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42    &lt;p align=&quot;center&quot;&gt;&lt;b&gt;
43    &lt;FONT size=+1&gt;Letter from Katharine of Aragon to her husband,
44King Henry VIII&lt;br&gt; 16 September 1513&lt;/FONT&gt;&lt;/b&gt;&lt;/p&gt;
45  &lt;p&gt;&lt;FONT size=-1&gt;&lt;b&gt;Background &lt;/b&gt; &lt;br&gt;This letter concerns the great English victory
46  against the Scots at Flodden Field.&amp;nbsp; Henry VIII was busy at war in
47  France, along with most of his great nobles and councilors.&amp;nbsp; Katharine
48  was Queen Regent in his absence, but she tactfully credits the victory against
49  the Scots to Henry himself.&amp;nbsp; Along with letter, she sent a piece of King
50  James IV of Scotland's coat.&amp;nbsp; Though he was married to Henry's older
51  sister Margaret, James remained at odds with the English and was killed at
52  Flodden Field.&lt;/FONT&gt; &lt;/p&gt;
53    &lt;hr&gt;
54  &lt;P&gt;
55  &lt;P&gt;
56    &lt;p&gt;Sir, &lt;BR&gt;My Lord Howard hath sent me a letter open to your
57    Grace, within one of mine, by the which you shall see at length the great
58    Victory that our Lord hath sent your subjects in your absence; and for this
59    cause there is no need herein to trouble your Grace with long writing, but,
60    to my thinking, this battle hath been to your Grace and all your realm the
61    greatest honor that could be, and more than you should win all the crown of
62    France; thanked be God of it, and I am sure your Grace forgetteth not to do
63    this, which shall be cause to send you many more such great victories, as I
64    trust he shall do.&amp;nbsp; My husband, for hastiness, with Rougecross I could
65    not send your Grace the piece of the King of Scots coat which John Glynn now
66    brings.&amp;nbsp; In this your Grace shall see how I keep my promise, sending
67    you for your banners a king's coat.&amp;nbsp; I thought to send himself unto
68    you, but our Englishmens' hearts would not suffer it. It should have been
69    better for him to have been in peace than have this reward.&amp;nbsp; All that
70    God sends is for the best. &lt;BR&gt;My Lord of Surrey, my Henry, would fain know
71    your pleasure in the burying of the King of Scots' body, for he has written
72    to me so.&amp;nbsp; With the next messenger your Grace's pleasure may be herein
73    known.&amp;nbsp; And with this I make an end, praying God to send you home
74    shortly, for without this no joy here can be accomplished; and for the same
75    I pray, and now go to Our Lady of Walsingham that I promised so long ago to
76    see.&amp;nbsp; At Woburn the 16th of September. &lt;BR&gt;I send your Grace herein a
77    bill found in a Scotsman's purse of such things as the French King sent to
78    the said King of Scots to make war against you, beseeching you to send
79    Mathew hither as soon as this messenger comes to bring me tidings from your
80    Grace. &lt;BR&gt;Your humble wife and true servant, Katharine.&lt;/p&gt;
83  &lt;BLOCKQUOTE&gt;
84    &lt;p&gt;&amp;nbsp;&lt;/p&gt;
85  &lt;/BLOCKQUOTE&gt;
88  &lt;BLOCKQUOTE&gt;
89    &lt;P&gt;
90    &lt;HR width=&quot;100%&quot;&gt;
91  &lt;/BLOCKQUOTE&gt;
92    &lt;p align=&quot;center&quot;&gt;&lt;FONT size=-1&gt;&lt;A
93href=&quot;_httpextlink_&amp;amp;rl=1&amp;amp;;&gt;to Letters of the Six Wives
94of Henry VIII&lt;/A&gt;&lt;/FONT&gt;&lt;/p&gt;
95&lt;P align=&quot;center&quot;&gt;&lt;FONT size=-1&gt;&lt;A href=&quot;_httpextlink_&amp;amp;rl=1&amp;amp;;&gt;to
96Primary Sources&lt;/A&gt;&lt;/FONT&gt;&lt;BR&gt;&lt;FONT size=-1&gt;&lt;A
97href=&quot;_httpextlink_&amp;amp;rl=1&amp;amp;;&gt;to Tudor England&lt;/A&gt;&lt;/FONT&gt;&lt;BR&gt;&lt;FONT size=-1&gt;&lt;A
98href=&quot;_httpextlink_&amp;amp;rl=1&amp;amp;;&gt;to Katharine of
99Aragon website&lt;/A&gt;&lt;/FONT&gt;&lt;/P&gt;&lt;/td&gt;
100    &lt;td width=&quot;15%&quot; height=&quot;610&quot;&gt;&lt;/td&gt;
101  &lt;/tr&gt;
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