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    6767      <blockquote> 
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    69           <p><a href="../aragon.html#Biography"> 
     69          <p><a href="#Biography"> 
    7070          <font size="4">Read the biography of Katharine of Aragon.</font></a></p> 
    7171        </blockquote> 
    231231dismissed several of her beloved Spanish attendants.&nbsp; </p> 
    232232    <p>The king by now had hopes of a legitimate heir.&nbsp; He had 
    233 fallen in love the year previously with a young Englishwoman, <a href="../boleyn.html">Anne Boleyn</a>.&nbsp; 
     233fallen in love the year previously with a young Englishwoman, <a href="boleyn.html">Anne Boleyn</a>.&nbsp; 
    234234She was the sister of a former mistress and refused to take that 
    235235position herself.&nbsp; Henry, who was also deeply pious and a student 
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    5656would become England's greatest queen.</b></p> 
    5757      <blockquote> 
    58         <p><a href=""><br> 
     58        <p><a href="#Biography"><br> 
    5959        <font size="4">Read the biography of Anne Boleyn</font></a><font size="4">.</font></p> 
    6060        <p><b><br> 
    187187  her reward.&nbsp; Anne learned much from her sister's example.</p> 
    188188  <p>Her first years at court were spent in service to Henry VIII's 
    189 first wife, <a href="../aragon.html">Katharine of Aragon</a>.&nbsp; She became quite popular among 
     189first wife, <a href="aragon.html">Katharine of Aragon</a>.&nbsp; She became quite popular among 
    190190the younger men.&nbsp; She was not considered a great beauty; her 
    191191sister occupied that position in the family, but even Mary was merely 
    229229son, indeed its very necessity, from his personal desire for 
    230230Anne.&nbsp; The two interests merged perfectly in 1527.&nbsp; Henry had 
    231 discovered the <a href="../aragon.html">invalidity 
     231discovered the <a href="aragon.html">invalidity 
    232232of his marriage</a> to Katharine.&nbsp; Now it was possible to annul 
    233233his marriage and secure his two fondest hopes - Anne's hand in marriage 
    235235  <p> Cardinal Wolsey had long advocated an Anglo-French 
    236236alliance.&nbsp; For that reason, he disliked the Spanish 
    237   <a href="../aragon.html">Katharine 
     237  <a href="aragon.html">Katharine 
    238238of Aragon</a>.&nbsp; He now set about securing his monarch's annulment 
    239239with the intention of marrying Henry to a French princess.&nbsp; And if