakamana.
741  <Description>
742    <Metadata name="Title">16</Metadata>
743    <Metadata name="Image">3A06-01-015.png</Metadata>
744    <Metadata name="Source">3A06-01-015.tif</Metadata>
745    <Metadata name="SourceFile">3A06-01-015.tif</Metadata>
746    <Metadata name="FileSize">128244</Metadata>
747    <Metadata name="ImageType">PNG</Metadata>
748    <Metadata name="ImageWidth">1751</Metadata>
749    <Metadata name="ImageHeight">2705</Metadata>
750    <Metadata name="ImageSize">128KB</Metadata>
751    <Metadata name="srclink_file">3A06-01-015.png</Metadata>
752    <Metadata name="srclinkFile">3A06-01-015.png</Metadata>
753    <Metadata name="srcicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[srclinkFile]&quot; width=&quot;[ImageWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ImageHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
754    <Metadata name="ThumbType">png</Metadata>
755    <Metadata name="Thumb">3A06-01-015_thumb.png</Metadata>
756    <Metadata name="thumbicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Thumb]&quot; alt=&quot;[Thumb]&quot; width=&quot;[ThumbWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ThumbHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
757    <Metadata name="ThumbWidth">65</Metadata>
758    <Metadata name="ThumbHeight">100</Metadata>
759    <Metadata name="ScreenType">png</Metadata>
760    <Metadata name="Screen">3A06-01-015_screen.png</Metadata>
761    <Metadata name="screenicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Screen]&quot; width=[ScreenWidth] height=[ScreenHeight]&gt;</Metadata>
762    <Metadata name="ScreenWidth">324</Metadata>
763    <Metadata name="ScreenHeight">500</Metadata>
764    <Metadata name="FileFormat">PagedImage</Metadata>
765  </Description>
766  <Content>&lt;pre&gt;
76771. 6. PEKR MJNI. PSIS 0 NIT TI? NI. (a) meinga ki tapiria ate nga mama e what ake net ki to rarangi whakahaere 1 nga mon1 o to Peke o Niu Tireni,- share Meta hei riwhi mo Ngapaka Keret rukutai Ngeungwu to Irirangi &quot; Hori to Tore Ihaka Bauwhero Tapata1 Erueti (1) POST J :ICE SAI'IN3S BANK. (Current Apoount) Henan. Tuwhakaraha hei riwhi mo Ngapaka Karat Kukutai Hori Paki Tapatal grueti (0) POTT (ICE SAVINCS BANK. (National Savings) Hansa Towhakaraina hei riwkd no Ngapaka Keret Kukutai Hori Pelt TapataiEruet1 6. WHATA7IHATA KON1T/ A-IN!. I mri o nga korero ashy no tenni take i to mea /more amo kia takoto nga /mute a taua Komiti i rung. i ago :use to Poari. P. to H. Jona. Wharo Hata. Me whakahau to Rola a to Poari ki to whakaatu kia Tapatai Erueti as takoto to Kauto me age pukapuka a to Komiti takiwa wi o Whatawhata t roto i nga n e white. (7) days. Me hum/. o to Poari 1 as korerite enei whakaaro. 7. imam TANTRA P. to H. Jones. Kakenga Tomonui. Me whakamana nga Komlti takiwa A-Iwi what aka Asir. Rangiriri Whatawhata Humors, 8. ROTA 0 TE POARI. tofu to Rola o to Poari (Mr O'Shea) ki to hei 1 maga i to reo ki to whakamarasm k1 nga mesa i nga turn a pa ana ki to Mokete me to rarurexu o Tapatai Aruoti. 1 whakaatu a O'Shea, hi bo tango to Poari i to Moketo kaore aia e ahei ki to whakaingoa kfti-riwhi ki to whakahaere rani 1 taua riihi. I whakaatu ono hold wia mo to raruraru o Tapatai Erowti, la hei noatu to Poari k1 to ham. ki to to tuku rani ma Aga Pirihimana hei hams.
772  <Description>
773    <Metadata name="Title">17</Metadata>
774    <Metadata name="Image">3A06-01-016.png</Metadata>
775    <Metadata name="Source">3A06-01-016.tif</Metadata>
776    <Metadata name="SourceFile">3A06-01-016.tif</Metadata>
777    <Metadata name="FileSize">125671</Metadata>
778    <Metadata name="ImageType">PNG</Metadata>
779    <Metadata name="ImageWidth">1728</Metadata>
780    <Metadata name="ImageHeight">2694</Metadata>
781    <Metadata name="ImageSize">126KB</Metadata>
782    <Metadata name="srclink_file">3A06-01-016.png</Metadata>
783    <Metadata name="srclinkFile">3A06-01-016.png</Metadata>
784    <Metadata name="srcicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[srclinkFile]&quot; width=&quot;[ImageWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ImageHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
785    <Metadata name="ThumbType">png</Metadata>
786    <Metadata name="Thumb">3A06-01-016_thumb.png</Metadata>
787    <Metadata name="thumbicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Thumb]&quot; alt=&quot;[Thumb]&quot; width=&quot;[ThumbWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ThumbHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
788    <Metadata name="ThumbWidth">64</Metadata>
789    <Metadata name="ThumbHeight">100</Metadata>
790    <Metadata name="ScreenType">png</Metadata>
791    <Metadata name="Screen">3A06-01-016_screen.png</Metadata>
792    <Metadata name="screenicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Screen]&quot; width=[ScreenWidth] height=[ScreenHeight]&gt;</Metadata>
793    <Metadata name="ScreenWidth">321</Metadata>
794    <Metadata name="ScreenHeight">500</Metadata>
795    <Metadata name="FileFormat">PagedImage</Metadata>
796  </Description>
797  <Content>&lt;pre&gt;
79872. 9. BUSES LIrITRD KAUTZ. Kakenga Temonui. Hori Paki. Me Laing ke to Kanto a to Buses Limited 0. 6d to utu o to pahi mo to tangihanga o Turanga Kereopa ma to Tainui Koniti Takiwa A-Iwl hal utu. NO Ti ONO 0 BOA HAORA I TB ARIARI KA HIKI TM HUI MO TE KAI. I TR NHITU 0 BOA HAORA KA TU ANO TE HUI. 10. TOWO MORI ME MOKSTE. I whalushamirshia e to Poari nga tone a what eke net,- (Irene Tans Hoko w,:enua ? 120. 0 Violet Niabart Maki where 300. O. 0 Matetaka Ruatoto Ahu-whenua 600. O. 0 Riki Airihana 300. O. 0 Te Uerangi Tihirahi 600. O. 0 PhatuApiti Mahi char. 100. O. 0 P. Morgan Maki kid hot hoko 200. O. 0 Kura WRimate Anaru Moto whence 10,500. O. 0 NO TR IAA 0 AGA HAORA I TV ARIAN' KA Bill TR HUI. NA UANIHERA BOA INOI. KA TU ANO TR HUI. wAAHI I taus' waahi no. RA: 11 o P puere 1949 1 to 9 o to ate. MA TE UIRA TUTRAO MANIFERA AGA INOI. 10.(e) KURA NAIVATE AWARU.- Box 177, Hoko whenoa 10,500. O. 0 (are EAR) KAIKOHE. (Mangamuka poraka 1,000 eke) Tita Tsui Wetere. Hori Paki. Ma whakaatu to kaono nga ahuatauga wind eke net,- 1. Rarangi iogoa o nga tangata mo ratou tenet whence i na hokonamai. 2. To ture whence Maori het whakahaere. 3. Me tone he riposte ki to Tart ,Thenua Maori o t whence ka tukua mai net a Mr Abrahams. VIOLET WISHART - Hoe-o-tainui. Maki Where 300. O. 0 Kakenga Tomonui. Tit Taui Water Me m inga me whakaaeete Poari t torso Violet Wiabart i rare i nga ritenga a to Poari me to ripoata o Roia.
803  <Description>
804    <Metadata name="Title">18</Metadata>
805    <Metadata name="Image">3A06-01-017.png</Metadata>
806    <Metadata name="Source">3A06-01-017.tif</Metadata>
807    <Metadata name="SourceFile">3A06-01-017.tif</Metadata>
808    <Metadata name="FileSize">115099</Metadata>
809    <Metadata name="ImageType">PNG</Metadata>
810    <Metadata name="ImageWidth">1741</Metadata>
811    <Metadata name="ImageHeight">2702</Metadata>
812    <Metadata name="ImageSize">115KB</Metadata>
813    <Metadata name="srclink_file">3A06-01-017.png</Metadata>
814    <Metadata name="srclinkFile">3A06-01-017.png</Metadata>
815    <Metadata name="srcicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[srclinkFile]&quot; width=&quot;[ImageWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ImageHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
816    <Metadata name="ThumbType">png</Metadata>
817    <Metadata name="Thumb">3A06-01-017_thumb.png</Metadata>
818    <Metadata name="thumbicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Thumb]&quot; alt=&quot;[Thumb]&quot; width=&quot;[ThumbWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ThumbHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
819    <Metadata name="ThumbWidth">64</Metadata>
820    <Metadata name="ThumbHeight">100</Metadata>
821    <Metadata name="ScreenType">png</Metadata>
822    <Metadata name="Screen">3A06-01-017_screen.png</Metadata>
823    <Metadata name="screenicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Screen]&quot; width=[ScreenWidth] height=[ScreenHeight]&gt;</Metadata>
824    <Metadata name="ScreenWidth">322</Metadata>
825    <Metadata name="ScreenHeight">500</Metadata>
826    <Metadata name="FileFormat">PagedImage</Metadata>
827  </Description>
828  <Content>&lt;pre&gt;
82910.(b)oont. Me utu a te ai Tuku-Mokete te moot kin kaug a hoki the i to 'cots () 1 to wild o to katoa o to mont me te hue 1a toru morass. NIA 7.,U 6 tau (a) RINI WIRIHANA - Se Hoe. Ahuwwh mua ? 600. 0. 0 Kak nga Tomonu1. Whore Rota. Me meinga me hakaae a te Pomr1 te tono a Eiki nil-Diana 1 raro i nga ritenga to Poar1 ue to r1poata to Rota. VOA TAU 6 tau RUA ME Nga tau tuatah1 rum ko to TR MCNI E METE RIARA hum snake (41 - 4). 1 mur1 TN TAITNAHA o tens o nga soot kirtA tukumai ki to Pearl Mokete o te whenua so to mono hoko o nga utauta me nga kararehe. (d) P. I/OHIO - Runtly. Mah1 ka1 hei hobo C 200. 0. 0 Hort Pak1. Tita Taut Weter Pa meinga as whakaae to Pcar1 to tono a P. Jargon i :aro I nga ritenga to Peari me to ripoata a to Ro1a. NIA TAU 6 tau RUA PR Nga tam tuatahi e rum ko te hum snake' (4 - 4). I aid TH MOMI 0 MONET?. RIANA tone rim t kau pauna (C60) to tau to wkak-ahoki to moot me to hum. I whakatarwaat1a nga tono what eke nets- Erana Tana ? 120. 0 Te Nerang1 T1h1rah1 600. 0. 0 boors 1 whokoastia nga tono e what ake net:- Whatu Apit1 100. 0. 0 Te whakaaro o te Pearl me tuku tenet take ki te Uri whakaha r o nga take kaor/. Matataka Ruatoto 600. 0. 0 Te whakaaro o to Poor/ ka ahei noatu to kak-tone ki to tono 1 nga awhina o to Dairy Faotory mo ara h1ah/a.
834  <Description>
835    <Metadata name="Title">19</Metadata>
836    <Metadata name="Image">3A06-01-018.png</Metadata>
837    <Metadata name="Source">3A06-01-018.tif</Metadata>
838    <Metadata name="SourceFile">3A06-01-018.tif</Metadata>
839    <Metadata name="FileSize">114388</Metadata>
840    <Metadata name="ImageType">PNG</Metadata>
841    <Metadata name="ImageWidth">1728</Metadata>
842    <Metadata name="ImageHeight">2695</Metadata>
843    <Metadata name="ImageSize">114KB</Metadata>
844    <Metadata name="srclink_file">3A06-01-018.png</Metadata>
845    <Metadata name="srclinkFile">3A06-01-018.png</Metadata>
846    <Metadata name="srcicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[srclinkFile]&quot; width=&quot;[ImageWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ImageHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
847    <Metadata name="ThumbType">png</Metadata>
848    <Metadata name="Thumb">3A06-01-018_thumb.png</Metadata>
849    <Metadata name="thumbicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Thumb]&quot; alt=&quot;[Thumb]&quot; width=&quot;[ThumbWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ThumbHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
850    <Metadata name="ThumbWidth">64</Metadata>
851    <Metadata name="ThumbHeight">100</Metadata>
852    <Metadata name="ScreenType">png</Metadata>
853    <Metadata name="Screen">3A06-01-018_screen.png</Metadata>
854    <Metadata name="screenicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Screen]&quot; width=[ScreenWidth] height=[ScreenHeight]&gt;</Metadata>
855    <Metadata name="ScreenWidth">321</Metadata>
856    <Metadata name="ScreenHeight">500</Metadata>
857    <Metadata name="FileFormat">PagedImage</Metadata>
858  </Description>
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86074. 11.(a) MONT NHAKAPAI MARAS. (Tirohia wharangi 32a ao to eta) wFTINT HOTU. - Kauae Whare, Hangatik1. ? 300. O. 0 Hori Paid. Honare Tumakara1na. Me whakaaA to toad a Wetini Hotu ka whakauru het Mama 4 1 roto 1 to rarangi. (b) GATT MATNNGA. - Waingaso Mare, Maingaro. 452. O. 0 Hori Paki. Honare Tuwhakaradna Me whakase to tone a Matt Matenga Ica whakauru he/ Kama 5 1 rota / to rarangi. 12. ERA ATU T320. (a) Ngaroto Unloose. Tita Taui Waters. Kakenga Tomonui. Me lueinga kia tukua ano to moni 50 ki to Rangiaoh1a Komiti Takiwa A-Iw1 hei wtmkshaere 1 to loreame o Ngaroto. (b) Rakavga Kura Maori. Tita Taui Motors. Henan Tuwhakaraina. Me usinga me tuku to mond 00 ki to Komiti c to /Cure Maori o Rakaumanga hal awhina i to hoko i tetahi Film Projector mo nga take Akoranga. (o) Hauauru Kositi Takiwa A-Iwi. Henan' Tuwhakaraina. Karam Tamaki. Me meinga kia tukua to mond 00 ma to Hauauru Komiti Takiwa A-Iwi so to tau ka tutuk1 nil 31/3/49 co nga tam\_i muri atu kia 0 is tau. (d) I whakatarwratia to tone r TarAkoro Horangi, na Karen. Tamak1 a whakatakoto, 1 tetahi aahlna hei whakahaore i to Koroome o Te Awarutu. 13. NGA TONG. P. to H. Jones. Kakenga Tomonui. Mo moinge ko nga toed katoa ki to Poari me tuku ki nga Komiti Takiwa A-Iwl kia whiriwhiritia to Koadti o to takiwa o is tone.
865  <Description>
866    <Metadata name="Title">20</Metadata>
867    <Metadata name="Image">3A06-01-019.png</Metadata>
868    <Metadata name="Source">3A06-01-019.tif</Metadata>
869    <Metadata name="SourceFile">3A06-01-019.tif</Metadata>
870    <Metadata name="FileSize">122028</Metadata>
871    <Metadata name="ImageType">PNG</Metadata>
872    <Metadata name="ImageWidth">1752</Metadata>
873    <Metadata name="ImageHeight">2709</Metadata>
874    <Metadata name="ImageSize">122KB</Metadata>
875    <Metadata name="srclink_file">3A06-01-019.png</Metadata>
876    <Metadata name="srclinkFile">3A06-01-019.png</Metadata>
877    <Metadata name="srcicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[srclinkFile]&quot; width=&quot;[ImageWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ImageHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
878    <Metadata name="ThumbType">png</Metadata>
879    <Metadata name="Thumb">3A06-01-019_thumb.png</Metadata>
880    <Metadata name="thumbicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Thumb]&quot; alt=&quot;[Thumb]&quot; width=&quot;[ThumbWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ThumbHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
881    <Metadata name="ThumbWidth">65</Metadata>
882    <Metadata name="ThumbHeight">100</Metadata>
883    <Metadata name="ScreenType">png</Metadata>
884    <Metadata name="Screen">3A06-01-019_screen.png</Metadata>
885    <Metadata name="screenicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Screen]&quot; width=[ScreenWidth] height=[ScreenHeight]&gt;</Metadata>
886    <Metadata name="ScreenWidth">323</Metadata>
887    <Metadata name="ScreenHeight">500</Metadata>
888    <Metadata name="FileFormat">PagedImage</Metadata>
889  </Description>
890  <Content>&lt;pre&gt;
89175. 14. WHAKATIKATIKA I TE M. TI. P. to U. Jones. fakonga Tomonui. to mainga ko to actin/ Nana 5 o to 17 0 Moshe 1947, Fokur lhank Kama 10 me to Taklona 10 o to Tuns, Ka shot to Komiti Takiwa ki to tuku monl kaua make atu 1 to 0 &quot; me whakatika penal ton ahua,- &quot; Ws ahoi is Som1ti ki to tuku moni k1a kaua e nuku atu 1 taratau moni takoto one 1 rot. i to Peke.&quot; 16. TAXOUA A 77 KAAAY1IAN4A. Tito 7aui Potere. Kaken6a Tomonui. Ms meinua kia toma ki to lawanatangs kia utua mod ki to Poari to toonga o to f50,000 o to Tainul taiaTiaki Maori Fund a whakahualua not 1 roto i T kiona 3, 5uekiona 2 o to Pure Whokatau Ingo. Euro. Maori o Waikato-Maniapoto 1948, ko nga mahi mo aua noni he hoko wh m amok mo nga soma o nga hapu o ima - ko aufs whmnua me hoko mo nga atom o UR hapu i rot. ranei i to ingoa o to Poor/. 16. HOK,WH,IPJA. (0) Honore Tuwhakaraina. Te Uira Tuteao Wandh ra. Ue reinga Jae whaimaga to hoke mai o Rota 11 10538 Pt. Allotment 161 of the Suburbs of Newoaotle North is Look. (b) Honore Tuwhakarairm. To Uira Tutoso Man1hora. to whaimana to Poar1 ki to whakamhiti kis Pore', kturu o Mgaruawahla, Rota 11 10536 Pt. Allotment 181 of the Suburbs of N woastle North, ina utua mai is to mon1 E194. Od me to 11. 8d no to Inilua ka hui katoa ai to mon1 a 00. 5. 84. MOH/ HUA 4 - MGA TAU 4 tau
896  <Description>
897    <Metadata name="Title">21</Metadata>
898    <Metadata name="Image">3A06-01-020.png</Metadata>
899    <Metadata name="Source">3A06-01-020.tif</Metadata>
900    <Metadata name="SourceFile">3A06-01-020.tif</Metadata>
901    <Metadata name="FileSize">102859</Metadata>
902    <Metadata name="ImageType">PNG</Metadata>
903    <Metadata name="ImageWidth">1762</Metadata>
904    <Metadata name="ImageHeight">2710</Metadata>
905    <Metadata name="ImageSize">103KB</Metadata>
906    <Metadata name="srclink_file">3A06-01-020.png</Metadata>
907    <Metadata name="srclinkFile">3A06-01-020.png</Metadata>
908    <Metadata name="srcicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[srclinkFile]&quot; width=&quot;[ImageWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ImageHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
909    <Metadata name="ThumbType">png</Metadata>
910    <Metadata name="Thumb">3A06-01-020_thumb.png</Metadata>
911    <Metadata name="thumbicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Thumb]&quot; alt=&quot;[Thumb]&quot; width=&quot;[ThumbWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ThumbHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
912    <Metadata name="ThumbWidth">65</Metadata>
913    <Metadata name="ThumbHeight">100</Metadata>
914    <Metadata name="ScreenType">png</Metadata>
915    <Metadata name="Screen">3A06-01-020_screen.png</Metadata>
916    <Metadata name="screenicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Screen]&quot; width=[ScreenWidth] height=[ScreenHeight]&gt;</Metadata>
917    <Metadata name="ScreenWidth">325</Metadata>
918    <Metadata name="ScreenHeight">500</Metadata>
919    <Metadata name="FileFormat">PagedImage</Metadata>
920  </Description>
921  <Content>&lt;pre&gt;
92276. 17. TUMATE UBUTA UNCURL I whakamanangia nga torso 'alai ace laud, Manihera. Kakeaga Tomonui. (a) Dick Davis, Univorsity E 70. 0. 0 Hangatiki. Tits. Taui water., Where Heta. Commoroial Brain's Coll g 60. 0. 0 (b) Rana Paid Huntly. Ramiro Tuwhakaraina. Kamm. Tamaki. Agrioulture Lincoln College 52. 0. 0 (o) Waretana Menin Jones Otorohanga. Tita Taut 'Meters. ehuti Tamati. Teaching Ardmore Training 26. 0. 0 (d) Rdith Ormaty College Tita Taut Toter, Wharf, Rota. (0) Ngaumina Kohl Teaching Ardmore Training 26. O. 0 Otorohanga. College Tita Tani Neter., Kakanga Tomonui. (f) Ngahinu :'organ Tuaohing Ardmore Training 26. 0. 0 Otorohanga. College 18. WHAKAIRO 7, NIA BARI A-5IN&quot;A. Ngeungeu to Irirangi. Mak Rauwhero. Me :Loins kin whaimana nga tom evaod ak. no1:- Tahuata Bikuroa Teaching Elam Sohool of 25. 0. 0 96 Nelson Street, Arts Auckland. Myra iota Nursing TO Awamutu 25. 0. 0 Dwairaka, College AWAMUTU.
927  <Description>
928    <Metadata name="Title">22</Metadata>
929    <Metadata name="Image">3A06-01-021.png</Metadata>
930    <Metadata name="Source">3A06-01-021.tif</Metadata>
931    <Metadata name="SourceFile">3A06-01-021.tif</Metadata>
932    <Metadata name="FileSize">72948</Metadata>
933    <Metadata name="ImageType">PNG</Metadata>
934    <Metadata name="ImageWidth">1754</Metadata>
935    <Metadata name="ImageHeight">2711</Metadata>
936    <Metadata name="ImageSize">72.9KB</Metadata>
937    <Metadata name="srclink_file">3A06-01-021.png</Metadata>
938    <Metadata name="srclinkFile">3A06-01-021.png</Metadata>
939    <Metadata name="srcicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[srclinkFile]&quot; width=&quot;[ImageWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ImageHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
940    <Metadata name="ThumbType">png</Metadata>
941    <Metadata name="Thumb">3A06-01-021_thumb.png</Metadata>
942    <Metadata name="thumbicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Thumb]&quot; alt=&quot;[Thumb]&quot; width=&quot;[ThumbWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ThumbHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
943    <Metadata name="ThumbWidth">65</Metadata>
944    <Metadata name="ThumbHeight">100</Metadata>
945    <Metadata name="ScreenType">png</Metadata>
946    <Metadata name="Screen">3A06-01-021_screen.png</Metadata>
947    <Metadata name="screenicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Screen]&quot; width=[ScreenWidth] height=[ScreenHeight]&gt;</Metadata>
948    <Metadata name="ScreenWidth">323</Metadata>
949    <Metadata name="ScreenHeight">500</Metadata>
950    <Metadata name="FileFormat">PagedImage</Metadata>
951  </Description>
952  <Content>&lt;pre&gt;
95377. PANUITANGA. Tita Taut ,etere. 'taro Heti, Se meinga me p-nui te taangasai o Kiingi Korokl ki to but tuatahi a to Poari hou. Me panui ma roto 1 te Paki-o-Matariki. Ho to utu o to perehitanga ma to Poari het utu. 20. KRAKAEAERENIA 0 NIA 1051 TR TAD Xi TUTUKI SXI I TR 31/3/60. P. to H. Jones. Titer Wetere. Ye meinga ko nga whakahaerenga o nga noel mo to tau ka tutuki net i to 30/50 mm to Hekeretari hei ehaka rarangi. NU TF, RUM 0 NU HAORA I TR ARIAN'S QA RIKI TX HUI. NA TR UTRA TIMM MANIEHHA I WHAIARAER3 HE NAeAKIA POW. Ko whakaaetia onoi meocti. TIAILANA. I 1t. 1. I
958  <Description>
959    <Metadata name="Title">23</Metadata>
960    <Metadata name="Image">3A06-01-022.png</Metadata>
961    <Metadata name="Source">3A06-01-022.tif</Metadata>
962    <Metadata name="SourceFile">3A06-01-022.tif</Metadata>
963    <Metadata name="FileSize">135388</Metadata>
964    <Metadata name="ImageType">PNG</Metadata>
965    <Metadata name="ImageWidth">1764</Metadata>
966    <Metadata name="ImageHeight">2658</Metadata>
967    <Metadata name="ImageSize">135KB</Metadata>
968    <Metadata name="srclink_file">3A06-01-022.png</Metadata>
969    <Metadata name="srclinkFile">3A06-01-022.png</Metadata>
970    <Metadata name="srcicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[srclinkFile]&quot; width=&quot;[ImageWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ImageHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
971    <Metadata name="ThumbType">png</Metadata>
972    <Metadata name="Thumb">3A06-01-022_thumb.png</Metadata>
973    <Metadata name="thumbicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Thumb]&quot; alt=&quot;[Thumb]&quot; width=&quot;[ThumbWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ThumbHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
974    <Metadata name="ThumbWidth">66</Metadata>
975    <Metadata name="ThumbHeight">100</Metadata>
976    <Metadata name="ScreenType">png</Metadata>
977    <Metadata name="Screen">3A06-01-022_screen.png</Metadata>
978    <Metadata name="screenicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Screen]&quot; width=[ScreenWidth] height=[ScreenHeight]&gt;</Metadata>
979    <Metadata name="ScreenWidth">332</Metadata>
980    <Metadata name="ScreenHeight">500</Metadata>
981    <Metadata name="FileFormat">PagedImage</Metadata>
982  </Description>
983  <Content>&lt;pre&gt;
984RINUTEs Li.1. INC 1F Tne : nA.)RI PLAC TUrDIVAWELOWREI douse, NArta,shia. lOth October, 1o47. l to urinui Janos, aemboral Tnpatai uetl, liapaka Karel Kul,utai, lacwneoua Kirkwood, 'tors Tmtere, Pori so:,nza Tomcnui, henore :are Hata, Lori ,eremeta, narona Te tire '2uteal anlhera, loran a Nereopa, WiroAu Te /10;ha etono. Chnir,an. Sccrot,ry. Tn. ranetini; one( pra,ers by rel KWAltai. Onsiman, Kak,r1;,a TanonuL, Inuroti Te N6apo,a Waltal, hart Acremeta, Wha iieta, Nenare ',1,inrotra, expressed drop re,et at toeceaC, of Pp-c Alta LJIst r -0honva ,Irwooc). kilo late dare :.:ita nod taLeo a leaain, part IA Ile nootiattans wits robard to the alkato Confinc,tion. Sno ,vas ols3 9 t,nminent fiurc In Talnui 'Irina' Circles; a,c was asua iotod hoke Oonul. :auwheLoo Tivkwooc: replica on :Al.:al' 4,:vod r;. 1. the otior. or Tapatal LCrueti seconcied by Te Ciro 'I'uteao It was resolved: (1) 'that the minutes of tne meotin,-, of tno 14th Jute, and (2) The minutes of the mootin,; of the nc June, 1i47, be approved. 2. On the motion of Hauwhenua Kirkwood seconded by Tapatei Idrueti it was resolved: That too board approves of the pay=ont of (a) Zhii towards the Uepohatu memorial Pall or 11 mti Forou at Kuatoria and 0 Qs a contribution to the funds of the naori Bible Revision Comlittee.
989  <Description>
990    <Metadata name="Title">24</Metadata>
991    <Metadata name="Image">3A06-01-023.png</Metadata>
992    <Metadata name="Source">3A06-01-023.tif</Metadata>
993    <Metadata name="SourceFile">3A06-01-023.tif</Metadata>
994    <Metadata name="FileSize">149416</Metadata>
995    <Metadata name="ImageType">PNG</Metadata>
996    <Metadata name="ImageWidth">1780</Metadata>
997    <Metadata name="ImageHeight">2670</Metadata>
998    <Metadata name="ImageSize">149KB</Metadata>
999    <Metadata name="srclink_file">3A06-01-023.png</Metadata>
1000    <Metadata name="srclinkFile">3A06-01-023.png</Metadata>
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1002    <Metadata name="ThumbType">png</Metadata>
1003    <Metadata name="Thumb">3A06-01-023_thumb.png</Metadata>
1004    <Metadata name="thumbicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Thumb]&quot; alt=&quot;[Thumb]&quot; width=&quot;[ThumbWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ThumbHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
1005    <Metadata name="ThumbWidth">67</Metadata>
1006    <Metadata name="ThumbHeight">100</Metadata>
1007    <Metadata name="ScreenType">png</Metadata>
1008    <Metadata name="Screen">3A06-01-023_screen.png</Metadata>
1009    <Metadata name="screenicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Screen]&quot; width=[ScreenWidth] height=[ScreenHeight]&gt;</Metadata>
1010    <Metadata name="ScreenWidth">333</Metadata>
1011    <Metadata name="ScreenHeight">500</Metadata>
1012    <Metadata name="FileFormat">PagedImage</Metadata>
1013  </Description>
1014  <Content>&lt;pre&gt;
1015On the motion of P.1 to ,urinui Jones socore by Ware I`ota it Tae resolve,:t 'ghat Paraworn Trlual LAo api,rovo0. Jn the :atIon of 'tura, n re 000 so,;:oe, orl raki it was lication oratance by ue roclined. 'in the sotton of rot to :urinui 104 seconcoC by Itieti 're i'uLa It was resolvo: 'Uzi a unt :xi taco t3 wile of' Luta et tno rate Of 71 nor reel: payable tuartorly or Iro, lzt AA.-.1, 1v47. ( r.-late a scliolarshir De tea :Jotio. of :.yrr.,a Kirkwood seconre: toy lori loterc it wee roaolyee.: ,:,at tne secretary be auta,rised to operate or the hoarrte Account the -an: of :tow ,colarv. 7. la) ;n the ,otior. aor teen., cu Lir Turar a Ker22,2a it vas r oss lveds- That no hours ))C nowt) c tno Aeseevc. (o) :Dr, the motion t: nr,aka os: -sapatql Jruoti it wet ',cooent rrat 1 a;:olicatIon ue tare to t,:lo :.-e:,art - ent ;',or a :ocr-lt to rvf oil tcr. 1Jcuto.: uialeo on t:,0 ;:stive t, ted(t ',ai A. (c) In otIon o: J.,cr-a seoon,cd. by rneti 7nia it ego reallyeat 'rant the talc LOSC,C vhor ac,:wireci oc t for ,razIn Uy ;mcor periods not rocc.,; 12 ,ont.3 a Co. c.:1 toe of tr., - oarr C3 priain: the or,entionwr :Jolibure to constitute a Special CamAtte? to aciniotor tno nal,' ye. Cottees Pet to ',rim 1 03, 'rtvata cruoti, anc rare` tel. (L.) h) the ration of Poi Jonos carood by ticapaka :Icrel it war rasolvoc1:-
1020  <Description>
1021    <Metadata name="Title">25</Metadata>
1022    <Metadata name="Image">3A06-01-024.png</Metadata>
1023    <Metadata name="Source">3A06-01-024.tif</Metadata>
1024    <Metadata name="SourceFile">3A06-01-024.tif</Metadata>
1025    <Metadata name="FileSize">157542</Metadata>
1026    <Metadata name="ImageType">PNG</Metadata>
1027    <Metadata name="ImageWidth">1751</Metadata>
1028    <Metadata name="ImageHeight">2607</Metadata>
1029    <Metadata name="ImageSize">158KB</Metadata>
1030    <Metadata name="srclink_file">3A06-01-024.png</Metadata>
1031    <Metadata name="srclinkFile">3A06-01-024.png</Metadata>
1032    <Metadata name="srcicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[srclinkFile]&quot; width=&quot;[ImageWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ImageHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
1033    <Metadata name="ThumbType">png</Metadata>
1034    <Metadata name="Thumb">3A06-01-024_thumb.png</Metadata>
1035    <Metadata name="thumbicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Thumb]&quot; alt=&quot;[Thumb]&quot; width=&quot;[ThumbWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ThumbHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
1036    <Metadata name="ThumbWidth">67</Metadata>
1037    <Metadata name="ThumbHeight">100</Metadata>
1038    <Metadata name="ScreenType">png</Metadata>
1039    <Metadata name="Screen">3A06-01-024_screen.png</Metadata>
1040    <Metadata name="screenicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Screen]&quot; width=[ScreenWidth] height=[ScreenHeight]&gt;</Metadata>
1041    <Metadata name="ScreenWidth">336</Metadata>
1042    <Metadata name="ScreenHeight">500</Metadata>
1043    <Metadata name="FileFormat">PagedImage</Metadata>
1044  </Description>
1045  <Content>&lt;pre&gt;
1046I- hat the Bald Comittee snail prepare for the corst'aretIon of the oars a clan for tne. r :ture covelo;:mcnt an, ad-Inletrat'.), 0: cenhve so Ds to benerit the ard ea undo. in the ,orlon Jr lei T.? (urinal \_ones se,ohced ny :ruranii ,:ere?,n it was resolved: That a, application :-.ace at tn. appror.:rInte time for the: sal. :,0 mle the provlstona 'action 5 of thu Lativo Act, I,: the riotn Fel 0: 'tel. ,Tonc:, Anlmil a To-onut Et we -2 ).yee.: tr, A :c mint :or Lere f Or the 711111m: arr. cart tr. 1: rotera 7L-.r.,:r for cer,-, ,assed for payment. s,olla-eoun Aueo:.nt). 9. )tor Truck. (e) A lon,.; rdscacelon tool: place Wit:. re.?-,ard to tole purchase 01 a ,Iotair tea of too that a report ouie be tnepared ezi the 30C2,!ttirr an: Aatlya as to IlapervIelon, faaIntenahce anc runran., of to true, for conslteration by the me leolicra coneur ee. Alc; to &quot;.rItaln. A lin?; CaPC1,11 Wes 14e8 ay the am; very encour- roporte wet ;lver, try d ,rs of hi. activitler -air' e'arn's/rt.' tnrou,;nout 0,0 Area foil neIn4; the Circular letter to hoard acralie':s fro-. the irmar. too 21st, Au:.;ust, 9n toe :lotion of eel te Jones, secon ed 5y nare yewhaka- nitre It wear olved: That ,1vIslon Co,lttee no a;-.proved. ltalco Tintanui rortod that he rac eatt,atea vdt: reotara t i the coat 31 I provirk: toe ',eupirl ao rollowes- Venoin,4 cnalns 00 Concrete s t cps 00 A Caretaker was also eeliable at 001,00 or a-ran. :;oars too:, no action In connect/oh With ts ratter. le. too motton of POI Jonec secoraod by Hari Aereta It
1051  <Description>
1052    <Metadata name="Title">26</Metadata>
1053    <Metadata name="Image">3A06-01-025.png</Metadata>
1054    <Metadata name="Source">3A06-01-025.tif</Metadata>
1055    <Metadata name="SourceFile">3A06-01-025.tif</Metadata>
1056    <Metadata name="FileSize">45823</Metadata>
1057    <Metadata name="ImageType">PNG</Metadata>
1058    <Metadata name="ImageWidth">1871</Metadata>
1059    <Metadata name="ImageHeight">2687</Metadata>
1060    <Metadata name="ImageSize">45.8KB</Metadata>
1061    <Metadata name="srclink_file">3A06-01-025.png</Metadata>
1062    <Metadata name="srclinkFile">3A06-01-025.png</Metadata>
1063    <Metadata name="srcicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[srclinkFile]&quot; width=&quot;[ImageWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ImageHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
1064    <Metadata name="ThumbType">png</Metadata>
1065    <Metadata name="Thumb">3A06-01-025_thumb.png</Metadata>
1066    <Metadata name="thumbicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Thumb]&quot; alt=&quot;[Thumb]&quot; width=&quot;[ThumbWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ThumbHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
1067    <Metadata name="ThumbWidth">70</Metadata>
1068    <Metadata name="ThumbHeight">100</Metadata>
1069    <Metadata name="ScreenType">png</Metadata>
1070    <Metadata name="Screen">3A06-01-025_screen.png</Metadata>
1071    <Metadata name="screenicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Screen]&quot; width=[ScreenWidth] height=[ScreenHeight]&gt;</Metadata>
1072    <Metadata name="ScreenWidth">348</Metadata>
1073    <Metadata name="ScreenHeight">500</Metadata>
1074    <Metadata name="FileFormat">PagedImage</Metadata>
1075  </Description>
1076  <Content>&lt;pre&gt;
1077resolve,!: :nt. the Te lloe-nAuhci TrUel livtrIon shall :eve a,.rtt to ,x1;,e a ,rrnt in nreeen 1: aU for the purpose ,r prOvIdin; s water sup;ay ]'or r ni-t1 Xarae. 7ne oet, close0. wItb pra2ers by tijsapaka Keret Kulaltai. Approved:
1082  <Description>
1083    <Metadata name="Title">27</Metadata>
1084    <Metadata name="Image">3A06-01-026.png</Metadata>
1085    <Metadata name="Source">3A06-01-026.tif</Metadata>
1086    <Metadata name="SourceFile">3A06-01-026.tif</Metadata>
1087    <Metadata name="FileSize">139252</Metadata>
1088    <Metadata name="ImageType">PNG</Metadata>
1089    <Metadata name="ImageWidth">1740</Metadata>
1090    <Metadata name="ImageHeight">2606</Metadata>
1091    <Metadata name="ImageSize">139KB</Metadata>
1092    <Metadata name="srclink_file">3A06-01-026.png</Metadata>
1093    <Metadata name="srclinkFile">3A06-01-026.png</Metadata>
1094    <Metadata name="srcicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[srclinkFile]&quot; width=&quot;[ImageWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ImageHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
1095    <Metadata name="ThumbType">png</Metadata>
1096    <Metadata name="Thumb">3A06-01-026_thumb.png</Metadata>
1097    <Metadata name="thumbicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Thumb]&quot; alt=&quot;[Thumb]&quot; width=&quot;[ThumbWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ThumbHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
1098    <Metadata name="ThumbWidth">67</Metadata>
1099    <Metadata name="ThumbHeight">100</Metadata>
1100    <Metadata name="ScreenType">png</Metadata>
1101    <Metadata name="Screen">3A06-01-026_screen.png</Metadata>
1102    <Metadata name="screenicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Screen]&quot; width=[ScreenWidth] height=[ScreenHeight]&gt;</Metadata>
1103    <Metadata name="ScreenWidth">334</Metadata>
1104    <Metadata name="ScreenHeight">500</Metadata>
1105    <Metadata name="FileFormat">PagedImage</Metadata>
1106  </Description>
1107  <Content>&lt;pre&gt;
1108VOA RENSTI O Ia HUI A TE PUNT KAT-TTAKI AOKI 0 rAINUI. Turancl-waewee Whore, tOtruawahla. ,A: 10 o Oketopa, 1947. - A I -Ea: :4a :Ana: Fel to iurinul Jones, Tapatal lauetI, rniapaka wet Kukutai, Hauwhenua Kakuore, 1(0 Tetere, '.loci Pakl, Kaken6a Tomonul, Tia,mna. Henare Tuebakaralna. (no,eretar1.) 'Mare Iota, :tart heremeta, Karona Tamakl, le Ulna Tutoao manlhera, TUranp)a K,reopa, WIremu 're Ni;una Eketone. Na NiApake Karol Ku's,utal n.;a Inol arAteatuhera 1 to hut. 7 t, to Tlemana, a KakenLa Tononul, aauret1 Te Ncapaka herel KukutaL, xlarL Kerometa, Wnare Pieta, me lienare Tvanakaraina kl to wns:,amihi Pua1/0, to materv;a o Fare :cite (tuahlne a ueherua Eakuere). Fare sate tetehl 1 uru k1 to orahl 1 Imx whakemore no to take aaupatu o aikato. ((a saLlno hokl a la I to ki nca whaWahaere nunui 0 rote I rc;a lwl o Talnul; raua ko anupake Ron,:onul kua mate 1 m119 atu 1 a la Na &quot;auy:,enua 4akuere I ehincautu n5a ,Inl. 1. T run.&quot;' i to cotlni a Tapatal EruetI I tuar,atia al o 'le :Ira Ttteao aninera elal/ataua ana: (1) ice mei Ito It.-,a '&quot;Anti o to nul o to 14 o Pune, 1947, me (2) ega menot1 to but o to 22 o Ilune, 1947, me whaka7ana. I run4a 1 to mAini a fta,wonua Ka u-re i tueruatia al e Te,atal Eruot1 Vi'aSTWattlUA anal :de meln kLa wha',:aaetla e to Foar1. n;:o utunca moni (a) 4 0 tao to Where 0)akamaharatan);a o UepThatu no NiAt1 Porou i auatorla.
1113  <Description>
1114    <Metadata name="Title">28</Metadata>
1115    <Metadata name="Image">3A06-01-027.png</Metadata>
1116    <Metadata name="Source">3A06-01-027.tif</Metadata>
1117    <Metadata name="SourceFile">3A06-01-027.tif</Metadata>
1118    <Metadata name="FileSize">144742</Metadata>
1119    <Metadata name="ImageType">PNG</Metadata>
1120    <Metadata name="ImageWidth">1728</Metadata>
1121    <Metadata name="ImageHeight">2590</Metadata>
1122    <Metadata name="ImageSize">145KB</Metadata>
1123    <Metadata name="srclink_file">3A06-01-027.png</Metadata>
1124    <Metadata name="srclinkFile">3A06-01-027.png</Metadata>
1125    <Metadata name="srcicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[srclinkFile]&quot; width=&quot;[ImageWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ImageHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
1126    <Metadata name="ThumbType">png</Metadata>
1127    <Metadata name="Thumb">3A06-01-027_thumb.png</Metadata>
1128    <Metadata name="thumbicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Thumb]&quot; alt=&quot;[Thumb]&quot; width=&quot;[ThumbWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ThumbHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
1129    <Metadata name="ThumbWidth">67</Metadata>
1130    <Metadata name="ThumbHeight">100</Metadata>
1131    <Metadata name="ScreenType">png</Metadata>
1132    <Metadata name="Screen">3A06-01-027_screen.png</Metadata>
1133    <Metadata name="screenicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Screen]&quot; width=[ScreenWidth] height=[ScreenHeight]&gt;</Metadata>
1134    <Metadata name="ScreenWidth">334</Metadata>
1135    <Metadata name="ScreenHeight">500</Metadata>
1136    <Metadata name="FileFormat">PagedImage</Metadata>
1137  </Description>
1138  <Content>&lt;pre&gt;
1139(b) ae to () hei Env-Una o noni kohl rao To KOniti '.Thnkatlkatika t to Palpora raort. I runfi 1 to motini a Pet Te Nurinul tuaraatia al e Whare :eta wnakataua ana. Me raela c1a wha.:a Ana te Koullt1 Takiva A-1w1 o Parawera. 4. T run -a I to ,notini a Turan, a Nereopa tuur,a tta e Trori wusvca- taua ana: neln kia whevakaretia to ton? nw-Ana a Ho ma Potsro. I run,;(i 1 to motint a Pal to Hur1nut i tuaruatia al e Kaureti to wha'/.ataua :te kia puta ho non! St to hoa wahine 3 Inca Te Iwiate kia I to wiki utu to toru narana tImata 'tel I to 1 0 Apertra, 1947. (fio to Karanipl o Snide Ltuta). I ruo;a te nottni a uwnentul i(ak,ere 1 tuaruatia at e iorl Wetere wna',:ataua ans de te liogeretarl lie 1,112lats kl to mina puKapuka no run;ft I te Kaute a to Puri I to Poole '3 rviu 'Sirens. 7. (a) I runra 1 te mottn1 a lauwnenua Kokue e 1 Tuaruatia al e Tunanr,a 'Coreope wriakatuua arias nein. kiu hokona ,a1 o te Poarl to whenua e M0111 R not ,co re RM. o Lhau. (b) T rune I to lotinl a 0,.-,apaka Karel Ktal tuaruatta at e 'iacatal orueti wriakataue aria: :40 :ln,;a lie tonoa to ',us/ MO to ire kia whakaaetla Ste hahua n tupapaku e itea I 1 taus or1 1E1 to lirupa 0 to Pal 1 laupIrt. (C) I rurva i to tIni a rauwnonua Kuoro 1 tuaruatia al a maureti Te Eula wriNkataiia arta melt ko taut tiahul tuxa kl to rtthi terutaru I runza 1 to aron,;a Lena (tanner) no +ea laus o neko att. La tukunga I to marana a ',o Te ;:1t1 o t, Poorl ko n a na a whal. eke re! 0 a :n -on net aho;:ahnore I taus: Kanui.
1144  <Description>
1145    <Metadata name="Title">29</Metadata>
1146    <Metadata name="Image">3A06-01-028.png</Metadata>
1147    <Metadata name="Source">3A06-01-028.tif</Metadata>
1148    <Metadata name="SourceFile">3A06-01-028.tif</Metadata>
1149    <Metadata name="FileSize">150460</Metadata>
1150    <Metadata name="ImageType">PNG</Metadata>
1151    <Metadata name="ImageWidth">1834</Metadata>
1152    <Metadata name="ImageHeight">2664</Metadata>
1153    <Metadata name="ImageSize">150KB</Metadata>
1154    <Metadata name="srclink_file">3A06-01-028.png</Metadata>
1155    <Metadata name="srclinkFile">3A06-01-028.png</Metadata>
1156    <Metadata name="srcicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[srclinkFile]&quot; width=&quot;[ImageWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ImageHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
1157    <Metadata name="ThumbType">png</Metadata>
1158    <Metadata name="Thumb">3A06-01-028_thumb.png</Metadata>
1159    <Metadata name="thumbicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Thumb]&quot; alt=&quot;[Thumb]&quot; width=&quot;[ThumbWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ThumbHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
1160    <Metadata name="ThumbWidth">69</Metadata>
1161    <Metadata name="ThumbHeight">100</Metadata>
1162    <Metadata name="ScreenType">png</Metadata>
1163    <Metadata name="Screen">3A06-01-028_screen.png</Metadata>
1164    <Metadata name="screenicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Screen]&quot; width=[ScreenWidth] height=[ScreenHeight]&gt;</Metadata>
1165    <Metadata name="ScreenWidth">344</Metadata>
1166    <Metadata name="ScreenHeight">500</Metadata>
1167    <Metadata name="FileFormat">PagedImage</Metadata>
1168  </Description>
1169  <Content>&lt;pre&gt;
1170.0 'Atli Pot te hurtnul, &quot;lepatal uetl, paka Kerel (d) I run,0. I to mottni a ro:. to ',.urtrul I tueruatta al o Npaka ,:trot whaketaua ana. we 7teln,:.a no taus e nar;a ne :aupapa nel te Ponri to Anue o to y4Paka;:aln,:n the n,;a whalranaere 1 we e tu not pet a nuta :nal he pain6a taus, ',abut kl to putea nl a te Poart. to) 1 run,a 1 to motinl a roIt o 11111,1111 1 tUfiranttO 111 0 naran,:a ',Coro opa wns. atn,a ana : Ste rteln6a Ida tonne I to wa e rIto ate r,ta riro wPeoun kL raro I n.;a ritenca o to 'rekiona D o to Pure maorl, I137. I rani? 1 to ,otint a WA to Uurtnut 1 tuartta at e Kaketv,a To,tonut wha'catata anal tie ntoin utu to kaute 01 a Pori kotere to tapai,orGa 1 to mire e to narin,;a 1 n,:n rte,au totara no whaknIro (To Kaute mo era at, roa.) V. tat Tarok. ;eo yorer roa I tu no to te nral I totont (tutu-rare. KI to whn,caaro o to Ttamann nen ra no rIplata a to nekero- tart :74 'ftmokal KatIpa -n to atue o to ',Pnkahaere, to ttaht rte to Paoreore o to terake not wntriwh1-1 no to Poor'. wnotia a nga :taema no pcnol. to) to Awnina 1 a 'n nran,i: Ito korero roa na to Jamana 1 :-. nta ,0 tenet take; a no tuna nAa korero was nett; not to tauto,:ona tenet te o n a Maori oh, -,r,enua puts non r: roho ?. nun' I run ,a 1 to rata 1 tukua at n6a fAerta o to Ponrt e to Tiakno I to o Akuhata, 1V47. to. I run ;a I to notini a Yet to rtnut 1 tuaruatta al e Centre 111.(ata,a one, kla wha:nana to ixoiti Tarawa wi o 11. I riposte a Kaken n ket a to wra;:aare o n,La tont
1175  <Description>
1176    <Metadata name="Title">30</Metadata>
1177    <Metadata name="Image">3A06-01-029.png</Metadata>
1178    <Metadata name="Source">3A06-01-029.tif</Metadata>
1179    <Metadata name="SourceFile">3A06-01-029.tif</Metadata>
1180    <Metadata name="FileSize">72669</Metadata>
1181    <Metadata name="ImageType">PNG</Metadata>
1182    <Metadata name="ImageWidth">1742</Metadata>
1183    <Metadata name="ImageHeight">2601</Metadata>
1184    <Metadata name="ImageSize">72.7KB</Metadata>
1185    <Metadata name="srclink_file">3A06-01-029.png</Metadata>
1186    <Metadata name="srclinkFile">3A06-01-029.png</Metadata>
1187    <Metadata name="srcicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[srclinkFile]&quot; width=&quot;[ImageWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ImageHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
1188    <Metadata name="ThumbType">png</Metadata>
1189    <Metadata name="Thumb">3A06-01-029_thumb.png</Metadata>
1190    <Metadata name="thumbicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Thumb]&quot; alt=&quot;[Thumb]&quot; width=&quot;[ThumbWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ThumbHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
1191    <Metadata name="ThumbWidth">67</Metadata>
1192    <Metadata name="ThumbHeight">100</Metadata>
1193    <Metadata name="ScreenType">png</Metadata>
1194    <Metadata name="Screen">3A06-01-029_screen.png</Metadata>
1195    <Metadata name="screenicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Screen]&quot; width=[ScreenWidth] height=[ScreenHeight]&gt;</Metadata>
1196    <Metadata name="ScreenWidth">335</Metadata>
1197    <Metadata name="ScreenHeight">500</Metadata>
1198    <Metadata name="FileFormat">PagedImage</Metadata>
1199  </Description>
1200  <Content>&lt;pre&gt;
1201mo to whakapal ,Ai i te Ururo o to Iwl 1 Taupirl are 1 penal:- to talopa (00 tilni) C200 n3a plkin,a rains C200 Tera nok1 teteni tonolta nut tiaki kua wItanatu ko tana utu `,1a 500 1 to tau. ,aore to Plat.' i whakahaore i tenet taVe. 12. I ruroa 1 to notInl a eel to '!urtnui 1 tuarcatla al e Hart Keremeta whakataua ano: Me mo1na me wns1 mom to cuniti A-tnt o Te &quot;oe-Taunel ki te tuku mon1 kin hake atu 1 to CIO mo to take 70 to wal 0 to marae o all-tl. I wnakakopea tc nul let Ino1 a N.;apaka nerel Kukuta1. Nue wna;,aactle enei menetl. T1amana.
1206  <Description>
1207    <Metadata name="Title">31</Metadata>
1208    <Metadata name="Image">3A06-01-030.png</Metadata>
1209    <Metadata name="Source">3A06-01-030.tif</Metadata>
1210    <Metadata name="SourceFile">3A06-01-030.tif</Metadata>
1211    <Metadata name="FileSize">145417</Metadata>
1212    <Metadata name="ImageType">PNG</Metadata>
1213    <Metadata name="ImageWidth">1795</Metadata>
1214    <Metadata name="ImageHeight">2637</Metadata>
1215    <Metadata name="ImageSize">145KB</Metadata>
1216    <Metadata name="srclink_file">3A06-01-030.png</Metadata>
1217    <Metadata name="srclinkFile">3A06-01-030.png</Metadata>
1218    <Metadata name="srcicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[srclinkFile]&quot; width=&quot;[ImageWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ImageHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
1219    <Metadata name="ThumbType">png</Metadata>
1220    <Metadata name="Thumb">3A06-01-030_thumb.png</Metadata>
1221    <Metadata name="thumbicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Thumb]&quot; alt=&quot;[Thumb]&quot; width=&quot;[ThumbWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ThumbHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
1222    <Metadata name="ThumbWidth">68</Metadata>
1223    <Metadata name="ThumbHeight">100</Metadata>
1224    <Metadata name="ScreenType">png</Metadata>
1225    <Metadata name="Screen">3A06-01-030_screen.png</Metadata>
1226    <Metadata name="screenicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Screen]&quot; width=[ScreenWidth] height=[ScreenHeight]&gt;</Metadata>
1227    <Metadata name="ScreenWidth">340</Metadata>
1228    <Metadata name="ScreenHeight">500</Metadata>
1229    <Metadata name="FileFormat">PagedImage</Metadata>
1230  </Description>
1231  <Content>&lt;pre&gt;
12324 NGA MaN TI 9 HUI A TF. P3ANT FAI-TTATI 1AONI 0 TAINHI. TF nAAET: Turanea-waevao Where, Nearuawahla. :'A: 10 o 9ketopa, 1947. 7 7A F. A I ,14415 Poi to Eurinui Jones, Nee Memn: Tapotal Svuoti, hgapaka 'Morel Kukutai, Hauwhenua Kakuore, Hort Teter., Hort Paki, Kakenuo Tomonui, Henare Tuwhakaratna, Wharo Hate, Earl Aarota, /Carona ':amaki, To Ihtra Tuteao wanther., Turanga Koreopa, ram/ To Neuha tRetone. (nekeretarl.) Na Neopaka Karel. Eukutal tv,a toot wIlnicatunora i to hul. tu to Tiamana, a Kakoa Tomonul, eaurott Te Hula, Neopaka ,erei Eulcutal, 14 Keremeta, Wnaro Rota, me lionare Tuomakaraina kl to wnakamini puaki/mo to matenga o Pare n1ta (tuahins o Eauwhonua Kakuere). ,7o rare :Its totehi I uru ki to orahi i rco whakahaere no to take naupatu o alkoto. Eo wahine bola a la 1 tu k: no' whaloahaere nunul o roto I nea lot o Talnut; raua ko Kehupako eoneonui kua mate i mua atu 1 a lo no nauirtenua Aakuore I whakautu nja mini. 1. T ru/va 1 to mtlni a Tapatal hruetl 1 tuaruntia al a 21ra 'n,totio anInera ylaV,ataua arm. (1) Me mairca ko n a monotl o to hut o to 14 o Euro, 1947, oe hea monoti to hut o to 22 o Hune, 1947, me whakamana. I rune 1 to mottni a Hauvhenua Ka:.uero i tuaruatla al a Tapatal :ruat1 wha;mtaua ana: Nat melnea kla rha',aaetIa a tn Plant nca utunc,a mpn1 (a) h 0 no to Where Whakamaharatanga o CepohatL no h6ati Pnrou i huatorla.
1237  <Description>
1238    <Metadata name="Title">32</Metadata>
1239    <Metadata name="Image">3A06-01-031.png</Metadata>
1240    <Metadata name="Source">3A06-01-031.tif</Metadata>
1241    <Metadata name="SourceFile">3A06-01-031.tif</Metadata>
1242    <Metadata name="FileSize">146730</Metadata>
1243    <Metadata name="ImageType">PNG</Metadata>
1244    <Metadata name="ImageWidth">1808</Metadata>
1245    <Metadata name="ImageHeight">2645</Metadata>
1246    <Metadata name="ImageSize">147KB</Metadata>
1247    <Metadata name="srclink_file">3A06-01-031.png</Metadata>
1248    <Metadata name="srclinkFile">3A06-01-031.png</Metadata>
1249    <Metadata name="srcicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[srclinkFile]&quot; width=&quot;[ImageWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ImageHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
1250    <Metadata name="ThumbType">png</Metadata>
1251    <Metadata name="Thumb">3A06-01-031_thumb.png</Metadata>
1252    <Metadata name="thumbicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Thumb]&quot; alt=&quot;[Thumb]&quot; width=&quot;[ThumbWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ThumbHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
1253    <Metadata name="ThumbWidth">68</Metadata>
1254    <Metadata name="ThumbHeight">100</Metadata>
1255    <Metadata name="ScreenType">png</Metadata>
1256    <Metadata name="Screen">3A06-01-031_screen.png</Metadata>
1257    <Metadata name="screenicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Screen]&quot; width=[ScreenWidth] height=[ScreenHeight]&gt;</Metadata>
1258    <Metadata name="ScreenWidth">342</Metadata>
1259    <Metadata name="ScreenHeight">500</Metadata>
1260    <Metadata name="FileFormat">PagedImage</Metadata>
1261  </Description>
1262  <Content>&lt;pre&gt;
1263(b) Me to a() net awhlna o mo 11;E: monl kohl ma `Pe Konalti ,hakatikatilaa i to ralpera snort. 6. I run6a 1 to motini a Pet to Ilurinul 1 tuaruatia al e hare Eats wnakataua ana: an meim;a kia whakamana te Komitt Taklwa A-1 o Parawera. 4. I runt i to motInt a Turanox aereopa I tuaruatia a Mori Pakt wnaka- taua ana: Me mainl.;a kia ohakakanoretia to tono awnlna a Hema Pouwhero. I rung i to motint a Pa to Hur1nui 1 tuaruatia al e hauret1 te hula onu,.ataua anal he nuin,;a kia puta no wont MI te hoa wahine o inia Te Iwiata kia Ll 1 to olkl me utu la tore maraca tlnata mai I to 1 0 erirs, 1947. (ha to Karanlpi o Tunate anuta). 6. I run;: I to motint a ,auwnenus Kakuere 1 tuaruatia al e Hort. 'Vetere whakataua arm: Me mein3a to Hekeretarl kia oha].mana kl to nalna pukapuka nlo rung&quot; i to Kaute a to Poarl 1 to oke o klu Tireni. 7. (a) I rune I to mottni a Asuonohua Kakuere I tuaruatia al e Tuning Kereopa whakataua ana: he nelnia kia hokona nal e te Poarl te whenua e mohlotia not ko To Hahul Maori o Nukuhau. (b) I runga I to nottn1 a Eapaka ,erel Kukutal i tuar,atia al e 122atal 1,ryett wriotata4a ana: me melnEa kia tonoa kl to ',art mo to Ora kia obakaaetia kia hahua n,a tupapaku e :cites 1 rumla i taus iiahut maorl MI to Urupa o to lot 1 Taupirl. le) I runts I to morinl a Hauonenua akuere I tuaruatia at e hauret1 Te Hula wnakataua ana: lie mein:; Ito taua hanul me tuka kl to rithi tarutaru 1 rurv,a to aron4a tena (tenaer) no to we kaua e neke atu la tukunJa I to 12 maraca a ko Te Komiti o te roarl ko Tema e what ake net n,4 InEoa net whaVaheere 1 taut hahut.
1268  <Description>
1269    <Metadata name="Title">33</Metadata>
1270    <Metadata name="Image">3A06-01-032.png</Metadata>
1271    <Metadata name="Source">3A06-01-032.tif</Metadata>
1272    <Metadata name="SourceFile">3A06-01-032.tif</Metadata>
1273    <Metadata name="FileSize">149688</Metadata>
1274    <Metadata name="ImageType">PNG</Metadata>
1275    <Metadata name="ImageWidth">1816</Metadata>
1276    <Metadata name="ImageHeight">2654</Metadata>
1277    <Metadata name="ImageSize">150KB</Metadata>
1278    <Metadata name="srclink_file">3A06-01-032.png</Metadata>
1279    <Metadata name="srclinkFile">3A06-01-032.png</Metadata>
1280    <Metadata name="srcicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[srclinkFile]&quot; width=&quot;[ImageWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ImageHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
1281    <Metadata name="ThumbType">png</Metadata>
1282    <Metadata name="Thumb">3A06-01-032_thumb.png</Metadata>
1283    <Metadata name="thumbicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Thumb]&quot; alt=&quot;[Thumb]&quot; width=&quot;[ThumbWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ThumbHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
1284    <Metadata name="ThumbWidth">68</Metadata>
1285    <Metadata name="ThumbHeight">100</Metadata>
1286    <Metadata name="ScreenType">png</Metadata>
1287    <Metadata name="Screen">3A06-01-032_screen.png</Metadata>
1288    <Metadata name="screenicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Screen]&quot; width=[ScreenWidth] height=[ScreenHeight]&gt;</Metadata>
1289    <Metadata name="ScreenWidth">342</Metadata>
1290    <Metadata name="ScreenHeight">500</Metadata>
1291    <Metadata name="FileFormat">PagedImage</Metadata>
1292  </Description>
1293  <Content>&lt;pre&gt;
1294Te Komitis Pei to hurinoi, Tapatai 1,roeti, ne tOlpaka Keret (:i) I 1-.: 1 to mottn1 a Poi to }Torino' 1 tuaruatia ai e ligazaka ,oral Kakutal whakataua ana. me mein6a ma ta,a Komiti a hanga he kaupapa het whirlwhIrl na re Poor) no to Anon o to whakapalnLa me nga whakahaere 1 nga we a to mat nel a puta mat he paln6a 1 taou hahul lot te putea non' a to Poari. (e) I run.;a 1 to motinl a lite Hutlnui 1 tuardatla ai e Turanxa Korona wnakalaua ana: Ao nelna kia tonne 1 te wa e rite ant 1,11, taua wLenua lot raro 1 1 riten4a 0 te Telclona b o to lure no nga 'rake lhaorl, 6 I runtLa 1 to motini a te Horinui 1 tuaruatia ai a Kasten ;a Tomonui whataua arias (to weln me IAu to kaute 01 a 'tort Tetere ,o to tepahancm. 1 to mira no to neringa 1 r,'ffk rakau totara mo mite ma/11 wnaT,airo (la Kaute mo era atu mew.) (a) no to Taraa: He roa 1 to mo we take hoxonai 1 toten1 Uotu-rore. K1 to ahakaaro o to Tiamana me hanla he rlpoata a te liekeretar&quot; me Tumokal Xet1pe 0 to curia o to iitakanaere, me to tiaki me to haereere o to tarake not eniriwhir1 ma to loan&quot;. I wnatietle e nga mama me penal. (t) Mo to Awnlna 1 a arangl: He kororo roa na to tamana 1 ti7ata mo tonal take; a ne mane n,a korero wnaimato net to tautokona tenei take o cw,a Maori a'Au-wnenua puta noa /1;:la rohe 0 lainu w]lal mur1 I run;a I to rota 1 tukua al 1,1 nga Mama o to Poerl a to Tiemana 1 to a Akuhata, 1947. 10. I run;a i to motini a Pei to iTurinui i tuaruatia ai a Eenare Tuenakaraine wnakataua toe: Lie ;wino: kia whakamana to 3om1t1 TaAwa A-tai o 4aahl. 11. I ripoata a Kake Tamonol Mel a la nge. orakaeto o nFa moot
1299  <Description>
1300    <Metadata name="Title">34</Metadata>
1301    <Metadata name="Image">3A06-01-033.png</Metadata>
1302    <Metadata name="Source">3A06-01-033.tif</Metadata>
1303    <Metadata name="SourceFile">3A06-01-033.tif</Metadata>
1304    <Metadata name="FileSize">76524</Metadata>
1305    <Metadata name="ImageType">PNG</Metadata>
1306    <Metadata name="ImageWidth">1837</Metadata>
1307    <Metadata name="ImageHeight">2666</Metadata>
1308    <Metadata name="ImageSize">76.5KB</Metadata>
1309    <Metadata name="srclink_file">3A06-01-033.png</Metadata>
1310    <Metadata name="srclinkFile">3A06-01-033.png</Metadata>
1311    <Metadata name="srcicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[srclinkFile]&quot; width=&quot;[ImageWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ImageHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
1312    <Metadata name="ThumbType">png</Metadata>
1313    <Metadata name="Thumb">3A06-01-033_thumb.png</Metadata>
1314    <Metadata name="thumbicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Thumb]&quot; alt=&quot;[Thumb]&quot; width=&quot;[ThumbWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ThumbHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
1315    <Metadata name="ThumbWidth">69</Metadata>
1316    <Metadata name="ThumbHeight">100</Metadata>
1317    <Metadata name="ScreenType">png</Metadata>
1318    <Metadata name="Screen">3A06-01-033_screen.png</Metadata>
1319    <Metadata name="screenicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Screen]&quot; width=[ScreenWidth] height=[ScreenHeight]&gt;</Metadata>
1320    <Metadata name="ScreenWidth">345</Metadata>
1321    <Metadata name="ScreenHeight">500</Metadata>
1322    <Metadata name="FileFormat">PagedImage</Metadata>
1323  </Description>
1324  <Content>&lt;pre&gt;
1325MO whakapaln,A i to Urupo o to Iwl t 'Lauptri ara i penol:- -o to talopa iUO tltnll t200 -0 iva piklniLa ralma r2oo Tara Aoki teteni tanoata nul tiaki kua whakaatu ko tone utu kin 5300 1 to tau. Nom to PJari 1 whokahaono 1 tonal toke. 112. I run?:a i to motinl a #,!31 to '!urinul i tuaruatia al e Hari Fmromota whakataua anus me muln mo mono to Komiti Taklwa A-tvit o le 706.,Tauhei ki to tuku wont kla Yoke atu 1 to Ito mo to take mo to Rai o to Isrne o whakakopea to nub ki n;:a Inol a poloa Mrei Fukutal. ue wnakaaetla onel menet/. Tiamsma.
1330  <Description>
1331    <Metadata name="Title">35</Metadata>
1332    <Metadata name="Image">3A06-01-034.png</Metadata>
1333    <Metadata name="Source">3A06-01-034.tif</Metadata>
1334    <Metadata name="SourceFile">3A06-01-034.tif</Metadata>
1335    <Metadata name="FileSize">155951</Metadata>
1336    <Metadata name="ImageType">PNG</Metadata>
1337    <Metadata name="ImageWidth">1793</Metadata>
1338    <Metadata name="ImageHeight">2636</Metadata>
1339    <Metadata name="ImageSize">156KB</Metadata>
1340    <Metadata name="srclink_file">3A06-01-034.png</Metadata>
1341    <Metadata name="srclinkFile">3A06-01-034.png</Metadata>
1342    <Metadata name="srcicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[srclinkFile]&quot; width=&quot;[ImageWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ImageHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
1343    <Metadata name="ThumbType">png</Metadata>
1344    <Metadata name="Thumb">3A06-01-034_thumb.png</Metadata>
1345    <Metadata name="thumbicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Thumb]&quot; alt=&quot;[Thumb]&quot; width=&quot;[ThumbWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ThumbHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
1346    <Metadata name="ThumbWidth">68</Metadata>
1347    <Metadata name="ThumbHeight">100</Metadata>
1348    <Metadata name="ScreenType">png</Metadata>
1349    <Metadata name="Screen">3A06-01-034_screen.png</Metadata>
1350    <Metadata name="screenicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Screen]&quot; width=[ScreenWidth] height=[ScreenHeight]&gt;</Metadata>
1351    <Metadata name="ScreenWidth">340</Metadata>
1352    <Metadata name="ScreenHeight">500</Metadata>
1353    <Metadata name="FileFormat">PagedImage</Metadata>
1354  </Description>
1355  <Content>&lt;pre&gt;
135635. WAAHI: &quot;Turanga-waewae. Ahare, hGA,UAWAHIA. On te Nahorol 1 to 14 o Rune, 147. Pei te Hurinut Jones, Tiarnana. Tapatal isrueti, Njapaka Keret Kukutai, Hort Paki, Hauwhenua Kirkwood, Hort Tetere, Kakena Tomontl, Whare Heta, Hari Keremeta, Te Ulra Tutecto anihera, Kerena Tamakl, Raureti te )lute. I taernal hoki a Rooro ueti. Ng Ngapaka Keret Kukutal r1,;a tool. MO TURANOAWASINAK WHARE. I murl o nga root we akatuneratla e to Tianana n,2011 korero no tenet hut a to Poari, ho tuatara no to roho ki roto t &quot;Turenga-waewae&quot; Kua oti net to whakartte koinei ho tart ma Te Poari Kalt1aki Naori n Tainut. Na to Tiarnan 1 whakamarama r1:,a ritenga t oti panel. ARa 1 whakarnarama a la 1 tans ',orero tanitanga kl a To Puea; me to meatarla a what kupu ano ki a N.,atl Rereahu I run,;a 1 to mea ko nga rakee 1 hangala at to 'hare na ratou 1 tutu ,a1 no to ratou ngaherehere i Te Tiros. La V.;apaka Keret Kukutal korero :amararna 1 o ahuatanga katoa i maharatla al e n a kaumatua o 'aalkato ire Igatimantapoto kia wiulkeerahle tenet where, het idoare Nunanga I raro t to Ktin4tanga o to Iwi Vaorl. I korerotia ano hoki e Ngapaka to ahua o to hanganga 0 to whore, me to tangata nana 1 mahi na whakairo. I tu katoa n;a mama ki to korero con tenet take, a I puta n a mih1 kl nga kaumatua me nga lei nana t whakaaro tie tu tenet where. Na to laumatua, ne RoOre uet1, nok1 etehi korero. Kotanl to tangs reo, he w mkamiht anake MD to nohoarga o to Poari aort Kaltlaki o Taint kl roto o &quot;Turanj,a-waewae&quot; where. q) EnNE I ruta nga mihl a te Poari kl to ratou kaumatua PI a Roore isrueti, mono i whakawhiwhla net e to Ktlni ki to tohu honore cost Lxoellent Order of the CrItIsh noire.
1361  <Description>
1362    <Metadata name="Title">36</Metadata>
1363    <Metadata name="Image">3A06-01-035.png</Metadata>
1364    <Metadata name="Source">3A06-01-035.tif</Metadata>
1365    <Metadata name="SourceFile">3A06-01-035.tif</Metadata>
1366    <Metadata name="FileSize">137928</Metadata>
1367    <Metadata name="ImageType">PNG</Metadata>
1368    <Metadata name="ImageWidth">1869</Metadata>
1369    <Metadata name="ImageHeight">2688</Metadata>
1370    <Metadata name="ImageSize">138KB</Metadata>
1371    <Metadata name="srclink_file">3A06-01-035.png</Metadata>
1372    <Metadata name="srclinkFile">3A06-01-035.png</Metadata>
1373    <Metadata name="srcicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[srclinkFile]&quot; width=&quot;[ImageWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ImageHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
1374    <Metadata name="ThumbType">png</Metadata>
1375    <Metadata name="Thumb">3A06-01-035_thumb.png</Metadata>
1376    <Metadata name="thumbicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Thumb]&quot; alt=&quot;[Thumb]&quot; width=&quot;[ThumbWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ThumbHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
1377    <Metadata name="ThumbWidth">70</Metadata>
1378    <Metadata name="ThumbHeight">100</Metadata>
1379    <Metadata name="ScreenType">png</Metadata>
1380    <Metadata name="Screen">3A06-01-035_screen.png</Metadata>
1381    <Metadata name="screenicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Screen]&quot; width=[ScreenWidth] height=[ScreenHeight]&gt;</Metadata>
1382    <Metadata name="ScreenWidth">348</Metadata>
1383    <Metadata name="ScreenHeight">500</Metadata>
1384    <Metadata name="FileFormat">PagedImage</Metadata>
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138736. (1) I panuitla n;a meneti o nga but a to Poari a what ake net a Allhakaantla (a) 61519121: - Hoere e to Taone i to 13 e Tihema, 1946. (6) E aruawahla: - Hooro n 111m1k1m1 Mara? a Turan3a-waewae 1 to e Peptlere, 1947. (c) Ivaruawahla: - Maninaran,1 ';.hare i te 17 a 7aeho, 1947. (d) Te Ripeata a to T1a,ana me to '.Oen,a o NGa :Ara a to Poari 91 to Arearo a 141n;1 Kerekl 1 to 3 0 nga ra 0 Popuere, 1947. te waahl 1 wha,at1kalna 1 rote 1 r),.;a menet1 ne Merl Tetere 1 teno ki te hut, tuaruatia ana a }Carona Talak1 me whakanoho to ord 000 1 rote 1 to rarar1 a nga wont me tatehi o ana marae kla 0() ka whakataua peratla ana. (2) panuttta e to Tiamana to Pukapuka :ihakaaturancA o n6a mans a to Poari 1 to 31 e Vaene, 1947. I run.;a i to motlni a Tapatai Lruett t tuaruatia al o Hauwhenua rkwe00 whataua ana:- :e mein6e Ito perehltla to klpoata me te Pukapuka :.hakaaturanga o nLa ,anl a te Pearl / te 61 0 Macho, 1947. (3) I rungs 1 to metInl a Kaken6a Tomonul 1 tuaruatla al e ilenare Tuwhakaralna whakataua Me melnga to lngoa a to Taklwa A-1w1 &quot;Te Nee-Tauwhare&quot; kla hualna a twirl ake ne1 ko &quot;Tauhei-Te Hoe&quot;. (4) I run,a 1 to motlnl a Te Ulra Tuteao Manlhera 1 tuaruatla al a Mpatal 6ruett whakataua ana:- Me me1n,lo kla penes 1 enel a what aka net nga whakahuanga me noa 1,1 1 rare 1 n;a Taklwa A-1w1 a whal ake net:- Taklwa A-1w1 Nga lat. (a) lalnul Noatl Tahinga me Hgat1 Tamalnupe. Turanhawaewae h3Rt, mahute, Ngati te Lehi, (1 te o OlaInrea).
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1393    <Metadata name="Title">37</Metadata>
1394    <Metadata name="Image">3A06-01-036.png</Metadata>
1395    <Metadata name="Source">3A06-01-036.tif</Metadata>
1396    <Metadata name="SourceFile">3A06-01-036.tif</Metadata>
1397    <Metadata name="FileSize">120386</Metadata>
1398    <Metadata name="ImageType">PNG</Metadata>
1399    <Metadata name="ImageWidth">1748</Metadata>
1400    <Metadata name="ImageHeight">2609</Metadata>
1401    <Metadata name="ImageSize">120KB</Metadata>
1402    <Metadata name="srclink_file">3A06-01-036.png</Metadata>
1403    <Metadata name="srclinkFile">3A06-01-036.png</Metadata>
1404    <Metadata name="srcicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[srclinkFile]&quot; width=&quot;[ImageWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ImageHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
1405    <Metadata name="ThumbType">png</Metadata>
1406    <Metadata name="Thumb">3A06-01-036_thumb.png</Metadata>
1407    <Metadata name="thumbicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Thumb]&quot; alt=&quot;[Thumb]&quot; width=&quot;[ThumbWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ThumbHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
1408    <Metadata name="ThumbWidth">67</Metadata>
1409    <Metadata name="ThumbHeight">100</Metadata>
1410    <Metadata name="ScreenType">png</Metadata>
1411    <Metadata name="Screen">3A06-01-036_screen.png</Metadata>
1412    <Metadata name="screenicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Screen]&quot; width=[ScreenWidth] height=[ScreenHeight]&gt;</Metadata>
1413    <Metadata name="ScreenWidth">335</Metadata>
1414    <Metadata name="ScreenHeight">500</Metadata>
1415    <Metadata name="FileFormat">PagedImage</Metadata>
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141837. (c) Whatawhata :.iananga. J4 (5).- I run6a 1 te matini a ilauwhenua Kirkwood 1 tuaruatia al e Karcna 'iamakt whakataua are:- ge melnga ma te Poari e utu nga raruraru a n4a mangal o tenet hu1n3a tuatahl o tc Paari kl roto 1 te lart 1 rota a Turangawaewae Share 1 timata net 1 te 14 a Hun?, 11,47. (6) I rungs t nga mottni a Pet to Hurtnut Jones 1 tuaruatia al e nga nema e TAU ake not nga ln;oa whakataua are. 14e meinga tie wnaxaungla nga Komlti Taklwa /1-1w1 o what ake eel:- Kai-tuarua (a) &quot;Tamaki&quot; Na Hauret1 Te Ha (b) &quot;Pukemoremore&quot; &quot; Kakenga Tamonul (e) &quot;Kemureti&quot; &quot; Tapatal cruets (t) &quot;Puniu&quot; &quot; there Heta (0) &quot;Rangiaohia&quot; Haurett Te Hula (1) &quot;Tainui&quot; &quot; Tapatai Nruet1 (g) &quot;Rang1r1ri&quot; &quot; Te Ulra T. Xanihera. (6a) I runza 1 to motinl a Pei te Hurinut Jones 1 tuaruatia al e Hari Keremeta whakataua ana: Ue mein, ma Tapata1 te Teputi Tiamana 0 to Poari a karanga he hut a nga mama e noho tutata ana kt hgaruawahla het w'n1r1whiri het whakamana nga Kamitl a what ake net:- (a) Te lroa (b) hanuka (c) Parawera (d) Ahatawhata (e) Te Puaha (1) &quot;aahi (g) Tauhei - Te Hoe (7) He roa te hu' e whir1whlri ana 1 nga tono aching kua taemal ki to Pourl. I runj,a 1 te mottni a Pet te Uurinui Jones t tua-
1423  <Description>
1424    <Metadata name="Title">38</Metadata>
1425    <Metadata name="Image">3A06-01-037.png</Metadata>
1426    <Metadata name="Source">3A06-01-037.tif</Metadata>
1427    <Metadata name="SourceFile">3A06-01-037.tif</Metadata>
1428    <Metadata name="FileSize">113786</Metadata>
1429    <Metadata name="ImageType">PNG</Metadata>
1430    <Metadata name="ImageWidth">1741</Metadata>
1431    <Metadata name="ImageHeight">2601</Metadata>
1432    <Metadata name="ImageSize">114KB</Metadata>
1433    <Metadata name="srclink_file">3A06-01-037.png</Metadata>
1434    <Metadata name="srclinkFile">3A06-01-037.png</Metadata>
1435    <Metadata name="srcicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[srclinkFile]&quot; width=&quot;[ImageWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ImageHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
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1437    <Metadata name="Thumb">3A06-01-037_thumb.png</Metadata>
1438    <Metadata name="thumbicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Thumb]&quot; alt=&quot;[Thumb]&quot; width=&quot;[ThumbWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ThumbHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
1439    <Metadata name="ThumbWidth">67</Metadata>
1440    <Metadata name="ThumbHeight">100</Metadata>
1441    <Metadata name="ScreenType">png</Metadata>
1442    <Metadata name="Screen">3A06-01-037_screen.png</Metadata>
1443    <Metadata name="screenicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Screen]&quot; width=[ScreenWidth] height=[ScreenHeight]&gt;</Metadata>
1444    <Metadata name="ScreenWidth">335</Metadata>
1445    <Metadata name="ScreenHeight">500</Metadata>
1446    <Metadata name="FileFormat">PagedImage</Metadata>
1447  </Description>
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144938. ruatla al a Tapatai brueti: I panel i enei a what aka ana te whakatau a to Poari:- ,. Aal-tono Te Waakatau. (a) Turinui 00 Kaore i whakaeetla (0) lens Kereopa 50 n n (c) Yrs. Dunlop tl (d) Percy Hill 500 tl (e) Trench Turner 600 (f) Pita Morgan 2000 (g) Tiwa King' 350 m m (1) Davis (1) Fraser Ko nga tono a Turinui Tiwa Kingi Percy Hill Trench Turner I runga 1 te whiriwhiri a to Poari e tika ana me waiho me to 'lays Maori e whakahaere, 1 to mea i tenet we not kaore he targata a to Poari het eta tirotiro 1 n.;a ahuatanga o nga whakahaere o nLa take penal. No reira mo tenet net kaore to Poari a uhawha mga tono wont mokete mo to mahi paamu me to Minga whare. (3) I to 9 o tkA haora ka puta mai to riin41. no ;ihain3aroa, whaka, atu mai mo to aitua t to uotuka I take al ki te wai o enei e what eke nei:- rukiri me taus wahine me to rata tamahine me te wahine a Kakharu Kereopa. I puta n,a kupu mihi me to moteatea me tonal aitua a nga mama o to Poari. I runga i to motini a Egapaka Keret Kukutal I tuaruatia al e Raurotl to Hula whakataua ana:- 2e moinga kia whakaputaina to moni e C50 a to Poari het tapir' I to 0 a to :tomiti '-urangawaewae mo
1454  <Description>
1455    <Metadata name="Title">39</Metadata>
1456    <Metadata name="Image">3A06-01-038.png</Metadata>
1457    <Metadata name="Source">3A06-01-038.tif</Metadata>
1458    <Metadata name="SourceFile">3A06-01-038.tif</Metadata>
1459    <Metadata name="FileSize">123545</Metadata>
1460    <Metadata name="ImageType">PNG</Metadata>
1461    <Metadata name="ImageWidth">1862</Metadata>
1462    <Metadata name="ImageHeight">2685</Metadata>
1463    <Metadata name="ImageSize">124KB</Metadata>
1464    <Metadata name="srclink_file">3A06-01-038.png</Metadata>
1465    <Metadata name="srclinkFile">3A06-01-038.png</Metadata>
1466    <Metadata name="srcicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[srclinkFile]&quot; width=&quot;[ImageWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ImageHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
1467    <Metadata name="ThumbType">png</Metadata>
1468    <Metadata name="Thumb">3A06-01-038_thumb.png</Metadata>
1469    <Metadata name="thumbicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Thumb]&quot; alt=&quot;[Thumb]&quot; width=&quot;[ThumbWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ThumbHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
1470    <Metadata name="ThumbWidth">69</Metadata>
1471    <Metadata name="ThumbHeight">100</Metadata>
1472    <Metadata name="ScreenType">png</Metadata>
1473    <Metadata name="Screen">3A06-01-038_screen.png</Metadata>
1474    <Metadata name="screenicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Screen]&quot; width=[ScreenWidth] height=[ScreenHeight]&gt;</Metadata>
1475    <Metadata name="ScreenWidth">347</Metadata>
1476    <Metadata name="ScreenHeight">500</Metadata>
1477    <Metadata name="FileFormat">PagedImage</Metadata>
1478  </Description>
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1480runza I tenet attua o n sa lwi o Talnul, 90 Lana monI me whakaputa ki to Omit' Name o Tainut No te 11 o nga haora I to po ka hikl te hut mo apopo I to 10 a nga haora I to eta. Ti WAARI. I Lana waahl ano. TO MA. 15 o Hune, 1947. T Ko clua mama ono to to 10 1 to ata ka tuhera te hut. Ns Ngapaka Keret Kukutai roa trot. I tono a Te (Ara i ao 1,ianthera kia whakaaetia kia haere ki runts 1 to altua o nanahl. (9) I Tunga 1 to mottni a Pet to HurInul Jones 1 tuaruatia al e haureti to Hula whakataua one :- Me meinga k, nga ton, e awhina I raro i Te Karahipi iatakamaharatanga mo Tumate tahuta a what ake net me whakahahore:- al-tono (a) Andrew Taua Ahlwaru (b) George Kan Apakura (ci Hoy Oita :lay Kga I Tai me Tahinga. (d) Gloria T. May (a) Murray K. May (f) ran Taratu Apakura (g) Loyaa Hinewai Tanglhaere i,aniapoto (h) Jane Smery I runga 1 to whirtwhiri a te Poarl koinel e what ake net nga ahuatanga I puta ace I rot, I now tono awhina no nga Kura:- (1) Ko n;a awhina a to Kawanatanpa cot to puta tonu ki n,;a tamariki me o raton matua. (2) Me nut rawa no,a tono o roto I to taklwa o to Poarl a ko to awhina mo ns,a cure nul (ii School) mo la tamalti e kore e nut kia what tIkanLa al. (3) he tino nut kura nunui (High School) o roto I tenet
1485  <Description>
1486    <Metadata name="Title">40</Metadata>
1487    <Metadata name="Image">3A06-01-039.png</Metadata>
1488    <Metadata name="Source">3A06-01-039.tif</Metadata>
1489    <Metadata name="SourceFile">3A06-01-039.tif</Metadata>
1490    <Metadata name="FileSize">135887</Metadata>
1491    <Metadata name="ImageType">PNG</Metadata>
1492    <Metadata name="ImageWidth">1779</Metadata>
1493    <Metadata name="ImageHeight">2628</Metadata>
1494    <Metadata name="ImageSize">136KB</Metadata>
1495    <Metadata name="srclink_file">3A06-01-039.png</Metadata>
1496    <Metadata name="srclinkFile">3A06-01-039.png</Metadata>
1497    <Metadata name="srcicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[srclinkFile]&quot; width=&quot;[ImageWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ImageHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
1498    <Metadata name="ThumbType">png</Metadata>
1499    <Metadata name="Thumb">3A06-01-039_thumb.png</Metadata>
1500    <Metadata name="thumbicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Thumb]&quot; alt=&quot;[Thumb]&quot; width=&quot;[ThumbWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ThumbHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
1501    <Metadata name="ThumbWidth">68</Metadata>
1502    <Metadata name="ThumbHeight">100</Metadata>
1503    <Metadata name="ScreenType">png</Metadata>
1504    <Metadata name="Screen">3A06-01-039_screen.png</Metadata>
1505    <Metadata name="screenicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Screen]&quot; width=[ScreenWidth] height=[ScreenHeight]&gt;</Metadata>
1506    <Metadata name="ScreenWidth">338</Metadata>
1507    <Metadata name="ScreenHeight">500</Metadata>
1508    <Metadata name="FileFormat">PagedImage</Metadata>
1509  </Description>
1510  <Content>&lt;pre&gt;
151140. taa e testa ana ki nLa o n,a tamar:;:i o Talnui; no pair(' e tika ana kia kaha mate uatua o nga tams, r. kJ to tlaki 1 tc tnha ki to akoranga a a ratou tamarikl. (4) le tika Ire me whakaputn nue awhina no to Akoranga ki nga tameriki o 'taint o haere ana n3a Lino Kura o to Matauranga (Universty). (10) run, I to motini a patai Lrueti I tuaruatia ai a Kakenga Tomonol whakataua ana:- Me meInga to mattn1 a to Marl mo Te Farnhipi maharatanga me Tunate Mahuta (tune 5 o to 1/2/1947) Ida what wake k' run;a ki nga awhina mo te Akoranga lei nga Tina Kura LonLi (Unlveralty) snake; a me 1-saga hou he '):aupapa awhina mo te nut o nga moni moo n38 moa a tlka now awinatla. (11) 7 runon I to motini a (Tata!. -.:eti i tuaruatia 81 a igapaka Korot I-.kutai whakatava ana:- Me meIngs klo tukuna nga mon1 03000 kt. to Poutapeta (a) Post JffIce savings iron: Account 000 (2) tional Savings Account 000 ? 3000 Ka anal mon: no rlto I anal kaute a what ake ne1:- (A) :hare ma Paraworn 500 (2) &quot; &quot; Aotearoa 250 750 (3) Mon1 hei halo whenua 1000 (4) Ahare hakanaharatana lei Torangawaewne. 1000 3350 (12) 1 runga i to motitl a Menare Towhskuralna I tuaruatia ai e Vihare Hata whaketaua ana:- Me mein ;a ko to hut tau tuatah1 o n a Iwt o Tel nut me to Poorl me to ki to Mnrae o Torangawaewae I N7,aruawahla I to 9 a non ra o Dketope, 1947, a me whakaputa to awhina a to PoarI kin '.100 ma taus hut.
1516  <Description>
1517    <Metadata name="Title">41</Metadata>
1518    <Metadata name="Image">3A06-01-040.png</Metadata>
1519    <Metadata name="Source">3A06-01-040.tif</Metadata>
1520    <Metadata name="SourceFile">3A06-01-040.tif</Metadata>
1521    <Metadata name="FileSize">145431</Metadata>
1522    <Metadata name="ImageType">PNG</Metadata>
1523    <Metadata name="ImageWidth">1839</Metadata>
1524    <Metadata name="ImageHeight">2668</Metadata>
1525    <Metadata name="ImageSize">145KB</Metadata>
1526    <Metadata name="srclink_file">3A06-01-040.png</Metadata>
1527    <Metadata name="srclinkFile">3A06-01-040.png</Metadata>
1528    <Metadata name="srcicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[srclinkFile]&quot; width=&quot;[ImageWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ImageHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
1529    <Metadata name="ThumbType">png</Metadata>
1530    <Metadata name="Thumb">3A06-01-040_thumb.png</Metadata>
1531    <Metadata name="thumbicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Thumb]&quot; alt=&quot;[Thumb]&quot; width=&quot;[ThumbWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ThumbHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
1532    <Metadata name="ThumbWidth">69</Metadata>
1533    <Metadata name="ThumbHeight">100</Metadata>
1534    <Metadata name="ScreenType">png</Metadata>
1535    <Metadata name="Screen">3A06-01-040_screen.png</Metadata>
1536    <Metadata name="screenicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Screen]&quot; width=[ScreenWidth] height=[ScreenHeight]&gt;</Metadata>
1537    <Metadata name="ScreenWidth">345</Metadata>
1538    <Metadata name="ScreenHeight">500</Metadata>
1539    <Metadata name="FileFormat">PagedImage</Metadata>
1540  </Description>
1541  <Content>&lt;pre&gt;
154241. (13) I runga 1 te motini a Kakenga Tomonui i tuaruatia al a Hari C. store whakataua arm:- Me neinga ko Temu Te Ejuha Lketone hei Hekeretari mo to Poari 1 run6a i te utu i to will. (14) I run;a 1 to motini a Poi to Hurinul Jonas 1 tuaruatia al e Lapaka Keret Kukutal whakataua IA0 meinga kla whakaputaina to monl 00 het utx mo nga rartAru i to Mohikoninsa me to tuhituhinga i nqa korero tawhitl, / nga whakapapa Me n;s: walata me era atu taon,-,a penal o nga lei o lainui mo dororo Maori Tawhito Tainuln a me whakaara he Runarua o nia Kaumatua Tutuku o to Iwi mo tenet take; ko te Kal-tuhl ko Te Hauhinga Pikia. (15) I runga i to nottni. a Pei to HurInui Jones 1 tuaruatia ai e Kakanga Tomonui whakataua Me meinga kia whakaputaina te monl 0 hot mon' maunza a-ringa ma to Ope o Waikato II aaltara 1 to haringa o ngc mate o Tanga ahuta ki nga lat. o Taranaki. (10) I rurv.,a 1 to motini a Pei to HurInui Janes 1 tuaruatia at e Ngapaka Karol Kukutal whakataua ana:- Go meinga kia whakamana a to Poari to Tiamana ki to whakarite kia ehitia kis noho a-pukapuka nga Beta a Tumate Mahuta 1713 runga 1 to Kereeme o Te Raupatu. (17) I runga 1 to motini a Karena Tamaki 1 tuaruatia e Hari Tetere w,akataua ana:- Me meinga 1. (a) Kla hokana mai o te Poari. He moenza (mattresses) me :ma pera (Pillows). (IJ Ho utauta mo to tunu kat me n7,a pureti me era atu. (Cooking utensils and crockery.) mo Turangawaewae ahare het whakna i nga raruraru 0 nga mama. 2. Kla whakamahia a to Rekeretari kia whakaPala to marae o to &quot;hare o Turangawaewae.
1547  <Description>
1548    <Metadata name="Title">42</Metadata>
1549    <Metadata name="Image">3A06-01-041.png</Metadata>
1550    <Metadata name="Source">3A06-01-041.tif</Metadata>
1551    <Metadata name="SourceFile">3A06-01-041.tif</Metadata>
1552    <Metadata name="FileSize">50167</Metadata>
1553    <Metadata name="ImageType">PNG</Metadata>
1554    <Metadata name="ImageWidth">1797</Metadata>
1555    <Metadata name="ImageHeight">2639</Metadata>
1556    <Metadata name="ImageSize">50.2KB</Metadata>
1557    <Metadata name="srclink_file">3A06-01-041.png</Metadata>
1558    <Metadata name="srclinkFile">3A06-01-041.png</Metadata>
1559    <Metadata name="srcicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[srclinkFile]&quot; width=&quot;[ImageWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ImageHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
1560    <Metadata name="ThumbType">png</Metadata>
1561    <Metadata name="Thumb">3A06-01-041_thumb.png</Metadata>
1562    <Metadata name="thumbicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Thumb]&quot; alt=&quot;[Thumb]&quot; width=&quot;[ThumbWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ThumbHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
1563    <Metadata name="ThumbWidth">68</Metadata>
1564    <Metadata name="ThumbHeight">100</Metadata>
1565    <Metadata name="ScreenType">png</Metadata>
1566    <Metadata name="Screen">3A06-01-041_screen.png</Metadata>
1567    <Metadata name="screenicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Screen]&quot; width=[ScreenWidth] height=[ScreenHeight]&gt;</Metadata>
1568    <Metadata name="ScreenWidth">340</Metadata>
1569    <Metadata name="ScreenHeight">500</Metadata>
1570    <Metadata name="FileFormat">PagedImage</Metadata>
1571  </Description>
1572  <Content>&lt;pre&gt;
157342. (18) I to he korero roa mo te take a Karena Tamaki i korero te P1r1m1a mo te hoomal a te Poarl i teteh1 Tarak1ta (Bulldozer). To whiriwhiri a te Poarl me hiki tenet take kla takoto he ripoata a Karena Tamak1 raua ;co lapata1 Hruetl. Kua whakaaetia ene1 menetl. TIAVAYA.
1578  <Description>
1579    <Metadata name="Title">43</Metadata>
1580    <Metadata name="Image">3A06-01-042.png</Metadata>
1581    <Metadata name="Source">3A06-01-042.tif</Metadata>
1582    <Metadata name="SourceFile">3A06-01-042.tif</Metadata>
1583    <Metadata name="FileSize">121803</Metadata>
1584    <Metadata name="ImageType">PNG</Metadata>
1585    <Metadata name="ImageWidth">1786</Metadata>
1586    <Metadata name="ImageHeight">2635</Metadata>
1587    <Metadata name="ImageSize">122KB</Metadata>
1588    <Metadata name="srclink_file">3A06-01-042.png</Metadata>
1589    <Metadata name="srclinkFile">3A06-01-042.png</Metadata>
1590    <Metadata name="srcicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[srclinkFile]&quot; width=&quot;[ImageWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ImageHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
1591    <Metadata name="ThumbType">png</Metadata>
1592    <Metadata name="Thumb">3A06-01-042_thumb.png</Metadata>
1593    <Metadata name="thumbicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Thumb]&quot; alt=&quot;[Thumb]&quot; width=&quot;[ThumbWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ThumbHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
1594    <Metadata name="ThumbWidth">68</Metadata>
1595    <Metadata name="ThumbHeight">100</Metadata>
1596    <Metadata name="ScreenType">png</Metadata>
1597    <Metadata name="Screen">3A06-01-042_screen.png</Metadata>
1598    <Metadata name="screenicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Screen]&quot; width=[ScreenWidth] height=[ScreenHeight]&gt;</Metadata>
1599    <Metadata name="ScreenWidth">339</Metadata>
1600    <Metadata name="ScreenHeight">500</Metadata>
1601    <Metadata name="FileFormat">PagedImage</Metadata>
1602  </Description>
1603  <Content>&lt;pre&gt;
160443. TE AAMIt Te Tar&quot; a to Poarl, Turangawaewao Whare, NGAPUANAHIA. et, TE RA: 23 o Hune, 1h47. I MIRA: Tapatat Erueti Teputt Tiamana I to Tuuru. N4apaka Keret Kukutai Henare Tuwhakaraina Kakenin Tomonul Te Uira Tuteao ManIhera WIremu Te NE,uka Mketone. flekeretari. INOT: Vga N3apaka Keret Kukutal i whakahua to snot me te karakia. poto. Tapatal Truett: Ka whakaatu te Ttamana o te hui I to putake o to hut. &quot;He whIrtwhIrl I te whakamana o nga rarangl Ingoa o Komitt Taktwa A-tel e tatu mat ki te aroaro o to Poar1.&quot; 1. I runha I to motInt a To tire Tuteao Manihera I tuaruatta e aka Keret Kuutai whakataua ana, Me whakamana to Komitt -akiwa A-Iwt o Taunel-To Hoe. 2. I run/,a I to mount a N3apaka Kora' Ku,utal I tuaruatla e Kakenla Tomonul whakataua aria, Me whakamana te Komitt ta ,Iwa A-iwt o 'Thatawhata. 3. Henare luwhakaralna ka whakaatu I to whakaaro a tana KomIti. Me tuku tetahi want o to ratou moni 21 to Poutapeta takoto al kia what hue at. 4. Te Ulm Tuteao Uanthera ka whakaatu kin taemai rano a le Puea I Tonga katahi ka ott tone KomItl. Ko to hut I mutu 21 n?-,a snot a le Ulm Tuteao Marlhera I to wha o nga heora t te ahlahi. Kua whakaaetla enel menett. TIVANA. / /
1609  <Description>
1610    <Metadata name="Title">44</Metadata>
1611    <Metadata name="Image">3A06-01-043.png</Metadata>
1612    <Metadata name="Source">3A06-01-043.tif</Metadata>
1613    <Metadata name="SourceFile">3A06-01-043.tif</Metadata>
1614    <Metadata name="FileSize">91180</Metadata>
1615    <Metadata name="ImageType">PNG</Metadata>
1616    <Metadata name="ImageWidth">1709</Metadata>
1617    <Metadata name="ImageHeight">2660</Metadata>
1618    <Metadata name="ImageSize">91.2KB</Metadata>
1619    <Metadata name="srclink_file">3A06-01-043.png</Metadata>
1620    <Metadata name="srclinkFile">3A06-01-043.png</Metadata>
1621    <Metadata name="srcicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[srclinkFile]&quot; width=&quot;[ImageWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ImageHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
1622    <Metadata name="ThumbType">png</Metadata>
1623    <Metadata name="Thumb">3A06-01-043_thumb.png</Metadata>
1624    <Metadata name="thumbicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Thumb]&quot; alt=&quot;[Thumb]&quot; width=&quot;[ThumbWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ThumbHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
1625    <Metadata name="ThumbWidth">64</Metadata>
1626    <Metadata name="ThumbHeight">100</Metadata>
1627    <Metadata name="ScreenType">png</Metadata>
1628    <Metadata name="Screen">3A06-01-043_screen.png</Metadata>
1629    <Metadata name="screenicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Screen]&quot; width=[ScreenWidth] height=[ScreenHeight]&gt;</Metadata>
1630    <Metadata name="ScreenWidth">321</Metadata>
1631    <Metadata name="ScreenHeight">500</Metadata>
1632    <Metadata name="FileFormat">PagedImage</Metadata>
1633  </Description>
1634  <Content>&lt;pre&gt;
1635NIA /IE. Eli A TE FJARI 44)1(I KAI-TIAKT 3 -PITKAPUKA 11 1.- Me Idea tango i te Kuhiti 0 au Ti eni Name. 75. 24 o )kctopa, 1946, Alaranij 1633.) Nza Mena o te Pour'. Kai-tiaki ,Astori kua wha,aturia. Panekc, Oketopa, 63 to ian,zai 0 te Inaran:;1 ko to Kamana-Tianara a hurl ana tone a.;akau Kona i whakatu, rare i n a r1ten3a o Lekiona 5 o Le Pure Wnakatau 1 115a Kereeme Maori o WalkatoManiapoto, 19th , I a Pei te :Ii. Jones, VaL menua Kirkwood, lizapaka :ere!. ICtai, :tort :'etere, tor: Pali, Tapetai lu na Aer,opa, Karena Tamaki, Usrl Keremeta, To Beta, Kakena 2omonui, Te Ulm Tnteao I,sn1hera, Honore Tuwhakarelna hei mama mo te Poari Aaitlaki 0 ainul ,e uru-tome 141 o ratau tuunLa CIS 1 to 21 o n a re a ,otopa, rho te Tuha ki to Minita Maori.
1640  <Description>
1641    <Metadata name="Title">45</Metadata>
1642    <Metadata name="Image">3A06-01-044.png</Metadata>
1643    <Metadata name="Source">3A06-01-044.tif</Metadata>
1644    <Metadata name="SourceFile">3A06-01-044.tif</Metadata>
1645    <Metadata name="FileSize">109048</Metadata>
1646    <Metadata name="ImageType">PNG</Metadata>
1647    <Metadata name="ImageWidth">1729</Metadata>
1648    <Metadata name="ImageHeight">2673</Metadata>
1649    <Metadata name="ImageSize">109KB</Metadata>
1650    <Metadata name="srclink_file">3A06-01-044.png</Metadata>
1651    <Metadata name="srclinkFile">3A06-01-044.png</Metadata>
1652    <Metadata name="srcicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[srclinkFile]&quot; width=&quot;[ImageWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ImageHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
1653    <Metadata name="ThumbType">png</Metadata>
1654    <Metadata name="Thumb">3A06-01-044_thumb.png</Metadata>
1655    <Metadata name="thumbicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Thumb]&quot; alt=&quot;[Thumb]&quot; width=&quot;[ThumbWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ThumbHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
1656    <Metadata name="ThumbWidth">65</Metadata>
1657    <Metadata name="ThumbHeight">100</Metadata>
1658    <Metadata name="ScreenType">png</Metadata>
1659    <Metadata name="Screen">3A06-01-044_screen.png</Metadata>
1660    <Metadata name="screenicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Screen]&quot; width=[ScreenWidth] height=[ScreenHeight]&gt;</Metadata>
1661    <Metadata name="ScreenWidth">323</Metadata>
1662    <Metadata name="ScreenHeight">500</Metadata>
1663    <Metadata name="FileFormat">PagedImage</Metadata>
1664  </Description>
1665  <Content>&lt;pre&gt;
1666-1- Te ,uarl: &quot;Mahlrar.,nzi&quot; Te Hal Ko te te 4 o Loema, 1946 I to 10 o rip) haora 1 to ata. I Taemal ko: Hilnii Koroki. :A POAkr. Pei Le 'Iurinui Jones, il?.,apaxa Karel Kukutni, dauwnenua iirkwood, Tapaial L; ueti, ;tenure Tuabatarainu, Turaro. Korona, Harena Ta,.X1, Hari K.,reneta, Te tire Tuteao Ma.,1h,ra, Horl Pal, wharo Leta, Uori Teter?, Tapatal arueti, Inol: Ngapaka Karol 4kutai i whakahaa to inoi te Icara poto. io tuna reranc,1: to Xahore he whaka-kitenga Ka mato to Iwi&quot;. Pei to Eurinul lance; (Nana rut 1 karanp,a to hut). Ha whakahua 1 to mihi ,0 io Katahi ko whakamar poto mo 'ma take o to huii To 2utunza 0 ara :torero X. ,ca: lie ra nut lino tenet t3 o tatou Ko to -line msi i a tat u tupuna torei kua tutu,1 I tenet wa ,01 4e1 to kohlkoLI to #inengaro 1 n6a anuatadga o n6u tau ki :curt. He nea tike hoki kia puts hereo whakanu's ma ratou 1 maringl net n6, toto ueo te whenun o nga tupurn. Taet'ai hoki kl to In 011 i w11,0anua 0 to :taut Pare; kis Te :.:ate ( Tint/ Te a la inaianoi) 0 taco maramA ki t a t apaii te tithe ki 0 tatou
1671  <Description>
1672    <Metadata name="Title">46</Metadata>
1673    <Metadata name="Image">3A06-01-045.png</Metadata>
1674    <Metadata name="Source">3A06-01-045.tif</Metadata>
1675    <Metadata name="SourceFile">3A06-01-045.tif</Metadata>
1676    <Metadata name="FileSize">106094</Metadata>
1677    <Metadata name="ImageType">PNG</Metadata>
1678    <Metadata name="ImageWidth">1664</Metadata>
1679    <Metadata name="ImageHeight">2631</Metadata>
1680    <Metadata name="ImageSize">106KB</Metadata>
1681    <Metadata name="srclink_file">3A06-01-045.png</Metadata>
1682    <Metadata name="srclinkFile">3A06-01-045.png</Metadata>
1683    <Metadata name="srcicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[srclinkFile]&quot; width=&quot;[ImageWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ImageHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
1684    <Metadata name="ThumbType">png</Metadata>
1685    <Metadata name="Thumb">3A06-01-045_thumb.png</Metadata>
1686    <Metadata name="thumbicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Thumb]&quot; alt=&quot;[Thumb]&quot; width=&quot;[ThumbWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ThumbHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
1687    <Metadata name="ThumbWidth">63</Metadata>
1688    <Metadata name="ThumbHeight">100</Metadata>
1689    <Metadata name="ScreenType">png</Metadata>
1690    <Metadata name="Screen">3A06-01-045_screen.png</Metadata>
1691    <Metadata name="screenicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Screen]&quot; width=[ScreenWidth] height=[ScreenHeight]&gt;</Metadata>
1692    <Metadata name="ScreenWidth">316</Metadata>
1693    <Metadata name="ScreenHeight">500</Metadata>
1694    <Metadata name="FileFormat">PagedImage</Metadata>
1695  </Description>
1696  <Content>&lt;pre&gt;
1697-la- 1w1 ; kia Tiati Taliimi me ona Hoa o to Roam Komihana ; 1926-128, no nga Whenua Raupatu ; me to l'ionore V,rnon Reed ne Airemu Pupa kla Tunit;e Liahuta hoki i nula e tatou no to kia to Kawnnatana me to Pnremata o Diu Tireni ki to Rolti Uonore Pita Poreiha1 tuna tuun;a. No te tana 11 te haori no to ,arama al o tona whaka kaupapa atu ki te Par mata 1 :17,a korai, o nuri mo to Kereeme Raupatu o 4aikato; ki to flunore R Melhana ilinita Maori mo to pal o rks;a wha,ahaexen;:a ana ki rk;s1 Aangai o nga iwi ifrga ritenz;a katoa 1 tae ai tonal take kl tona ti no tutukitarva , a 1 tu al hoki to Poari Kaitiaki o Tainul. I tu katoa hold etehi o rva mema o te Poari ki te whakahua kupu poto kl te hul a hi to whnkaputa hoki i te miht kis. Hilngl Korokl. Ara koinei r!.to'., 1 tu:- lia,wnenua Kirkwood: Re mini ki te Ktinpi. Ho toku hiahla ko tatou kaumatua In Root., me taemai ki tenet hui tustahi a te Poari. Ko toku txt,anako cia mahla mahi a te Ponrl 1 runt;a i to rangimarle. -e wilakahua ano hokl te in oa 0 otohlko no ana ,ahi t rumga i tona true a Hekeretari mo to delta Maorl. Rena re iuwhakaraina: He mihi te Ki1n;i.
1702  <Description>
1703    <Metadata name="Title">47</Metadata>
1704    <Metadata name="Image">3A06-01-046.png</Metadata>
1705    <Metadata name="Source">3A06-01-046.tif</Metadata>
1706    <Metadata name="SourceFile">3A06-01-046.tif</Metadata>
1707    <Metadata name="FileSize">142138</Metadata>
1708    <Metadata name="ImageType">PNG</Metadata>
1709    <Metadata name="ImageWidth">1683</Metadata>
1710    <Metadata name="ImageHeight">2642</Metadata>
1711    <Metadata name="ImageSize">142KB</Metadata>
1712    <Metadata name="srclink_file">3A06-01-046.png</Metadata>
1713    <Metadata name="srclinkFile">3A06-01-046.png</Metadata>
1714    <Metadata name="srcicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[srclinkFile]&quot; width=&quot;[ImageWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ImageHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
1715    <Metadata name="ThumbType">png</Metadata>
1716    <Metadata name="Thumb">3A06-01-046_thumb.png</Metadata>
1717    <Metadata name="thumbicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Thumb]&quot; alt=&quot;[Thumb]&quot; width=&quot;[ThumbWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ThumbHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
1718    <Metadata name="ThumbWidth">64</Metadata>
1719    <Metadata name="ThumbHeight">100</Metadata>
1720    <Metadata name="ScreenType">png</Metadata>
1721    <Metadata name="Screen">3A06-01-046_screen.png</Metadata>
1722    <Metadata name="screenicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Screen]&quot; width=[ScreenWidth] height=[ScreenHeight]&gt;</Metadata>
1723    <Metadata name="ScreenWidth">319</Metadata>
1724    <Metadata name="ScreenHeight">500</Metadata>
1725    <Metadata name="FileFormat">PagedImage</Metadata>
1726  </Description>
1727  <Content>&lt;pre&gt;
1728Lino twnanako are ahau kla rahia e tatou 'to n, 11 ,ani pono tika linake , kia 'tore hoki ho njAkau mauahara. l'ura Kereopa: he mihi kt Le ,hakaao one ahau kl to ',torero a 'auw enua kla tonoa atu to tatou kau,atua Room,. :te tanoita tautoko tenet I a tatou no rukA 1 teet take; i Lino awnlna hoU la 1 n Tto. L.,noatta Karol Ht,Ltal: he mihi te I te taen,a,al o tatou Aril rue rite ahuatan,a katoa kl o tatou tupuna tee utu HI to tatou kaumatua kl, Loon:, to hokt to to eretansa tapu; o na T,a katau. ,.,.are rota; 101 to mihi ahau rot Latou t whakanuia 1 tenet ',u1 tut,. tahi I taenLa tatou Art ,1 o to Kit. /.olnei ra,a te waahl nut o tang tu. Kavena Tamaki:= Nei to mihl hoki ahau i a tatou ihl. to haora JA one taon3a Hue oti ',to mai te tuari. : to matt ko nga toto enel o n a tupuna, a te Kiln,l, tie AOU nut to taea i tenet ra. Katt-611 Insta,el as ma ro te /sore a to waka net. art ,ere iota: Het to mihi anau kis tato, Hue Akanula net a to I to ea konol to Kiln). nitet pal na ahuatanea katoa. Kaken,;, iomonul: mihi au i a tutu midi. I to tree el :onei naua ko taku tdna (ko lapatal) ',el to pal noalho to terra 'Hi to tatou kauratua kta Bore. nortore: a mibi are anau ti to Kiln n';a mema o te Pparl. ora ,na tOku tr,;okau mo to tatou karn,la timata 1 a tatou w',aka- hacro. atawhaitta tatou inalanol a ahu ake net. Tapatai; L;rueti: E mlhl aria hoki ahau ora ana to rrpi,- kau ,o a k,utou ml/Li Hi to tatou kaumatua (kla honre). Te Kauhau a te Kiinl. &quot;Kia ore ano aka tupunai mlhi atu aria hoki aLau ,la kol; katoa Hi t?,a marvel o to lot. Fats :ewe loalanel to a ta. 11e,31 an; tona mea Ito to waka kla pal to u mai ki uta. 'Ao koutou to tauran.;a AO to ,aka taon,a nel.
1733  <Description>
1734    <Metadata name="Title">48</Metadata>
1735    <Metadata name="Image">3A06-01-047.png</Metadata>
1736    <Metadata name="Source">3A06-01-047.tif</Metadata>
1737    <Metadata name="SourceFile">3A06-01-047.tif</Metadata>
1738    <Metadata name="FileSize">128834</Metadata>
1739    <Metadata name="ImageType">PNG</Metadata>
1740    <Metadata name="ImageWidth">1696</Metadata>
1741    <Metadata name="ImageHeight">2653</Metadata>
1742    <Metadata name="ImageSize">129KB</Metadata>
1743    <Metadata name="srclink_file">3A06-01-047.png</Metadata>
1744    <Metadata name="srclinkFile">3A06-01-047.png</Metadata>
1745    <Metadata name="srcicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[srclinkFile]&quot; width=&quot;[ImageWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ImageHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
1746    <Metadata name="ThumbType">png</Metadata>
1747    <Metadata name="Thumb">3A06-01-047_thumb.png</Metadata>
1748    <Metadata name="thumbicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Thumb]&quot; alt=&quot;[Thumb]&quot; width=&quot;[ThumbWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ThumbHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
1749    <Metadata name="ThumbWidth">64</Metadata>
1750    <Metadata name="ThumbHeight">100</Metadata>
1751    <Metadata name="ScreenType">png</Metadata>
1752    <Metadata name="Screen">3A06-01-047_screen.png</Metadata>
1753    <Metadata name="screenicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Screen]&quot; width=[ScreenWidth] height=[ScreenHeight]&gt;</Metadata>
1754    <Metadata name="ScreenWidth">320</Metadata>
1755    <Metadata name="ScreenHeight">500</Metadata>
1756    <Metadata name="FileFormat">PagedImage</Metadata>
1757  </Description>
1758  <Content>&lt;pre&gt;
1759-3- Ao, i7 taxt: kororo torol. nokl ohnu '41 te Kawanatan,Lar ) '71 te Pare,ata n3a twi 1 to me. r.)s lea a pakanatia aria ; not ka tau to poehu ka :7t to niain,atAtk. As a koutou zorcro atoa. t: ra nut tenel rl to tat. Car. nal cc tika to 17:.rer t. Ea 1 01.; 21a Cal. rile pakarl. 31a tikal Caere Le rar,7nr1e. lioea to el 1 I to nut,r, n a tuna zaUnal. puta a Korokl. 'st. wa7o. 1. :-,aunys ke 1a 1. tuarua: 8 -PI:, y:-.11,aturt4 J ei ila.:ana o to '.sari. attic cl o '.'ain 1. I kaore ntu to1ohi 1 wha'ain7,3atl, ake ka tua o tans motint 21 te hut a tiqakaael lie ana e te katoa. Fa noho. a :.'e1 te Ibuelnut Jones ki to Yuuru (1 te 11 haora 1 to eta). Te /:anul Lte P. 221, 3ctober, 19-16. (21 te ;atoo o 11,.,a 'loran If )0, Poarl aor 1 a ialnul. (3 to Sanoatuj.--- Kua ott to a :k ra Lunt. J to ar', a ko koe to to211. 'Torero Met 'aria :ua ati te tuun,f-,a too te hvl tuntab1 o ee Poari :.o to Pet o Turar. awaewae 1 1(.7,nruatahla. Co to ra het taen6a ko to tapu 1 te 3 Loema, 1946. No te but a te Poapl ket te aor.,za s're 1 to 10 haora 1 te eta o le one. No to 're hata:.1 kr a T)Toro rllhhtt i acts wntoa pro n ,a take 7 e :.ane Ao n ta'ce o te luatnhil Ile whsituatu i to :&quot;Ianana no to koari. luarua wl,atu 1 te Hekeretart. 1u111LE He whnKarlte Tao to ka,te :tons 1 te Peeke.
1764  <Description>
1765    <Metadata name="Title">49</Metadata>
1766    <Metadata name="Image">3A06-01-048.png</Metadata>
1767    <Metadata name="Source">3A06-01-048.tif</Metadata>
1768    <Metadata name="SourceFile">3A06-01-048.tif</Metadata>
1769    <Metadata name="FileSize">133357</Metadata>
1770    <Metadata name="ImageType">PNG</Metadata>
1771    <Metadata name="ImageWidth">1695</Metadata>
1772    <Metadata name="ImageHeight">2641</Metadata>
1773    <Metadata name="ImageSize">133KB</Metadata>
1774    <Metadata name="srclink_file">3A06-01-048.png</Metadata>
1775    <Metadata name="srclinkFile">3A06-01-048.png</Metadata>
1776    <Metadata name="srcicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[srclinkFile]&quot; width=&quot;[ImageWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ImageHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
1777    <Metadata name="ThumbType">png</Metadata>
1778    <Metadata name="Thumb">3A06-01-048_thumb.png</Metadata>
1779    <Metadata name="thumbicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Thumb]&quot; alt=&quot;[Thumb]&quot; width=&quot;[ThumbWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ThumbHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
1780    <Metadata name="ThumbWidth">64</Metadata>
1781    <Metadata name="ThumbHeight">100</Metadata>
1782    <Metadata name="ScreenType">png</Metadata>
1783    <Metadata name="Screen">3A06-01-048_screen.png</Metadata>
1784    <Metadata name="screenicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Screen]&quot; width=[ScreenWidth] height=[ScreenHeight]&gt;</Metadata>
1785    <Metadata name="ScreenWidth">321</Metadata>
1786    <Metadata name="ScreenHeight">500</Metadata>
1787    <Metadata name="FileFormat">PagedImage</Metadata>
1788  </Description>
1789  <Content>&lt;pre&gt;
1790-4- U. ehua a to Poari '.'et.,4,r I eta take- wbut. fleOl net. ru, ti tu a io ttrinui hi Le c,1111 hi to a te ',ea nano. i tuar,a ena 3 t. anaroI Uk.:A;nEL at net. 1 to tile Luun.;.a a lu 1(Chilila ri a.,ri ?:11 tIfA,:i ; ; , ic ju te tar, 1 te teunEn inllt 0 :L':11THA Kw-122P\_ hei 'eexeretari nlo tc Panri rua n tona tuor-a ttnata at, te 4 n ,. ra :o :'arc 2ta ntUi10E1 crin U. ot sI te a Ita C130 :aactie c tr. a as. Tukc wnho 3 ta but 1 to en C kore'.1c anc. no tenoi 1-1. :La to., a :ea :crorotla atu e' hatau a Le kaari, ca mitt nUl 33cj tare V.:Te kn wh,(apau one aha to t ire n a e ann ;:ntaa aa I. a la (1. tuna turnanaka, 13.:a , : ra!,;:a 1 eta r.:c 1 te z,on aa tatict a:. e re Rota ,nel,eLnua Etna' yaeim;a cite wha,aturls r: eitt I:.ecui. rao Le Pan ri 4. t rt a i to riiritiri a 11,.apaka :utsi t-\_karuatla al a tjulUH tictw C wha,atata an, meint,a tie tunic riga menet' n nir,a 0 a Le to rea,.!aorl, f1. ',nra t 1c ,ottn:.0 te J)ros, tziaruatia al. e 4r1F1 r;ie irt,;a Ida te what;a7k0aoata:,.iia r enat\_ a te -.3to 4,aikane;a Ola utct to hu: to kal a te
1795  <Description>
1796    <Metadata name="Title">50</Metadata>
1797    <Metadata name="Image">3A06-01-049.png</Metadata>
1798    <Metadata name="Source">3A06-01-049.tif</Metadata>
1799    <Metadata name="SourceFile">3A06-01-049.tif</Metadata>
1800    <Metadata name="FileSize">159029</Metadata>
1801    <Metadata name="ImageType">PNG</Metadata>
1802    <Metadata name="ImageWidth">1721</Metadata>
1803    <Metadata name="ImageHeight">2666</Metadata>
1804    <Metadata name="ImageSize">159KB</Metadata>
1805    <Metadata name="srclink_file">3A06-01-049.png</Metadata>
1806    <Metadata name="srclinkFile">3A06-01-049.png</Metadata>
1807    <Metadata name="srcicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[srclinkFile]&quot; width=&quot;[ImageWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ImageHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
1808    <Metadata name="ThumbType">png</Metadata>
1809    <Metadata name="Thumb">3A06-01-049_thumb.png</Metadata>
1810    <Metadata name="thumbicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Thumb]&quot; alt=&quot;[Thumb]&quot; width=&quot;[ThumbWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ThumbHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
1811    <Metadata name="ThumbWidth">65</Metadata>
1812    <Metadata name="ThumbHeight">100</Metadata>
1813    <Metadata name="ScreenType">png</Metadata>
1814    <Metadata name="Screen">3A06-01-049_screen.png</Metadata>
1815    <Metadata name="screenicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Screen]&quot; width=[ScreenWidth] height=[ScreenHeight]&gt;</Metadata>
1816    <Metadata name="ScreenWidth">323</Metadata>
1817    <Metadata name="ScreenHeight">500</Metadata>
1818    <Metadata name="FileFormat">PagedImage</Metadata>
1819  </Description>
1820  <Content>&lt;pre&gt;
1821XL haere ano to hul i to 221,a haors1 te 7+ :Jeahlt let retry an.). lralra aua recur ana o to Poer1. I tnemal hoxl a loore arveti ,to katc,atua no to tot) Janes ( nekeretari iehe j to Anita :.:aarl). a to ioala c: 1 who caputa atu mO to taha ki to Poar1 ne,a mihi eta aaare, to :Au hoki 1 ty,a weln,an,1 ma Uon6lhon i tapara kum ne at, n3I a a Ito rsun n kaumatna to ui 1 te,to. I a ,:ate :nhuta 1 ruh6a I ans mo Le Ke'ae a ft1RetO ':n to haoha u ,.1 nja Kawanatmna. 1 7,uta atu hokl e kia Rot14o AO to wha:,aharc,n a to :!ana kt o to Plart e:,:ars to the al o Patohtko re 2,.,3 1 te tuna a 1 rat? 1 r iwi engari an le no le Irita -aori, a tera bet a IL ctelt ma amatan,a AO ren4 i rYs ahuatunga hal awhIne I N\_A terta 1 tenet 'fad tustnhi o to Pomri. Raore k;ructi: I to to wha,stAu. 14. mi.,: hahonu to nulnca o n.;a kaumat, i3a Wehe eta te ANIO; a 1 ehs.,SPutsloS kl a la to tn.;oa n ikonth):21 4apara, 1 haere taht rel a is I a ':leAnte 1 ours mat 3 to t4e ',al 1 to 117 I 1 tonal re, aria int butt to Tia,mna 0 run :a I ana is: re ',area,. a 'ealkata rata 1 i s tau h to ,Iht hokt la ki a 4otohlka ro to ,ah, ki tesitmennatana. tana w'A,aaro iha 1 te a net icatahi 1,e n r pawara Li I re 1 1 :aid a etahl i nahl nut net te aral hare,a e te Karanatan6a tctehl wkaatIn :a utu to mar', ta ratoe hoki te korern rot na:- &quot;I rlro wnenua; hokl whetua hota4o te ratou tuun;a het ,e,r. to Puri. I i.,Trotia. hotel Q la etel o :1 uaua 1 hurl atu :01 a la t rrn o i tons tna IW,erctsrl. I auta 1 a is te ora tuna :xau I tans -. 1 ems1 kt te hut 1 te at, nei, e ,ra IR tc as to :717r1 H te VaRri. &quot;B wntea anu allau to ateal naraYatan.:a ki to Poari a et to whirlwhIri tall hoki z n rungs i nra rukerelhaaa e anEa Si et arahl I )1,/, a,ahaere a to Paeri. tc
1826  <Description>
1827    <Metadata name="Title">51</Metadata>
1828    <Metadata name="Image">3A06-01-050.png</Metadata>
1829    <Metadata name="Source">3A06-01-050.tif</Metadata>
1830    <Metadata name="SourceFile">3A06-01-050.tif</Metadata>
1831    <Metadata name="FileSize">138254</Metadata>
1832    <Metadata name="ImageType">PNG</Metadata>
1833    <Metadata name="ImageWidth">1708</Metadata>
1834    <Metadata name="ImageHeight">2656</Metadata>
1835    <Metadata name="ImageSize">138KB</Metadata>
1836    <Metadata name="srclink_file">3A06-01-050.png</Metadata>
1837    <Metadata name="srclinkFile">3A06-01-050.png</Metadata>
1838    <Metadata name="srcicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[srclinkFile]&quot; width=&quot;[ImageWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ImageHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
1839    <Metadata name="ThumbType">png</Metadata>
1840    <Metadata name="Thumb">3A06-01-050_thumb.png</Metadata>
1841    <Metadata name="thumbicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Thumb]&quot; alt=&quot;[Thumb]&quot; width=&quot;[ThumbWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ThumbHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
1842    <Metadata name="ThumbWidth">64</Metadata>
1843    <Metadata name="ThumbHeight">100</Metadata>
1844    <Metadata name="ScreenType">png</Metadata>
1845    <Metadata name="Screen">3A06-01-050_screen.png</Metadata>
1846    <Metadata name="screenicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Screen]&quot; width=[ScreenWidth] height=[ScreenHeight]&gt;</Metadata>
1847    <Metadata name="ScreenWidth">322</Metadata>
1848    <Metadata name="ScreenHeight">500</Metadata>
1849    <Metadata name="FileFormat">PagedImage</Metadata>
1850  </Description>
1851  <Content>&lt;pre&gt;
1852wil. mil La a ta., itte Ahl. a to ntta tara tClanalt: lw 1. Fan: 1-;t: :Joa eapai katoa,&quot; fa aia 1,. pwro. (I k ):hai :ta abakaaria ma to w ;a tes ra LoPasri &quot;.al-ti1 a'L'ellaal e1 r-1 tha a ratau. us t'tl te tel 11,1 I. rer-.L. 1 Le pukaptica a taus waa'Aniaatatara a:.arara s uke rx1:- to I ,Inatia) t ta'hvatani7a r, ' &quot;ant:;1 a :arm.) tie ' lat i F. Eutirr Ja, :a 1 tearltaLla al Nga':6 aaari atava ' 1a ta : 7. nalwatona a te Lao La Paari. :marl Lind, :ca tenet e ta;Maturia roan 'a 1 teneL ruIlLa matl/t1 a PeI to Jac-:s I t+Jaruatia al a To at.1 wilatatava ant a meit;a Ica to Start a te a :at rot.,) 1 te wLare e a3jtiotjS ot a.&quot;Turansra-waewaen to. to 1. :uarahi a alpa Awt, 1 littenel we wbaaturIa a tchae I /tat ,hika J ,r lhat;, a te 1001 (.1Ltp:. Loala w.-.ara) a wlaOnnatt ana I to Taw. Raa, a ca bat-,: a aa roe te ataaIriOhere 1 r.,a a-Iwl I rata I :oho a w.,enua I raa. ' tiro mr,a Le 7, a 1,1 1 va :o. La I to iiaupatu ro a tia/ra ranr.:atutia, 1 I to .h. ozr r a. :4,10 001 tone:. wa :a to nalle 'nacre a t 1-)ho 3 11 ratJa tupuna, a :he ache iiahi it a mea he a 1&quot;,:k 1111 i te kel Kaa, me ehi alt waahl. No te auturta a ';
1857  <Description>
1858    <Metadata name="Title">52</Metadata>
1859    <Metadata name="Image">3A06-01-051.png</Metadata>
1860    <Metadata name="Source">3A06-01-051.tif</Metadata>
1861    <Metadata name="SourceFile">3A06-01-051.tif</Metadata>
1862    <Metadata name="FileSize">116455</Metadata>
1863    <Metadata name="ImageType">PNG</Metadata>
1864    <Metadata name="ImageWidth">1719</Metadata>
1865    <Metadata name="ImageHeight">2665</Metadata>
1866    <Metadata name="ImageSize">116KB</Metadata>
1867    <Metadata name="srclink_file">3A06-01-051.png</Metadata>
1868    <Metadata name="srclinkFile">3A06-01-051.png</Metadata>
1869    <Metadata name="srcicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[srclinkFile]&quot; width=&quot;[ImageWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ImageHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
1870    <Metadata name="ThumbType">png</Metadata>
1871    <Metadata name="Thumb">3A06-01-051_thumb.png</Metadata>
1872    <Metadata name="thumbicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Thumb]&quot; alt=&quot;[Thumb]&quot; width=&quot;[ThumbWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ThumbHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
1873    <Metadata name="ThumbWidth">65</Metadata>
1874    <Metadata name="ThumbHeight">100</Metadata>
1875    <Metadata name="ScreenType">png</Metadata>
1876    <Metadata name="Screen">3A06-01-051_screen.png</Metadata>
1877    <Metadata name="screenicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Screen]&quot; width=[ScreenWidth] height=[ScreenHeight]&gt;</Metadata>
1878    <Metadata name="ScreenWidth">323</Metadata>
1879    <Metadata name="ScreenHeight">500</Metadata>
1880    <Metadata name="FileFormat">PagedImage</Metadata>
1881  </Description>
1882  <Content>&lt;pre&gt;
1883-7- ri karoro ka whalm'Kan la te o what a'ke net. I rtr. I. to out, ni a rel. te Janes, 1 tueruotta al -nrel ,12.,.74: tam ana :La rie inAa 30 eoa 3 to 'oar!. e -au nel aou In,;aa e n. aa La f1,va -t Le via 1 whakainoatia I pato I to ',zet 3 SA K1., Anal e :au le not T., f:&quot;.2 L.:, 1. L. 1 te ean.,-;al ratou no nAa no e wtakaaturla net I rato le uaz , 1. ,La :2 u Apitt. Ka \_Le '.ene luatahl '(41.,TULluarua. La Le Apori. 1 ekulni,18 el, (le kinc,25. Maori no na (N;,a o n.;a en T Iw)., n a 2tapu). 1. to turInel lena1 A1 I. tot,: el, :tat. .oat,!. TIpa. eua) It;ot I tru. liaucrazu al. tel. tia +.71aoho 23neriki. -3 taus 2&quot;2a an, 101 013. (iroa) ,airnra (.) VJua 0WIR ara (.ianulca) e 0,.a,:te1x1) /. rlPa2A Kakentia '23raan. noc- Te.(etisTe 11'e,.tal. at I 'aarattkILL',i. 2.; ;:t1 (ALilanba ki Le (!3,uraeo) ka L2. onaxkla 11: tt 4ran,;1 a1.
1888  <Description>
1889    <Metadata name="Title">53</Metadata>
1890    <Metadata name="Image">3A06-01-052.png</Metadata>
1891    <Metadata name="Source">3A06-01-052.tif</Metadata>
1892    <Metadata name="SourceFile">3A06-01-052.tif</Metadata>
1893    <Metadata name="FileSize">117106</Metadata>
1894    <Metadata name="ImageType">PNG</Metadata>
1895    <Metadata name="ImageWidth">1730</Metadata>
1896    <Metadata name="ImageHeight">2669</Metadata>
1897    <Metadata name="ImageSize">117KB</Metadata>
1898    <Metadata name="srclink_file">3A06-01-052.png</Metadata>
1899    <Metadata name="srclinkFile">3A06-01-052.png</Metadata>
1900    <Metadata name="srcicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[srclinkFile]&quot; width=&quot;[ImageWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ImageHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
1901    <Metadata name="ThumbType">png</Metadata>
1902    <Metadata name="Thumb">3A06-01-052_thumb.png</Metadata>
1903    <Metadata name="thumbicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Thumb]&quot; alt=&quot;[Thumb]&quot; width=&quot;[ThumbWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ThumbHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
1904    <Metadata name="ThumbWidth">65</Metadata>
1905    <Metadata name="ThumbHeight">100</Metadata>
1906    <Metadata name="ScreenType">png</Metadata>
1907    <Metadata name="Screen">3A06-01-052_screen.png</Metadata>
1908    <Metadata name="screenicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Screen]&quot; width=[ScreenWidth] height=[ScreenHeight]&gt;</Metadata>
1909    <Metadata name="ScreenWidth">324</Metadata>
1910    <Metadata name="ScreenHeight">500</Metadata>
1911    <Metadata name="FileFormat">PagedImage</Metadata>
1912  </Description>
1913  <Content>&lt;pre&gt;
1914-8- ' Kupti kilt (1. hoarse. Atu) rarani luatah1. haren1 1 ;ti 'revere (PL.,:emorore) 1G. To Ulra Tuteao wanIncra. tv,t1,ahuta (,an a 1,1 te Toti:;a) (TurhnLa-waewael 11. Tur,n a Kereopa. (Tainui) TaN1,1. 12. yapateLinEt4 :.ahkalLe avitata) 16. tCakna\_Tlikl kfakura 1,. Enr1 t'sePemeta (Ira,era) Te Aorooko (1,.0111) eta. IL orkj ( ,tur,:t1) Naukawa-x1-Panoha,ua. 9. T rungs I to motIni n aL to Olncs tuar,atia at e ;'pekka 6eroi Kukutal, wIlakateua ana to mei:, a eta whakapuartr,la xhakahverea hokl he kaute monl ma to PonrI ari -61-t :1 ) te Pecke o T1,en1 I luawla. 1(.?.,-0,;a 1 to aOti1 : hare L;ti wkakataue (1) ,e -2oInga era le Ilaxans la. I. at, 1. to lekeret,r1 totej ranni a ta mewa o te roctr1 :ai-t111 =alnuL (A muri a;:v n,1 Lunlna al ko fit, Toar1&quot;) c ne n5n,oti I rar) atre nel TapatnI Iruoti I4Lapaa Karel Kukutal oretare 1'e tIre Tutees itort P,k!
1919  <Description>
1920    <Metadata name="Title">54</Metadata>
1921    <Metadata name="Image">3A06-01-053.png</Metadata>
1922    <Metadata name="Source">3A06-01-053.tif</Metadata>
1923    <Metadata name="SourceFile">3A06-01-053.tif</Metadata>
1924    <Metadata name="FileSize">160018</Metadata>
1925    <Metadata name="ImageType">PNG</Metadata>
1926    <Metadata name="ImageWidth">1736</Metadata>
1927    <Metadata name="ImageHeight">2679</Metadata>
1928    <Metadata name="ImageSize">160KB</Metadata>
1929    <Metadata name="srclink_file">3A06-01-053.png</Metadata>
1930    <Metadata name="srclinkFile">3A06-01-053.png</Metadata>
1931    <Metadata name="srcicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[srclinkFile]&quot; width=&quot;[ImageWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ImageHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
1932    <Metadata name="ThumbType">png</Metadata>
1933    <Metadata name="Thumb">3A06-01-053_thumb.png</Metadata>
1934    <Metadata name="thumbicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Thumb]&quot; alt=&quot;[Thumb]&quot; width=&quot;[ThumbWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ThumbHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
1935    <Metadata name="ThumbWidth">65</Metadata>
1936    <Metadata name="ThumbHeight">100</Metadata>
1937    <Metadata name="ScreenType">png</Metadata>
1938    <Metadata name="Screen">3A06-01-053_screen.png</Metadata>
1939    <Metadata name="screenicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Screen]&quot; width=[ScreenWidth] height=[ScreenHeight]&gt;</Metadata>
1940    <Metadata name="ScreenWidth">324</Metadata>
1941    <Metadata name="ScreenHeight">500</Metadata>
1942    <Metadata name="FileFormat">PagedImage</Metadata>
1943  </Description>
1944  <Content>&lt;pre&gt;
1945-9? Kokenge Tomonui. Jtu tenet ku eh,k,turio hoi uhakahaere i to saute to eoori e tekoto ant: t te Peeke , Aiu Tlreni ki Ngorualoohia ko to Peeke me wh,kahau situ kin ,41,k,ian, kin tao0 ho,-,1 i rote 1 tau, kento eru mon' io to k,toa o nga Tiaki e tuhi, me te kotea c nga o nga Pire Wtakuuhiti Kona o nga Puhapuko Outiungo Aoni ranoi o whukauetia e Kongo ranei e ratou mo to taha ki to Porn ahakoo to e thaku i rote 1 taua kaute he toenga re snl ano e noho nom, ono rancl. We meingo te Hokezuri Kin ,hrinou, ko to ao kin tuhera ai nga Tiaki, nga Pukoouka TuKu oal mai, ng, Pire ,ihakawhiti nga Pukepukc. Oatitonge Mont no onkartiku tuhituhinga no to telie ki to P,ari. II. I raw,', i to notiai Peitzr Hor,.00 Joao,: 1 tuaria hi o Ttpotai 2rneti Nhh,iitt,ua ,nao /e ticinga i range i te lc, Ito ita n T,inui e uhaka- -ingooti, nei 1 roil i to Tune c Lino hokonu 6n, to pin pono ki te k,un,p Aoroki a =col rOe ho,:t ratou e oupwi to o.,), no to tuna ki Le Tahiti tioni o te Ruupnto ki,. horata he kruL, vhakaputaiaa tetehi wahRngo e :qtr. o ,oai toutoko hei i age ritenge o Kiir0 Koroti ki tona tuunca no one ahuatango. I konei tc Po r to,va 1 ge. rit,!'a nu to utu ci Ki ogi Konoki I :o noel c ?:,00 1 tce.,o tin-te te I o A2erir;, 77L,5, ,ro i t., r, e uhui ke nei:? (I) Ko tr ututra':'-,t,n, tuat,hi o r.),M no to t,.13 tutuki net i to o I947, ,n utu tore tonu atu. (m:) A nuri ake net, berate Eta i tc1o AoRrirep 1947, me utu la toru nor,11,. te moni 025 i tn Tautohi o riga mamma o AperiA-a, Huroe, ()ketone me Hannere t0u e i ugh ten katoa hoki. L3. I rungs: 1 tc notini am Mt uwhenua Kirkwood i tuRruatia ci e Where Fete whokataua mina Me Mein totehi morn e 40 kia vehea is tau Oct Kurahipi no to netaurangl,kur. me vtakahua ko &quot;Te Kurahipi Whakama= huratongo no Tumate Mahuta&quot; hot awhina i age Maori o ngaIwi
1950  <Description>
1951    <Metadata name="Title">55</Metadata>
1952    <Metadata name="Image">3A06-01-054.png</Metadata>
1953    <Metadata name="Source">3A06-01-054.tif</Metadata>
1954    <Metadata name="SourceFile">3A06-01-054.tif</Metadata>
1955    <Metadata name="FileSize">144387</Metadata>
1956    <Metadata name="ImageType">PNG</Metadata>
1957    <Metadata name="ImageWidth">1724</Metadata>
1958    <Metadata name="ImageHeight">2713</Metadata>
1959    <Metadata name="ImageSize">144KB</Metadata>
1960    <Metadata name="srclink_file">3A06-01-054.png</Metadata>
1961    <Metadata name="srclinkFile">3A06-01-054.png</Metadata>
1962    <Metadata name="srcicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[srclinkFile]&quot; width=&quot;[ImageWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ImageHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
1963    <Metadata name="ThumbType">png</Metadata>
1964    <Metadata name="Thumb">3A06-01-054_thumb.png</Metadata>
1965    <Metadata name="thumbicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Thumb]&quot; alt=&quot;[Thumb]&quot; width=&quot;[ThumbWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ThumbHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
1966    <Metadata name="ThumbWidth">64</Metadata>
1967    <Metadata name="ThumbHeight">100</Metadata>
1968    <Metadata name="ScreenType">png</Metadata>
1969    <Metadata name="Screen">3A06-01-054_screen.png</Metadata>
1970    <Metadata name="screenicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Screen]&quot; width=[ScreenWidth] height=[ScreenHeight]&gt;</Metadata>
1971    <Metadata name="ScreenWidth">318</Metadata>
1972    <Metadata name="ScreenHeight">500</Metadata>
1973    <Metadata name="FileFormat">PagedImage</Metadata>
1974  </Description>
1975  <Content>&lt;pre&gt;
1976(c 410- e Ttinui 1 ro'a i nea okoranga cura c'41to6 e tatika (K0 hi ;1 t, hub mo t. 4,.1 a te uhiuhi ci t- I o ng huoru i te el)) Kt taturo ano to hui i to 7 o n u hvor i 'o. Atahii Kei reira ano ho aut ttng,:ta ono. Kt wi he ka era no nga moni i p,u mo ng, rhruraru o Tula h ere Gehl. 1 n Tun,te Muhutt, ki Poaoko i rungu i age whakuhoata',k1 n 1nits a to K,r3u,- 1 te Ker,ene ' caa te than u. Kj ftuwtoaou f Mar: ra he net tuku 1 ,n, aata o whava hei uaha i te e t1'0 kit t 1,.La 4o tuna hau wahl,e 41 te haerc t,;11 1? Ku T. durlaul 1 ,i 1 ruag- i to ph ci t, La 'auk. i ,no Kaare iu e wh,h,- hro :ha hi te kereo nu an, rsrun,oru 1 aga tenga ki Poneke. 14. 241 Tnpai ;Iact1 ,ttni n, -Cor ameto 1 t?,utoko kih era ui. Me owing. moni :450 Kin utuo Jf , Rouwhenua Kirkwood me te :tuna 41-, 1 ta kot,.:11 o LcAd tu a heu nung,1 o age iwi. Ku 'te enomona '.4e net en Tut-a Kereuua 1 whultahuere ku cuoructin e Kaseugu 40 eing, te man,. i rate i te Tuhua Muni a te on , t lout ki a 13 toato(wahinc ranei) o agu mangai e linhaingotiu uci i rara iho nei h.:1 WllaMu MO aza moni i p,? ti run3a 1 age rurun,ru a ago rupu 4 huere ki Poaake 1.) ano n;. Tum,te ,uta ki ngc AinItAtia te Poto i ta 41 te Kereeme ,i- theta mo te lab Te 7tni Te Itgo, HonMbangi Kapara :1, 0 0 Moore Irueti N7-,t1 kgu 0 0 K.,aua Tamtki Ngtti S15 0 Ptrnini Rokutai Ngoti rmkoiro. C15 O e' KtAuere Ngui T,1 Ic P, e Mite i ti c c K hupake Rongonui As 0
1981  <Description>
1982    <Metadata name="Title">56</Metadata>
1983    <Metadata name="Image">3A06-01-055.png</Metadata>
1984    <Metadata name="Source">3A06-01-055.tif</Metadata>
1985    <Metadata name="SourceFile">3A06-01-055.tif</Metadata>
1986    <Metadata name="FileSize">128241</Metadata>
1987    <Metadata name="ImageType">PNG</Metadata>
1988    <Metadata name="ImageWidth">1664</Metadata>
1989    <Metadata name="ImageHeight">2629</Metadata>
1990    <Metadata name="ImageSize">128KB</Metadata>
1991    <Metadata name="srclink_file">3A06-01-055.png</Metadata>
1992    <Metadata name="srclinkFile">3A06-01-055.png</Metadata>
1993    <Metadata name="srcicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[srclinkFile]&quot; width=&quot;[ImageWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ImageHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
1994    <Metadata name="ThumbType">png</Metadata>
1995    <Metadata name="Thumb">3A06-01-055_thumb.png</Metadata>
1996    <Metadata name="thumbicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Thumb]&quot; alt=&quot;[Thumb]&quot; width=&quot;[ThumbWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ThumbHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
1997    <Metadata name="ThumbWidth">63</Metadata>
1998    <Metadata name="ThumbHeight">100</Metadata>
1999    <Metadata name="ScreenType">png</Metadata>
2000    <Metadata name="Screen">3A06-01-055_screen.png</Metadata>
2001    <Metadata name="screenicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Screen]&quot; width=[ScreenWidth] height=[ScreenHeight]&gt;</Metadata>
2002    <Metadata name="ScreenWidth">316</Metadata>
2003    <Metadata name="ScreenHeight">500</Metadata>
2004    <Metadata name="FileFormat">PagedImage</Metadata>
2005  </Description>
2006  <Content>&lt;pre&gt;
2007-II- RaariateR Ho' , Nrwti ' rere 2r) 0 0 N. TAuna 7V,r,nr1 (maiti) ikr, ti N- w,or.) 23 0 0 N7ncLiki Kerei Kukutai Nti Tin, 21', 0 Os None Temihann - Ar.:t1 1,t,kore 2) 0 0 Timi T.,riri ilF ti 7tiirran7l. CL: 0 0 17euna 'li't M,alTni CI,. 0 0 'i,ma. Paor, ,icightu. t IF, 0 0 10 drih,-.11a. ':.alohuXo 315 0 0 P,.rtohurl K:,lcue:-, ti,rsn. ;25 0 0 'io.'hi: i Jot tl Nr. ,ti Kffteh,k0/ CI; 0 0 0,a r. Ki10. &quot;N i 6 0 0 1V12,tvi 1.711,:ta,. 0,6rtl Te &quot;chi. CIF, 0 0 To 295 0 0 I to tukuu7, menau, ki to hul kutaua ,a, ci tcra e rua ano ia :lee nhakahe. I run'; i tc tu'au o tc latini k. ,Lakataua kaore he 1e, i ,k),AL1 Ng, ',J12,faihacro ,o 3c t. T:.0 K. Tutiiki nei a Te 31 o 194-. He ',orero roc. i 000 mo ruic4;.\_ i :lahacre lo ngc, Mont, roto i au, kororo v,hakallakotor. 41r: ugu koute Marae e whet ake nei (c) Tr o t, Pcra-,o-Rotu tu) nuinF utuuta KU,. riro jig. rakau kei te whakui- rohia. Ko to onj kuc rhirivhirio oti 1 to chore (Memel Teoctut 1rueti) 3500 C' 0 Ku, ra\_. atu 00 0 0 (b) I. Taue7v.'i-kany nui' (P,ra.:.cra) To mold hiahiatic. aa, :500 0 0 2. '.'ihare Kai (note. roc.) Kn to 'out kei ta t-.koto A250 Te '101t e whiriwhiria ano e otl ci 50 ( rna: Hurl Kereocta) 'Atare-hui (Marco o To Kotahltaaqe) kei Tr, Kohimga Te moni e hiahiatia aria 2500 (Memel Ngapake Kerki Kukutai)
2012  <Description>
2013    <Metadata name="Title">57</Metadata>
2014    <Metadata name="Image">3A06-01-056.png</Metadata>
2015    <Metadata name="Source">3A06-01-056.tif</Metadata>
2016    <Metadata name="SourceFile">3A06-01-056.tif</Metadata>
2017    <Metadata name="FileSize">124063</Metadata>
2018    <Metadata name="ImageType">PNG</Metadata>
2019    <Metadata name="ImageWidth">1664</Metadata>
2020    <Metadata name="ImageHeight">2630</Metadata>
2021    <Metadata name="ImageSize">124KB</Metadata>
2022    <Metadata name="srclink_file">3A06-01-056.png</Metadata>
2023    <Metadata name="srclinkFile">3A06-01-056.png</Metadata>
2024    <Metadata name="srcicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[srclinkFile]&quot; width=&quot;[ImageWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ImageHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
2025    <Metadata name="ThumbType">png</Metadata>
2026    <Metadata name="Thumb">3A06-01-056_thumb.png</Metadata>
2027    <Metadata name="thumbicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Thumb]&quot; alt=&quot;[Thumb]&quot; width=&quot;[ThumbWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ThumbHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
2028    <Metadata name="ThumbWidth">63</Metadata>
2029    <Metadata name="ThumbHeight">100</Metadata>
2030    <Metadata name="ScreenType">png</Metadata>
2031    <Metadata name="Screen">3A06-01-056_screen.png</Metadata>
2032    <Metadata name="screenicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Screen]&quot; width=[ScreenWidth] height=[ScreenHeight]&gt;</Metadata>
2033    <Metadata name="ScreenWidth">316</Metadata>
2034    <Metadata name="ScreenHeight">500</Metadata>
2035    <Metadata name="FileFormat">PagedImage</Metadata>
2036  </Description>
2037  <Content>&lt;pre&gt;
2038-12- itare-)cF1 (-liras a Taei) 30 'Jo ,noni Kai to takoto nso Tc -an: e ant, (,IomitaXenga ')narui) o) 4I1,4r!!-hulAlsran o ngere) Z500. 0, 0, To room Kel te ttcl,at i te Pottapota Z1000. 0. 0, oti c 1-.:,11ut1a nua 600. 0. 0 (!lasa: Kirfrstood) (t; ;:hare-nul (.halnearoa) To ant ',tot to t,'-,Sato san1 a nla-:1Atin on, (Y emal Ttre,n,2. Aarpe.) ,ati Pak.: ,t torn ano too to). 3.) 1 o in :ihare n1 4rat, 1 iennt,re, erArl koort in n ,too am to who ataata 1 to;i ,aucapa. to cpcna Itunawl 1 ?.-:.u.'.ora tcl t,-.9,1 mon!. 50G e tika atla ,e ,che It I haXa 'anemia Aati ApaXura. uari 'cotare :auto :. Lana nkau euns4apa OO te nut a ngo kua ti to wehoweha -ea rto,';. not take ,aila a rota 1. to utun,a onn1 tuston1. No tel.,ana 1 whn'amaraaa mea tlXn tanu 1 rut),' 1 ntia Whakahaeren. 1 -an1 in wneTaatupla to i to tahatohan6o 1);A moni ma to tau Xa tutuxi 131 ti 61 a ,:-tote, 1947. (I to n,oroata e ',art TAere I :a :ant rmtal to ti;,' 'torero mo 116a wha canacre ,a 3 ':ani). korerc ract 1 aru :no rums 1 nra ilutohnere no rata I woo karera a viaaoraanpatatia a to 'fi.,:cana he Icaupapa kalnoi e cctlal ate -tel. 7 run 9 1 to motInI a Fel to gurloul janae 1 tnaruatio a: o Eaushien,a Kirwood yOLkatwaa ann Moin,s oGa :natico,enu a na ani e oar) 1h):- n,1 no. te tut Ira tutoti tel 1 It al a aehe, 1947, wLtot,r,tia.
2043  <Description>
2044    <Metadata name="Title">58</Metadata>
2045    <Metadata name="Image">3A06-01-057.png</Metadata>
2046    <Metadata name="Source">3A06-01-057.tif</Metadata>
2047    <Metadata name="SourceFile">3A06-01-057.tif</Metadata>
2048    <Metadata name="FileSize">109479</Metadata>
2049    <Metadata name="ImageType">PNG</Metadata>
2050    <Metadata name="ImageWidth">1691</Metadata>
2051    <Metadata name="ImageHeight">2649</Metadata>
2052    <Metadata name="ImageSize">109KB</Metadata>
2053    <Metadata name="srclink_file">3A06-01-057.png</Metadata>
2054    <Metadata name="srclinkFile">3A06-01-057.png</Metadata>
2055    <Metadata name="srcicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[srclinkFile]&quot; width=&quot;[ImageWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ImageHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
2056    <Metadata name="ThumbType">png</Metadata>
2057    <Metadata name="Thumb">3A06-01-057_thumb.png</Metadata>
2058    <Metadata name="thumbicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Thumb]&quot; alt=&quot;[Thumb]&quot; width=&quot;[ThumbWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ThumbHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
2059    <Metadata name="ThumbWidth">64</Metadata>
2060    <Metadata name="ThumbHeight">100</Metadata>
2061    <Metadata name="ScreenType">png</Metadata>
2062    <Metadata name="Screen">3A06-01-057_screen.png</Metadata>
2063    <Metadata name="screenicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Screen]&quot; width=[ScreenWidth] height=[ScreenHeight]&gt;</Metadata>
2064    <Metadata name="ScreenWidth">319</Metadata>
2065    <Metadata name="ScreenHeight">500</Metadata>
2066    <Metadata name="FileFormat">PagedImage</Metadata>
2067  </Description>
2068  <Content>&lt;pre&gt;
2069utu run 15 Ta a to Au waruatana tau tuttAhl I to 31/3/47) t u-utun a atu X(;,&quot;7 File&quot;97;&quot;1.` (1) Ta k Dha4'a, I fiiii.-'1trok=1: 50(.:. 0 0 (2) : :a ra KraIti 'Ye klwa 120u 0 0 (,S) to Akoranga Kura &quot; ;.'e Kar'11cl ka naran,.,a :40 7.'1,1a to :4,1,uta&quot; 240 0 0 ) ,a Uhun.,a to 1: \_ a Tar. 1 hanza na t e (0) 0 ;inakepal :1e rat 0') 0 1260 0 (1 ) no :,ehe 4000 0 0 e-nanuhiri hei ahnknnrrahara 800 0 0 rro zro iaori I um; It to :s-wse ) (7) Tahua on 1 ho:,o then. a Al Era atu (a) :lila a-rInga whakalro me ere in tu 20 (D) ni.,a tart, aru oana1 iwi (15) ( o ) inga tepu ire era a tu rio te Tart anapa Ina nza u tauta no cr9 nen :7 je tarta:,50 (6) 14; area tare a wtmitcaarohla Zt25 14 (.) 0 9170 0 0 trn Ira kore ate a to (a) Te Utu no yr ahi :re ni. ,a nun!. o ra raruraru o ka rarureru o to Teri oar nit utunsa -no 11,;a haere ore a n.a U0 410 0 0 ,10000 0 0 0,010 0 0 C. S. S. C. 10 ,J C? 0
2074  <Description>
2075    <Metadata name="Title">59</Metadata>
2076    <Metadata name="Image">3A06-01-058.png</Metadata>
2077    <Metadata name="Source">3A06-01-058.tif</Metadata>
2078    <Metadata name="SourceFile">3A06-01-058.tif</Metadata>
2079    <Metadata name="FileSize">143682</Metadata>
2080    <Metadata name="ImageType">PNG</Metadata>
2081    <Metadata name="ImageWidth">1727</Metadata>
2082    <Metadata name="ImageHeight">2672</Metadata>
2083    <Metadata name="ImageSize">144KB</Metadata>
2084    <Metadata name="srclink_file">3A06-01-058.png</Metadata>
2085    <Metadata name="srclinkFile">3A06-01-058.png</Metadata>
2086    <Metadata name="srcicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[srclinkFile]&quot; width=&quot;[ImageWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ImageHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
2087    <Metadata name="ThumbType">png</Metadata>
2088    <Metadata name="Thumb">3A06-01-058_thumb.png</Metadata>
2089    <Metadata name="thumbicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Thumb]&quot; alt=&quot;[Thumb]&quot; width=&quot;[ThumbWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ThumbHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
2090    <Metadata name="ThumbWidth">65</Metadata>
2091    <Metadata name="ThumbHeight">100</Metadata>
2092    <Metadata name="ScreenType">png</Metadata>
2093    <Metadata name="Screen">3A06-01-058_screen.png</Metadata>
2094    <Metadata name="screenicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Screen]&quot; width=[ScreenWidth] height=[ScreenHeight]&gt;</Metadata>
2095    <Metadata name="ScreenWidth">323</Metadata>
2096    <Metadata name="ScreenHeight">500</Metadata>
2097    <Metadata name="FileFormat">PagedImage</Metadata>
2098  </Description>
2099  <Content>&lt;pre&gt;
2100-14- i,o ,ihakamara,aa no n. a utu,tun;a atu. Z. a. u. s. d. (a) 1! ;:ora r&quot;. Corok1 Vol 71: La ton atu pore j ti korero to 2ottn1 Lama 11) 500 0 0 (6; Fotr,171 Tak;ya\_ (1) :iGat1 11a711 100 0 0 (2) hza1 4at1 tif,t1 Kofter1.,1, N0ati e. AIR, : To 100 0 0 (3) i,a Utah?, PLat,. 1ne, Lie Terat1AtJA1. 100 0 (4) :&quot;.!;0t1 Nahuta-',1-Le-i,a,raro, rot), ti5;sti ,.hawhakia, hv,t1 10,1a- ranr1, me ;atl 100 0 0 Wairere me tizati 41Alranz;1. 100 0 0 C;) :.at1 oworc 10: 0 C (7) 1A'att fahuta-kl-to Tote,a 1.:0 0 C (1) Ia lniL mo 3ot1 'ah1a 100 0 C (9) 2igati Mahan,;tt me hgat1 alnu 100 0 0 (1,)) N,rat! Apil'ura 10., 0 0 (11) N,pitl itru, WpItl ic Iorsokoko, h6at1 Paretekawa,mo LLutu. 10C 0 0 (12) ;,iti Koroki, LL;atl. aauk,wa-kl- Paneha',ua. 10, 0 0 1200 0 0 (c) ,!o to akorarva Kura 240 0 0 (iRaake to whTikamarana) (d) Co (,41 Uhun,\_;a me na Ci'ani-ihanczLzo na Kate 0 100 0 0 otl a,e fa wo,ar) (e) n -a illakapai (1) &quot;To Pa,.1I-o-Pot,? (Outtaata) r(e1 CC wnakaaral,la I).nol; A (2) wliare-',a1 (Aotearv) fn-Wa iri3n1 kohl a te Cal kua takoto. Clbt: (1)1Ine-ranO'1apua&quot;,hare 0 0 1250 0 C (Parawers) no moni ,o to whakahoutanEai (r) Ntha 1 to ,;:il Sone 500 CTZT-Fita-75ii-a-'i)Ei,a,arama) 4.) 0 het noko whenua mai 0 0 (P31TTimalsiati6ne1 tahua mara7 (n) /Eaatil (1) ii a-rin6a whakaalro coo era atu (Hal aon1 tuku wehe kia Tamati Canal ore 10 ona hoe awhina tokotorn)120 0 0
2105  <Description>
2106    <Metadata name="Title">60</Metadata>
2107    <Metadata name="Image">3A06-01-059.png</Metadata>
2108    <Metadata name="Source">3A06-01-059.tif</Metadata>
2109    <Metadata name="SourceFile">3A06-01-059.tif</Metadata>
2110    <Metadata name="FileSize">126883</Metadata>
2111    <Metadata name="ImageType">PNG</Metadata>
2112    <Metadata name="ImageWidth">1688</Metadata>
2113    <Metadata name="ImageHeight">2645</Metadata>
2114    <Metadata name="ImageSize">127KB</Metadata>
2115    <Metadata name="srclink_file">3A06-01-059.png</Metadata>
2116    <Metadata name="srclinkFile">3A06-01-059.png</Metadata>
2117    <Metadata name="srcicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[srclinkFile]&quot; width=&quot;[ImageWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ImageHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
2118    <Metadata name="ThumbType">png</Metadata>
2119    <Metadata name="Thumb">3A06-01-059_thumb.png</Metadata>
2120    <Metadata name="thumbicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Thumb]&quot; alt=&quot;[Thumb]&quot; width=&quot;[ThumbWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ThumbHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
2121    <Metadata name="ThumbWidth">64</Metadata>
2122    <Metadata name="ThumbHeight">100</Metadata>
2123    <Metadata name="ScreenType">png</Metadata>
2124    <Metadata name="Screen">3A06-01-059_screen.png</Metadata>
2125    <Metadata name="screenicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Screen]&quot; width=[ScreenWidth] height=[ScreenHeight]&gt;</Metadata>
2126    <Metadata name="ScreenWidth">319</Metadata>
2127    <Metadata name="ScreenHeight">500</Metadata>
2128    <Metadata name="FileFormat">PagedImage</Metadata>
2129  </Description>
2130  <Content>&lt;pre&gt;
2131r. () e.) a raruraru ). nan ,1 iPa I. to korera a to 311,.a 1,1) (3) tiar pa era a tc, .; T Cil , O , Le t.,.rot a a 1 rata a (?; :LOO t,ra ) :POO -,001e, 1 r a j 4C, I Lc 1/1:,11ic (es to (o) a 0 r,:rilreru -3re c ,133 , C 14&quot; 9,570 (1: a :alac: a akaa te ranr (a) 1. e1. to ,.-eretert (1.,ta I Le /11/,1.: :1 Le 105 1'1 rar,rara t1a hke tutuk: (b) rar,Irrqu a te (Pu.,:apt Ira err. atu) 1. 3. imoreet e a llz Cs :10=1 73-C.)0 1,. '3 \_ ?.30 9 0 &quot;1:,0 (.: 0 0 --- ------- T I LO 3o3,1 a rel. le )o I tparual Ii o Ts, pa taI ,r,e. whak. ,41 alto -.e inelost 21 6s. tura IA: 1.)ru 41' ,11 ri;ft ream, o Ear.;:e. e , ortre, ta ran,- I. Ix 0. a Po I te rI13.,1 a I toorunt IC 01 o wvataan uns 0 ia 1,. a ate ;c1. a K1 tnI Kar. to1 -11i tuliitollin,;a het w;.arlte tao to aran :411 Sto tone b9e009 cOti ki rand Intl taataill a le 3ri art Kal-ttaki e1 a as kb a tua rat :3: tallItarantA airtikan.;a Le -ataGraiur a to hanare I ua -Al net
2136  <Description>
2137    <Metadata name="Title">61</Metadata>
2138    <Metadata name="Image">3A06-01-060.png</Metadata>
2139    <Metadata name="Source">3A06-01-060.tif</Metadata>
2140    <Metadata name="SourceFile">3A06-01-060.tif</Metadata>
2141    <Metadata name="FileSize">127510</Metadata>
2142    <Metadata name="ImageType">PNG</Metadata>
2143    <Metadata name="ImageWidth">1696</Metadata>
2144    <Metadata name="ImageHeight">2651</Metadata>
2145    <Metadata name="ImageSize">128KB</Metadata>
2146    <Metadata name="srclink_file">3A06-01-060.png</Metadata>
2147    <Metadata name="srclinkFile">3A06-01-060.png</Metadata>
2148    <Metadata name="srcicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[srclinkFile]&quot; width=&quot;[ImageWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ImageHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
2149    <Metadata name="ThumbType">png</Metadata>
2150    <Metadata name="Thumb">3A06-01-060_thumb.png</Metadata>
2151    <Metadata name="thumbicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Thumb]&quot; alt=&quot;[Thumb]&quot; width=&quot;[ThumbWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ThumbHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
2152    <Metadata name="ThumbWidth">64</Metadata>
2153    <Metadata name="ThumbHeight">100</Metadata>
2154    <Metadata name="ScreenType">png</Metadata>
2155    <Metadata name="Screen">3A06-01-060_screen.png</Metadata>
2156    <Metadata name="screenicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Screen]&quot; width=[ScreenWidth] height=[ScreenHeight]&gt;</Metadata>
2157    <Metadata name="ScreenWidth">320</Metadata>
2158    <Metadata name="ScreenHeight">500</Metadata>
2159    <Metadata name="FileFormat">PagedImage</Metadata>
2160  </Description>
2161  <Content>&lt;pre&gt;
2162u la kol Le et-A.thaa h.-aerie atu I ria ',.upu melit o altakit Ins -at e to iLlI I rat.) i Lana kn,Zurtu siirat3tara ki n ;:ettua ) to kaupape :tei virtalautu Le Kilon0. ae att., i wa c ta.,RviLIttviLla atu a i te ttau-kel-atua t a tat.' ) rata 1 te e tukua ,:ol I r)ta I t. 'rakoha r. ni e T run 6a 1 to =tit I a hakerva 1 tuaruaLit,ai ratre luvrhu'xara Ina witakatuun ana to Mariann to to koarl. Kal-tlaki via tu;nt i thl waoa iti to 'Anita :wort ,./1, ahalci ate 1 ana tine :cupe t tunanao. tti t.)hu :.ta to nu? t.? :a o. PottrI I to :Ca. na tango. me to tarenata, ie. to :alto. Lanare to vIrIntle Ita Polha to tIn -xtrarta pill 3 Latta a hau en.!.ft 1 c Kr cove haupe ti o t;stiknto I to via i wilat'a!'aerea al Le Ire no te Yilx.:tataur-a I to Kereene a alkata-.4a;avo ItAt) a i rcto I to l'aromsta , El n to o to tlxa o ring o',1 1 to tve, ;la n.-:a ,anz.,ai 7 nca e al tea, I to an e wha;:apu au net to l'aerl I ones Itorera o ana I nunul Le Intta orl 1a:,ana rao te t to n avert to ,avianut 3 ana vihaItahnoro I to a-1,1 r. kareratan n langai o rt;a 1w 1 I :tar. atu al /hlba, re k I to tiro tutt;: Itna ci tertol take :o to w!-0Icat :urk;t1 a to i :)arl a tcal-ti.,. : te ho' 1 met, ;t: n a 1)131 a C.:upt Kure!. Ktal I to 2 a La/ra 1 ye ata ) to Turei i Le ) lona,
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