Changeset 32910

15.03.2019 23:07:26 (15 months ago)

Related to previous commit, 32909. Rebuilt a new imagemagick linux 64 bit tarball on the linux 64 bit LSB machine so that 1. Imagemagick is no longer broken in GS3 nightly binaries when testing on the Ubuntu 18.04 VM (the current GS3 nightly bins appear fine on Ubuntu 16.04); 2. ImageMagick? 64 bit linux tarball now has support for TIFF which the tarball committed 6 years ago didn't have. Will need to test the GS3 nightly binary out on the Ubuntu 18.04 VM on Monday to ensure all this works, but am making this commit after testing that the ImageMagick? tarball built on the regular (non lsb) linux 64 bit machine worked on the Ubuntu 18.04 VM. If everything works, is it worth rebuilding 32 bit linux ImageMagick? tarball on linux 32 bit LSB VM? But if we're not testing GS3 32 bit linux binaries, what if this has side-effects that we know our previous imagemagick lin 32 bit tarball didn't have?

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