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I still had some stuff of Nathan Kelly's (FileTransfer?-WebSocketPair?) sitting on my USB. Had already commited the Themes folder at the time, 2 years back. Not sure if he wanted this additional folder commited. But I didn't want to delete it and decided it will be better off on SVN. When we use his project, if we find we didn't need this test folder, we can remove it from svn then.

10000000000000000000000000000000000000000 9a78d439cf525523eb893df3e79b10bdd3c1114d Nathan-Kelly <> 1481855031 +1300  commit (initial): initial commit
29a78d439cf525523eb893df3e79b10bdd3c1114d c84c1cfcfb262b8a461d275b8f3384f56861b105 Nathan-Kelly <> 1483239053 +1300  commit: removed a lot of useless imports, cleaned up, simplified and set up the treedroptarget so that uses a merge on the trees with dialogs for any file conflicts
3c84c1cfcfb262b8a461d275b8f3384f56861b105 017466ba1fe2bab273605aedf083d1dd3068e5ff Nathan-Kelly <> 1483406422 +1300  commit: recognition for files/folders is done: next step is local/remote FS
4017466ba1fe2bab273605aedf083d1dd3068e5ff bec95de81a23c649a67f5739cbe6da793dd0adb6 Nathan-Kelly <> 1483479704 +1300  commit: did some refactoring, trees are now sorted, can move/reorder elements on right-hand side
5bec95de81a23c649a67f5739cbe6da793dd0adb6 73df23bdaf86a619b8f01d56ad1cb89564ea74fa Nathan-Kelly <> 1483479846 +1300  commit: removed some garbage
673df23bdaf86a619b8f01d56ad1cb89564ea74fa 729be8b2d198b7362c55cbab9b2d8124dfe71154 Nathan-Kelly <> 1483480024 +1300  commit: removed some more garbage
7729be8b2d198b7362c55cbab9b2d8124dfe71154 1dda44626f54f83c529f89e949ff8e45afc50376 Nathan-Kelly <> 1483576359 +1300  commit: can browse server filesystem
81dda44626f54f83c529f89e949ff8e45afc50376 5a44f89693dbd5703efe4f86f2b6860b32c312ab Nathan-Kelly <> 1483577507 +1300  commit: added in missing files for remote procedure calls
95a44f89693dbd5703efe4f86f2b6860b32c312ab a24cc2347e90422f5cd45cf18ac07a70f736e393 Nathan-Kelly <> 1484258542 +1300  commit: theming and such has been done, working on service side file checking now
10a24cc2347e90422f5cd45cf18ac07a70f736e393 4b2e34e163b1abd5c4f957d28e5bcd93d60c43fc Nathan-Kelly <> 1484353119 +1300  commit: Serverside conflict checking, and clientside conflict resolution are now working. Next step is literally the file copying
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