Revision 33760, 395 bytes (checked in by ak19, 7 weeks ago)

AUTOCOMMIT by script. Message: Rebuilding after GLI bugfix for loading ex.meta in complicated cases that involved changes to perl building code (, and helper functions and that change the gsdlsourcefilename ex.meta value being set into doc.xml.

1builddate   1575637438
2buildtype   mgpp
3earliestdatestamp   1575637428
4indexfieldmap   text->TX    dc.Title,ex.dc.Title,Title->TI
5indexfields text    dc.Title,ex.dc.Title,Title
6indexlevels Doc Sec
7indexmap    text;dc.Title,ex.dc.Title,Title;->idx
8indexstem   Scanned-Img-Advanced
9infodbtype  gdbm
10levelmap    document->Doc   section->Sec
11maxnumeric  4
12numbytes    127775
13numdocs 8
14numsections 47
15stemindexes 7
16textlevel   Sec
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