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4&lt;h2&gt;Battles and Beauty&lt;/h2&gt;&lt;p&gt;The east coast of Northland is indented with inexpressibly beautiful bays and harbours where shelter for traveling craft can always be found. To contrast it with the rough waters of the West Coast, the &lt;em&gt;Maori &lt;/em&gt;called it The Girls' Paddling Sea. Living in one of these lovely bays at &lt;em&gt;Mimiwhangata &lt;/em&gt;was the &lt;em&gt;Ngati Manaia &lt;/em&gt;tribe, who claimed descent from the famous chief, &lt;em&gt;Manaia, &lt;/em&gt;who came to &lt;em&gt;Aotearoa &lt;/em&gt;in the &lt;em&gt;Mahuhu &lt;/em&gt;canoe.&lt;/p&gt;&lt;p&gt;At &lt;em&gt;Mimiwhangata, &lt;/em&gt;on its southern side, were three &lt;em&gt;pa, Te Rearea, Taraputa &lt;/em&gt;and &lt;em&gt;Kaituna, &lt;/em&gt;that belonged to this tribe, and it was here that the famous Battle of Mimiwhangata was fought. The reason for this conflict was the murder of &lt;em&gt;Te Waero, &lt;/em&gt;a &lt;em&gt;Ngapuhi &lt;/em&gt;man who was married to &lt;em&gt;Waimoko &lt;/em&gt;and &lt;em&gt;Tenako, &lt;/em&gt;two well-connected women of the &lt;em&gt;Ngati Manaia. Te Waero &lt;/em&gt;had committed the unforgivable sin of willfully destroying a fishing net belonging to the &lt;em&gt;Ngati Manaia &lt;/em&gt;at Helena Bay near &lt;em&gt;Mimiwhangata.&lt;/em&gt;&lt;/p&gt;&lt;p&gt;Furious at this violation, the &lt;em&gt;Ngati Manaia &lt;/em&gt;killed &lt;em&gt;Te Waero - &lt;/em&gt;an act that in turn incensed the &lt;em&gt;Ngapuhi, &lt;/em&gt;who sent a message to them saying, &amp;quot;Beware, 0 murderers, Soon your women will be wailing, for we are coming to claim &lt;em&gt;utu &lt;/em&gt;for the murder of &lt;em&gt;Te Waero. &lt;/em&gt;Be warned, for we are already stealing through the fern towards you.&amp;quot; The Ngati Manaia replied, &lt;em&gt;&amp;quot;Ka whiti mai ra koe i to wai 0 Te Rearea, ka nui tena. &amp;quot; (if &lt;/em&gt;you cross the water of &lt;em&gt;Te Rearea, &lt;/em&gt;that will be enough).&lt;/p&gt;&lt;p&gt;With great care the &lt;em&gt;Ngapuhi &lt;/em&gt;worked out their plan of attack. The leading chief, &lt;em&gt;Te Rangi-ta­maua, &lt;/em&gt;was to attack &lt;em&gt;Te Rearea pa, &lt;/em&gt;while two other chiefs with their &lt;em&gt;taua &lt;/em&gt;were going to storm &lt;em&gt;Taraputa &lt;/em&gt;and &lt;em&gt;Kaituna. Te Rangi-ta-maua &lt;/em&gt;coached his &lt;em&gt;taua &lt;/em&gt;of seventy men carefully, saying, &amp;quot;In the dark of night when the enemy lies sleeping and their fires burn low, we will creep along the ridge and scale the palisades of &lt;em&gt;Te Rearea.&lt;/em&gt;Then he turned to a group of his men. &lt;/p&gt;&lt;p&gt;&amp;quot;When you get inside, hammer on the calabashes. Shout and make a noise like a &lt;em&gt;hokowhitu. &lt;/em&gt;When the people on the &lt;em&gt;pa &lt;/em&gt;hear the hammering on the calabashes and the great commotion caused by your shouting, they will think a mighty army is in their midst and take fright. We will then fall upon them and kill them.&amp;quot; Everything went according to plan, and those who were not killed fled into the night. Meanwhile, the other &lt;em&gt;Ngapuhi taua &lt;/em&gt;had stormed the &lt;em&gt;Taraputa &lt;/em&gt;and &lt;em&gt;Kaituna pa &lt;/em&gt;in the same way, and had made a devastating attack on the sleeping inmates. &lt;/p&gt;&lt;p&gt;The chief, and those of the &lt;em&gt;Ngati Manaia &lt;/em&gt;who managed to escape, fled to other parts of the east coast. Some went to &lt;em&gt;Whananaki, &lt;/em&gt;some to &lt;em&gt;Whangarei &lt;/em&gt;Heads and others to &lt;em&gt;Omaha &lt;/em&gt;and Great Barrier Island. Thus ended the Battle of &lt;em&gt;Mimiwhangata &lt;/em&gt;with a decisive victory for the &lt;em&gt;Ngapuhi.&lt;/em&gt;&lt;/p&gt;&lt;p&gt;&lt;strong&gt;Reference: Florence Keene, &lt;em&gt;Tai Tokerau&lt;/em&gt;, Northland Room, Whangarei Library&lt;/strong&gt;&lt;/p&gt;
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