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    99Then there is the generic associated resource retrieval. this will depend on document DTD and what xlinks we use for associated docs/resources. maybe the id of a resource is its http address if there is one, otherwise you get it through soap or in the xml. 
    1010theres two routines in GSFile - base64EncodeFromFile() and base64DecodeToFile() which goes file <-> base64 string  - can use these to put image etc into xml. 
    12 * document display for document action. At the moment, a query gives a document id, which will be a Section id. A call is made to DocumentRetrieve with that id, and the text returned. It would be nice if the document display looked more like old greenstone - with table of contents for hierarchical docs, or prev and next buttons for paged documents. Some of this can be done using xslt. But you will need to get more information from the service, such as the document type, the table of contents hierarchy etc.  
    13 Look at gs2 to see what info is needed, then work out a message format to retrieve that - perhaps parameters to the document retrieve service could specify whether you want table of contents etc. Or is that a new service with a separate request? 
    15 * actual text output. The document text inside mgpp is html. This is added into an xml document as a text node. When you output the contents of the node, any < or > symbols are escaped by default - this means that all the html tags are escaped and appear on the web page - nice :-). You can turn this off using disable-output-escaping attribute. eg 
    17 to get the value of a node normally: 
    18 <xsl:value-of select="content/document"/> 
    20 to disable the escaping: 
    21 <xsl:value-of disable-output-escaping="yes" select="content/document"/> 
    23 this puts (processing instructions??) 
    25 <?javax.xml.transform.disable-output-escaping ?> 
    27 <?javax.xml.transform.enable-output-escaping ?> 
    29 tags around the text. 
    31 If you transform some xml with xslt, and output it to a String directly (via the transformation process), and these tags are present, the html inside the text node will come out properly, unescaped. 
    33 However, what I have done in the action code, is transform the page xml xhtml in a DOM tree form - then this is output to a String later by the XMLConverter object. This does not take any notice of the disable-blah tags, and the html is escaped. Internally it uses a TextWriter object from the xindice package. You need to either edit this class to take note of the instructions, or find something else to use instead. 
    3512* add the Gatherer code to cvs.