root/other-projects/nightly-tasks/diffcol/trunk/model-collect/OAI-Local/index/build.cfg @ 29407

Revision 29407, 320 bytes (checked in by ak19, 5 years ago)

Rebuilding OAILocal model-collection for perl 5.18/5.17 and later, since new versions of perl randomise the order of children of unsorted classifiers and for those children with identical filenames. The changes are to collect.cfg: now sorting both classifiers on ex.dc.Title (a unique field in this collection), to ensure the documents are displayed in the same order on each rebuild, despite the description metadata on which the classifier is built containing duplicate descriptions.

1builddate   1414477977
2buildtype   mgpp
3earliestdatestamp   1414477915
4indexfieldmap   ex.dc.Description->DC
5indexfields ex.dc.Description
6indexlevels Doc
7indexmap    ex.dc.Description;->idx
8indexstem   OAI-Local
9infodbtype  gdbm
10levelmap    document->Doc
11maxnumeric  4
12numbytes    2106
13numdocs 81
14numsections 81
15stemindexes 7
16textlevel   Sec
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