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Name Size Rev Age Last Change
ant-tasks 28156 6 years davidb: Minor tweak to output message
binaries 32266 16 months ak19: Moving the location of the xpdf-tools binaries for macs to the correct …
gli 32331 15 months ak19: Forgot to commit a minor change earlier
greenstone2 32373 14 months ak19: Fix to recent changes for getting openssl included in GS3/bin/linux
greenstone3 32376 14 months kjdon: added in authentication error strings
gs2-core 22832 9 years mdewsnip: Lots of improvements, particularly to Windows makefiles.
gs2build 28328 6 years ak19: Repeating the changes made to greenstone configure files in gs2build and …
gs2runtime 21488 10 years davidb: Missing external folders added in
gs3-collection-configs 31889 2 years ak19: Newly added Japanese translation therefore adding svn external for it …
model-cols 32218 16 months kjdon: small tidying up. Can't remember what I was doing. Hope this is …
model-cols-dev 28131 6 years davidb: Better home for this
model-interfaces-dev 29894 4 years davidb: First cut at interface for use by musicologists (dlfm)
model-sites-dev 32182 17 months kjdon: these 4 docs are photos, which are actually in gallery. backups are in …
package-kits 29738 5 years jts21: Updated ReadMe? - overview of inputs and perllib
release-kits 32377 14 months ak19: Committing rk3 ant-scripts compile version for elcapitan to sierra
search4j 30172 4 years ak19: John Thompson fixed a search4j bug that manifested on his Ubuntu and made …
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