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I still had some stuff of Nathan Kelly's (FileTransfer?-WebSocketPair?) sitting on my USB. Had already commited the Themes folder at the time, 2 years back. Not sure if he wanted this additional folder commited. But I didn't want to delete it and decided it will be better off on SVN. When we use his project, if we find we didn't need this test folder, we can remove it from svn then.

10000000000000000000000000000000000000000 5a44f89693dbd5703efe4f86f2b6860b32c312ab Nathan-Kelly <> 1483577522 +1300  update by push
25a44f89693dbd5703efe4f86f2b6860b32c312ab 4b2e34e163b1abd5c4f957d28e5bcd93d60c43fc Nathan-Kelly <> 1484353130 +1300  update by push
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