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22    <Metadata name="LngShort">7575</Metadata>
23    <Metadata name="tp.Latitude">-35.757500</Metadata>
24    <Metadata name="Longitude">174.195800</Metadata>
25    <Metadata name="LngShort">174E</Metadata>
26    <Metadata name="LngShort">19</Metadata>
27    <Metadata name="LngShort">195</Metadata>
28    <Metadata name="LngShort">1958</Metadata>
29    <Metadata name="tp.Longitude">174.195800</Metadata>
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37  <Content>&lt;h2&gt;Lost river crossings&lt;/h2&gt;&lt;p&gt;Maungatapere was first called &amp;quot;Tapere&amp;quot; while Maunu was always known as &amp;quot;Maungamaunu&amp;quot;.  Maungatapere means meeting place near the mountain.  &lt;/p&gt;&lt;p&gt;The Wairua River is on the western boundary of the old Maungatapere Parish.  It was once spanned by a bow-string bridge which had a causeway to it from the road.  In flood time the causeway was always covered by water.  Once a mob of bullocks was being driven across it during a flood and they missed the bridge - all the unfortunate animals were washed right down to the Wairua Falls, about a mile away.  Most reached the bank before they reached Wharekohe Junction.  The falls were 80 feet high and when in flood, it was like one great rapid.  Before there was road access to the seaside and convenient motor transport, Wairua Falls was a favourite picnic spot.  Since they have been harnessed for electricity they are only worth a visit in flood times. &lt;/p&gt;</Content>
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