root/main/trunk/model-sites-dev @ 33248

Name Size Rev Age Last Change
atea 33166 15 months davidb: Collection config files and initial programming work for atea collections
hathitrust 31292 4 years davidb: Template that needs editing to suit particular install
hauraki-dl 32598 23 months davidb: Config files for Hauraki DL collections
heritage-nz 33248 15 months davidb: Test and create for-download directory if needed
mars 30454 4 years davidb: Tidy up on searching/indexes suitable for this collection
mozarts-laptop 30519 4 years davidb: Breakbar moved from right-hand side to left-hand side. Page turn upgraded …
multimodal-mdl 28748 7 years davidb: Updates to work with latest XSL files, restful URLs, etc
pei-jones 32182 2 years kjdon: these 4 docs are photos, which are actually in gallery. backups are in …
pei-jones-original 31792 3 years kjdon: renaming
respooled 30093 5 years davidb: Development work done in at JCDL
von-sparql 29739 6 years davidb: Web application used to edit text using programming by demonstration (PBD)
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