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Name Size Rev Age Last Change
debug-testing 31935 2 years ak19: Moving test alarm code into the correct subdirectory.
deprecated 25695 7 years kjdon: moving ui folder from grenstone3/web to deprecated as we think it is no …
documentation 32907 6 months ak19: All the references to current GS3 being 3.08 changed to 3.09.
documented-examples 27707 6 years ak19: Deleting some files in lomdemo that point to unresponsive urls which cause …
gs2-extensions 32937 6 months ak19: Spelling and grammatical corrections and clearer explanations
gs3-extensions 32891 6 months davidb: Additional error checking
local 32493 12 months ak19: Changes to 64 bit darwin local folder that works to compile an svn …
main 32945 6 months kjdon: just deleted some commented out code
other-projects 32963 6 months davidb: Added text and some refinement of scripts to make things easier to run
patches 32635 10 months ak19: Two more perl files that contained patches. Hard to track them all down.
test-collections 32667 9 months ak19: Committing Kathy's testcase of a Russian encoded import subfolder name in …
admin-tool.xcf 67.7 KB 21858 9 years oranfry: the admin tool image file in gimp xcf format
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