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119. Box 78, TAUMARMI. 15th. January, 1959 Dear Lea, Thank you very much for the Rongo-pW0.-taonga whakapapa and the song. I wanted the whakapapa as material for my story of the Weenie Visit to Ngaruawahia. Hone Hoke Rankin brought up the Rongo patu-taonga kinship in connection with Koroki's visit to Waitangi It is quite a long story really , Les, how we used everything that lay to hand in order to get Her Majesty to Ngaruawahia. I kept a diary of it all and the letters that passed backwards and forwards with the powers that be in wellington I have had a good look at the song and it seems to me that someone has made a mistake somewhere in recording it as a song by Te Rongo' for her child. The character of the composition is unmistakably that of a lament, and the lament was for one called, Te Kara , named in the third last line of my re-arrangement of the song Does the name Te gare ring a bell any where, Lea? I have gone through the whakapapa, bug did not see any name like it. In one or two places I have corrected some errors in grammar , which I think could not get by as poetic license. You did not say where or by whom the song was recorded. As typed by you the arrangement appears to follow the recording of songs in Grey's Once again , many thanks. Kiniiit regards,
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150TS WAIATAA TE RONGO-PATU-TAONGA. 0 mata tutu, o meta kakI, o mat. i whakamooa Ki te whatu o Uenuku. I whTtlkla koe, i taura ruatia, 5 I her4;harea e to tins o Le iwi; Mo nga kainga o Tukarangahake, I karangatia mai i Hui4te-rangiora. I rangona ki waho ra Whakamau, e pa , ki Te Ruamatl ; 10 El to kainga i haere al to tupuna, M kore koe a puta, a peohia on E to whaea, a Se riongo-prItu-taon6a. He hau tama-wahine, Whirinaki taua ki Maunganui, lb Ki to rue ra o te tardwha, Kau mai , a pa, nga wal ha hors I aaho o Motuhaku; He kouto kupenga na Taramainuku. Ka haruru e nga hoe 0 to tongs 20 E til-patua ana a to tins o to Sal, Ki Pokohinu ra , e ; Ka ngaro ra , e , to toroa taupua, I a Te Kara ra 0, E to nos mai ra , 25 Ka mat/ nei to tore , e e
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181Tlin SONG OF TM RONGO-PIT4-2AONGA Your eager eyes, your burning eyes, Your eyes , alas,' now closed in sleep, With the sacred stone of. Uenuku. You were securely tied, twice rope-bound,-p-4.:1., And firmly held by a multitude of people Because of the (disputed) homes of Tu4karangapake, When the call came from Hui-te-rangiora; It was also heard out yonder. Proceed steadfastly on, 0 Te HuamatZ; 10 To the home where your ancestor west. But you sill not emerge freelyrentrained Vieu\_willOkkby your mother,7Te RongowpWU-tsonga. The gentle breeze is an east wind, Let us then rest at Maunganui, lb In the very den of the dragon. Swim thither , 0 Sir, in the outspread waters, Out there from Motuhaku; 'Tin a net float of Taramainuku. The resounding paddles are nom the south 20 Noisily plied by mltitude of people. At Pokohinu yonder , Vanished is the guardian albatross, In the person of Te Ware. Lonely has been ( his resting-place) yonder 25 In this first season of the year, alas, ah me.
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212Sony; of Te Rongopatutaonga. 0 mats tutu, o meta haka 0 mates i whakamoea Te whatu o Uenuku I whiti ii a koe I taura ruatia 1 hereherea E to tini o te iwi Yee ngn kainga o Tukarangahake 0 harangatia mai e Hui-te-raneiora 2 rongo ki wnho lalakama pa Xi te rue math Ki te kainga i haere ai Ekore koe e puts. I peehin ana e to whaes, E Te Rongopatutaonga. Ze ha's tame-wahine taua hi Meungenui. Xi te run ra o to teniwha. Kau mai, e pa nes wai Ka hora4i waho 0 Motuhhku E kouto kupenga ne Taramainuku Ka harur,nea hoe o te tongs. K. tau putua ana U te tini o te iwi. Xi Pokohinu rae Ka ngaro ra K to toroa tau puua I a te kare ree. E to no, mai Ka whiti nei to torn E-e-i-our prominent eyes, your shining eyes Your eyeswAich were closed in sleep The stone of Uenuku e:.s turned unto you Twice tightly tound Py the multitude of the people For the various homes of Tukarangahake Your being celled Hui-te-rengiora Shell listen beyond Grasp oh sir Unto the homewhere went your ancestor Yeu sh,11 not come forth For thou art being restrained by your (mother 7y Te Ronropetutaonga. Oh gentle eastward wind :Crew us off to TI'eunpenui To the den of the teniwha Swim hither oh sir, the waters Spread. out beyond Motuhuku A net float of Taramainuku Resounding with the paddles of the row being struck down. (south By the many of the people At Pokohinu headland vanished now The elbetrose resting on the ocean (foam ?) to tupuna I am sorry I nn not completely f,mili with the story hence the difficulty in getting anything like correct trenslation. A party of Hauraki people visited the north '.md Te neopFtuteonga fell in love with one of them. Te Rongo was the wife of some reapuhi chap whose nrme I h-ve not heord, at least that was one version. fter the Heureki party had returned home Te Rome fled from home end journeyed south to Feuraki where she joined her lover. One story says the brought her baby with her (the child I understand. of her proper husban, but here gain I em not sure). Like many another woman from ,n outside trite, Te Ron:,opututaonga found herself treated as an outsider by the Hauraki women, who called her a &quot;wahine haere po&quot; and sneered at her baby. Te Rongopatutaonga thereupon composed her song, sincine it to her child. The words tell the child of hie high 1,osition at the same time letting those wittir hearing learn of it also. Te whatu o Uenuku. Difficult to say what this is, but I think it refers to one of the stones kept in a whare-wanenge, used. when teaching; a stone of knowledge. iossibly it me ns the child's ancestors were high enough to have received sacred. knowledge. Tukarangahake. I do not know but seems the none of en aneestor. Hui-te-rangiora. A famous Polynecian ancestor who is reputed to have voyared into the froeen seas of the fee south. name eepears in prayers dealing with childbirth, those of hirher rank at ony rate. I should s,y another reference to the child's rank. Han tames wehine 1 think I explained. this before. Te Tai Tame-wahine the east coast of Hemreki etc. bese it wus calm compared with the west coast; it wes a sea fit for girls to riddle on. A wind from it was of course a gentle eastwurd wind. Maunganui. No doubt the Meungenui Bluff. tiotuhaku. Sorry I am not sure but I fancy it is the name of one of the boor Knights at any rate up that way. Taramainuku, an Arawa ancestor who claimed the Hauraki Gulf. The islands in the gulf were the net floats of his net. Pokohinu again somewhere connected with the l'oor Knights.
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243Fuanea. I have heard le ies. talk of this but have not encountered the+ story In the north. For some strange reason most :papuhi whakapapa start' from Rahiri but nobody knows why. 2hiri does not seem to have been a person of great consequence and old George Graham says he did not belong there but migrated from the south. seems to hove been a mystery for we find what appears to be references to him all over the dace. de have Orahiri Otorohangs and at the P.,y of Plenty. A small volcanic hill near Victoria. Avenue Auckland was called r,unga-rehiri and near jaitara we have the Pgati Rehiri people. I expect to be at Whangarei at the end of March and I shall ask the people at Glen nervy some of whom are related to me. It is extremely doubtfu., wh,ther there are any left who could help. I find it more end more difficult to krow who to turn to and in fact now find people turning to me instead. `:ow as to the mhakapepa of Te longopftutaonga, there ,re so mny lines connected with her thaA it is herd to know where to 2tart. I have included a few but if there ore any special lines you wanet me know and I shall try and trace them out for you. /2is lac
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274Rahiri-r-Ahuaiti Eenuku--/--Kareariki Maikuku Jr.,.4.&quot; Hauhaua-i-Torongare 1- - Temangana - Putea - Kotata - Te Aongaua - Torukao r,'Hineamaru Rongopatutaonga Tuahupiko---r----Ngawe Tarapiko Taki Pukeko-r-Te Motu Te Mehia Mahora Te Haupa Waero Poked TiaLa--r-ingtawha Tomairangl---Puku (Puku, the younger brother of Te Rauangaanga. This explains why Te Haupa supplied the canoes that saved Te Wherowhero when he was surrounded at Te Kauaeranga, and. enabled him to escape to Tahuns-kai-tote. Notes on the sons of Te Rongopatutaonga; &quot;0 math tutu, o mata kaka&quot; &quot;He hau tama-wahine. 0h gentle eastward wind&quot; The east coast was comparatively calm, fit for women to paddle on, hence the term &quot;tai tama-wahine&quot; as compared with the &quot;tai tamatane&quot; or west coast. ,Whirinaki taua ki Maunganui&quot; Maunganui Bluff, a prominent landmark on the west coast. Matuhaku. An island (not oertain of its identity, but somewhere in the Hauraki Gulf. &quot;E kouto kupenga na Taramainuku&quot; This is a poetical name for the islands of the Mauraki Gulf. Taram,inuku was of Aram,. ancestry and the Hauraki Gulf was his fishing net or kupenga. The islands were his net floats or kouto. E to toroa tau puua. &quot;the albatross resting on the ocean foam&quot; as explained by Te Korehu Te Ahipu. Reitu 1=e Ze-a. CV,ol -11,1c, caHatpt, 1, a v-044 66riL42- 4&quot;
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