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16.06.2020 17:20:50 (3 weeks ago)

1. The tessdata folder was being created when compiling tesseract, and needn't be created and populated manually (except for the lang files), so there's less work for CASCADE-MAKE/ to do. However, the tessdata folder was being created in the linux/share folder. 'share' is probably a place where people expect tesseract's tessdata to be by default, so am updating the setup scripts to work with that, as I've donw with CASCADE-MAKE/ 2. Adding useful instructions for users on getting more OCR language scripts' support in new file GETTING-OCR-SUPPORT-FOR-MORE-LANGS.txt, now included in the tesseract binary tarball too. Adjusted the README for us. 3. Removing the sample.jpg, converted from sample.tif which I'd downloaded from online and for which I don't know the copyright to. Replacing with sample.tif, a 96 DPI TIF file at 1870x2420 resolution produced from the first page of pdf05-notext.pdf by Moreover, this sample file contains lots of text, in 2 columns, not just 4 words like the original sample file. Good for testing a tesseract built from CASCADE-MAKE on. Also including the pdf05-notext-ocr-with-tikaTesseract.pdf istelf from the tutorial sample files, but only Tika with Tesseract can work on PDFs and not Tesseract by itself, indicated in the filename.

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