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(edit) @15852 [15852] 11 years mdewsnip (Adding dynamic classifiers) Adding an instance of dynamicclassifieraction …
(edit) @15829 [15829] 11 years mdewsnip (Adding new DB support) Fixed SQLite library path.
(edit) @15790 [15790] 11 years mdewsnip (Adding new DB support) First cut at adding sqlite stuff to the Windows …
(edit) @15789 [15789] 11 years mdewsnip Removed STLPATH variable from Makefiles, since this is only used once.
(edit) @15627 [15627] 12 years mdewsnip Added server.res back into the generation of the local library executable.
(edit) @15625 [15625] 12 years mdewsnip (Adding new DB support) Replaced a bunch of "gdbmhome" with "dbhome".
(edit) @15580 [15580] 12 years mdewsnip Hopefully the last of the makefile tidy ups.
(edit) @15565 [15565] 12 years mdewsnip Now ignores the server.exe file.
(edit) @15546 [15546] 12 years mdewsnip Added a new "PACKAGE_DIRS" path value in the Makefiles to make paths a bit …
(edit) @15541 [15541] 12 years mdewsnip Big tidy up of win32.mak file.
(edit) @15532 [15532] 12 years ak19 The gsdlprotocol.lib has been added to LIBS and protocol folder to …
(edit) @15412 [15412] 12 years mdewsnip Changed to use the new "gsdlsitecfg.h" instead of "recptconfig.h".
(edit) @14407 [14407] 12 years qq6 fixed a bug of defining userdbclass and keydbclass
(edit) @14388 [14388] 12 years qq6 Jeffrey has fixed operating records of users database on Windows
(copy) @14119 [14119] 12 years oranfry repository restructuring
copied from trunk/gsdl/src/w32server:
(edit) @14091 [14091] 13 years qq6 add gdbm path
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