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45&lt;P align=&quot;center&quot;&gt;&lt;B&gt;&lt;FONT face=Arial size=+2&gt;&lt;br&gt;
46&lt;img border=&quot;0&quot; src=&quot;_httpdocimg_/intro.gif&quot; alt=&quot;Introduction&quot; width=&quot;307&quot; height=&quot;64&quot;&gt;&lt;/FONT&gt;&lt;/B&gt;&lt;/P&gt;
47    &lt;blockquote&gt;
48  &lt;P&gt;&lt;FONT face=Arial&gt;The &lt;B&gt;Tudor England&lt;/B&gt; website is a labor of love which was
49  established in the summer of 1997.&amp;nbsp; Since then, thousands of visitors
50  have used it for entertainment and research.&amp;nbsp; And the site has grown and
51  will undoubtedly keep growing until I develop Tudoritis.&amp;nbsp; This condition
52  occurs when one spends too much time reading about Henry VIII and too little
53  time outside interacting with other human beings.&amp;nbsp; The sufferer can be
54  identified by pale, clammy skin, fingers stiffened from too much typing and
55  eyes reddened from too much reading, squinting and peering at the computer
56  screen.&amp;nbsp; They are apt to eat mutton, drink ale and find portraits of
57  Thomas Seymour the ultimate in sexiness.&amp;nbsp; They mutter such phrases as
58  &quot;God's oath!&quot; and begin every sentence with the word &quot;thou&quot;.&lt;/FONT&gt; &lt;BR&gt;&lt;FONT
59  face=Arial&gt;Avoid them at all costs.&amp;nbsp; If contact cannot be avoided, hit
60  them with a copy of John Guy's &lt;I&gt;Tudor England.&lt;/I&gt;&lt;/FONT&gt; &lt;BR&gt;&lt;FONT
61  face=Arial&gt;There is no cure for Tudoritis but it can be controlled through a
62  strict diet of just one Tudor-related book a week.&lt;/FONT&gt;&lt;/P&gt;
63      &lt;p&gt;&lt;FONT face=Arial&gt;&lt;B&gt;Everything at this site was written by me; &lt;/B&gt;every
64  fact was checked and double-checked.&lt;/FONT&gt;&lt;BR&gt;&lt;FONT face=Arial&gt;In the course
65      of my research, I have happily noted that this site is more accurate than
66      many books published about Tudor England.&amp;nbsp; In other words, despite
67      the many warnings about internet inaccuracies, the printed page does not
68      guarantee either truth or objectivity.&lt;/FONT&gt;&lt;BR&gt;&lt;FONT face=Arial&gt;Respect for the work involved in
69  creating and maintaining internet sites is sorely lacking in some
70  visitors.&amp;nbsp; If you would like to borrow an image or bit of text,
71      &lt;a href=&quot;_httpextlink_&amp;amp;rl=1&amp;amp;;&gt;please write
72  and ask&lt;/a&gt;.&amp;nbsp; I have yet to turn anyone down and such simple courtesy
73  means a great deal.&lt;/FONT&gt; &lt;/p&gt;
74  &lt;P&gt;&lt;FONT face=Arial&gt;Click &lt;A
75  href=&quot;_httpextlink_&amp;amp;rl=1&amp;amp;;&gt;here&lt;/A&gt; for help with
76  research, including the correct Turabian/MLA citation style for internet
77  sources and various copyright issues, and &lt;A
78  href=&quot;_httpextlink_&amp;amp;rl=1&amp;amp;;&gt;here&lt;/A&gt; for a shorter
79  discussion of copyright.&amp;nbsp; If you would like to learn more about the right
80  to reproduce works of art on the internet, &lt;A
81  href=&quot;_httpextlink_&amp;amp;rl=1&amp;amp;;&gt;please click
82  here&lt;/A&gt;.&lt;/FONT&gt;&lt;/P&gt;
83  &lt;P&gt;&lt;FONT face=Arial&gt;As for me, I'm just a girl who lives in &lt;A
84  href=&quot;_httpextlink_&amp;amp;rl=0&amp;amp;;&gt;Annapolis&lt;/A&gt;.&amp;nbsp; You are welcome to &lt;A
85  href=&quot;;&gt;write to
86  me&lt;/A&gt; with questions and comments.&amp;nbsp; I try to respond to most messages
87  within a couple of weeks.&lt;/FONT&gt;&lt;/P&gt;
88    &lt;/blockquote&gt;
90&lt;P&gt;&lt;FONT face=Arial size=-1&gt;&lt;A href=&quot;_httpextlink_&amp;amp;rl=1&amp;amp;;&gt;&lt;br&gt;to
91Tudor England&lt;/A&gt;&lt;/FONT&gt;&lt;/P&gt;
93    &lt;td width=&quot;25%&quot; height=&quot;610&quot;&gt;&lt;/td&gt;
94  &lt;/tr&gt;
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