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11.02.2019 19:01:16 (14 months ago)

Windows testing: Lucene searches had broken in the overnight binary though they worked on Linux. The greenstone log contained the exception message: java.lang.NoSuchFieldError?: CONSTANT_SCORE_AUTO_REWRITE_DEFAULT. I found that swapping from tomcat 7 to tomcat 8 made this problem go away. Dr Bainbridge discovered that the presence of lucene-1.4.1.jar was the true culprit, probably conflicting with Tomcat 8. This jar file was committed 14 years ago and contains now out of date lucene files that have been superseded by the contents of lucene 4.7.2 jar. Tomcat 8 may be using a different classpath order from tomcat 7, and may thus have been finding the obsolete jar file contents of lucene 1.4.1.jar before finding those of lucene 4.7.2.jar

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