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30.04.2014 18:43:09 (6 years ago)

1. The top right dialog button that closes the dialog should behave as a cancel press, not an accept all press. 2. RemoteGS3 should not try to convert GS2 format statements, but does allow opening a collection containing the html-entity encoded GS2 format statements. 3. Added more tooltips

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  • main/trunk/gli/classes/

    r29009 r29011  
    942942#***** FormatConversionDialog ***** 
    943 FormatConversionDialog.Title:Convert Greenstone 2 format statements to Greenstone 3 
     943FormatConversionDialog.Title:Convert Greenstone2 format statements to Greenstone3 
     945FormatConversionDialog.Reconvert_Tooltip:Converts the text that is currently in the Greenstone2 format text area into a Greenstone3 format statement. 
    945946FormatConversionDialog.XHTML_Tidy:XHTML Tidy 
    946947FormatConversionDialog.XHTML_Tidy_Tooltip:Will run HTML Tidy over the Greenstone3 format statement to try to fix up obvious XHTML errors. 
     949FormatConversionDialog.Next_Tooltip:Inspect the next Greenstone3 format statement that has been automatically converted from a Greenstone2 format statement. 
    948950FormatConversionDialog.Accept_All:Accept All 
    949 FormatConversionDialog.GS2_Text_Tooltip:Greenstone2 format statement 
     951FormatConversionDialog.Accept_All_Tooltip:Closes this dialog, accepting the default Greenstone3 format statements that have been automatically produced for the current and any subsequent Greenstone2 format statements. 
     952FormatConversionDialog.Cancel_Tooltip:Cancels out of opening the collection and closes this dialog, discarding any changes made in the dialog. 
     953FormatConversionDialog.GS2_Text_Tooltip:Greenstone2 format statement. 
    950954FormatConversionDialog.GS3_Text_Tooltip:Greenstone3 format statement, must be XML to be active in Greenstone. 
    951955FormatConversionDialog.Tidy_Failed:Tidy failed. 
    952956FormatConversionDialog.Tidy_Done:Tidy done. 
    953957FormatConversionDialog.XML_Still_Invalid:XML is still invalid. 
    954 FormatConversionDialog.Error_GS3_Format:Error in GS3 format statement. 
     958FormatConversionDialog.Error_GS3_Format:Error in Greenstone3 format statement. 
    955959FormatConversionDialog.Invalid_XML:Invalid XML. 
    956960FormatConversionDialog.Invalid_XML_Warning_Title:Cancel or Continue? 
    957961FormatConversionDialog.Cancel_Or_Continue_Next:Either press Cancel to go back and re-edit the XML.\nOr press OK to store the current XML as-is, albeit inactive, and continue on to the next statement.\nYou can later use the Format tab to revisit this format statement if you want to update its syntax. 
    958 FormatConversionDialog.Cancel_Or_Accept_All:One or more GS3 format statements contains invalid XML.\nEither press Cancel to correct the XML.\nOr press OK to store the GS3 format statements as-is, albeit inactive.\nYou can later use the Format tab to revisit the format statements if you want to update their syntax. 
     962FormatConversionDialog.Cancel_Or_Accept_All:One or more Greenstone3 format statements contains invalid XML.\nEither press Cancel to correct the XML.\nOr press OK to store the Greenstone3 format statements as-is, albeit inactive.\nYou can later use the Format tab to revisit the format statements if you want to update their syntax. 
  • main/trunk/gli/src/org/greenstone/gatherer/gui/

    r29009 r29011  
    4242// Help tooltips on buttons 
    4343// + Undo, Redo buttons 
    44 // Split class into dialog/widgets and data processing 
     44// X Split class into dialog/widgets and data processing? 
    4647public class FormatConversionDialog extends ModalDialog 
    9798    setSize(SIZE); 
    9899    setTitle(Dictionary.get(Dictionary.get("FormatConversionDialog.Title"))); 
     100    this.addWindowListener(new WindowClosingListener()); // the dialog's top right close button should behave as a Cancel press 
    99101    setDefaultCloseOperation(DISPOSE_ON_CLOSE); 
    103105    midbutton_panel.setComponentOrientation(Dictionary.getOrientation()); 
    104106    JButton reconvert_button = new JButton(Dictionary.get("FormatConversionDialog.Reconvert")); 
     107    reconvert_button.setToolTipText(Dictionary.get("FormatConversionDialog.Reconvert_Tooltip")); 
    105108    midbutton_panel.add(reconvert_button); 
    106109    reconvert_button.addActionListener(new ReconvertListener()); 
    135138    next_button = new JButton(Dictionary.get("FormatConversionDialog.Next")); 
    136139    accept_all_button = new JButton(Dictionary.get("FormatConversionDialog.Accept_All")); 
     140    accept_all_button.setToolTipText(Dictionary.get("FormatConversionDialog.Accept_All_Tooltip")); 
    137141    cancel_button.addActionListener(new CancelButtonListener()); 
     142    cancel_button.setToolTipText(Dictionary.get("FormatConversionDialog.Cancel_Tooltip")); 
    138143    next_button.addActionListener(new NextButtonListener()); 
     144    next_button.setToolTipText(Dictionary.get("FormatConversionDialog.Next_Tooltip")); 
    139145    accept_all_button.addActionListener(new AcceptAllButtonListener()); 
    140146    button_panel.add(cancel_button); 
    158164    initTextArea(gs3_textarea); 
    159165    gs2_textarea.setToolTipText(Dictionary.get("FormatConversionDialog.GS2_Text_Tooltip")); 
    160     gs3_textarea.setToolTipText(Dictionary.get("FormatConversionDialog.GS2_Text_Tooltip")); 
     166    gs3_textarea.setToolTipText(Dictionary.get("FormatConversionDialog.GS3_Text_Tooltip")); 
    231237    if(Gatherer.GS3 && collect_cfg_file.getAbsolutePath().endsWith(".xml")) { 
    232239        //System.err.println("*** Opening an xml config file"); 
    259266        } 
    260267        System.err.println("*** Found GS2 format statements in config file to be converted to GS3."); 
     270        // if remote GS3, do we open the collection with the html-encoded GS2 format statements 
     271        // or do we not allow the remote user to open such a collection at all? 
     272        // For now we allow them to open it, but print a warning that conversions are not possible. 
     274        if(Gatherer.isGsdlRemote) { // remote GS3 
     275            System.err.println("*** Cannot convert GS2 collections from a remote GS3 server.");  
     276            return OpenCollectionDialog.OK_OPTION; 
     277        } 
    262279        // If we get here, it means there were no CDataSections in the first (any) <gsf:gs2-format/> 
    788805    } 
     807    // windowClosing() is called when the user presses the top-right close button the dialog 
     808    // this means the user wanted to cancel out of the entire Format Conversion Wizard. 
     809    private class WindowClosingListener extends WindowAdapter { 
     810    public void windowClosing(WindowEvent e) {       
     811        dlgResult = OpenCollectionDialog.CANCEL_OPTION; 
     812    } 
     813    } 
    790815    private class ReconvertListener implements ActionListener { 
    791816    public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent e) {