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150UNIVERSITY OF WAIKATO LIBRARY 3A9/ lob TE MATAI BLOCK- COURT ORDER AND LIST OF OWNERS-ON APPEAL (1951-1952) JANUARY 2001 MICROFILM COMPUTER SCANNING BY: DOCUMENT MANA6E1;1ENT COMPANY POE,. 12049 IA Le. Rxml Sam ;hen New Zeeland ./fax NJ-0470970 Mobilo: 025-29330 303. Ernog deonemoiteisay..rx
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181AMA- 113m IFa. 48011 Tg. Coot AW103. I KAROA AND SOUTH ISLAND OISTRICT5. Mwont LAND COURT AND Mont LAND tTIfAin, 9th December, 1954 Wellington Yr Poi To onen, Box 73, TAVYATATI  Dear Sir, Te Mate/ Block - Investigation of Title - Appeals. I enclose for your information a copy of the Court'e decision on the appeals concerning the Ts Metal Blook delivered at Taupo on 26th November,1952. Yours faithfully, f(. Registrar. Encl.
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212EXTRACT FROM APPELLATE MINUTE BOOK 8 FOLIOS 150-166 TAUPO WEDNESDAY 26TH NOVEMBER, 1952 Present: .orison. Chief Judge Presiding Seeohey, Judge I. Prichard, Judge Paapu,ClerldInt. 1,2,314. TR MATA  Appeals against freehold order on Investigation of the Maori Land Court on 10th June, 1952. mr. Psi te anea for worths te Tuiri Mr. Dowling for Takings Arthur Grace and respondents generally. Mr. Rope Sham for Wikitoria hau Rori Rutene and Tamahon Nunia. Mr. Morrissy for Raroa Sullivan. DECISICM In 1880 the Native Land Court investigated the title to Ts Natal Block. This investigation proceeded on the basis that the Block oomprised 8326 acres, At that hearing the Tuwharetoa people within whose territory this block is situated appear to have recognised that it was the property of one of its sub-tribe the N'Tutemahuta and it was left to the Tutemahuta to attend the investigation and settle the list of owners. There was no appearance entered of anyone other than members of Tutemahnta and there was no contest as to ownership or occupation. In view of questions raised in the lower court as to the ocoupation of the Block it is of the greatest significance that no such question has been raised until the matter was before the Maori Land Court in 1951. Some of the parties now allege that they occupied the land and others that no one ever eeoupled it. Some allege that they lived on the land and that they had Kaingas and Urupas there and others that their occupation was evidenced by their stets of fishing and hunting. Occupation of this nattre minas 1880 is relied on but on the whole there is no reliable evidence of occupation before 1880 and the reason is not far to seek. The Enumatuas of that day who knew the history are long since dead and ars not here to contest such evidence as is now offered. The fact that on investigation in 1880 no question of the right of the then claimants through ancestry and occupation was raised most be accepted as the best evidence of their right. It was an acknowledgment of the Tuwharetoa tribes that the uncontested claim then made was a claim by the rightful owners based upon their occupation. As there were no other claimants it was unnecessary for evidence of their occupation to be given to the Court. The only objection raised in 1880 was/tie Hari Ts Tauria who claimed to be included in the list of owners and the Tutemakuta people after consultation agreed that he should be admitted. A list of 31 owners, members of Tutemahuta was settled and accepted by the Court. It was then learned that oonfisoation by the Crown had reduced the area of the land remaining available to the owners and it was ultimately found that only 254 acres of the block remained The Court's order wee amended accordingly and the 31 owners have ever sines held that remnant under the original order. In 1924 the balance of the block was by legislation restored to its former states of Native land and the Native Land Court empowered to investigate the title as if it had never ceased to be uninvestigeted native land. It is to be noted that in 1880 no protest was raised to the claim of the Tutemahuta to be owners and no appeal was ever made against the Court's order. In 1928 the Native Land Court commenced a further investigation and conflioting olaims were then advanced bu t all the claims were still embraced under the three main ancestors of the Tuwharetoe tribe namely:-
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243- 2 - Xurapato Tuwharetoa Maruwahine This investigation was never concluded by an Order of the Court. In 1951-52 the Maori Land Court completed an investigation of this land and it is against the order then made that the present appeals are brought. That court in our view very properly rested its Mment on the basis accepted by the Court in 1880 and it does not appear in any of the proceedings that this view was ever questioned until in 1928 another sub-tribe of the Tuwharetoa people the N'Hineuru raised a claim to inclusion, which was repeated in 1951, and certain other claims for inclusion were made in that year. Not one of these claimants however claimed the land to the exclusion of the N'Tutemahuta but sought to be included in the title with them. These claims thus amount to an admission of the Tutemahuta right even though their exclusive right is questioned, The Court did however. add 6 names to the 31 on the original list and rejected claims by others to be included. It is to the inclusion and rejection of these new claimants that the present appeals relate and we deal with them in the order in which they were presented. Appeal N  This appeal is brought by the hapu N' Rangiita which was, by the judgment in the court below, refused inclusion in the title. The argument advance or inclusion is that Rangiita was one of the hapus whose terra ory surrounded Te Mate! and that they have just as much right to inclusion as anyone else. The occupation relied on is not occupation of Te Metal but occupation of other land nearby. It is urged that as there was no exclusive occupation of Te Matai by any hapu, occupation of land near or borderix, on Ts Metal would be occupation of Te Matai if proved or admitted. To support this the appellants refer to other blocks adjoining Te Matai in which they have awards. It is accepted that the Rangi-its is a hapu of the Tuwharetoa tribe tracing from the ancestors Kurapoto Maruawahime and Tuwharetoa. The 31 persons to whom the original award was made in 1880 and who were again included in the block by the judgment of the lower Court were all members oother hapu of Tuwharetoa namely N'Tutemahuts being the descendant f Tutemahuta and Pareawa. Not a single member of the N'Rangi-its admitted se such. One person Heal Ngano so included does trace to Rangi-ita but as she had thrice married leaders of Tutemahuta it is plain she was included in the list by virtue of'her marriage into the Tutemahuta and not by virtue of her origin from Rangi-ita. As against the claim based on occupation by Rangi-ita it is pointed out that when adjoining blocks were partitioned, at no point were Rangi-ita awarded land touching ToMatai. On the contrary they are located at points in adjoining blocks furthest away from Te Matai and it is N'Tutemahuta who took the land adjoining Te Matai. This is of the greatest significance. It has ales been pointed out tnatAtinee the erialealsmard in 1880 until 1951 no protest by Rangi-its to their exclusion from the land has ever been made. The X reply offered by the appellants is that they did not know of the hearing in 1880, of the proceedings resulting in the passing of legislation in 1924, of the proceedings in the Native Land Court in 1928 or of the 1951 investigation of title until they heard of the matter at a Maori Sessionfrom a wireless station. We are unable to believe that in 1880 the N' Rangi-ita, one of the Tuwharet2 hapue, knew nothing of the investigation of Te Matai or tha n the 70 years following they were ignorant of what had been do and of the re-Investigation. If there were anything in the contention itwould only strengthen the sug,estion that N. Rang!-ita never had any share in Te Metal and never bothered for that reason to attempfto establish a claim to any interest therein.
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274-3- The record of the investigation in 1880 is very brief for the reason that there VAS no contest as to ownership of the block. Only one person raised objection and after consideration by the claimants he was admitted. The award really represents an etreement by the Tuwharetoa tribes and by those assembled at the investigation that the 31 names listed by them and aecepted by the Court were the owners of the block. The fact that the only remaining part of the block not confiscated by the Crown was only 254 acres was apparently unknown when investigation oommenoed and the parties and the Court approached the matter as if the whole block of over 8000 acres were still available. The claim and investigation was made to the whole block and not a part of it only. Without discussion in detail of the other points raised by the appellants all of which have been fully considered or the answers thereto by the respondents we are clearly of opinion that the appellants have not made out their case and the appeal fails. Appeal F: Against inclusion of Raroa Sullivan and Wikitoria Ngahirapu than, 1. The appeal against the inclusion of Raroa Sullivan on behalf of the 31 original owners of the 254 acres of the block who are now included in the order of the lower court. The appellants object to the inclusion of Raroa Sullivan because he has failed as they allege to show both ancestry and occupation. It was admitted by Counsel acting in the lower Court for the present appellants that the descendants of Tutemahuta and Pareawa (with the exception of the descendants of theLM'fiburth , child Hinearo) who could show occupation, were entitled to be included. The respondent le a member of the N' Hinueru,a hapu of the Tuwharetoe tribe but is not a descendant of Tutemahuta and Pareawa, Furthermore the appellants deny that he can show occupation of any kind. The fast is that the respondent in 1880 was a young boy of 7 or 8 years of age. He never lived on the block and hie first visit to it was at the age of 17 when he was employed on fencing a boundary between Te Matai and an adjoining blook. His parents did not at any time live on the block nor is these any evidence that any of the earlier generations of his family had occupation It must be remembered that occupation means occupation as at 1880 when the title to the block was investigated. It was thought that the investigation related to the whole block and not the fragment that it was discovered comprised all that was left after confiscation. Our attention has not been drawn to any evidence that supports a claim to occupation by the respondent. It is, we think apparent from the judgment of the lower court that Raroa a occupation was at least doubtful and it la there referred toes &quot;shadowy&quot;. It would almost appear that the Court WAS doubtful of the claim and decided to give Raroa the benefit of that doubt. Now that the matter ham become the subject of appeal we have had to ooneider carefully the evidence upon Which the &quot;shadowy&quot; occupation is based and we think that it does not satisfy the test required. Raroa's presence after 1880 on the boundary or even on the block could have no relation to any possible olaim to a share in the block. The land was then Crown land and investigated land. It was admitted that Rsrspiew-peeple could not show their or his occupation in 1880 and could not show occupation as at 1840. In addition the claim advanced by Raroa in the lower 0ourt was a claim by N. Hineuru of which he is the present chief, and not a olaim to his own inclusion as an individual apart from his hapu. The 10 Hineuru claim was di/renewed and an appeal was lodged by that hapu but was abandoned before trial. Raroa was included by the lower Court for a share in the block. The appellants contention that if N ' Hineuru had no right then Raroa had no right, seems to us to be difficult to answer. The &quot;take&quot; claimed by Raroa was under Hineuru. We can find no evidence of any other &quot;take&quot; and occupation that might give Raroa any right. Otis perhaps not unknown for a member of one hapu to be included in a block with the wears of a different hapu to which he had no affiliation by marriage r adoption but
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305Appeal N by Tamahou Hunie  This is an appeal by an individual to a share in the block. In the Court bel ow he allied his claim with that of those who claimed under Hinearo and his claim was thus presented. Now that this Court has held the claim under Hinearo cannot be sustained Mr. Nhsu endeavoured on appeal to support a claim under the line of Tore a son of Tutemahuta and Pareawa. This being objected to we have felt constrained to rule that the alternative claim now raised for the first time cannot be proceeded with. It may or may not be that Tamahou could show a claim under TOP but to admit such a new olaim at this stags would require fresh evidence and would inspire further claims by others to inclusion on grounds not previously advanced. The appellant has therefor been confined to his original claim under Hinearo and as the Hinearo claim completely fail. the appellant. claim fails likewise and is desmissed accordingly. 1. As the exclusion of names involved reallocation of share. the Court ocmsiders that as a matter of convenience the order of the Maori Land Court dated the 19th day of J,ne, 1952, should be annulled and it is accordingly wholly annulled and the Maori Land Court is directed to make-a new freehold order on investigation. The persons entitled to be included are to be the original 31 names with the addition of Paora Hapi, And Miria, Aiko Ni Katona and Te Mutsu. Lists with shares to be submitted by these by agreement and failing such agreement to be settled by the Court. This Court directs that the hearing to fix lists and shares beheld at Taupo where the parties can most conveniently attend. The block is to be named Te Itatai N 2. Coate and hearing fees:- Appeal N by Werihe to Tuiri (Hearing fee ?6 (Coats to Mowling ?15 To be paid from deposit and balance repaid to depositor. Appeal N by Takings Arthur Gracie Hearing fee ?4 to bepaid from deposit and balance repaid to depositor. Appeal N by Mori Hutene and others  (Hearing fee ?4 (Coats to Mowling ?10 To be paid from deposit and balance repaid to depositor. Appeal N by Tamahou }Mile (Hearing fee ?2 (Coate to Mr. bowling ?5 to be paid from deposit and balance repaid to depositor.
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336Ile Tninpo no te Apo., Koch 3/nzip Toopu a h 1, ngn ra o leeenw Uri Koch When. Maori, Pontke. 23 o Okethpu 1952. panuitangn,teneiHkohiotin ai hi to Apate, KixAI Manri ki a nata calcing n tip tono r man i Kupu A piti i raw iho no, llloina, 1./-161 TE MIKA,SBring. ?f The Ma, Appellale Court u1 Tau, on n Nen.,&quot; 1952 Mcori I/1111i Court Office. Wellington, 23 October 1114.  TOTIC,K given, that sitt,iug of the Appellate Court gelaulalo hereto. Ilk. 1952/A3-t6, 1. A. BILIS. Bulhht,' z KUM APtri. hiCWEDULE., Nok Togo P. (Agegat. 1  7r4--r., I TtpWk  Tapei TILT: ::pe oflAlltrilp4pes'.1 Made). I Werihe Te Tuiri I 'De Natal Block . Te whiiliatwo whakainutunga te Koch i Final Acciaion of the Court at Wellington 'oneke i 19 o Ilune, 1942 not to 19 Jo. 1962, on t. investigation of title tlekakuwn l'nnnot o to To Mattti to I. Te Mahn Block. Por.ka 2 Te Tokinga Arthur Grace I  4 Tanialuna nnio  3 Rote Riihne and ?then. tag. i enngn i te Mrinai te Eihranatnugn o Theo', e R. E. ?wog, Kai-txt to Knonnarno, POneke
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367.?)2A Please quote this reence . 10 48c it, your t PLY Filtpartment a Baur' Matt's, 'rivoto Bsz, 1,abton  21ot Ootob., i)52 Mr. Pei T, 11. Jones, Box 78, TU  0,r tiir, Matal Bloc!:---Invostiz;stien of Title - A-,3,eals  Arraaements have be. ,a,c for th- Al,pollate court to sit at the Lazistrste's Court, 231O, co,encing on Monday, 17th Nobar, 152, to hour the five o,poran lodged a3sinst the decision eZ tlx k.uri Lana Court on the Investigation of Title of the Te M3tsi The Court -,11 sit until Thsrsday, 20th Yoveer, and also the felling wo,1,: if neeess,rd-. A 7anui will be forworae,&quot;. to you es soon no they are printed. You., f,i1,11f,31y, Co:
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398NOTICE OF APPEAL. (RULE 126.) Maori The laoc Load del,1931. Maori TO TUE REGISTRAR. Etutut IrANO COURT. TAKE NOTICE that I [x hereby appeal front the decision of the Court gives at Wellington on the 19th day of June , 19 52. in the matter of Te Ma tai Blocs Investigation of Title. apes the following grounds. - Grounds of anneal are as set out in ,.tateiaelit lodged with prior notice cc of appeal dated tin 6th day of December, 1,)51.  Signed by Werihe to Tui ri    on the day of   lu , in the presence of?   A Solicitor of the Supreme Court.  A Jiudice of the Peace. Stan, A Stipendiary Magistrate.  A Judge, R gtria. or Commissioner of the Native   Land Court.  A Postmaittor.   (WArrr Native alukrdatax Errylivh, tedsexs rigs. following tedificote.) I HEREBY CERTIFY that earl, Native signing the Awe Notice of Appeal whose signature has been attested had a sufficient knowledge of the English language to enable hint to understand, and that he did undeNtand, the effect of this Meument. Muds f m  f;g.eir?; nod sign te: fi0 fr  :.111 rATA ohrprefor of the fro grade poise, also I CERTIFY that I aplained the effect of this ttaclortent. to the persons signing the same, and that each of them understood the effect thereof. sndement of grounds d appeal is othoa, Ile attesting witness should tooth it .iral the his mono themin to identify it. hos.,03,?.935
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429Au. COMMUNICRTL0NS TO RS Araskrato TO 1.A.-123o M. An Co.?, 1  PmAn BAG Woo. OVAT . I, your MO, WELLINGTON  TAEGILATNIG CODs ADDRESS.   IKAROA.-  55-M.   I KAROA AND Sauce ISLAND DISTRICTS,   MAORI LAND COURT   AND   MAORI LAND BOARD,  Wellington C. 17th Jul&quot; 19 5 2. M.te ones, Taitua Street, TAUMARUNUI. Dear Sir, re : Ti MATAI BLOCK INVESTIGATION OF TITLE APPEAL  In reply to your letter of the 7th July, I have to advise that I forwarded a copy of the Court minutes on the 19th June, 1952 to lerihe to Tuiri direct, together with a form of Notice of Appeal. He was told that it was necessary to complete and return this form and that no extra fees would be payable. Yours faithfully, P 5 OC#.--i). gk for: REGISTRAR.
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451    <Metadata name="ThumbHeight">100</Metadata>
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453    <Metadata name="Screen">3A09-10b_Part_1-010_screen.png</Metadata>
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458  </Description>
459  <Content>&lt;pre&gt;
460. Box 78, TAUaAAUNGI. 10th  The Registrar, Maori Land Court, Private Bag. Lambton (usy WELLINGTON  Dear. Sir, MATAI BLOCK. (Your ref Ka. 480.) I thank you for your letter of the 25th June, and now forward fresh appeal in lieu of Appeal against Court's pronouncement of 17th October, 1951. Yours faithfully,
465  <Description>
466    <Metadata name="Title">12</Metadata>
467    <Metadata name="Image">3A09-10b_Part_1-011.png</Metadata>
468    <Metadata name="Source">3A09-10b_Part_1-011.tif</Metadata>
469    <Metadata name="SourceFile">3A09-10b_Part_1-011.tif</Metadata>
470    <Metadata name="FileSize">67323</Metadata>
471    <Metadata name="ImageType">PNG</Metadata>
472    <Metadata name="ImageWidth">1816</Metadata>
473    <Metadata name="ImageHeight">2088</Metadata>
474    <Metadata name="ImageSize">67.3KB</Metadata>
475    <Metadata name="srclink_file">3A09-10b_Part_1-011.png</Metadata>
476    <Metadata name="srclinkFile">3A09-10b_Part_1-011.png</Metadata>
477    <Metadata name="srcicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[srclinkFile]&quot; width=&quot;[ImageWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ImageHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
478    <Metadata name="ThumbType">png</Metadata>
479    <Metadata name="Thumb">3A09-10b_Part_1-011_thumb.png</Metadata>
480    <Metadata name="thumbicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Thumb]&quot; alt=&quot;[Thumb]&quot; width=&quot;[ThumbWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ThumbHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
481    <Metadata name="ThumbWidth">87</Metadata>
482    <Metadata name="ThumbHeight">100</Metadata>
483    <Metadata name="ScreenType">png</Metadata>
484    <Metadata name="Screen">3A09-10b_Part_1-011_screen.png</Metadata>
485    <Metadata name="screenicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Screen]&quot; width=[ScreenWidth] height=[ScreenHeight]&gt;</Metadata>
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487    <Metadata name="ScreenHeight">500</Metadata>
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489  </Description>
490  <Content>&lt;pre&gt;
491xzx 7E xxxxxxxxxx Taitua St., -15E XXXXCCXXXX TAUgARUNUI. Kia, 10th Ju1yi1272:. Werihe te Tuiri,  TCKAANU.  Tens ano korue,  Tenet te pukaouka hou mo te Piira o Te gatai.  Co tetehi o nga kape 0 Kane hei puouri mau era kei te reta e pine ans. Ko te mea i pine Si te Pukanuko Piira me tuku ins mutu to halos kt te Kai-Rehita 1 rota i te Sawa e tukue atu nei. Heoi nei re, Kin ore mei ano, Ks,
496  <Description>
497    <Metadata name="Title">13</Metadata>
498    <Metadata name="Image">3A09-10b_Part_1-012.png</Metadata>
499    <Metadata name="Source">3A09-10b_Part_1-012.tif</Metadata>
500    <Metadata name="SourceFile">3A09-10b_Part_1-012.tif</Metadata>
501    <Metadata name="FileSize">91755</Metadata>
502    <Metadata name="ImageType">PNG</Metadata>
503    <Metadata name="ImageWidth">1937</Metadata>
504    <Metadata name="ImageHeight">2250</Metadata>
505    <Metadata name="ImageSize">91.8KB</Metadata>
506    <Metadata name="srclink_file">3A09-10b_Part_1-012.png</Metadata>
507    <Metadata name="srclinkFile">3A09-10b_Part_1-012.png</Metadata>
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510    <Metadata name="Thumb">3A09-10b_Part_1-012_thumb.png</Metadata>
511    <Metadata name="thumbicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Thumb]&quot; alt=&quot;[Thumb]&quot; width=&quot;[ThumbWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ThumbHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
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514    <Metadata name="ScreenType">png</Metadata>
515    <Metadata name="Screen">3A09-10b_Part_1-012_screen.png</Metadata>
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520  </Description>
521  <Content>&lt;pre&gt;
522NOM YINUT0 saox 90/94 wellington, 19th Jens, 1952. FRZACHT: A. A. Wkitoheed, Judge. Te kaiak kinwesti4etion pf Title) from pegs 20 Court: On the 17th October, 1951, a pronouncement was wads settling the groups of owners. On the 10th Deusamor, 1951, the Tourt approved the lists of owners and shores as submitted 07 damsel end Conductors. It nev,eppnare that by inadvertence no final order woe wade and to remedy this defeot the Court sew orders as follows, A Freehold order on an investigation of title to taws to the persons whose nesse ore set out in the lists and in the share, oe approved by the Court on the 10th December, 1951.
527  <Description>
528    <Metadata name="Title">14</Metadata>
529    <Metadata name="Image">3A09-10b_Part_1-013.png</Metadata>
530    <Metadata name="Source">3A09-10b_Part_1-013.tif</Metadata>
531    <Metadata name="SourceFile">3A09-10b_Part_1-013.tif</Metadata>
532    <Metadata name="FileSize">105154</Metadata>
533    <Metadata name="ImageType">PNG</Metadata>
534    <Metadata name="ImageWidth">1779</Metadata>
535    <Metadata name="ImageHeight">2069</Metadata>
536    <Metadata name="ImageSize">105KB</Metadata>
537    <Metadata name="srclink_file">3A09-10b_Part_1-013.png</Metadata>
538    <Metadata name="srclinkFile">3A09-10b_Part_1-013.png</Metadata>
539    <Metadata name="srcicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[srclinkFile]&quot; width=&quot;[ImageWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ImageHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
540    <Metadata name="ThumbType">png</Metadata>
541    <Metadata name="Thumb">3A09-10b_Part_1-013_thumb.png</Metadata>
542    <Metadata name="thumbicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Thumb]&quot; alt=&quot;[Thumb]&quot; width=&quot;[ThumbWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ThumbHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
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544    <Metadata name="ThumbHeight">100</Metadata>
545    <Metadata name="ScreenType">png</Metadata>
546    <Metadata name="Screen">3A09-10b_Part_1-013_screen.png</Metadata>
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551  </Description>
552  <Content>&lt;pre&gt;
553ALL COlyWHICA710/15 TO OE A0011E55E0 TO  -TN; REGISTRAR, ,LA( Thre.,  Pikoal LA. Co.,. P4 Y., H. Track=.U.   m.o  IKAROA AND SOUTH ISLAND DISTRICTS.  /952. MAORI LAND COURT   AND   MAORI LAND BOARD    Welltngron C. I, 25th June  Werihe Te Tuir1,  Post Office,  TOKAANU.  E Hoe Tens Koe,  TE MATAT PORAKA  Hue puts tetehi whekaaro penes na mehemes 1  whakaotta e te Kooti te ota mo Te Metal porake, kshore ranch.  Noreirs kue whekaotia inaisnei e te Kooti 1 te 19 o Hune,  1952, taus ota mo Te Metal. Ke she1 hoki lneiane1 nga tengeta  hue pure ki nga whekamateuranga a te Kooti i whakapuakinatie  re e te Root' i te 17 Oketooa, 1951, me te 10 T1heme, 1951,  te whakatakoto pure hou 1 rote 1 te rue mareme mei i te 19 0  tune, 1952. Kahore he utu mo ene1 pure.      Ane1 tetehi tape o ngs m1n1t1 a te Kooti a anei  ano te whooma Whakeeturanga Piire. Me whekaki eno e Roe a ke  whekehoki mai ano ki a au.  Kis Ore,    Ne te Kai?Rehite Te Mira (111s)
558  <Description>
559    <Metadata name="Title">15</Metadata>
560    <Metadata name="Image">3A09-10b_Part_1-014.png</Metadata>
561    <Metadata name="Source">3A09-10b_Part_1-014.tif</Metadata>
562    <Metadata name="SourceFile">3A09-10b_Part_1-014.tif</Metadata>
563    <Metadata name="FileSize">114106</Metadata>
564    <Metadata name="ImageType">PNG</Metadata>
565    <Metadata name="ImageWidth">1760</Metadata>
566    <Metadata name="ImageHeight">1347</Metadata>
567    <Metadata name="ImageSize">114KB</Metadata>
568    <Metadata name="srclink_file">3A09-10b_Part_1-014.png</Metadata>
569    <Metadata name="srclinkFile">3A09-10b_Part_1-014.png</Metadata>
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571    <Metadata name="ThumbType">png</Metadata>
572    <Metadata name="Thumb">3A09-10b_Part_1-014_thumb.png</Metadata>
573    <Metadata name="thumbicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Thumb]&quot; alt=&quot;[Thumb]&quot; width=&quot;[ThumbWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ThumbHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
574    <Metadata name="ThumbWidth">100</Metadata>
575    <Metadata name="ThumbHeight">77</Metadata>
576    <Metadata name="ScreenType">png</Metadata>
577    <Metadata name="Screen">3A09-10b_Part_1-014_screen.png</Metadata>
578    <Metadata name="screenicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Screen]&quot; width=[ScreenWidth] height=[ScreenHeight]&gt;</Metadata>
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580    <Metadata name="ScreenHeight">383</Metadata>
581    <Metadata name="FileFormat">PagedImage</Metadata>
582  </Description>
583  <Content>&lt;pre&gt;
584Mr Werihe Ts Tuirlo. Post Office, TOKkANU. Dear Sir, 204. June, 1952. TS MATAI BLOCK:  JNITESTIOATION OF TITLE Some doubt has arisen as to whether or not the Court had made a final order herein. In order that the position might be placed beyond possible doubt the Court has now made its order final as from the 19th June, 1952. It will therefore be necessary for all parties who have lodged appeals against the previous decisions of the Court which were pronounced on the 17th October, 1951, and the 10th December, 1951, to lodge fresh appeals within two months from the 19th June, 1952. No further fees will be payable thereon.  I enclose a copy of the minutes of the Court on the 19th Juns4 1952, for your information and I also enclose a Notice of Appeal, You should complete this form and forward it to me as soon as possible. Yours faithfully,
589  <Description>
590    <Metadata name="Title">16</Metadata>
591    <Metadata name="Image">3A09-10b_Part_1-015.png</Metadata>
592    <Metadata name="Source">3A09-10b_Part_1-015.tif</Metadata>
593    <Metadata name="SourceFile">3A09-10b_Part_1-015.tif</Metadata>
594    <Metadata name="FileSize">71726</Metadata>
595    <Metadata name="ImageType">PNG</Metadata>
596    <Metadata name="ImageWidth">1798</Metadata>
597    <Metadata name="ImageHeight">1340</Metadata>
598    <Metadata name="ImageSize">71.7KB</Metadata>
599    <Metadata name="srclink_file">3A09-10b_Part_1-015.png</Metadata>
600    <Metadata name="srclinkFile">3A09-10b_Part_1-015.png</Metadata>
601    <Metadata name="srcicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[srclinkFile]&quot; width=&quot;[ImageWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ImageHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
602    <Metadata name="ThumbType">png</Metadata>
603    <Metadata name="Thumb">3A09-10b_Part_1-015_thumb.png</Metadata>
604    <Metadata name="thumbicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Thumb]&quot; alt=&quot;[Thumb]&quot; width=&quot;[ThumbWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ThumbHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
605    <Metadata name="ThumbWidth">100</Metadata>
606    <Metadata name="ThumbHeight">75</Metadata>
607    <Metadata name="ScreenType">png</Metadata>
608    <Metadata name="Screen">3A09-10b_Part_1-015_screen.png</Metadata>
609    <Metadata name="screenicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Screen]&quot; width=[ScreenWidth] height=[ScreenHeight]&gt;</Metadata>
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611    <Metadata name="ScreenHeight">373</Metadata>
612    <Metadata name="FileFormat">PagedImage</Metadata>
613  </Description>
614  <Content>&lt;pre&gt;
615xxxxxxxxxx Taltua Street,  XXXXXVAAk TARUNUI  7th July, 1M:. The Registrar,  Maori Land Court,  Private Bag,  Lambtnn (uay ?.O.  NKLIITON  Dear Cir,  re; Te -atai Block : Investigation of Title. (Your ref. Na 480.) I thank you for your letter of the 2nd instant, enclosing a copy of the Court sinutea, dated 19th dune, 1952. To enable ierlhe to Tulri to lodge a fresh appeal I shall be pleased if you will ibrwaru forms of &quot;Notice of Appeal&quot; 59.) 4111 you please also advise nether a fee is payable in respect of any freen appeal. YOUPS faithfully, (7, A Arg,Z
620  <Description>
621    <Metadata name="Title">17</Metadata>
622    <Metadata name="Image">3A09-10b_Part_1-016.png</Metadata>
623    <Metadata name="Source">3A09-10b_Part_1-016.tif</Metadata>
624    <Metadata name="SourceFile">3A09-10b_Part_1-016.tif</Metadata>
625    <Metadata name="FileSize">222223</Metadata>
626    <Metadata name="ImageType">PNG</Metadata>
627    <Metadata name="ImageWidth">1873</Metadata>
628    <Metadata name="ImageHeight">2726</Metadata>
629    <Metadata name="ImageSize">222KB</Metadata>
630    <Metadata name="srclink_file">3A09-10b_Part_1-016.png</Metadata>
631    <Metadata name="srclinkFile">3A09-10b_Part_1-016.png</Metadata>
632    <Metadata name="srcicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[srclinkFile]&quot; width=&quot;[ImageWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ImageHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
633    <Metadata name="ThumbType">png</Metadata>
634    <Metadata name="Thumb">3A09-10b_Part_1-016_thumb.png</Metadata>
635    <Metadata name="thumbicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Thumb]&quot; alt=&quot;[Thumb]&quot; width=&quot;[ThumbWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ThumbHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
636    <Metadata name="ThumbWidth">69</Metadata>
637    <Metadata name="ThumbHeight">100</Metadata>
638    <Metadata name="ScreenType">png</Metadata>
639    <Metadata name="Screen">3A09-10b_Part_1-016_screen.png</Metadata>
640    <Metadata name="screenicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Screen]&quot; width=[ScreenWidth] height=[ScreenHeight]&gt;</Metadata>
641    <Metadata name="ScreenWidth">344</Metadata>
642    <Metadata name="ScreenHeight">500</Metadata>
643    <Metadata name="FileFormat">PagedImage</Metadata>
644  </Description>
645  <Content>&lt;pre&gt;
646irsimpaji\_simgoi ON APF, hareinbefore referred to/  liregly, he mqly s The Court in its of t 17th October, 1951, was in error when it found that thetitle to Wharetoto was investigated in 1869 and stated Only eleven years latsr the title to Te Metal. was investigated so it reasonable ts suppose that the Court was fully aware of the eosition so far as the adjoining blocks were oonoern d.&quot; The records with regard to Wharetoto Block show that, (a) A hurt Order dated 18/3/1869 under the Native Land Ant 1845 was made for a Certifioate of Title to issue to 9 persons a. tenants in oommom for 55,000  (b) A Native Land Court Certificate of Title dated 7/5/1872 was issued for 55,000 soros to &quot;root as froa 28/3/1872 in 9 persons. (e) A Crown Grant was issued on 1/12/1885 la favour 9 Grantees for 28,400  (d) A Court Order under the Native Equitable Owners Aot 1886 dated 12/3/1897 declares that a trust exists and vests land in 204 weeps - Area 57,080 sere. It is, therefore, clear that no proper invesbigetioa of the ownership of Wharetote Bloc was wads mmtil 18971 MomNotodkilwro 4f14f 840 title to Ts Natal was inveetigat d.  sogg?ly, The Oourt was in error in re~eoting the claim of gatii a Bsngiita on the supposition set out under the First ground of appeal; and furthermore the claim of Igati Te dangiits was not based on any occupation by Werihe to Tuiri, but was one of occupation of a similar nature to those of the 31 persons referred to under Claim 111 as members of N' Tutemahate.  T t/trill, The Court in admitting Ts Elko i Lateme under lilneel has overlooked similar olaims for inclusion of the brother, itaketeitel di Laten , and the ohildren of the sister, Bangitapuhikurs di Ketone, of the said Te Niko di hateae. -eoaid- ek, /f 9s 46- ~..-4(  , e-,-.Tova, Ztr.,. 4..6 ,,..:4 ?a;/?&quot;..?&quot;4 ,-..&quot;4.;.,4, e.:,,,,4 ,.e -fune-eAtese.----,er  t .,,lis 'e- 'L ,.?4,6. .,,,e.., ..44-me- escevassAI 744.. \_?.,,.tv -,..tea., ie -4-- -6,-.-d ,e'...a.- fe-gZ 4,-ec.,eir,., , , ,74-,.
651  <Description>
652    <Metadata name="Title">18</Metadata>
653    <Metadata name="Image">3A09-10b_Part_1-017.png</Metadata>
654    <Metadata name="Source">3A09-10b_Part_1-017.tif</Metadata>
655    <Metadata name="SourceFile">3A09-10b_Part_1-017.tif</Metadata>
656    <Metadata name="FileSize">133843</Metadata>
657    <Metadata name="ImageType">PNG</Metadata>
658    <Metadata name="ImageWidth">1795</Metadata>
659    <Metadata name="ImageHeight">2080</Metadata>
660    <Metadata name="ImageSize">134KB</Metadata>
661    <Metadata name="srclink_file">3A09-10b_Part_1-017.png</Metadata>
662    <Metadata name="srclinkFile">3A09-10b_Part_1-017.png</Metadata>
663    <Metadata name="srcicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[srclinkFile]&quot; width=&quot;[ImageWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ImageHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
664    <Metadata name="ThumbType">png</Metadata>
665    <Metadata name="Thumb">3A09-10b_Part_1-017_thumb.png</Metadata>
666    <Metadata name="thumbicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Thumb]&quot; alt=&quot;[Thumb]&quot; width=&quot;[ThumbWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ThumbHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
667    <Metadata name="ThumbWidth">86</Metadata>
668    <Metadata name="ThumbHeight">100</Metadata>
669    <Metadata name="ScreenType">png</Metadata>
670    <Metadata name="Screen">3A09-10b_Part_1-017_screen.png</Metadata>
671    <Metadata name="screenicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Screen]&quot; width=[ScreenWidth] height=[ScreenHeight]&gt;</Metadata>
672    <Metadata name="ScreenWidth">431</Metadata>
673    <Metadata name="ScreenHeight">500</Metadata>
674    <Metadata name="FileFormat">PagedImage</Metadata>
675  </Description>
676  <Content>&lt;pre&gt;
677COHTHE TAR  UNICAT,ORS 70 BE ADDRESSED To  ? REPIST. pi A -II/A MAORI LAMP COURT.  as1 LAMBEON &quot;&quot;   .   N80 ..A=oRess  A  Trnmon45-030  IKAROA AND SOUTH ISLAND DISTRICTS. MAORI LAND COURT AND MAORI LAND BOARD Wellington C.', 2nd July Mei Te ones, Box 78, TAUMARUNUI. Dear Sir, re TS MATAI BLOCS : INVESTIGATION OF TITLE  Some doubt has arisen as to whether or not the Court had made a final order on the investigation of title of the Te Metal Block. In order that the position might be placed beyond possible doubt, the Court has now Node its order final as from the 19th June, 1952. As a result it has become necessary for the persona who had lodged appeals against the previous decisionzof the Court which wa-tpronounced on the 17th October, 1951, and the 10th December, 1951 to lodge fresh appeals within 2 months from the 19th June, 1952. The following persons had previously lodged appeals: 1. Mr. Werihe Pe Tuiri of Tokaanu. 2. M.race, through Messrawry, Dowling S Wacher, :;olicitors, Napier. 3. Tiahuia Rahui, through MeserePine, Morrissey McParland, Solicitors, Napier. 4. Rore Rutene and others, through Measrrquhart, Roe ec Keane, Solicitors, Rotorua. 5. Taluahou Mania of Paupo. I enclose for your information a copy of the Court Minutes, dated 19th June, 1952. Yours faithfully, for: REGISTRR.
682  <Description>
683    <Metadata name="Title">19</Metadata>
684    <Metadata name="Image">3A09-10b_Part_1-018.png</Metadata>
685    <Metadata name="Source">3A09-10b_Part_1-018.tif</Metadata>
686    <Metadata name="SourceFile">3A09-10b_Part_1-018.tif</Metadata>
687    <Metadata name="FileSize">84893</Metadata>
688    <Metadata name="ImageType">PNG</Metadata>
689    <Metadata name="ImageWidth">1840</Metadata>
690    <Metadata name="ImageHeight">2168</Metadata>
691    <Metadata name="ImageSize">84.9KB</Metadata>
692    <Metadata name="srclink_file">3A09-10b_Part_1-018.png</Metadata>
693    <Metadata name="srclinkFile">3A09-10b_Part_1-018.png</Metadata>
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695    <Metadata name="ThumbType">png</Metadata>
696    <Metadata name="Thumb">3A09-10b_Part_1-018_thumb.png</Metadata>
697    <Metadata name="thumbicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Thumb]&quot; alt=&quot;[Thumb]&quot; width=&quot;[ThumbWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ThumbHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
698    <Metadata name="ThumbWidth">85</Metadata>
699    <Metadata name="ThumbHeight">100</Metadata>
700    <Metadata name="ScreenType">png</Metadata>
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708F +.3 ;411. a44 54 00/94 44gallogLaa. tyth Jaws. 199,. 4. 4011, 4, le optAL at 14s, teak rsss Ift us tho 170 Dotaber, 1/51, a paw,aancaamwt ass RAO aaatlia4 tha igyaapa of widows. ,. baa 10th ,.saaimur, 1i51, tat Goart aypeemea las list's or wiworro mad shassa as sob-tt ty Leseasel an0 ,osaseters. It 4o. 01eare th,A by luodirea. ,up dart Spew was Asil sal to ruaedy this Emtwa the Laort sou osiers Am reilsost- A Fiftehold ova A fa LavestlAstio,. of UAL O lasso 16 06 soas hoar ammo ore oat oat la lb. Italia 014 La 0a starts as approve ,j tha Carat Oa tba 1J0 Doesuber, 1151. z
713  <Description>
714    <Metadata name="Title">20</Metadata>
715    <Metadata name="Image">3A09-10b_Part_1-019.png</Metadata>
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739LAWRY, DOWLING WACHER lusmtn? us 701.1 Mr. Lawry. PI IVO A. (M. 0? CO?itcling, COrowuing jived, ogoier, let May, 1952. . Jones, Esq., Box 78, TADMARUNDI Dear Sir, RE TE MATAI  We are much obliged to you for your letter of the 28th April forwarding us a copy of the Grounds of Appeal lodged by Werehe to Tuiri. Yours faithfully, WRY DOWLING WAOSER er:
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748    <Metadata name="SourceFile">3A09-10b_Part_1-020.tif</Metadata>
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770Taitua St., --78. see Taumarunui. --- 241. 28th April, 1952. --- 258.  Messrs. Lawry, Dowling eacher,  Barristers A 2olicitors,  . Box 159,  NAPI ER.  Dear Sirs,  Te stab,  I thank you for your letter of the Eth inet,nt, forwarding cony of grounds of appeal by Te Takings Arthur Grace anu others, ana ae requested I forward herewith a copy of the grounds of appeal lodges by :ierihe te Tuiri of Tokaanu. werihe te Tuiri has asked me to act for him and those of' Ngati Te Rangiita associated with him. Yours faithfully, fincl:
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783    <Metadata name="ImageHeight">2116</Metadata>
784    <Metadata name="ImageSize">137KB</Metadata>
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800  <Content>&lt;pre&gt;
8011.? 123. 11011-1  , Au Ca :41,1 To ra ROOM= TO J07:4D COURT NATI 8. L41TON ()JAY , iNGION C. Talc 'Lure Cola PmoNz 45-090 1KAROA AND SOUTH ISLAND DISTRICTS. MAORI LAND COURT AND MAORI LAND BOARD. Wellington C. L. idlik 11 Mr. Pei Te H. Jones, Box 78, TAUMARUNU I. Wee Sir, BUIIMUMULAMILMillagjiliar   I have to 'idyls that appeals hove bees aived by the following penises against the decision et the Wert weds st bellingtes es 17th tabor, 1931, in the natter of ' the investigation of title of the Ts Seta! Sleek. Tisbuis Sahel Ter 'tett Baer kr her Solicitors, Messrs. Lapis, Morrisey I aererlesd, 'spier; (1) To Tship slim Gres by his Selleitoes, Messrs. Wires s. Welliagtoes (e) Worths Ts Twirl, Tekeens. AA peal easiest the doeision gives at Nesting, em the 13th der of beeesbee, 1131. shwa he Oars. eresnouted to isdividusle within the various greeps of mews, has bees rewired from Tope tutees by his Solieitme, Messrs. V14018. low Leese, 'toter's&quot;. The date fee hearing de these appeals bee set yet bees tired bat ohm the date sad glees et hearing bee bees arranged yes will be advised. Tears faitatn117. POP ilifidttlidr (a)
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807    <Metadata name="Title">23</Metadata>
808    <Metadata name="Image">3A09-10b_Part_1-022.png</Metadata>
809    <Metadata name="Source">3A09-10b_Part_1-022.tif</Metadata>
810    <Metadata name="SourceFile">3A09-10b_Part_1-022.tif</Metadata>
811    <Metadata name="FileSize">68868</Metadata>
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813    <Metadata name="ImageWidth">1889</Metadata>
814    <Metadata name="ImageHeight">2145</Metadata>
815    <Metadata name="ImageSize">68.9KB</Metadata>
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819    <Metadata name="ThumbType">png</Metadata>
820    <Metadata name="Thumb">3A09-10b_Part_1-022_thumb.png</Metadata>
821    <Metadata name="thumbicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Thumb]&quot; alt=&quot;[Thumb]&quot; width=&quot;[ThumbWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ThumbHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
822    <Metadata name="ThumbWidth">88</Metadata>
823    <Metadata name="ThumbHeight">100</Metadata>
824    <Metadata name="ScreenType">png</Metadata>
825    <Metadata name="Screen">3A09-10b_Part_1-022_screen.png</Metadata>
826    <Metadata name="screenicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Screen]&quot; width=[ScreenWidth] height=[ScreenHeight]&gt;</Metadata>
827    <Metadata name="ScreenWidth">440</Metadata>
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829    <Metadata name="FileFormat">PagedImage</Metadata>
830  </Description>
831  <Content>&lt;pre&gt;
832. Tokaanu 10th. December , 1951 The Registrar , Ikaroa Maori Land Court , . Box 36 , Government Buildings , w aLL1NOTON  Dear Sir , Be t Te Vatai Block Investigation of Title I forward herewith Notice of appeal with regard to the Decision of the Court in respect of the above-mentioned block  sill you please acknowledge receipt and advise me in due course as to amount of deposit required and place and date of hearing Thanking you  Yours faithfully ,
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