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47    &lt;img border=&quot;0&quot; src=&quot;_httpdocimg_/moresketch1.jpg&quot; alt=&quot;Holbein's sketch of Thomas More&quot; align=&quot;left&quot; width=&quot;175&quot; height=&quot;236&quot;&gt;Th&lt;/font&gt;&lt;font size=-1&gt;e
48    following letter was written to More's daughter Margaret on 5 July 1535, the
49    day before his execution.&amp;nbsp; More wrote with a stick of charcoal on
50    cloth; King Henry VIII had ordered his books and writing materials to be
51    removed.&lt;/font&gt;&lt;p&gt;
52    &lt;font size=&quot;-1&quot;&gt;More had been appointed Lord Chancellor upon
53    &lt;a href=&quot;_httpextlink_&amp;amp;rl=1&amp;amp;;&gt;Wolsey's fall&lt;/a&gt; in
54    1529.&amp;nbsp; He was already a respected philosopher and writer throughout
55    Europe.&amp;nbsp; But to his English contemporaries, he was most famous as a
56    lawyer.&amp;nbsp; He was a brilliant jurist; he served in parliament and on
57    diplomatic missions.&amp;nbsp; Unlike most royal servants, he had unimpeachable
58    integrity.&amp;nbsp; He could not be bribed.&amp;nbsp; He believed, above all else,
59    in the impartial supremacy of the law.&amp;nbsp; As Chancellor, he worked
60    industriously to promote justice and faith in the courts.&amp;nbsp; However, he
61    resigned in 1532 when the king's determination to annul his marriage to
62    Katharine of Aragon caused Henry to reject papal authority in England.&lt;/font&gt;&lt;p&gt;
63    &lt;font size=&quot;-1&quot;&gt;More was deeply pious.&amp;nbsp; He recognized the abuses of the
64    Catholic church, but he believed it could reform itself from within.&amp;nbsp;
65    He could not accept spiritual reformation via secular power.&amp;nbsp; As a
66    young man, he had been torn between a career in the church and a career in
67    law.&amp;nbsp; Though he had chosen the latter, he never lost his passion for
68    theology.&lt;/font&gt;&lt;p&gt;
69    &lt;font size=&quot;-1&quot;&gt;After resigning the chancellorship, More retired to his
70    family home.&amp;nbsp; He attempted to live modestly and quietly, hoping to be
71    left alone.&amp;nbsp; But he was too famous and respected to be forgotten.&amp;nbsp;
72    Henry VIII knew that his controversial reformation would be far more
73    credible if men such as More accepted it.&amp;nbsp; As the premier intellectual
74    in England, More's opinion was too important to remain his own.&lt;/font&gt;&lt;p&gt;
75    &lt;font size=&quot;-1&quot;&gt;It should be noted that More accepted parliament's ability
76    to decide the succession in favor of the king's children with Anne Boleyn,
77    for it was a legal issue and parliament was within rights to decide it.&amp;nbsp;
78    However, he would not take an oath recognizing Henry's position as Supreme
79    Head of a new English church.&amp;nbsp; He simply could not repudiate the
80    spiritual authority of the papacy.&lt;/font&gt;&lt;p&gt;
81    &lt;font size=&quot;-1&quot;&gt;And so he was arrested in the spring of 1534.&amp;nbsp; He was
82    kept in the Tower of London for over a year, under increasingly harsh
83    conditions.&amp;nbsp; The king hoped that imprisonment would alter More's
84    disposition.&amp;nbsp; It did not.&amp;nbsp; More was finally charged with high
85    treason and tried at Westminster on 1 July 1533.&amp;nbsp; Despite his brilliant
86    defense, he was found guilty and executed on 6 July.&amp;nbsp; The news shocked
87    all of Europe.&amp;nbsp; It remains the most famous example of judicial murder
88    during Henry's reign.&amp;nbsp; More was later canonized by the Catholic church.&lt;/font&gt;&lt;/td&gt;
89      &lt;td width=&quot;4%&quot;&gt;&lt;/td&gt;
90      &lt;td valign=&quot;top&quot; width=&quot;48%&quot;&gt;Our Lord bless you, good daughter, and your good husband, and
91your little boy, and all yours, and all my children, and all my god-children
92and all our friends. Recommend me when ye may to my good daughter Cecily,
93whom I beseech Our Lord to comfort; and I send her my blessing and to all
94her children, and pray her to pray for me. I send her a handkercher, and
95God comfort my good son, her husband. My good daughter Daunce hath the
96picture in parchment that you delivered me from my Lady Coniers, her name
97on the back. Show her that I heartily pray her that you may send it in
98my name to her again, for a token from me to pray for me.
99&lt;p&gt;I like special well Dorothy Colly. I pray you be good unto her. I would
100wot whether this be she that you wrote me of. If not, yet I pray you be
101good to the other as you may in her affliction, and to my good daughter
102Jane Aleyn too. Give her, I pray you, some kind answer, for she sued hitherto
103me this day to pray you be good to her.
104&lt;p&gt;I cumber you, good Margaret, much, but I would be sorry if it should
105be any longer than to-morrow, for it is St. Thomas's even, and the utas
106of St. Peter; and therefore, to-morrow long I to go to God. It were a day
107very meet and convenient for me.
108&lt;p&gt;I never liked your manner towards me better than when you kissed me
109last; for I love when daughterly love and dear charity hath no leisure
110to look to worldly courtesy. Farewell, my dear child, and pray for me,
111and I shall for you and all your friends, that we may merrily meet in heaven.
112I thank you for your great cost. I send now my good daughter Clement her
113algorism stone, and I send her and my godson and all hers God's blessing
114and mine. I pray you at time convenient recommend me to my good son John
115More. I liked well his natural fashion. Our Lord bless him and his good
116wife, my loving daughter, to whom I pray him to be good, as he hath great
117cause; and that, if the land of mine come to his hands, he break not my
118will concerning his sister Daunce. And the Lord bless Thomas and Austin,
119and all that they shall have.&lt;p align=&quot;center&quot;&gt;&amp;nbsp;&lt;p align=&quot;center&quot;&gt;
120      &lt;font size=&quot;2&quot;&gt;
121      &lt;a href=&quot;_httpextlink_&amp;amp;rl=1&amp;amp;;&gt;to the Thomas
122      More website&lt;/a&gt;&lt;/font&gt;&lt;p align=&quot;center&quot;&gt;&lt;a href=&quot;_httpextlink_&amp;amp;rl=1&amp;amp;;&gt;
123    &lt;font size=&quot;2&quot;&gt;to Primary Sources&lt;/font&gt;&lt;/a&gt;&lt;/td&gt;
124    &lt;/tr&gt;
125  &lt;/table&gt;
126  &lt;/center&gt;
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