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Name Size Rev Age Last Change
WEB-INF 29953 5 years davidb: servlet-mapping added to iterative-design-jsp page can have JSP syntax …
svg-editor-ext 29744 5 years davidb: Extra files for SVG-Editor that give us the customizations we want
similarity-2d 29907 5 years davidb: Changes resulting from writing the TPDL submission
render-3d 29981 5 years davidb: Page now can support a CGI parameter for specifying a published flag to …
published 29913 5 years davidb: Addition of an area for published flags
main-form 29982 5 years davidb: Changes made during Fieldays event. Background colour remember between …
js 29623 5 years davidb: Introduction of Jquery UI files (smoothness theme)
design-2d 29916 5 years davidb: SVG saving 1st-class citizen with PNG operations 172 bytes 29908 5 years davidb: Extra file to unzip
README.txt 383 bytes 29534 5 years davidb: Readme file detailing how to set up tomcat 1.9 KB 29970 5 years davidb: Additional test added to do the right thing on Cygwin
index.html 6.3 KB 29958 5 years davidb: Fixed short-cut link to new iterative-design-jsp page
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