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29.08.2018 20:29:03 (21 months ago)

More fixes after testing https targets on a binary.

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    r32381 r32383  
    5656       (as there's a limit on how many real certificates you can be issued per week). 
    5757       If not testing can either uncomment this property or set value=false. 
     58       BEWARE: iff test.mode is true (so https.testing gets set to minus-minus-staging) 
     59       AND server.protocol=https, check-tomcat-running and any other targets running 
     60       an ant http condition to test the default GS DL URL (which will be over https) 
     61       won't work. This is because the testing certificate is not trusted by 
     62       clients, in this case the ant http condition. (Clients that are browsers can 
     63       be set to temporarily trust the testing certificate, but don't know how to make 
     64       ant do that, maybe it needs to be done at Java level.) 
     65       Ant socket conditions to the URL will work because socket tests don't use 
     66       the protocol, just the host and port. 
    5867  --> 
    5968  <property name="https.test.mode" value="false"/> 
    16541663      * edited the file with 
    16551664        - tomcat.server set to the/a domain name of your server 
    1656         - server.protocol set to "https" 
    1657         - tomcat.port.https set to a valid port number 
     1665        - tomcat.port.https enabled (uncommented) and set to a valid port number 
    16581666        - keystore.pass set to a password for the certification process 
     1667        - OPTIONAL: server.protocol set to "https" (if you want https to be the default protocol) 
    16591668    * read the Let's Encrypt Subscriber Agreement at 
    16601669      If any of the above is not possible, quit this target. Continue [y/n]?