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130. Box 221, HAWMA.  15th Aperira, 1946. Ki Nga Tangata i whai-paanga. Ki nga Whanga o Te Tihoi 3B6BPA If 2B 3 4 (He whenua rakau) 6 Tana koutou katoa, I te tuunga o to Kooti Whenua Maori ki Taupo i to 19 me to 20 o nga ra o Maehe, 1946, ka wehea nga paanga kua hokona ki te Karauna o to Te Tihoi 3B8B2A, 2B, 3, 4, 6 me to 8. No taus. Kooti ka takoto nga Wariu a te Ksauna mo nga whenua nei tae atu ki nga Ko taua wariu a whakaatu ana he tine moni nui to nekenga ake o te wariu o nga paanga i hokona ki to Karauna i to moni hoko i utua ai ki nga ariki i Koko i o ratou paanga i nga wahanga 3B8B4, 3138)36 me to 3B8B8. I what kupu abaci ki to Kooti mo aua moni hoko me anariu, Ko to kupu a to Kooti. ko to rarangi ture mo taua take ko &quot;Tekiona 452 o to Ture Wehnua Maori, 19311 I to po o te 20 o Maehe ka to to hui ki Mokai ka panuitia a au nga korero mo nga whenua me take kupu ka whake\_ pau ahat i toku kaha mo runga i tenei take. Ko to hunga i whaipaanga ki enei maunga &quot;utu hint:&quot; a nga tupuna me oho whakaarahia nga warirua o tatou tupuna o Wairang, o Tamatehura, o o Pipito &quot;Ko to aea o is ran,A. &quot;tenei&quot;. Ko te korero ma nga tangata o te Mho/ kei to Kikoreka taua tuakana kia te Kohera: &quot;Tukua mai 1,1 ahau ki to ate i haehaea e to matoo:&quot; I tine tautokona tenei tke a to hui i Mokai.
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161-2- Ka oti te korero maku e whakakaupapa to keehi ka hoatu at ki nga rota; kia riro ma ratou e waere he huarahi i roto nga ururuatanga o nga rarangi tute. Kua oti 1 ahau tenet waahi. Kei mart ake net age ahnatan,a katoa o to keehi kua takoto to ki nga rota (Welsh, Licearthy, Houston and McCarthy, Barristers Solicitors, Hawera) Tokotoru o nga rcia o to tart net kei to wherawhera i nga wharangi o nga pukapuka tore inaianet. Ko to waahi hei what ma koutou ma tangata o enei wahanga o to Tihoi ko to kohl. moni hei utu mo nga rota net. Na te :,rani Rauhina to kaupapa moni tuatahi kua takoto. E ?50 kei to kohl nga iwi o Mokal hei whakahoki i tetohi waahi o to moni a to Arani. Na to Rauhina Reweti tenet tamaiti. I hokimai i to pakanga nut ka auto ake net. He uri no Te Paerata, no Ahumai. Kai a is te wairua o Orakau I aranga at tone kupu:- Ka whathai tonu akeake&quot;. mo nga rota Ko to korero kua oti me panel he tiknga ko to utu/me nga rarurara kaua a hokl iho I to ?600, shakoa hinge to keehi. Ki to tika to keehi a ka whakataua to moni hei utu ma to Karauna kia LI  rote is LIM ma nga Roia. Ko taku whakatakoto tenet i te take ki ngarOia. Kai to whiriwhiri tonu ratou; engari ki tabu mohio ka whakaae. Ko to neke atu o to to painga rawa ata; kia whiwhi kaha al hoki mo nga raruraru o to hangs e whakahaere ana t to mahi hei ewhina 1 nga Roia me to Keehi. Kua oti t ahau taku net raran,i mo to ahua o to kohl. haere ana i rungs i nga hea o to tangata. Ko etehi kua mate a ko etehi kei nga waahi ngaro o to whenua o haere ana i rungs i nga mahi. No reira ahakoa titiro iho koutou t nut rawa taku whaka- riterite 1 to meal\_ kohi kaua bet ohonoa; e wtalena kia eke ki to moni e tutuki pat al to mahi 1 tehunga a taea to what haere i to wa poto net. Ko etehi e bore a kitea mo te kohl, mo mart whakatika\_ tika at te waahi kia ratou; era kia riro mai to whakatau i a koutou, ka anal t te hunga i mahue at i rungs i to kaupapa o to whakataunga a to Knott. Ko te what inaianei kia eke to mahi ki uta;
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167    <Metadata name="Title">3</Metadata>
168    <Metadata name="Image">3A09-11b_Part_3-002.png</Metadata>
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192.V.'  -3- &quot;lei tae kapakapa: Ko te hunga i kohi me haina nga ingoa ki te kauppa o tonei Keehi hei total kia to aroaro o te Ture ko ratou te hunga hapai i tonei Keehi. Homai he kaha Homai he kaha tuamanomano: Te Ihu takoto atu. Te lei akina: Whangaia ni rat. Ke tukutuku mai a koutou kohi ki ahau me nga rarangi ingoa o nga hainataga o te lunge i kohi. Na to koutou kmangi maha, HE KUPU I 1,16.:111E. Ko nga mea etika ana lei kai-riiwhi mo nga tupapaku i roto i nga rarangi ingoa o to hoko, me haina tali i o ratou ingoa me to whakatu ki rro iho o to hainatanga &quot;He kai-riiwhi mo (Te In oa o to aku&quot;.)
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198    <Metadata name="Title">4</Metadata>
199    <Metadata name="Image">3A09-11b_Part_3-003.png</Metadata>
200    <Metadata name="Source">3A09-11b_Part_3-003.tif</Metadata>
201    <Metadata name="SourceFile">3A09-11b_Part_3-003.tif</Metadata>
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205    <Metadata name="ImageHeight">2639</Metadata>
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223I221. Anortro. 1910. Kt 444 ItAopAto t oBet000,nen. 14 11,n 5to,gs  're hin 222142 2B 3 No ,msako rnkou) Tana koutuo vitae. I te to Jett ,Ilet1 Zaort /1 ite P0 te IS eve te IC wok r' o s au, ;Ma, vi wean- Zoo balooao tt to Lo-as to re 111 4 24bSA, 21, z. 4, 6 e to  t0, i Ott t,00to a - Attio n to Arnim mo O3- ,Los m art tn. -11,4 4,t I..34. 0 tmo settle val-/11. tits ea Lo ttno moo' Olt to a-c000n 9Aa to onto Age poos- opao 44 to Imolai t to moat buts t Qin at kt 110o ortitt t boon 1 rota 'oasis I ago 00nmo 30014. o to 3,30112. I rLot Loos kt to Loot 10 '.441 coat holm to Nen o,ote. Ao to knee n to A,ott, ,o to r,roa. I tor. ,0 tows S,uo ko 'looting L-68 4\_1/ 10444 11oor1.  / to 10 to RC josh. ,to to to Bat kt 104O kg o01101tto 0 ter. mo 44. olmaa it s otos an pas t twat 0 no one, t toast tn., ro to Load's I o4,1,. 'wawa 01 soot s n d- 'situ tape 410 tOOO&quot;o 4. whoo-ftritato akn onrira- o otos tuouoo o ooirtu46, tee,stc.,eco. Joe ,ItI, 0 4 Ato &quot;40 to omit to Z&quot; t 'teAct. 40 t, 'torero N. a,. twawa-it o to Mai sot to kik 44000 s tu0t-22 tla is / s :4211too not sato kt to olio 1 Lee moo o to moto &quot; 1 ttno toko0 to,ot qoo to hal i 1 1-1. 4 oti to kor
228  <Description>
229    <Metadata name="Title">5</Metadata>
230    <Metadata name="Image">3A09-11b_Part_3-004.png</Metadata>
231    <Metadata name="Source">3A09-11b_Part_3-004.tif</Metadata>
232    <Metadata name="SourceFile">3A09-11b_Part_3-004.tif</Metadata>
233    <Metadata name="FileSize">194224</Metadata>
234    <Metadata name="ImageType">PNG</Metadata>
235    <Metadata name="ImageWidth">1728</Metadata>
236    <Metadata name="ImageHeight">2636</Metadata>
237    <Metadata name="ImageSize">194KB</Metadata>
238    <Metadata name="srclink_file">3A09-11b_Part_3-004.png</Metadata>
239    <Metadata name="srclinkFile">3A09-11b_Part_3-004.png</Metadata>
240    <Metadata name="srcicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[srclinkFile]&quot; width=&quot;[ImageWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ImageHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
241    <Metadata name="ThumbType">png</Metadata>
242    <Metadata name="Thumb">3A09-11b_Part_3-004_thumb.png</Metadata>
243    <Metadata name="thumbicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Thumb]&quot; alt=&quot;[Thumb]&quot; width=&quot;[ThumbWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ThumbHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
244    <Metadata name="ThumbWidth">66</Metadata>
245    <Metadata name="ThumbHeight">100</Metadata>
246    <Metadata name="ScreenType">png</Metadata>
247    <Metadata name="Screen">3A09-11b_Part_3-004_screen.png</Metadata>
248    <Metadata name="screenicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Screen]&quot; width=[ScreenWidth] height=[ScreenHeight]&gt;</Metadata>
249    <Metadata name="ScreenWidth">328</Metadata>
250    <Metadata name="ScreenHeight">500</Metadata>
251    <Metadata name="FileFormat">PagedImage</Metadata>
252  </Description>
253  <Content>&lt;pre&gt;
25401i t6 tOrite MINA 5440o?ou\_ople to 044.14 to 000to coif's ti., rico onto a 000s no : 4111 1 1 ass iirios,:t,ase sik4 r0,1 tat. 4,0 at/ I 414010 t not 408,1. 4st 4rt not Iva MO. ton that o to it otd to' oto to 4 t, 0, Lomita m4i Cortlas, 1q-rlet-ro :Ail'. hors. Lcomern) Tokotorn o 0 t tort a- t t, obororo 1 sorftwl o nee paaul o tiodoorlo to 000tt sire &quot;.et wo oi 44, sts 0 0461  to 134. 1 0 sr 00 ,611. Lot Qt. 00:. rots 1. 1 4 to mitt ,t+ctne to 1VoO,041 01 otat,1 Aoat 71 n 1 1 0 U IL01 11Ft ' 0g0t0d1 t to t,.1 ,.41 0 to 10ot i to `runt. to itann., t 4(.4 Ver,ttt. t hak. 1 1 In 7y44,4 111 ant It 7, 'Ito. OA MS to To ro. u0 4ot. it 1 to to 0,1,34  or s l 41rfi' Pit '4 too impel- octo ton,. 4 to olo tots .0 to tororo - Ott pony. ;(1 1,1 agoo Ato rorr alian c 1:ict LLD L tc. :Oa ,44o -1 to ti./ tm lat 0 47 to enlist ti,1 :e in 4,t00110 0 I r -to tit 415, 1 ma 0. 1a. ko t,4A0 ,444-x01.oto to tots k1 ,;otn. to t1o1o41 Lana r toul a, rt 1 to4o /a  Et c o. 40 to An , to Ku i t4 y1Las r,ott 0t,:t kt, ,141041 ik&quot;1 4041 fte son o-0&quot;40a a t. .4040 2 1.:404-..r0 00 1 ornta- t men hoto n, r- to 4-.00. .4100 oil t of 4-w t,Le not mo.,0 t :440 t 4 0 to 4043. T / tine 1 Joat I Lip, ;:Ma 0 to to,.into. AO Via tea ot r 1 'Louis of I Wit, ,ra,14 ,4-0 a to ,.00015 0 x00to 000 1 riumis t riots 11?; t !:42 retie 1-o 1 c )tit,2 t oat r? 0 tor Nobs:../u. Itortte 1 to 04ot Kohl Lot oLonoot o kt to nool n tutort poi at to, :1,411 I oson a tyre oo&quot;. 1 boor., 1. to us poto cwt. to tool 0 40 0 a tit o ',a to 4444. Jo raort nnootti,40. tihn &quot;1 to 4 to 11 RIG etro to `'..0,1041011 L 0 L 11 4 L :.suss at 1 :uskto Fisoto 0 to  ,ntnko 0 to t5 to,41.:14o L , 4 to 111 ot cila; s el to
259  <Description>
260    <Metadata name="Title">6</Metadata>
261    <Metadata name="Image">3A09-11b_Part_3-005.png</Metadata>
262    <Metadata name="Source">3A09-11b_Part_3-005.tif</Metadata>
263    <Metadata name="SourceFile">3A09-11b_Part_3-005.tif</Metadata>
264    <Metadata name="FileSize">87497</Metadata>
265    <Metadata name="ImageType">PNG</Metadata>
266    <Metadata name="ImageWidth">1728</Metadata>
267    <Metadata name="ImageHeight">2637</Metadata>
268    <Metadata name="ImageSize">87.5KB</Metadata>
269    <Metadata name="srclink_file">3A09-11b_Part_3-005.png</Metadata>
270    <Metadata name="srclinkFile">3A09-11b_Part_3-005.png</Metadata>
271    <Metadata name="srcicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[srclinkFile]&quot; width=&quot;[ImageWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ImageHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
272    <Metadata name="ThumbType">png</Metadata>
273    <Metadata name="Thumb">3A09-11b_Part_3-005_thumb.png</Metadata>
274    <Metadata name="thumbicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Thumb]&quot; alt=&quot;[Thumb]&quot; width=&quot;[ThumbWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ThumbHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
275    <Metadata name="ThumbWidth">66</Metadata>
276    <Metadata name="ThumbHeight">100</Metadata>
277    <Metadata name="ScreenType">png</Metadata>
278    <Metadata name="Screen">3A09-11b_Part_3-005_screen.png</Metadata>
279    <Metadata name="screenicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Screen]&quot; width=[ScreenWidth] height=[ScreenHeight]&gt;</Metadata>
280    <Metadata name="ScreenWidth">328</Metadata>
281    <Metadata name="ScreenHeight">500</Metadata>
282    <Metadata name="FileFormat">PagedImage</Metadata>
283  </Description>
284  <Content>&lt;pre&gt;
285'ft V 11411 IMINIVI X-0 tt;11 t o n- toZoopore o Vsnel Loot tots icVf t. s onto o to Toro Ica rite to Ltstee. Ilis 1 I t, not w1. ,a. 440 tantizilt101: ncPut fac, a ,0 to Itla to It, ,4?,not; ',ANAL ? vit 40 1000101w o Coatos Koh/ 4, r?trvael Lae. oflesh, stngo o t amp 1 000ton 1,:r. ?431 LO 40 Aso ;1 54tr I, 1 09,0it  1 rote 1 rz.-fm '4ron-1 tnwen o t no?o, LI.,10. :4 1 o r,to0 Uwe-. ,.,.:E,tetst a ri0 11-.0 o t, 'He 1.-1-rItott ino livoo t, Tjr,&quot;.140&quot;.)
290  <Description>
291    <Metadata name="Title">7</Metadata>
292    <Metadata name="Image">3A09-11b_Part_3-006.png</Metadata>
293    <Metadata name="Source">3A09-11b_Part_3-006.tif</Metadata>
294    <Metadata name="SourceFile">3A09-11b_Part_3-006.tif</Metadata>
295    <Metadata name="FileSize">153987</Metadata>
296    <Metadata name="ImageType">PNG</Metadata>
297    <Metadata name="ImageWidth">1728</Metadata>
298    <Metadata name="ImageHeight">2640</Metadata>
299    <Metadata name="ImageSize">154KB</Metadata>
300    <Metadata name="srclink_file">3A09-11b_Part_3-006.png</Metadata>
301    <Metadata name="srclinkFile">3A09-11b_Part_3-006.png</Metadata>
302    <Metadata name="srcicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[srclinkFile]&quot; width=&quot;[ImageWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ImageHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
303    <Metadata name="ThumbType">png</Metadata>
304    <Metadata name="Thumb">3A09-11b_Part_3-006_thumb.png</Metadata>
305    <Metadata name="thumbicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Thumb]&quot; alt=&quot;[Thumb]&quot; width=&quot;[ThumbWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ThumbHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
306    <Metadata name="ThumbWidth">65</Metadata>
307    <Metadata name="ThumbHeight">100</Metadata>
308    <Metadata name="ScreenType">png</Metadata>
309    <Metadata name="Screen">3A09-11b_Part_3-006_screen.png</Metadata>
310    <Metadata name="screenicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Screen]&quot; width=[ScreenWidth] height=[ScreenHeight]&gt;</Metadata>
311    <Metadata name="ScreenWidth">327</Metadata>
312    <Metadata name="ScreenHeight">500</Metadata>
313    <Metadata name="FileFormat">PagedImage</Metadata>
314  </Description>
315  <Content>&lt;pre&gt;
316ito='1. 16 n rir, IViO. 18.. truesta t wtial.,..suAr 4 ftftn  Ta rl at 113/12A an 8 4 1).o suoos r,.ou) 6 8 Te-nn ,out t t! Iktift o to Kbrtm, tt t'lt o t to 'r o ago VA 0 V0Ce. elk ?,ufs 14 oft4pu4 41 In Lnroutut to TI4o1 1N11111A, St, 6, ,44 to  Me lt ,,ott to tniwto n'ft t 4m- um  rio oat t'ue at s ILL , too traria :.c..aate ,011  ,110 Wont an/ It atirUgl, Ito 0 In tenria o ftftus I tro. 11 CL to ovum, i to cost bo ulna ul CI ala k U04 L 0 r-taa p 47) ?. 0034 , 06 to m1101. I at&quot;' krill lat ILI to 0I/ ian meat ra,0 &quot;u ?,Urtil t, Napo to i;0011., na In rAr.: I taro to taus t1) &quot;31PDAL3,a o 4.-krP  I to AO 14 I., 0 ,00.0 lLn SA CI .0 Poct11l  U. upo torero itio Irita ;3 tom Immo -zaps tts i taxa cao rano. t Scoot 11. 410 6. Ouoga L ,..1 040 t/ PAnt I31 11tH utu taa isg amino 'As 00. pot rult sates, vim InArnr,gn, o o Unott, 0 :lotto. ',It) to aloft ft Olt rost,:t&quot; to Loro,o .; ago lisfuott 0 to Tt: 4,1 to ateroas litt sea tu,44,14. ntt to It Ala It to et, t ,e nos to moto it. I tile t,atoltomit t oot t 4 o t 6 ,qt La VA 6r, Cororo 1:11 a aitakpftos 8 t'e Cat ua -,ou g4 furl rain' o rico at Tatou a, to.:c1 l rote
321  <Description>
322    <Metadata name="Title">8</Metadata>
323    <Metadata name="Image">3A09-11b_Part_3-007.png</Metadata>
324    <Metadata name="Source">3A09-11b_Part_3-007.tif</Metadata>
325    <Metadata name="SourceFile">3A09-11b_Part_3-007.tif</Metadata>
326    <Metadata name="FileSize">197879</Metadata>
327    <Metadata name="ImageType">PNG</Metadata>
328    <Metadata name="ImageWidth">1757</Metadata>
329    <Metadata name="ImageHeight">2659</Metadata>
330    <Metadata name="ImageSize">198KB</Metadata>
331    <Metadata name="srclink_file">3A09-11b_Part_3-007.png</Metadata>
332    <Metadata name="srclinkFile">3A09-11b_Part_3-007.png</Metadata>
333    <Metadata name="srcicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[srclinkFile]&quot; width=&quot;[ImageWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ImageHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
334    <Metadata name="ThumbType">png</Metadata>
335    <Metadata name="Thumb">3A09-11b_Part_3-007_thumb.png</Metadata>
336    <Metadata name="thumbicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Thumb]&quot; alt=&quot;[Thumb]&quot; width=&quot;[ThumbWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ThumbHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
337    <Metadata name="ThumbWidth">66</Metadata>
338    <Metadata name="ThumbHeight">100</Metadata>
339    <Metadata name="ScreenType">png</Metadata>
340    <Metadata name="Screen">3A09-11b_Part_3-007_screen.png</Metadata>
341    <Metadata name="screenicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Screen]&quot; width=[ScreenWidth] height=[ScreenHeight]&gt;</Metadata>
342    <Metadata name="ScreenWidth">330</Metadata>
343    <Metadata name="ScreenHeight">500</Metadata>
344    <Metadata name="FileFormat">PagedImage</Metadata>
345  </Description>
346  <Content>&lt;pre&gt;
347aPttro,tmaas s 04t e r,a#1 tare. ,mc tt ,, ,At .04101. ctrl uri an Set it,m hoo  trn, n ,otoo o to is ,ht kt 4,xoto to kt fct 4or,tbY Loo ton nao 0,t 1; r,l,tort 4 30A ttore. w=orot Tokolo-u 0 0, -.,lo o t tort 0,t it,sl to ,.ero.,orn t 4 or4ae1 o noo Pct. WA, ifoloaoi. 40 to alit t 'Ant ca itotoo r, 1 ;.gnta 0 c 'A. 0 to liaol itu to 40,4 ; to m0 11,r, rota 1. N' 10 trod Aoohlas to sqlvIot -soi tootoLl km. t ,no 4110 tee ,0A1 ar,11&quot;1 a ' ,jolt 1 tetni,1 onnti o to r, oat , o Arnqt. NP to A,oatnn ioontt t 441 1,411t1. 1 4-it,ot 1 to pa?.Itsa nal yv., meta Ake not. art CO 0. 048rAt 00 hat So ono 0 .rkos 1 rants L tons o0,o1 tons ,a?40&quot;. [a to kor ro Iii&quot; jc1 o,ant nn ,two 00 o'y o Ne. rote A0 StAy rorarora 44un o 'boll 11,40 I to On0C4 ,mkso 010 ,e kt to tth, to a. ant ,t us t&quot; Loot 1 -o to -go0ona ,, 1 rote In ?100 o nell n t,. Xs 4i,t2t4toto to141 t to to  at, 4K41 acin, Lot t4 ,kart,ttrt loom rotoeti on.; r1 Et ten noLlo to no. t. at-.e :14 0 to Kant to potoa, o,  1 thati ado rurora o to :onoo ,1,14,.oroo :up. 1 to ra TAU 1 1140 aole :co to 4.,461. at1 1 no tbgt roron,4 to ,an 0 to KW, lkooro ao 1 o12444 1 ao. boo 0 to t 30-,to. 14 ,t0At aft T t its ofttobt tot goal tti,r 0 to clIPUI-0 1.00,4 404 1 'sag 1 Pg te rf4ro ce Slttra 11- Moat 2 1 oat r t io v4ukarttkrt10 1 to ,.oat Cott, town nol Okon n; e rs.,1 ens ki4 'to -1 to  0,t 11 to 1 1 t. lamas o toes to 4,144 an rn 1 to oS poto 40 otoLi arc ?111,11 no to told, x0 art 4,tt-s :1 to ,1s1 LI,to0t 'ora tin tiro :14,1 tA oinuastfte 1 kantAt. 41, w.nt 41 1 mate 1 to ming. t 446 to t,ur O to w4e,qt,.11H0 to ?Lott. 40 to 4:,St t mi ao1 at. ego to nu.,1 41 0'41 01 14: ito4rAiC,t to trhaaas I.1 Bolas 0, ki to t. ha, :it Ott tons et to AT ore 0 to Tar. to Totals
352  <Description>
353    <Metadata name="Title">9</Metadata>
354    <Metadata name="Image">3A09-11b_Part_3-008.png</Metadata>
355    <Metadata name="Source">3A09-11b_Part_3-008.tif</Metadata>
356    <Metadata name="SourceFile">3A09-11b_Part_3-008.tif</Metadata>
357    <Metadata name="FileSize">84834</Metadata>
358    <Metadata name="ImageType">PNG</Metadata>
359    <Metadata name="ImageWidth">1728</Metadata>
360    <Metadata name="ImageHeight">2641</Metadata>
361    <Metadata name="ImageSize">84.8KB</Metadata>
362    <Metadata name="srclink_file">3A09-11b_Part_3-008.png</Metadata>
363    <Metadata name="srclinkFile">3A09-11b_Part_3-008.png</Metadata>
364    <Metadata name="srcicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[srclinkFile]&quot; width=&quot;[ImageWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ImageHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
365    <Metadata name="ThumbType">png</Metadata>
366    <Metadata name="Thumb">3A09-11b_Part_3-008_thumb.png</Metadata>
367    <Metadata name="thumbicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Thumb]&quot; alt=&quot;[Thumb]&quot; width=&quot;[ThumbWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ThumbHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
368    <Metadata name="ThumbWidth">65</Metadata>
369    <Metadata name="ThumbHeight">100</Metadata>
370    <Metadata name="ScreenType">png</Metadata>
371    <Metadata name="Screen">3A09-11b_Part_3-008_screen.png</Metadata>
372    <Metadata name="screenicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Screen]&quot; width=[ScreenWidth] height=[ScreenHeight]&gt;</Metadata>
373    <Metadata name="ScreenWidth">327</Metadata>
374    <Metadata name="ScreenHeight">500</Metadata>
375    <Metadata name="FileFormat">PagedImage</Metadata>
376  </Description>
377  <Content>&lt;pre&gt;
378to bias. D.9okt t t not Fso,1 toqtint Lilt itort , it,. a taaoo,rio,o+14 To ILA to oto '.t to Lot aatOat ,la raL 9 b a,/una kohl. I oa,to ;:gq r9rongt tag a o n 1.,,aqtampa So tom&quot; t Kola. P. t 44otos a,.raar  G L J  t USW OS 41 t144 Et, Ltt tA UNA ra s e tooh,aaa t ,oto t ramie Woo s to Loaf, ,o wits t ri B tags. ae+ to thaibtallio tt mil las to tal at,ovi 'RS kato,rtt Ll MO Crs tuAuuji).&quot;
383  <Description>
384    <Metadata name="Title">10</Metadata>
385    <Metadata name="Image">3A09-11b_Part_3-009.png</Metadata>
386    <Metadata name="Source">3A09-11b_Part_3-009.tif</Metadata>
387    <Metadata name="SourceFile">3A09-11b_Part_3-009.tif</Metadata>
388    <Metadata name="FileSize">157210</Metadata>
389    <Metadata name="ImageType">PNG</Metadata>
390    <Metadata name="ImageWidth">1728</Metadata>
391    <Metadata name="ImageHeight">2638</Metadata>
392    <Metadata name="ImageSize">157KB</Metadata>
393    <Metadata name="srclink_file">3A09-11b_Part_3-009.png</Metadata>
394    <Metadata name="srclinkFile">3A09-11b_Part_3-009.png</Metadata>
395    <Metadata name="srcicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[srclinkFile]&quot; width=&quot;[ImageWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ImageHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
396    <Metadata name="ThumbType">png</Metadata>
397    <Metadata name="Thumb">3A09-11b_Part_3-009_thumb.png</Metadata>
398    <Metadata name="thumbicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Thumb]&quot; alt=&quot;[Thumb]&quot; width=&quot;[ThumbWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ThumbHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
399    <Metadata name="ThumbWidth">66</Metadata>
400    <Metadata name="ThumbHeight">100</Metadata>
401    <Metadata name="ScreenType">png</Metadata>
402    <Metadata name="Screen">3A09-11b_Part_3-009_screen.png</Metadata>
403    <Metadata name="screenicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Screen]&quot; width=[ScreenWidth] height=[ScreenHeight]&gt;</Metadata>
404    <Metadata name="ScreenWidth">328</Metadata>
405    <Metadata name="ScreenHeight">500</Metadata>
406    <Metadata name="FileFormat">PagedImage</Metadata>
407  </Description>
408  <Content>&lt;pre&gt;
40901,. Sas al. td AP,tir3, ti Ilp Tengets i otial,oe&quot;a4t  at 11.;h To Tiihol 61989SA 113  a  4 (1, wA004A  Trot tout,.4 tato. I ,1100n o to xonti hoet kJ to lm to 20 aso o. 0 :411e,a, a. ,A4 O on,ags soft holler'. ki to koesona to Tt!,ot 2081121, 3, A. 6, e to &quot;k. 0 tAvO emati kit ,i,A2tO 0,4 4,11 A t 440MAS MO ai7o utensil net toe tu xi 11,-:an. -0 t0e. 'aria 0!.aemt0 ,no ho lino moot. out to aokcogo o 0 to wort non onaga 1 hosoaa Xi to LgTedlOOR I to ,G0111 U040 atm' 01 Kt 114o ortti t sok I ',too 0-anoh 1 nAo onLoos 000b4. 1112116 to MM. I , x000 ki to Atoott oo nue opal Loco MA PA a aerie, to to ham m to Cooti, 40 tc rAttw/ turfs to teas toile xo 4,111246 6,2 to 1ao  I to PO 0 to 2,0 0 to to ki ,t VommIttis e sr, nos ;torero oo ago ,heists me Mai ham to 41,AAPOU ':toe 1 taxa Imie too range t Stasi o t Longa I kt ea.' an use SituUlna&quot; s 'us tunas a(1 ago warns co fetes toren ontramso. 0 2-rAtetiora, o Toaxoitt, 'lotto. Co to a o ia rahar Shot. Li, to 'torero me age tonf to to Tthot Knl to Morelia al Salsa tosa xi to deboret .taWase.,i xi baa Xi to ote1 o to stoat' I tSSO Snetateaa Noel tots e t. I ,04,1 Le Ott try Sorer, aca e ooke00pe to t,.1,1 Co ho,tu t 91 as4 rotas kis Tiro rutoo uo horolit t rote
414  <Description>
415    <Metadata name="Title">11</Metadata>
416    <Metadata name="Image">3A09-11b_Part_3-010.png</Metadata>
417    <Metadata name="Source">3A09-11b_Part_3-010.tif</Metadata>
418    <Metadata name="SourceFile">3A09-11b_Part_3-010.tif</Metadata>
419    <Metadata name="FileSize">201491</Metadata>
420    <Metadata name="ImageType">PNG</Metadata>
421    <Metadata name="ImageWidth">1804</Metadata>
422    <Metadata name="ImageHeight">2692</Metadata>
423    <Metadata name="ImageSize">201KB</Metadata>
424    <Metadata name="srclink_file">3A09-11b_Part_3-010.png</Metadata>
425    <Metadata name="srclinkFile">3A09-11b_Part_3-010.png</Metadata>
426    <Metadata name="srcicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[srclinkFile]&quot; width=&quot;[ImageWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ImageHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
427    <Metadata name="ThumbType">png</Metadata>
428    <Metadata name="Thumb">3A09-11b_Part_3-010_thumb.png</Metadata>
429    <Metadata name="thumbicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Thumb]&quot; alt=&quot;[Thumb]&quot; width=&quot;[ThumbWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ThumbHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
430    <Metadata name="ThumbWidth">67</Metadata>
431    <Metadata name="ThumbHeight">100</Metadata>
432    <Metadata name="ScreenType">png</Metadata>
433    <Metadata name="Screen">3A09-11b_Part_3-010_screen.png</Metadata>
434    <Metadata name="screenicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Screen]&quot; width=[ScreenWidth] height=[ScreenHeight]&gt;</Metadata>
435    <Metadata name="ScreenWidth">335</Metadata>
436    <Metadata name="ScreenHeight">500</Metadata>
437    <Metadata name="FileFormat">PagedImage</Metadata>
438  </Description>
439  <Content>&lt;pre&gt;
440ahE 1 riga a,ornig Its' rotloot tore. go. ott 1 s t nit weaht. got , rt qt. 0 t ago him. tAnzo 4,too o tr, sonitt nut 1,kato tO al two rote 0.11. Aatvethy hoon mutt .40Cort4gt 11,rrtotor a iollottor , ers) T kottro o 0,e rots 0 t tort tut tot to wLernwu r t mtTn ,Oreatt ago pagnotoJk tare lantsaol. LO to ~Ai Lot ,het komtom me o (m t w114 o to 11A 1 10 to Ion) tool oat 4n no tug rota o 1. E to genet nnohlaa to an popo riot tobt kta7 t..otu. A the set to kont A,{. tai o -ottaa got wh,w000kt t tete&quot;t weetti o to aont re Arlol. N, to iteahle, hetwott Soso. VAtti. I 4G,L,./ t to po. ede nal Igo- mote alto not. to art to to reoratft. no Atitt,01. Ant , to to Wet,. oat 1 root et Clout tam. 'AA woost\_at tome norms'. AO to Korn ta0 ott we Roost. IP t14 Rit ko ott mo age rots me two rammer Intoe hold the 1 So 4800, n=maos htsva to knehlo Li to itto to k, kt 4 An otm-,tena to n'out boi utU to Aqrsoma kin 4 t TOO to ?100 ran nk;ot attn. Le Ulm ,Ivikgot t,aott 1 to WA Hot. 1St to -hirilrl toe? rota)) it, r1 it tna nout  ka mod, as. AA t? ao,t ate o to goal to pelage etas ylo mtg./At A,An Lott r4 age rarargra o to image Lnxqtotoros quo t to anlit hot sotte 1 ma Ho1a So Aeoot. tan ott 1 ea take not roreaol too to Ikea o to Mehl. It Lowe Ana t rouge t ego boa o to touuntoo Ao atatt 4414 7r. t to otodl act none woakt Agar. o to 'rhesus 0 Later AOA 1 maga t age Me rots 4481141 Sttli alto ko tos 1 ual row. Vol ,41,arttertt i to wont kohl koon het hmk as wt. am Ito et At to hl tetra 0,1 L to 1 to Imago oots to ',Lei hoorn i to we poto not. As 'Asia store tit WO to kohl, me oliet cLacat'Anttxa 1 to watt talq rotes; era kin rtro mot to .tots 1 a itouta , AA 3,4 1 Mega 1 to Whis t sea 10 animate to wh.,mt,angs o to tootl //WU went lakton t kin et to natal kt fites &quot;,:ot to fo,okooat' to Sehmlid 1 kAt 7e holm rip. to,o Itt to gna a t :rot iteght toha al to  r atr0 0 to g
445  <Description>
446    <Metadata name="Title">12</Metadata>
447    <Metadata name="Image">3A09-11b_Part_3-011.png</Metadata>
448    <Metadata name="Source">3A09-11b_Part_3-011.tif</Metadata>
449    <Metadata name="SourceFile">3A09-11b_Part_3-011.tif</Metadata>
450    <Metadata name="FileSize">81894</Metadata>
451    <Metadata name="ImageType">PNG</Metadata>
452    <Metadata name="ImageWidth">1728</Metadata>
453    <Metadata name="ImageHeight">2639</Metadata>
454    <Metadata name="ImageSize">81.9KB</Metadata>
455    <Metadata name="srclink_file">3A09-11b_Part_3-011.png</Metadata>
456    <Metadata name="srclinkFile">3A09-11b_Part_3-011.png</Metadata>
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458    <Metadata name="ThumbType">png</Metadata>
459    <Metadata name="Thumb">3A09-11b_Part_3-011_thumb.png</Metadata>
460    <Metadata name="thumbicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Thumb]&quot; alt=&quot;[Thumb]&quot; width=&quot;[ThumbWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ThumbHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
461    <Metadata name="ThumbWidth">65</Metadata>
462    <Metadata name="ThumbHeight">100</Metadata>
463    <Metadata name="ScreenType">png</Metadata>
464    <Metadata name="Screen">3A09-11b_Part_3-011_screen.png</Metadata>
465    <Metadata name="screenicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Screen]&quot; width=[ScreenWidth] height=[ScreenHeight]&gt;</Metadata>
466    <Metadata name="ScreenWidth">327</Metadata>
467    <Metadata name="ScreenHeight">500</Metadata>
468    <Metadata name="FileFormat">PagedImage</Metadata>
469  </Description>
470  <Content>&lt;pre&gt;
471.h. 1. hikes 1.1 t toast toeito He./ As Olta tamtialtlalI k ,4 us f .11 tamaaa4at / Ilia t,L t tali To lei Ahlnal WaM1401 G rat VIKUttlis eel a onto.' kohl inn atom ar riga thron those ass halaatay- to hoses 1 Maio Ot t tootos kpranoo g cum I 4,allat he amo ,.om s Ulm 41q hal kat,lehl se ago thphoheo I rOt I apror mil lw oa to hod , : heirs oh! I fatal IWO no t Idtakoats al rare the t haLs tga 'As aIlw14 as filAgoe 11 tuvqkahlW
476  <Description>
477    <Metadata name="Title">13</Metadata>
478    <Metadata name="Image">3A09-11b_Part_3-012.png</Metadata>
479    <Metadata name="Source">3A09-11b_Part_3-012.tif</Metadata>
480    <Metadata name="SourceFile">3A09-11b_Part_3-012.tif</Metadata>
481    <Metadata name="FileSize">19353</Metadata>
482    <Metadata name="ImageType">PNG</Metadata>
483    <Metadata name="ImageWidth">1728</Metadata>
484    <Metadata name="ImageHeight">2331</Metadata>
485    <Metadata name="ImageSize">19.4KB</Metadata>
486    <Metadata name="srclink_file">3A09-11b_Part_3-012.png</Metadata>
487    <Metadata name="srclinkFile">3A09-11b_Part_3-012.png</Metadata>
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489    <Metadata name="ThumbType">png</Metadata>
490    <Metadata name="Thumb">3A09-11b_Part_3-012_thumb.png</Metadata>
491    <Metadata name="thumbicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Thumb]&quot; alt=&quot;[Thumb]&quot; width=&quot;[ThumbWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ThumbHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
492    <Metadata name="ThumbWidth">74</Metadata>
493    <Metadata name="ThumbHeight">100</Metadata>
494    <Metadata name="ScreenType">png</Metadata>
495    <Metadata name="Screen">3A09-11b_Part_3-012_screen.png</Metadata>
496    <Metadata name="screenicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Screen]&quot; width=[ScreenWidth] height=[ScreenHeight]&gt;</Metadata>
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500    <Metadata name="NoText">1</Metadata>
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502  <Content>This document has no text.</Content>
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508    <Metadata name="Source">3A09-11b_Part_3-013.tif</Metadata>
509    <Metadata name="SourceFile">3A09-11b_Part_3-013.tif</Metadata>
510    <Metadata name="FileSize">241728</Metadata>
511    <Metadata name="ImageType">PNG</Metadata>
512    <Metadata name="ImageWidth">1728</Metadata>
513    <Metadata name="ImageHeight">2633</Metadata>
514    <Metadata name="ImageSize">242KB</Metadata>
515    <Metadata name="srclink_file">3A09-11b_Part_3-013.png</Metadata>
516    <Metadata name="srclinkFile">3A09-11b_Part_3-013.png</Metadata>
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518    <Metadata name="ThumbType">png</Metadata>
519    <Metadata name="Thumb">3A09-11b_Part_3-013_thumb.png</Metadata>
520    <Metadata name="thumbicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Thumb]&quot; alt=&quot;[Thumb]&quot; width=&quot;[ThumbWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ThumbHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
521    <Metadata name="ThumbWidth">66</Metadata>
522    <Metadata name="ThumbHeight">100</Metadata>
523    <Metadata name="ScreenType">png</Metadata>
524    <Metadata name="Screen">3A09-11b_Part_3-013_screen.png</Metadata>
525    <Metadata name="screenicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Screen]&quot; width=[ScreenWidth] height=[ScreenHeight]&gt;</Metadata>
526    <Metadata name="ScreenWidth">328</Metadata>
527    <Metadata name="ScreenHeight">500</Metadata>
528    <Metadata name="FileFormat">PagedImage</Metadata>
529  </Description>
530  <Content>&lt;pre&gt;
531'I Or tbt &quot;:nitre Les,r4ses s. r. D. 30054 5636. 000  3i:,05 00  3f336 0 00 14740 0 00 Z4,C11 0 00 c r: ) sure-arms by the 7T-Lisfirdigraritreee In tie saiC ls uu or fart Z feativs [An. Act. 1. T ses sta.Lni :or tiro 3attes '1 ,rs of :.ftaa lands. Me r betuette ;eal- 1,410 and Van.  rtorotease: intenoesta r various 3stIve 5,11r 14. lanes. Tx' purczase pride ,f ttr, intermits ncquIros.: tot14,1 L299 4 PrOX1 &quot;bore r, value; lo busty areas ore :base lstde vet tb ss tor. (a) Those bar 'a dire pterc.ssed tro f ollostre\_ t 1.;urse  AmN lin 42110 4,.ier. A. -----Ir- 1 7. 'e. d  3696 S. gt, 4910. 0 0 , 79 0 0 10213 0 00 70174 0 0 Seit 0 0 493 0 00 0o 0 0 15',00 0 0 lilii. 0 00 gitelt 0 0 0'770 0 0\_ 30671 0 00 3111/ 0 0., 4137110 0 0 011010 11111. 1111111..  (trer rigdros Is raspier -.I.&quot; ;nerd AAA priori out avail. le Os to Tireol .0 00; ate si-eras fiat roe sore based au' aldose op snidest ? asiersellerso aaerd hat 30 tik) (b). 311. lbte its :Ante ./g set lervide sada an A;, 1/a1 e: 'he sillae tztakr -.I I tooes lands (aSoostlas int WWI) en so: apsu country sat also valued by -.3111 -pent d t lele I. !cures ow avallauts A- tales loner, touted tree valustiOlis t as .' 7 /us f.' a.I leas..e\_Aor sZ,ertii 0 0 iialtr -a' 0 .: riled 1110 0 0 900 0 0 9110 0 0 90047 0 0 \_204\_ o\_ p\_. 00NE5 0 0 :600 0 0 2.'.7,9T7 0 0 SEMOWEign.. / a,.,11111,111E (Bola river's In resp,:.:t Der se prtoe of iboi Wood ma valuers or to)0 1101 lore' award as to ethic of 4011111 (0/.--er Caro) r tsbc rSat &quot;e ride ticums tor le, 4thor teloclu at b., salvoes) aessarismod. tie l.?.Jros oho t tbs t. rah p,rowurim's 14' sera eve'.' at a;. 1 ' 1,. r a there time ar,:enPed wade by Se :1 ? P, 1A1 b41 44171,001 Adt.) 0 411 arose. 31114  almr/5  /911 &quot; 503130
536  <Description>
537    <Metadata name="Title">15</Metadata>
538    <Metadata name="Image">3A09-11b_Part_3-014.png</Metadata>
539    <Metadata name="Source">3A09-11b_Part_3-014.tif</Metadata>
540    <Metadata name="SourceFile">3A09-11b_Part_3-014.tif</Metadata>
541    <Metadata name="FileSize">294056</Metadata>
542    <Metadata name="ImageType">PNG</Metadata>
543    <Metadata name="ImageWidth">1738</Metadata>
544    <Metadata name="ImageHeight">2640</Metadata>
545    <Metadata name="ImageSize">294KB</Metadata>
546    <Metadata name="srclink_file">3A09-11b_Part_3-014.png</Metadata>
547    <Metadata name="srclinkFile">3A09-11b_Part_3-014.png</Metadata>
548    <Metadata name="srcicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[srclinkFile]&quot; width=&quot;[ImageWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ImageHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
549    <Metadata name="ThumbType">png</Metadata>
550    <Metadata name="Thumb">3A09-11b_Part_3-014_thumb.png</Metadata>
551    <Metadata name="thumbicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Thumb]&quot; alt=&quot;[Thumb]&quot; width=&quot;[ThumbWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ThumbHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
552    <Metadata name="ThumbWidth">66</Metadata>
553    <Metadata name="ThumbHeight">100</Metadata>
554    <Metadata name="ScreenType">png</Metadata>
555    <Metadata name="Screen">3A09-11b_Part_3-014_screen.png</Metadata>
556    <Metadata name="screenicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Screen]&quot; width=[ScreenWidth] height=[ScreenHeight]&gt;</Metadata>
557    <Metadata name="ScreenWidth">329</Metadata>
558    <Metadata name="ScreenHeight">500</Metadata>
559    <Metadata name="FileFormat">PagedImage</Metadata>
560  </Description>
561  <Content>&lt;pre&gt;
562V Aute a4 asst used of N.,r?naso Attyp..gatg L2 ,r.:: Sell,re I intoresta 7771171 eigteresclt, (1) 1.,.',1 :MA fic.-A)0 IT1019. 891 ( ) &quot; Se,gli 97,9tad L.+11 91.:}74 (Z) &quot; 3notli 947 46 84.!,2 (4) 3nODU ?.?M61S?. '70 T06 :A .-- ? ? C3397 11225 12. i.)9 Cr p v.:ruto &quot;.h: interest )Laell,rs to Lb, Crown have been --FriniTds -&quot; partitioned. as ..loess  (1) . ilac4 51,. Partition rcer to re,ruary. Lite?. awarded lihor3MA0 (NW aere st node 00 perches) to to :wits ant' 1st. was proelat ed Orlon land on 17/4/1930. ,:o not hic ;,:s .1r) le oat) i :Alen rs.Intared, ns a vais of 1.:a lends nave )1 oot plete(4) (9) Tihoi 89)34  )S6  3Z 'PAM olxsisana Can assal.,ae.). teL with ether loci(  it. whi a tre had pur :haeeL inte eats. an. the: interests ). tr, seller.) wart peril net xt :0th 'Caro.). end are sow sects 11 6P-103, 386113. 3104. stone end 319i3 subdivision his artier Ji tilt) oetiv, Eat,: :; art otll mature ttain two ant:, after t tV, &quot;are ,, ftn: ani h ,ate prosway; te drawn ill (s.,v( co rave two land praolaised Cr rt /en sub. ecti n duct! m 61/12. 1 Ant. enc. Section 4 Vit.,31 Act  It Is tstslred to nay.: leas/ opinion et to z,.etr,r notion 31147 u te?en with room, (o the put-ensue 1., questiont  Vire, Lys 'Pt beve song inwesti ate,: end ac-judlefeie:. Sndlya '.nil p rloanee adjusted L7 pa ,nnt 4.:he requisite inzall  lr twanc: to cover t deficiency n tr. ocaunta paid by the amain to the In .y opin 017. 0.,11astions slot) c et lo t 1-mactiately in :los  ;11, t, Rotorua, un provistn r of esti is 4811 . Le,. 141. OD o: lines ,: :no draft 40,0 ed. 4'./14? 9/ 1 /wails say 0001340ntar7 'vide :non 1, 0 tort of tn. tisturos and ffs- te set /A herein a' 11 .u,411ne an by tie ti an: ion required. AS = 3A13 G NiPALt Settitsose or7itio?Afiteie-3 (a) Value )1' tau) betorg roads no L1oaKS to question var. made. (SW nontesters If 1'1E41 3435 sole. tat hill, le .1 our on tnetr loot '-ihoi Benda for sts ensue: )1 at. prtoly 1JttQu0t. esatat figure 9111 :At On roe,rd with Gb wel-1 ta-c Odra r; st,t,,a). 0,weral eeere ar nos Coeds r ,treo ware olf err; sat y n t with tax in qfastion.  t), doe -tiettlan of Ito bloc.? (.7 flu. oars i?rv. lot ore nO indltettion  et vs Ora t!,. the intereets tr., 7 were so ling included 4aluic-,141 titsto, In 10. Naltn.t 1 , - 000.: t )n our: .ases sari  :lotltso . t chore were voluaslcs W., o ea latila. (T&quot; wet. cswest hundreds :t eros ,F&quot;. land A. iinling thee, -.with area. In Q1,11 t beim iu meo sailers were Intartaat, put' :ADO priao pa d (hi,ttest was 118 per acre) t-an int t t'mt. wore 116, le .s 14- ,.ut tsdllat)1 r in it  .1r4n7 Geller'. an.: :e etoesa u.) has' died are  u,eetn tut S preearl ,w1 esisteL on In (Semi lire As owed neve Ac fi sly Wallas of 11,011n Ir split ing and orMrti out bus? roes on thee-noel/ ar ust Ieal)  are sore : turt con list-ents in tilt Ar DC &quot;'roes trout Roc tam
567  <Description>
568    <Metadata name="Title">16</Metadata>
569    <Metadata name="Image">3A09-11b_Part_3-015.png</Metadata>
570    <Metadata name="Source">3A09-11b_Part_3-015.tif</Metadata>
571    <Metadata name="SourceFile">3A09-11b_Part_3-015.tif</Metadata>
572    <Metadata name="FileSize">68236</Metadata>
573    <Metadata name="ImageType">PNG</Metadata>
574    <Metadata name="ImageWidth">1820</Metadata>
575    <Metadata name="ImageHeight">2693</Metadata>
576    <Metadata name="ImageSize">68.2KB</Metadata>
577    <Metadata name="srclink_file">3A09-11b_Part_3-015.png</Metadata>
578    <Metadata name="srclinkFile">3A09-11b_Part_3-015.png</Metadata>
579    <Metadata name="srcicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[srclinkFile]&quot; width=&quot;[ImageWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ImageHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
580    <Metadata name="ThumbType">png</Metadata>
581    <Metadata name="Thumb">3A09-11b_Part_3-015_thumb.png</Metadata>
582    <Metadata name="thumbicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Thumb]&quot; alt=&quot;[Thumb]&quot; width=&quot;[ThumbWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ThumbHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
583    <Metadata name="ThumbWidth">68</Metadata>
584    <Metadata name="ThumbHeight">100</Metadata>
585    <Metadata name="ScreenType">png</Metadata>
586    <Metadata name="Screen">3A09-11b_Part_3-015_screen.png</Metadata>
587    <Metadata name="screenicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Screen]&quot; width=[ScreenWidth] height=[ScreenHeight]&gt;</Metadata>
588    <Metadata name="ScreenWidth">338</Metadata>
589    <Metadata name="ScreenHeight">500</Metadata>
590    <Metadata name="FileFormat">PagedImage</Metadata>
591  </Description>
592  <Content>&lt;pre&gt;
593pra,40, 4 rehabIlltattne, Lunde sea 111 L' annAtced If an aatlan a arl,t ! n was rt! Tibal biGeke lie Latino. Atapunl tax: 14; am IP Nidarikl atty. lAms 4 url lAtriat. ;S o sec: Ala.,ratar. Firvt Om-0.
598  <Description>
599    <Metadata name="Title">17</Metadata>
600    <Metadata name="Image">3A09-11b_Part_3-016.png</Metadata>
601    <Metadata name="Source">3A09-11b_Part_3-016.tif</Metadata>
602    <Metadata name="SourceFile">3A09-11b_Part_3-016.tif</Metadata>
603    <Metadata name="FileSize">93866</Metadata>
604    <Metadata name="ImageType">PNG</Metadata>
605    <Metadata name="ImageWidth">1749</Metadata>
606    <Metadata name="ImageHeight">2647</Metadata>
607    <Metadata name="ImageSize">93.9KB</Metadata>
608    <Metadata name="srclink_file">3A09-11b_Part_3-016.png</Metadata>
609    <Metadata name="srclinkFile">3A09-11b_Part_3-016.png</Metadata>
610    <Metadata name="srcicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[srclinkFile]&quot; width=&quot;[ImageWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ImageHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
611    <Metadata name="ThumbType">png</Metadata>
612    <Metadata name="Thumb">3A09-11b_Part_3-016_thumb.png</Metadata>
613    <Metadata name="thumbicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Thumb]&quot; alt=&quot;[Thumb]&quot; width=&quot;[ThumbWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ThumbHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
614    <Metadata name="ThumbWidth">66</Metadata>
615    <Metadata name="ThumbHeight">100</Metadata>
616    <Metadata name="ScreenType">png</Metadata>
617    <Metadata name="Screen">3A09-11b_Part_3-016_screen.png</Metadata>
618    <Metadata name="screenicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Screen]&quot; width=[ScreenWidth] height=[ScreenHeight]&gt;</Metadata>
619    <Metadata name="ScreenWidth">330</Metadata>
620    <Metadata name="ScreenHeight">500</Metadata>
621    <Metadata name="FileFormat">PagedImage</Metadata>
622  </Description>
623  <Content>&lt;pre&gt;
624IN THE NATIVE LAND COURT NEW ZEALAND Waiariki District. IN THE MATTER OF land known as Tihoi 3E8E5 AND IN THE MATTER OF Section 452 of?the Native Land Act, 1931. Application is hereby made to the Court under the provisions of the said Act for an investigation into the purchase by the Crown of sundry interests in the said land to ascertain the deficiency in the purchase money AND for an order determining the amount of the debt due by the Crown to the various owners of the said land whose interests have been purchased on behalf of His Majesty the King. APPLICANTS. By Eheir Solicitor.
629  <Description>
630    <Metadata name="Title">18</Metadata>
631    <Metadata name="Image">3A09-11b_Part_3-017.png</Metadata>
632    <Metadata name="Source">3A09-11b_Part_3-017.tif</Metadata>
633    <Metadata name="SourceFile">3A09-11b_Part_3-017.tif</Metadata>
634    <Metadata name="FileSize">91170</Metadata>
635    <Metadata name="ImageType">PNG</Metadata>
636    <Metadata name="ImageWidth">1754</Metadata>
637    <Metadata name="ImageHeight">2653</Metadata>
638    <Metadata name="ImageSize">91.2KB</Metadata>
639    <Metadata name="srclink_file">3A09-11b_Part_3-017.png</Metadata>
640    <Metadata name="srclinkFile">3A09-11b_Part_3-017.png</Metadata>
641    <Metadata name="srcicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[srclinkFile]&quot; width=&quot;[ImageWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ImageHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
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6554 IN THE NATIVS LAD COURT  ZLo',D  Walariki District. ) /A &quot;7! MAT/ A OF land knawr as 'Mot 3B6B8 ANT  IN THI, Section 45, of he Native Land Act, 1441. . Appliosticm is Hereby made to the Court under the provisions of ho sal, Act fa, an investigation into the pure ass by the Crown of oundry interests in the sal': land to ascertain the deficiency 1, the purchaao money ANZ for en order determinin the amount of the debt due by the Crown to the varlaus owners at the said land whose interests have been purchased on boalf of HI. sjesty Ua. King. AM/CANTS. By their Solioltor.
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