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11.06.2020 14:16:45 (4 weeks ago)

Part 1. Untested. (The commit didn't go through previously for whateer reason.) no longer included with core perl distributions (from 5.22 onwards, I think). But Greenstone needs it for,, etc. Otherwise we see errors like ERROR: Can't locate in @INC (you may need to install the CGI module) (@INC contains: .../web/WEB-INF/cgi ...). The existing in common-src/cgi-bin is not enough as the error simply becomes that can't be found in @INC. Dr Bainbridge advised compiling up a and then Kathy suggested for it to go into or rather end up in web/WEB-INF/cgi, since GS2 uses it too. Having compiled it up against a local PREFIX on a perl 5.22 machine, I am committing the tarball and helper files like with their correct folder structure. Once I commit the svn:externals property in web/WEB-INF/cgi, this tarball will also be present in the correct location for GS3 hopefully. Whoever finds that they don't have can then untar it. Not tested to actually work, however.

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