06.09.2018 22:32:58 (2 years ago)

solr should only be accessible locally (from localhost, specifically which means over http. This conflicted with the previous design of the properties file for working with http and/or https. Now we have tomcat.port.https and localhost.port.http, both always set. In place of server.protocol that used to contain the default protocol, we now have server.protocols which can be set to a comma separated list of one or both of http and https. Drastic restructuring followed. I think I've tested all but https certification stuff.

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    r32360 r32429  
    11 # The default protocol: http, or https for security 
    12 # If you wish to use both, set the default protocol here (https recommended), then 
    13 # uncomment both tomcat.port.http and tomcat.port.https and set them to valid port numbers. 
    14 server.protocol=http 
     11# server.protocols must contain 'http' or 'https' or both (in order of preference) separated by commas 
     12# These specify the protocols you want your Digital Library (DL) to be accessible over.  
     13# The FIRST ONE in the list will be the default. 
     14# NOTE: For https support, you will additionally also need to 
     15# - assign a password to keystore.pass below 
     16# - ensure an unused and valid port number is assigned to tomcat.port.https below 
     17# - set tomcat.server above to the primary domain name of your DL, and 
     18# - run the 'ant setup-https-cert' target to get an official security certificate issued (for which 
     19# you may need admin/sudo permissions) 
    16 # At minimum, the tomcat.port matching the default server.protocol specified above 
    17 # must be enabled (uncommented) below and be set to a valid port number. 
    18 # You're allowed to enable both tomcat.port values here. 
    19 tomcat.port.http=8383 
    20 #tomcat.port.https=8443 
    21 # You must set a password if using https (if tomcat.port.https is uncommented above) 
     24# You must set a password if you turned on https support by including 'https' in server.protocols above 
     27# Choose valid port numbers that aren't already in use for tomcat.port.https and localhost.port.http: 
     29# If server.protocols above contains https, then your DL will (additionally) be available over https 
     30# on the port you assign for tomcat.port.https when you make your DL public. 
     31# But if server.protocols does not contain https, then tomcat.port.https will remain unused. 
     34# When the server is running, http will always be available locally at at localhost.port.http 
     35# If server.protocols above includes http, then your DL will additionally be made public over http 
     36# (on the hostname denoted by tomcat.server at the port number denoted by localhost.port.http) 
    2439# Tomcat's shutdown port - this may need to be changed if you are running two or more Tomcats