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11335/1 Hoosier Courts, Indiana University, Bloomington,Indiana, A. 27th JanLary 1956. Dear Pei, I have just finished a list of errata in Nga Mahi a Nga tupuna which I have been compiling for some time. I think it should be published as I know that a number of pupils and even some teachers of Maori in schools have trouble with this boek,and the trouble must be increased by the number of mistakes in it. Accordingly I have written a letter to the Editor of the Education Gazette, the official organ of tae Education Department, and asked him to publish it. This letter you will find enclosed with the list. It is important that the list be carefully checked and I hope you will do this. You may not agree with some of my alterations. In such cases I thi, you should alter it to suit yourself. You will notice that I have added a num  ber of -a suffixes (changed kanga,to kangaa for inance) when the verb is is the passive. I know that Mick is in favour of this. it also accords with our dictionary and I think it is the best way. I would like you to consider carefully the alteration I have made at page 71,1ine 30. It seems to me to get over the difficulty which Will- iams discusses in his note on page 202. If this is so then some of that note is no longer necessary and you will notice that I have deleted a couple of line of it. There are still a lot of passages that are difftwalo understand. in the book but I have not tried to make any drastic alterations as one would need access to the original manuscripts and in some cases that I have seen even these are of no help. As an example of a difficult passage to understand I woulde cite lines 20-25 on page 176,and there are others like it. In this cas I know the legend was collected by Wohlers in the :south Island and an English translation was published in an early volu of the Transactions of the , institute. I don't know ,hat happened-to the original Maori Mss. (they are not in the Grey collection) but I feel that the published version in Nga Mahi must have been done over into raand Maori by someone. Do you remember the words we had in the dictionary which appeared in two forms, one with k and one with ng? Some of themvere from these Wohler's stories. When you have checked the list and made any corrections you think necessary would you forward it to the Editor of the ,:ducation Gazette and let him take it from there. I have just finished my first examnd must now wait for the results , This coming semester I an taking a much fuller programme thah I have been so far,and I expect to be pretty busy. I had a letter fromJoan Metge. She seems to like working with Raymond Firth at London very well. She is writing up the material she got when she wae worledoLettlAipera. It i1O be Oallia trdatrinship and Com- munity in a Northern Maori Settlement' and it should have some interesting approaches to the question of the movement to the city from this area. She has seen Hugh Kawhaxu who seems to be doing well at Cambridge,and playing footi5 ball for his college. Best regards to all,
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14435/1 Hoosier Courts, Indiana University, Bloomington,Indiana. A. 27th January 1956. The Editor,, .Education Gazette, Education Department, Wellington,. Dear Sir, Please find enclosed a list of corrections to the Maori text of Sir George Grey's Nga mahi a Nga tupune,which I have compiled after working with this book for some years. This book is widely used in Maori colleges and District high Schools as a reader. The difficult text is made more difficult by the substantial number of misprints and. orthographic misinterpretations. It seemed to me that the Gazette would be the proper place to publish an errata list which would thus be assured of being noticed by all teachers concerned with teaching Maori. In orthographic changes I have made I have been guided by the usage of Williams's Maori Dictionary (5th Edition) the standard dictionary to which reference would be made by pupils and teachers. I intend to send the list,together witn this letter,to Pei te Hurinui Jones,for checking. After making any necessary corrections he will for- ward the list to you. 'I hope you will be able to publish the list in the Gazette for the reason I have given above. If however this is not possible I should be obliged if you would send it on to the Editor of National Education with a recommendation that he publish it. This would be much quicker than sending it back to me for forwarding. Yours faithfully, ,Irora Birg, Lecturer in Maori Language, Auckland '.:niversity College.(, .The proofs should be carefully checked by Mones if this is at all possible. Otherwise I suggest that they be checked by M.Rotohiko Jones, President of the Polynesian. Society,and Chairman of the Maori Dictionary Revision Committee,who can be contacted at the Maori Affairs Department
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175CORRECTIONS TO THE MAORI TEXT OF NGA MARI A NGA TUPUNA (3rd Edition 1928 and reprint 1950) BY SIR GEORGE GREY. Bruce Biggs Pei Te Hurunui Oe Ela Line 44( f /. 13 41 f 4,.40. 34 37 APVittle1etnea. A. ;1,40 37 17 for waha road wahaa./ 24 for am read lat. ;8 21 for tun read Lull. 46 10,18,23,26,29,36 for Toi read tel.' 47 48 61. 69 71 72 78 95: 101 104 105 106 109 112 113 118 119 19 1 for teneia read tineia. / 23 23 for tiwaiwaka read lirwaiwake., 25 39 for read au Rua 1,1v, for 121 read toi.  9 for tua-ahu read tannin./  20 for tohu read tahu.,   28 for rau read 1  1 Co6   for Mau-tohora read u-tohor-&quot;='-  22 for 1,(aa61 read  30 for a Haungaroa read e Haungaroa: (See note at page 202).  38 for kappa read 110a./  16 for umaratia read umarahati  4 for 'at` gi read att'f- 4.  3 for Pikopikoiwheti read Pikopikoiwhiti/  36 for to Rohotu read te Rahotu./  10 for Raukena read raukena.,  7   for whare-toa,ko ana read whare-toe. Ko ann '  2 for rangitira read rat21  15 for hayage. read  8 for whakamaake read whakama aka./  21 for tupu ana read  12 for Tona korero read 119?Ena.  20 for Ka po read kan (116 ?.mwA: 123 3 'for tuhu40.;41t,te tangata read tuhunra a te tangata.,
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206q ot-t4e&quot;-,4-'o. ,sf,12.a 44 stvres..S,e\_ for kia is read ki a inaart comma after Ea./ y for haurahl read huara, for Patupairehe read Patupaiarehe./ - &quot; for maka kautia read maim kautia.: for ltnaa read 22122a., for whakeela read whekaaetia., addcgrA7Lell'Mark after Rawhak for koroheke hanga read korohekaanga. for koreheke read koroheke./ forpnall readat222921. / for kia maua read ki a mall,/ for Takaketuku read Tokakotuka. V' for Nawhea mai read Na whoa mai. V for make read maka for nob read noho.! delete while the u,ae of Eaumaroa :all KUii's daughter is mentioned in addition to the danghterond is included among the names of the stall; Page line 138 10 139 24 141 40 1 148 15 152 16 160 20 164 37 165 33 166 39 169 26 39 171 17 183 9 189 8 190 5 41 194 30. 202
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