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5  <Description>
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11    <Metadata name="pj.Title">Waikato River - Map etc</Metadata>
12    <Metadata name="pj.Year">1954</Metadata>
13    <Metadata name="pj.Location">ADMINISTRATION</Metadata>
14    <Metadata name="pj.Media">Scanned Image</Metadata>
15    <Metadata name="pj.Provenance">Pei Te Hurinui Jones</Metadata>
16    <Metadata name="pj.Notes">Land Records - General</Metadata>
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22    <Metadata name="Title">3A09-13c Part 1</Metadata>
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37  </Description>
38  <Content></Content>
40  <Description>
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65  <Content>&lt;pre&gt;
66UNIVERSITY OF WAIKATO LIBRARY 3A9 / 13 C WAIKATO RIVER- MAP etc (1954) JANUARY 2001 MICROFILM COMPUTER SCANNING BY: DOCUMENT NAGEMNT COMPANY : (Sn7ithia icly 1-`tE0 SMUV7raE?EgrgggMagatnMaariNRR\_ PO Box 12049 IA Lake Road Hamilton New ZeaSoncl Mono/Fax: 647-847 WS MaIzile. 025-293 3034 Erna ck,crnonmaclecet nz
71  <Description>
72    <Metadata name="Title">2</Metadata>
73    <Metadata name="Image">3A09-13c_Part_1-001.png</Metadata>
74    <Metadata name="Source">3A09-13c_Part_1-001.tif</Metadata>
75    <Metadata name="SourceFile">3A09-13c_Part_1-001.tif</Metadata>
76    <Metadata name="FileSize">1547700</Metadata>
77    <Metadata name="ImageType">PNG</Metadata>
78    <Metadata name="ImageWidth">1451</Metadata>
79    <Metadata name="ImageHeight">2327</Metadata>
80    <Metadata name="ImageSize">1.548MB</Metadata>
81    <Metadata name="srclink_file">3A09-13c_Part_1-001.png</Metadata>
82    <Metadata name="srclinkFile">3A09-13c_Part_1-001.png</Metadata>
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90    <Metadata name="Screen">3A09-13c_Part_1-001_screen.png</Metadata>
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96  <Content>&lt;pre&gt;
9716 THE DOMINION, THURSDAY, OCTOBER 21, 1954. - &quot; Half-promises&quot; About Interference With Waikato River Fears that ..hat happened at Aratiatia&quot; may happen elsewhere are expressed by a correspondent signing himself &quot;Conservation&quot; in a letter to The Editor of The Dominion. &quot;A great deal of correspondence has appeared in the principal newspapers of Nets. Zealand during recent years on the subject of hydro-electric depredations in noted and much-loved areas of natural beauty and historic Interest, notably the Ton ariro-Tau wnPPO strongly-worded manlutinns passed by power boards, ebamber, of commer,, automobile progressive ;,,VAZ44107; groups working froma ode 'view./ point for nature protection in general 'If these protests have been allowed to slow down of late, It is only because of some promises?which. on closer inspection, however, turned out to, be only half-promises--made at a miniterial level or near it, that interference with thatural course and levels of the Waikato River would he proceeded with only as far up as flhaktirl. (The former, by the way, has just drowned for ever OrakeiKorako, described by experts as the finest little 'pocket' of thermal activity in New Zealand). And now-, reports of departmental statemenrs have been published which call for continuing attention from the con-serration groups, such as references to the development, or the ultimate development, of 'a chain of 10 great power stations on the Waikato.' &quot;rnless some definite and tulequivocal assurance is now given, we fear that what happened at Aratiatia may happen elsewhere. Officialdom can move in overnight with gangs and baildozers and in a few hours reduce Mares uniene In natural beauty to rubble, destroy ancient tracks and geological evidence and smash trees and shrubs down into an artificial flatness. And all this on the very eve of the atomic age! It seems hardly credible. There is much talk of attraeting tOUrlets, yet these places, known throughout the world, which have brought visitors by the hundred thousand for a century, may be destroyed because of the absurd fetish of State control of electricity suPPL, &quot;Apart from the Waikato. and apart also from other great rivers ouch as the Wairoa, Walpaoa. Itangitikel, Manawatu and Wanganui, there are In the North Island enough smaller rivers and streams to give light and power to local communities for the next half-century, even If geothermal and atomic stations be not successful for a while. But. for this help to be effective, the State departments and engineers concerned must loosen their grip and permit the power boards' and local councils' engineers to deal with local conditions. ~There was widespread rejoicing when the splendid lItstoricl Places -Trust. Rill was passed, but we now ask if It will take in enough of the total Reid needing Protection. W. ask for earnest consideration of the very I reasonable suggestion that the Waikato River?from its source on Ruapchn, through its course where it is called the Tongariro, through Taupo Lake and as far as Ohakuri at least?be declared a protected scenic area, and vested in a trust which will protect Its beauty and his-
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